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2 years ago

Dr. Horner was truly amazing. First time we meet was on a very sad day for us, as we were putting down our beloved 17 year old pup. She was so sweet, compassionate and comforting. A true animal lover with a giant heart, out standing bed side manor and all around excellent veterinarian. The girls and the desk were kind, professional and prompt too. I can’t thank the whole team enough for helping us though that experience. ❤️


2 years ago

I can not express how impressed I am with this clinic. My 4mo Dachshund puppy had an emergency this morning and their team got her in immediately and went above and beyond to help her. They maintained great communication with me throughout …

Fay Matthews

2 years ago

Very nice employee's . Knowledgeable.

N Gentry

2 years ago

Let me preface this review with saying I had been going here for 5 years and have been okay with limited appt times and higher costs, because I thought we were getting quality service. However, we brought our dog in for an ear infection recently. After 2 weeks infection remained and had to bring dog back and pay for exam and tests again. So $360 later we are still dealing with same issue. After reading other reviews this seems like a pattern of under prescribing and then bringing people back in to pay full price again. With a number of quality vets in the area, no need to go to one more worried about $ and not the animals.

Kiersten Campos-Van Zant

2 years ago

Highly recommend this place. It is very expensive but they have several doctors so theres a lot more availability compared to other practices, it’s always clean, the doctors are always nice and helpful, good location, and they have a nice range of services.

McKenzie Wilder

2 years ago

Dr. Dobbin & Adelaide were great! They’re both kind and knowledgeable. Dr Dobbin took the time to answer all my questions at the end of the visit. My pup was calm during the visit, which is rare for her. I’m glad to have found a place that makes me and my pet feel comfortable!

Janet Salters

2 years ago

Dr Erin Horner and the vet tech gave superior care to my highly anxious dog, Ava. The level of patience they exhibited in the face of her aversive behavior was phenomenal. Throughout all the hijinks Ava tried, they remained calm, supportive, and managed all necessary procedures with aplomb. This poor dog is starting on Prozac today - Many thanks!

Mike Rogers

3 years ago

I have been a General Manager of 2 different dog daycare / boarding facilities in the area and have always have had great interactions with Brookhaven Animal Hospital. They have been trustworthy and personable. As someone who has a career in the small animal industry, this is definitely a clinic I would recommended.

Linda Goodman

3 years ago

Dr Horner makes us all feel like well-nurtured-Family ????????

J T.

3 years ago

My puppy cries when we leave, so I guess that they're doing a great job.

Conor Malloy

3 years ago

Awful. I took my Saint Bernard there for Kennel cough, they under prescribed him the first time and it immediately came back. (Charged me over $400 the first time.) When I brought him back for the same issue because the meds they gave didnt work they tried to quote $200 then at check out tried to charge me double again. This place is overpriced and their doctors are not confident. Don’t go here just because it’s a good location.

Chef Jason Gronlund

3 years ago

Hi my name is Beanie, I am 17 years young! I thought I would share some different pictures of me with you from when I was a puppy and different ages and with my dad but you will see in one picture I did not look very good. My dad and I took a trip to Georgia one that the entire trip wasn't so good but for me was really bad. I went to see the really good people at Brookhaven as I had an infection coming out of my nose and it wound up that one of my canine teeth was so infected just because it was old and had stuff around it the infection was bad. Now a doctor in Orlando always told me that I was too old to have my teeth taken out that I couldn't do anesthesia but the good doctors at Brookhaven wanted to give me the once-over because they wanted to do everything to make sure I could keep my dad in line. So they checked my ticker out and said they were amazed for my age I didn't have any issues never mind any murmurs there wasn't even a hum! They ran some blood work and said wow even at my young age of 17 they thought they can get the teeth out of my mouth that's causing this bad infection. So the great doctors and staff at Brookhaven took that bag of teeth in one of the pictures out of my mouth and they left me with one good one so now I do have a toothbrush????. It was touch and go for a little while with the infection but because they were such great doctors and cared about me and they knew I had some more years in me to make people smile and be happy! I am proiud to say today I am healthy enjoying my soft food and still alive and making people smile! I can't thank the Doctors and staff at Brookhaven that took the time for me and just didn't say I was too old and time for me to be put down they knew I still had a lot of living left in me! If it wasn't for them my dad would be missing me. So you humans that are looking for a great place to take your Furry Baby look no further than the doctors and staff at Brookhaven they are amazing people with really big hearts ❤ and they care about their furry friends! I thank you for all you did for me and my dad! Because of you guys I'm still here still making people smile and keeping my dad in line! I Love The Staff at Brookhaven, Beanie AKA The Beaners, Love Bug, Bug Nuts...yeah there is a whole silly list ❤❤❤❤

Heather Burdges

3 years ago

Great place to take you pet! All the staff is caring and have taken my old dog in several times with short notice, which throws havoc to schedules. And I can still get routine visits within a couple days. Very caring group

Erynn LaFlamme

3 years ago

Brookhaven Animal Hospital is a fantastic team of professionals who genuinely care about the well being of your pets. They are kind to your pets... and they are always transparent about what is recommended to better their health. I've owned animals my entire life and have never trusted a vet clinic more than I do the team at Brookhaven Animal Hospital. Highly recommend.

Manizheh's Style File

3 years ago

Always efficient staff, seem to be well educated.

Haley H. Berger

3 years ago

The staff here is so friendly & do a great job taking care of my cat Leo! Especially when he’s not feeling well or there’s an unexpected issue that arises, Brookhaven Animal Hospital lets me bring him in right away, so he can get to feeling better as quickly as possible. The vets also provide regular updates & are happy to help answer any questions that you have. Highly recommend!

