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Helen Usher

2 years ago

I have been taking my cats to Dr. Andy for Many many years. He is such a caring person with the animals.

Bryan Brown

2 years ago

The doc was great. My beagle was feeling better almost instantly.

MR Ravi

2 years ago

Good service. My dog Cody loves going here.

Diane Whiteley

2 years ago

They are absolutely amazing. Dr. Andy is so gentle with my dog as is Darrell. Lauren is extremely helpful and will go out of her way to help me when I call with problems and sees if there's something I could do at home before I have to bring my dog in. And Roxie, is so sweet and gentle when I come to pick up my dog after being given a bath and grooming including teeth brushing. I totally recommen anyone to bring their dog or cat to Interlochen Animal Hospital

Jimmy Stephens

2 years ago

This vet is terrible. They don’t accept payments over the phone first, never experienced that in my life. He took my dog in another room to examine her, also never experienced that in my life, and before there’s an excuse for Covid, nobody working there wore masks. The vet was very rude, clearly cared more about money than the health of my dog. Offered very random treatments that totaled $700 and then another option to give her basic medicine that he knew wasn’t going to help her. I took her to another vet in the area and they were amazing, and actually took the time to help me and my dog at a much better price as well. Terrible experience, these people should not be taking care of animals.


2 years ago

I can not say enough nice things about Dr Andy and his staff. They are always thorough, polite and extremely empathetic. I have 3 dogs who have all been treated wonderfully here.

Kavita Ramsahai

2 years ago

Overall, I enjoyed taking my pets to this clinic. Everyone has always been kind and helpful. Last Friday I took my cats to assess some skin issues I was noticing. The doctor prescribed an anti inflammatory shot, a new diet, and new flea med, so I went along with the treatment. On Monday, my 5 year old Siamese passed and crossed the rainbow bridge. I called the office and the receptionist said she’d ask the doctor then he’d give me a call to explain what could’ve happened. I never received a call. I requested an appointment at another vet to gain a second opinion for my other cat just in case and he sent me files through email, but still no phone call to even send his sentiments. I think it shows character and it seems like there was resentment of me seeking additional help, but that’s what any normal person would do. So thanks Dr. Andy. I will not be visiting again.

Logan Weiler III

2 years ago

The staff at Interlachen were patient and loving with my family during Bernie's final hours. They went to extraordinary lengths to ensure our family was cared for.

Yvohe Cammarata

2 years ago

The place it's very welcoming. Smells and looks clean. The staff is attentive. Good service. Excellent doctor. They offer grooming, and sell custom products for you fur babies.


2 years ago

Dr. Andy is as attentive to pet parents as the pets themselves. He is amazingly tender with our chihuahuas and is happy to answer any questions we have. His staff are incredibly patient and always make us feel welcome and comfortable. As owners of tiny dogs, it’s a huge relief to have this kind of support.

Xavier F

3 years ago

Love bringing our Pug, Max here. Dr Andy and the rest of the staff all treat him like royalty when he visits. We get our Rx, Grooming, Vaccinations, and Annual visits done here. Prices are reasonable. My only ask is there's no weekend service when an RX is needed. Thankfully, we have Chewy for that.

Diandrea Nunez

3 years ago

This is the WORST vets office you could go too. All this vet cares about is money and meds, he kept telling me all the possible things that could be happening to my pets but every time they went into the back office if I didn’t spend hundreds on the meds he recommended he would send my dog back with an assistant and ZERO information. They never call you back with information, they never call when they say they will for a check up. He told me my dogs “might have fleas” but never did anything for them! Weeks later it’s now a huge problem I’ve spent hundreds here and now I’m going to spend hundreds somewhere else for ACTUAL INFORMATION! This man should be stripped of his practice as he truly has no shred of care for animals

Carl E Creasman Jr

3 years ago

Very caring for our dogs. Staff is wonderful.

Alex Copeland

3 years ago

Dr. Andy always treats our pets with compassion and pragmatism. I highly recommend.

Angela Hubbard

3 years ago

Dr. Andy was great! He took the time to talk to me an explain what was going on with my dogs, and I appreciated that. So many times other vets are quick to whisk your dog out of the room and come back with medication before really getting to the bottom of what may be going on with your pup or explaining what may be going on. He was also great about ensuring I had records of my dog’s blood work, and understanding where she is at her point in life and what may be going on with her- and for that, I am truly thankful! Awesome veterinary - he’s thorough and cares, and has reasonable pricing! I highly recommend Dr. Andy, wish I would have found him sooner!

Marta M

3 years ago

I’m not sure what to write because I’m just so grateful for Dr. Andy and his team for the amazing care they have provided for my little beagle puppy. I brought her in in a critical condition and she is happy as new now. I couldn’t be more relieved. If you are looking for a veterinarian who you can trust and who truly and I mean really cares, this is the place to go.

