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Iris Rivera

2 years ago

Great organization that helps animals and owners in need. Angelina is a courteous and compassionate person who runs a great operation.

Stacy Styes

2 years ago

Both my dogs came from Kibblez of Love and both times they were very nice during adoption process. Both my pits were great from here. I couldn’t adopt my second one until she finished heartworm treatment which KOL paid for and took care of all medical before I adopted. 6 months later now I send Angelina videos of pepper and she responds and still cares about the dogs she adopts out. I tell everyone to come here because you really do get the best cared for dogs and you can tell every step of the way!

Paola Vasquez

2 years ago

EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL. If I can do zero stars I would. My sister in law and brother looked up adoptions and stubble on kibblez of love. We were all extremely happy when we seen another possible match for them. I filled out the application with them to get the chance to adopt another Australian Kelpie (Wolfie), they were denied for a background check that simply they have never approved of and then claiming that they just couldn’t adopt for those reasons as if they were criminals. They have adopted before with no issues from a different establishment and this kind of treatment from THIS FACILITY IS UNPROFESSIONAL they didn’t even have the courtesy to contact then upon the application to explain as to why they were denied. Going as far as to deny where they both are employed if they did the correct background check they would have seen their place of employment was legitimate. Heidi their current Australian kelpie was rescued from the Everglades and now lives in an extremely happy home with family who genuinely love her and it’s extremely sad that now again when they are trying to adopt yet another kelpie they run into these issues with no one from the establishment calling them and explain why. HORRIBLE ADOPTION PROCESS! Would def not recommend this place at all after this process. Please save your time with this establishment.

McKenna Fors

2 years ago

We had a great experience with this rescue. We adopted our puppy over a year ago now and he is doing amazing! Our healthy, happy Auggie will be 2 in October. So glad my husband found Kibblez of Love!

DNA Florida

2 years ago

KOL is a GREAT rescue!!! They thoroughly check out all adopters and fosters to ensure their dogs get the BEST homes! Those that don't pass, don't get to adopt (as seen by the bogus reviews).

Debby May

2 years ago

I have had a wonderful experience both as an adopter and medical foster for Kibblez of Love. All my foster dogs received complete medical care, food, preventatives, leashes and collars. As an adopter Angelina has gone above and beyond to help Josie. When it seemed like she would need an MRI which is expensive, Angelina offered help with payment through the rescue if it was needed. Currently I have a hospice foster , Tommy who the vet thought would only have a week or two. Next month he celebrates one year with the rescue and his 15th birthday! Angelina has made sure Tommy gets the best care possible. Josie is actually a foster fail and Angelina was thrilled she would be staying with me where she is so happy and adjusted. Kibblez of Love does such an amazing job making sure dogs go to the right homes for their happily ever after. I will post a before and after picture of Josie so you can see the amazing help provided by Kibblez of Love to these loving souls. Josie ,Tommy, and I are so grateful.

dawn wilson

2 years ago

Kibblez is honestly the best place you could ever get a dog from! They truly put the dogs first and are so thorough with the adoption process. They did a home check and a meet and greet with my other dog before adopting out and remained in contact with me ever since! Angelina has been so helpful and made sure we were a good fit for the dog and the dog was a good fit for us! Now my two dogs sleep together every night and my older dog seems so much more youthful than she did! So grateful for KOL!

Ashley Rosado

2 years ago

So I put in an application for Wolfie and heard nothing back. My boyfriend makes a review on google just like I am right now and within 5 hours he got a response . I still have not heard a response back from them but yet they want to response to him letting EVERYONE ELSE READING THING know we have failed a “background check” they did. But I really wanna know what background check did you really do because you never contacted back the person who applied. So I sent them a msg on FB and I get a response back immediately. Which was terrible service bcus they are still stating that I am lying still when they have not directly CONTACTED ME so I can show prove of employment. So are you guys every going to personally contact me or just reply to my review? I’m waiting…. Again I work remotely from home, I got all dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Anthony Raimondo

2 years ago

Angelina and the crew at Kibblez of Love are the best! After rescuing my Bailey from death row at ACC; their journey with Bailey started by taking care of one of her many issues. After completing the adoption process and being the lucky chosen one to be Baileys dad, Angelina and the KOL staff, continued to check up on Bailey and offer help with her, whenever needed. After falling on hard times a while back, they generously helped with food and certain medicines(when needed) to make sure Bailey was well taken care of! Angelina and Kibblez of Love, not only saved Baileys life, but mine as well! Because I'd be lost without my dog! Thanks for EVERYTHING KOL!