Tom Greer

3 years ago

This is essentially two reviews in one. Under the current circumstances (Covid), I am very pleased with the professionalism of the doctors and technicians at Brookhaven Animal Hospital who have treated/handled my cat. They are responsive, patient, and I'm not left waiting on my appointment times. By all accounts, they seem to be a well run facility and I will continue to take my pet there. The second part of this review is on the entire pet health care industry. IT IS TIME TO GET OVER COVID-19 AND START ALLOWING PET OWNERS INSIDE WITH THEIR BABIES. I see no legitimate reason why clinics cannot start allowing owners wearing masks, just a few at a time to start with, to come inside and be with their pets during treatment and exams. In other words, like it used to be. Each of your patients is a member of a family. In many cases, loved as much as their own children. I love my cat like he was my son. How would you like it if you took your child to your pediatrician and told you must wait outside in your vehicle during your child's treatment or exam? I'm quite certain you would not stand for it. I imagine the industry tries to justify it with some scientific mumbo-jumbo, but it doesn't fly anymore. I'm sure I am only one voice in millions who are tired of being "held hostage" because of a restriction no longer necessary. PLEASE open up again and start doing business in a pet owner friendly environment so that we have complete confidence in the care and treatment provided. Thank you

Nicolas Wieder

3 years ago

Got dog during COVID-19. In all first year visits and for spaying never once met the vet or anyone other than the person coming to pick up my dog. Not really clear why the vet couldn’t once introduce themselves personally. I had to bring my dog in to another place at nighttime for something. The vet was happy to introduce herself. I’m a physician and introduce myself safely with all the precautions every day. I felt that this was a time saving excuse. Also on a lesser note, they were more concerned about making sure that they confirmed my credit card information almost more than anything else. Last, they didn’t mention that they send informational reminders from a differently named center, Vernon woods. I thought it was spam and ignored it, this missing the check up appointment.

Karin Fuller

3 years ago

Super impressed with everyone I encountered on my first visit to Brookhaven Animal Hospital. I liked that options were explained so simply and sensibly, and risks well-defined. The front-desk staff was exceptional--friendly, efficient, …

Wendy Syed

3 years ago

Our cats go to Brookhaven Hospital for all their care. We just went in for wellchecks and vaccination updates last week and their pandemic practices were very well thought out. The tech called us while we waited in the car and carefully …

Judi Perez

3 years ago

I worked with Rachel, Vet Tech who explained what they would be doing and price range. She was very thorough and very pleasant. Once she took Layla in I received a call from the Vet, Dr. Dhavan who made some suggestions, no pressure, but also very thorough with suggestions. Love the communication with the personnel, very personable and professional. Great Place, have had great experiences every time I take Layla in with all the Tech, Veterinarians and staff.

Judah D'guez

3 years ago

Jen provided us excellent customer service!

Joanna Iodice

3 years ago

Staff professional and personable; attentive and always take time with me as if I am the only person with needs for my dog! Dr. Kate IzLar is knowledgeable, skilled, instills confidence is the care of both my dogs and always give me …

Jillian Lee

3 years ago

I usually have a very positive experience here as my dog as been a patient for years. However after having my first "problem" the office manager was VERY rude and unprofessional. She told me my situation "could've been a mistake" and that "she was not going to go in circles with me" before even giving me an opportunity to ask the simple question I had. Terri at the front desk was very helpful, patient, and tried to understand what the problem was. Way more helpful than the "manager". Very disappointed in my experience today. As you can see you are still unprofessional by your response below!!!! I will not argue with you on google you have my phone number if you have anything else to say. Because now you are CLEARLY lying because you said you all never called you just sent mail. You are so unprofessional!!!!!!!!

Jake Mims

3 years ago

This place is a sham. Brought my dog up there two weeks ago and they said everything was fine somehow he now has a tumor the size of a baseball on his testicle. They offered for me to drop him off and leave him but I’m not doing that. Half the time the vets don’t even know why I’m there. They also offered for me to come sit up there and wait for an available time. They couldn’t even get me in on time when I had an appointment last time and then failed to notice anything on my dogs testicles. They must not have even checked. I will be asking a new vet today if they think their was any negligence on their part. They regularly up their prices and apparently aren’t that helpful in emergency situations. If you want a reliable vet that will care for your pet spend your money elsewhere. Also thought I would add this. I am a recent college graduate that is self supported and I have run into some financial troubles in the last year. I one time needed them to extend me a $10 credit to pay later that was a huge deal that had to be discussed with the billing department. They then proceeded to charge me interest on it. They charge you $75 every time you visit to basically do nothing. I guess this might be standard practice in Atlanta but where I am from the vets are personable and truly care about your pet as if it was one of their own. If anyone has a recommendation on a vet like this please reach out to me. I would now like to add based on their response below they are lying. I did not tell them the testicle had returned to normal.I rushed to find another vet to have him seen at. When she called back I told her his testicle was huge. Thank you for reinforcing my point that this place is a sham.

Haley Casola

3 years ago

We had a great experience at Brookhaven Animal Hospital! The staff was extremely kind and helpful. I didn't feel pressured to have to purchase anything I didn't need and the prices are affordable. I can't wait to continue to bring my dog here!

Dale Hoefer

3 years ago

They’re expensive, but honest and caring. All the vets are my favorite.

Bridget Fenn

3 years ago

Friendly. Super attentive to my fur baby.

Allie Donahue

3 years ago

We are so thankful to have found Brookhaven Animal Hospital. Our dog Huck went through cancer and we had a terrible experience with his initial surgery and mis-diagnosis at another vet in the Atlanta area. For a second surgery, we went to …

Ana Coronado

3 years ago

Brookhaven Animal Hospital has been great. They’re taking covid precautions seriously. They found a way to keep me informed and connected even though I can’t be in the room with my pet. And Dr. Dillard was excellent.

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