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Mariaelena Salgado

2 years ago

I must share! I did have a bad experience trying to register at another boarding company but I’m glad I found uptown dog on Google. The process to register was very easy and was able to book a day stay without any troubles! Without a doubt this is a great place!

xxx mystery

2 years ago

Very cool and dependable place. Love it ..my dog does too

Jen Danilowski

2 years ago

We LOVE this place. It is the only boarding/daycare that we bring our furbaby, and Desi loves it, too.

Tiffany Petkov

3 years ago

This is the only place I will ever take my Pomeranian (Coco) to get groomed. She always come out looking perfect and the staff is really diligent and friendly. I highly recommend Ace- she’s an awesome groomer and is very gentle and caring with the dogs!

Shawn Meadows

3 years ago

Friendly staff who loves the pups 10/10 would recommend.

Maria Gil

3 years ago

Uptown dog i day care like no other. The Facilities are amazing, The staff is reliable, friendly and helpful. The most important thing is how much LOLA loves to go there. When I say we are going to see her friends she knows exactly where we are going. She sometimes doesn't even want to leave. I wouldn't take LOLA anywhere else.

Laura Camp

3 years ago

This place is great and at a great price too! I love the ability to drop my dog off at any time for some daycare and having just gotten done with some boarding, it was all very appreciated and went really well! One day in the future I hope for some ability to remotely see the dogs playing during the day but for now I can settle with picking up a reliably pooped puppy at the end of the day/vacation! :)

Chrystal Knepp

3 years ago

Mr Tucker loves his friends at Uptown. The staff is great. Daycare, grooming and boarding services. They take excellent care of my furbaby!

Diana Rivera

4 years ago

I have been taking my both large breed pups to Uptown Dog, and had by far the best grooming results done by Ace. Both dogs always look amazing, Ace is very detailed , informative and very good with the dogs. It has been 5 years since I've been taking my pups to this groomer , haven't been happier with the service and price by far the best for the area and have recommended to a many dog owners. Great work!

Chinita roldan

4 years ago

Ace is an amazing groomer and the works are fri

Eric Wrigley

4 years ago

The employees are always friendly and our dog always comes home happy and healthy.

Faith Boynes

4 years ago

I recently used the boarding services for the thanksgiving holiday. After giving my dogs shot records and information I was quoted a price of 30/night. I also paid an initial holding fee of that amount. When I came to pick up my dog I paid and noticed that I was charged 35/ night instead of the 30 I was quoted. She then proceeded to tell me that my dog was over 40 lbs, she’s 43 and she was weighed after I left out of town. It’s safe to say based on this alone I won’t be returning. They had all of the information needed that had my dogs weight when they quoted me my price. Also, why weigh her once I’m gone? This could have been done on the initial visit which then could have given a accurate price if it was truly based on weight. They didn’t even call or email to notify me that there would be a change in price. I was completely blindsided once I got back in town to pick up my dog. It’s shady and unacceptable to quote once price and not honor it. Also, I’m not sure why weight has anything to do with the change in boarding fees. Her food was provided by me and she received no additional services to require a standard boarding fee increase. I won’t be returning my services.

Leslie Hochstin

4 years ago

I called to make an appointment for my cat to get groomed, explained exactly what I needed done. I dropped her off the day of the appointment, it was loud with barking dogs and they appeared short staffed, the girl at the front desk seemed overwhelmed. I explained to the girl at the front desk what I needed done (she hardly acknowledged me, seemed like she didn't even listen to what I said) dropped off my cat's shot records and left. I didn't realize that the phone number on the shot records was not correct, so I never got a phone call saying she was ready. I went back hours later, all the groomers had left, I paid without looking at my cat first, which was a mistake. I looked at her in the car and she was damp and had hardly been cut at all, she looked the exact same. I went back inside and was told the groomer didn't know what I wanted done and they had no way to call me. I couldn't even see or speak to a groomer, they all vacated the premises apparently. She did not have the ability to issue a refund, she told me to call and speak to the manager. I tried for two weeks to get a manager on the phone, probably called about 10-15 separate times, I was consistently told that they weren't there or available. Finally I gave up, completely out the 50 bucks I paid. I told two separate staff members what I needed done, regardless if they had my phone number or not, staff is unprofessional, unresponsive, and there is zero follow through from management. I am convinced the "refund policy" is a scam, as I was never able to get anyone on the phone. Overall poorly trained and understaffed, very unprofessional.