David Zenert

3 years ago

Initial impression was very good. Dr. Andy seemed genuine and straightforward. Did his absolute best to assure us he cared about our dog. After a few 10 minute visits averaging $50-$100 a piece, he prescribed ear meds for my dog that I was to drip into his ears for the next 3 months. Upon talking to several vet friends, all of them told me I should only need to do that for a week and RUB in the medicine or it would not work. His infection cleared 90% within a week of the new information. Essentially, he tried to sell me on much more drug than was needed. I let that go as him just glossing over it. Several visits later, he told me my dog has allergies and would need to take Benadryl for his hot spots. This information is accurate however he did not specify type or amount of it, seeing as "any amount under two tablets won't hurt him". I proceeded to give him 1 tablet of Benadryl with decongestant a week later before work, at the vet's orders. Not an hour later, my girlfriend calls me frantic as my dog is vomiting all over the house. He needed an ER visit including injection to prevent dehydration and stomach pumped because Phenylephrine is highly toxic to dogs (only absolute basic Benadryl is okay for dogs). A detail the vet neglected to mention as he hurried through treatment once again. I let this go again, chalking it up to miscommunication, but of course I was very mad as he nearly killed my dog with his suggestion as well as I was out $400+ due to bill and missed work. Fast forward to present day pandemic. I have run out of sentinal for my dog and seeing as I was locked down, I ordered more off This requires vet approval, so a request was sent to their office. They ignored the request and instead spammed my inbox with their sale on the drug. Basically telling me buy it off us or don't get it at all. This man is a manipulator and one who rushes through exams to proceed to the next as quickly as possible. Do not trust him to have your best interest.

Elizabeth Fergus

3 years ago

Dr. Andy is amazing warm knowledgeable and friendly. They really took care of my fur baby Bentley. Love them forever Hi Lauren ????

Ellis Sinclair

3 years ago

Dr Andy and his team have provided care for our animal family since we moved to Orlando. They've treated our animals as their own. I can't say enough about how great they are.

Jane Sowers

3 years ago

Really wish NO stars was an option. Dr. Andy and his staff gave 2 of our pets undue and unauthorized vaccines AND charged for it. How? Staff inability to read a pet record AND taking advantage of the elderly. DO NOT BRING YOUR PET TO THIS VET. THEY WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU.

Kelly Mitchell

3 years ago

Brought my new kitten in for a routine exam. Dr. Andy went over everything I needed to know. Very thorough in his exam. Definitely will be back.

Kristell Padel

3 years ago

Since moving to Florida 20+ years ago, Dr. Andy is the only vet that we have seen. My experience with him has always been that he is very thorough, caring and professional. He was the person we went to when we had to have our first baby put to sleep and the one we have taken our most recent adoptees to. We have five cats total and he helped get us on a plan for fleas that was both affordable and effective. And today we took in our two youngest to be spayed and neutered. I called to check up on them when I hadn't heard from his office and it turns out that he inadvertently called my house instead of my cell. Instead of the receptionist just saying they were fine, she let him know that about the mix up and he took the time to answer the phone and reiterate that the surgery went well. I can't imagine going to another office for my furbabies.

Lexie Montoya

3 years ago

Dr Andrew and his team are awesome. He treats my babies like they are his own and always make me feel comfortable that he has their best care in mind. His grooming team is always good.

Lisa Acuna

3 years ago

I am extremely unhappy with this vet and will not be back. The main reason is that Dr. Andy is all about the money and has overcharged me on multiple occasions. Do not go here. I shouldn't be asked to pay my bill while my cat is still in the examining room. I should also not have been told to have my cat, who was in renal failure, have expensive blood work done for the second time. I do not recommend Dr. Andy and have found another vet.


4 years ago

Dr Andy is very intelligent, attentive, and affordable. He always leaves us well informed and takes his time to answer all questions. He's always references the latest research and is well versed with new trends and discoveries. This may sound scripted but i really am a customer of his and its an honest discription

Rose Spada

4 years ago

Very friendly staff. Dr. Andy is very loving to my pet and genuinely cares for him. Explains everything in detail.

Romina Paredes

4 years ago

Dr Andy and team were extremely helpful! He was very gentle with our puppy and took the time to explain everything in detail.

Julian Castano

4 years ago

I really liked Dr. Andy at first, he seemed smart and very straight forward. I took my dog for emergency care November 2017 after a minor collapse, my pet was treated with pain medication. In June 2018, I took my pet back to Andy due to another collapse. After explaining all symptoms, Dr. suggested to change diet and cut his fur. I was told at that time he could not listen to his heart because my pet was too excited. A month later, my dog went into heart failure. As much as I hate to leave a bad review and I debated this in my head, I feel that my pet was not treated or diagnosed correctly. In addition, I never ever heard again from these people to ask about my dog''s condition. It's just common courtesy and sympathy.

Hannah Skelton

4 years ago

My 16 year old little dog was having very rapidly worsening issues in her mouth and sinuses, and Dr. Andy took her in same day, made me and her both feel calm and safe immediately, and successfully removed a lot of diseased tissue from her mouth and cleared her airways for a bargain of a price! I trust him with the life of my furry family, and I recommend him from the bottom of my heart!

clennon clarke

4 years ago

Friendly customers service and the best groomers in orlando

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