MHM 42

4 years ago

This is a review of Uptown Dog's website only. There us virtually no information except hours of operation and phone number. There are 3 blurry photos of dogs, no photos of inside the facility, sleep or play areas, or staff. There is no pricing information or boarding and daycare details. Red flag that this may not be a good place to take our pets.

Miss Personality

4 years ago

Love this place my dog does too I know when I drop them off to get groomed he’s in good hands I highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a groomer they are a great

Todd Stewart

4 years ago

The people make our pups feel special - and even more importantly - worn out!

Darryl Johnson

5 years ago

My dog kobe has been going to this place since he was a puppy he even knows when it's time for him to go

Amit Maskara

5 years ago

They did a great job is grooming my doodle.

Sterling Dixon

5 years ago

Our Pup has been going to Uptown for a few years. Things were great in the beginning, but care started to taper off a couple of years ago. His first groomer was awesome and he loved going to see her. Unfortunately she left because of management, but she could not tell us where she was going. The next groomer treated him poorly, so then we moved on to the 3rd. ... During this transition period he contracted the canine virus at Uptown and ended up with CHF. He is now a heart patient and takes several meds during the day; including Foresimide, which is a diuretic, so our Pup needs constant accessibility to water and frequent (hourly) potty breaks. ... This past Thursday when I picked him up, he was trimmed, but his coat was dull and as I began driving home he had some type of breathing episode and I was in serious fear he was going to die on I-4 in lunch hour traffic while on our way to the emergency vet. ... After over 3 hours of treatment, respiratory/breathing returned to normal. ... After calling Uptown Dog, I received a call back and I was offered no explanation as to to why our Pup has such a traumatic physical episode. I might add at this point that this episode included his trachea, and we are unable to use a collar/lease at this time. ...We love our Pup, like a child, and as with all responsible 'parents', we are fine-tuned into his behaviours (he's been with us for over 11 years). ... So, in conclusion, we will NEVER take him back to Uptown; and would like to add that I would seriously CAUTION anyone who is considering using their services. ... 04/27/2018.

Maxwell College

5 years ago

I have been going to uptown dog for years, and they have always done a fantastic job with grooming, boarding, and especially day care. The dogs love coming here, and I couldn't imagine a better group of people to run a business like this.

Karen Martin

5 years ago

My sisters and I drop off 5 dogs on the way to work in the mornings and let them play the whole day. There's no way I would go to another place and trust them to be able to care for my babies. The only thing I wish they had were cameras ... for no other reason other than to watch them play. I love this place and it's staff and more importantly, my babies do too!!!

B curtis

5 years ago

Love this place. Great dog food low prices great grooming

Steve Dinks

6 years ago

Fantastic place! I feel kinda bad that it's taken this long to write a review. We have been coming here for just over a year for grooming and daycare with some boarding. Butchy pulls me inside the building ready to play and never looks back. When he gets a bath and groom, he comes home looking like a champ!

Jeffrey Kidd

6 years ago

We have been going to Uptown dog for over 10 years now. My wife made an appointment for our schnauzer on Thursday because Wednesday was booked. I walked in to drop off the dog on Thursday morning, the lady at the counter did not even say hello. While I was signing in she ask who I had with me. I told her and then she stated that my appointment wasn't till Saturday. Funny since we don't live in the city and we only make the appointment during the week. I explained to the lady at the counter but she didn't care. So I had to take the dog to my office. Will never go back. Would like the owner to give me a call but I know he wont. I understand why they get such bad reviews.

Chad Bell

6 years ago

Love it. We have been coming to Uptown for a few months now for boarding and daycare. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. My dogs come home tired and happy.

Elah Takchi AbiSaab

7 years ago

AWFUL! I sent my dog for the first time, here is how it went: -Said I could not take a tour because the employees were on a break and the dogs? crated. -When I said I was told they are ONLY crated once a day to eat between 1:30 and 1:30pm they said that today "exceptionally" they were feeding them lunch at.. 10 AM. -I came back to take my dog at 4:30,-they ask me which dog I'm coming to pick up. And they willingly agreed to give me the dog, without even making sure he's mine! -They I asked to take a tour and guess what I was warned? The dogs were crated. AGAIN! - They tried coming up with desperate excuses to why the dogs are crated like "they JUST got back in" and "it's because we want them to relax" and "we feed them 3 times a day" .. So the same unprofessional person who had given me prior information was now giving me 3 different answers! -We walk to the back and my dog was not crated, but was in a little area with a MILLION other dogs. Obviously they had no idea which one was mine. -I asked if my dog had eaten, they said they're not sure. Then after I demanded proper feedback, they said they will check then said he had eaten. I arrived home and my dog was desperate for food and water!!!!! -I only chose this place because it was close to my university. NEVER AGAIN. I was also told that the poor boarding dogs are crated the almost the whole day! I know my dog and I know he was not properly fed or taken care of. If you do take your dog there, I hope you read this. I know my dog would rather wait for me at home alone than be in this mess.

Jennifer Bleau

7 years ago

My dog started going to the daycare here in August 2015. He always seemed very scared to leave my side whenever I dropped him off, but the staff always told me that he did great with the other dogs. I also asked one day if I could have a tour of the place and they wanted me to come back on a certain day, which was also odd. Last month (March 2016) I picked him up on a Friday and when we got in the car I noticed he had what looked like a tooth mark bite on his face under his eye. I called the daycare to see if they knew what happened and the girl at the front desk said that an incident report hadn't been written up. This made me nervous because I expect the dogs to be watched at all times and I figured someone should have seen that he was bleeding. The following Friday I got a call that they were taking my dog to the vet because he had a cut on his side. They had no idea what had caused it. I met them at the vet's office and to me it looked like another dog had bitten him. He had to get stitches and it was a horrible experience. The only good thing was that the daycare paid the vet expenses since it happened in their care. I love my dog too much to put him through something like that again. He now goes to a daycare that has way more staff members per dog so they are watched at all times. I feel that since this is one of the cheapest doggie daycare's in Orlando they have way too many dogs and not enough staff. Please be very careful when choosing a safe place for your pet!


7 years ago

HORRIBLE! Do not bring your dog here!!!! I had my dog groomed here and the clipped her nails so short her paw was bleeding everywhere. When they called me and said she was ready and when i picked her up NO one told me about the incident, i had to notice it when i got home and she was bleeding all over the floor. I called and the receptionist only excuse was that she just got there for shift change. HORRIBLE! These our our dogs/family and they do not care about thier health or well being. If you board your dog there look at the cages they keep them in, its disgusting! Very unsanitary, before the nail incident, i boarded my dog there and she came home with a skin infection, she got antibiotics and a 200$ vet bill (that i paid for) later it cleared up. I gave the place 2 chances beacuse its close to my home and NEVER AGAIN! Save your dog and do not bring them to this place!

Sahily Morales

7 years ago

The staff here are awesome. My problem is with the manager Brandy. I have seen her treat the staff disrespectfully. When I see situation like that, I just leave.


8 years ago

Please don't bring your animals here. Very loyal customer (no longer), but my pet had a very traumatic experience. Trust me on this.

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