Anngell Shri

2 years ago

We are so happy with the new addition to our family. The adoption process was super easy as well!

Chelsea Johnson

3 years ago

Let me start off by saying I was blown away by how amazing this rescue is, they truly love & care for all their dogs! The dogs are basically living "the rescue dream". The rescue is very clean, organized, & the play yard is huge, each dog has their own kennel & blanket. The owner does a wonderful job ensuring these dogs get the best possible home. She makes a promise to all her dogs that they will always have a home no matter what!! I am so happy to help Kibblez of Love anyway I can.

Adolfo Ochoa

3 years ago

Awsome, and dedicated staff, met the owner too. Very nice lady.

dominique fuentes

3 years ago

AMAZON SMILES IS THE BOMB!!! Thank you for saving dogs like MIRACLE! Please consider fostering or adopting from THIS RESCUE!! (she is still available to be adopted at the rescue)

Amber Gibbons

3 years ago

Great bunch of people! Thanks for ALL that you do to help our community. Much love!

Dory Denver

3 years ago

It irritates me that their adoption process is not professionally setup. They fail to get back to you and when you state your concern or message them, they don’t respond. I will not be considering adopting from this rescue. This is why people buy animals on Craigslist, and this is why people buy from mills or pet stores(because places like this are so high to judge). Just because someone doesn’t have a fenced yard or a big house, does not mean they’ll treat the animal with any less love or care. Matter of fact, they may treat the dog or pup better then someone that has a yard. Most yards aren’t even truly used. I got denied because they said I lied and did not own my place. I may be in a mobile home type place, but i did not lie. I own my place and I bought it, BUT i rent the lot. We have absolutely no pet restrictions and they don’t care how many animals anyone has. Also I could NOT bring this up in the application because they fail to leave a spot for it and they fail to ask before fully judging. P.S. don’t be rude and disrespectful to me like you were to the ones below. Also it’s pretty sad to see how disrespectful you can be to a veteran (as I read comments below). You should be ashamed of yourself and the remodel you’re showing of the rescue!!

Sway Wayland

3 years ago

Thank you guys for MarshMellow and Everest! They are so very loved! Thank you for always being there for the dogs that TRULY need rescue!

Lee Will

3 years ago

Thanks Angelina and Alycia for helping me get my babies! You guys have gone above and beyond to get these dogs all the help they need. Buddy, Bullet, and countless others are here today because you never gave up!

L Fin

3 years ago

This rescue has stepped up to help every time I’ve needed them. They have pulled countless dogs and I have adopted twice from them! My friends have adopted from them as well! …

Kimberly Marchetti

3 years ago

Kibblez of Love was such a great organization to work with. We had some HORRIBLE experiences with other local shelters and organizations. KOL actually Took the time to ask us what kind of dog we were looking for, then matched us with a few options, and gave us the opportunity to meet a few dogs. Every dog we met was sweet but we ended up choosing the dogs they thought would fit our family the best. Every person we spoke to was kind, understanding, and confident in their knowledge of their dogs! They actually know each dogs name and personality. This will not be our only dog we adopt through them, I will refer everyone I know to KOL. Thank you ladies for our new family member we love her and can’t wait for what the future holds.

Jamie Logan

3 years ago

As a supporter of close to a decade I can attest to their commitment to their mission. It’s a shame Clinton Cimring of Salty Dog Paddle is attacking this hard working non profit and taking away from their work. I know Kibblez of Love has always demonstrated transparency and maintained their core values, and no matter how hard your group “attempts” to ruin the public’s perception it simply can’t be done. Keep up the great work Kibblez of Love, with much love and respect Jamie and Sarah Cleo, Smokey, Jakester


3 years ago

Some people just do good for the community. These people give their time and effort to helping others and pets, the most innocent among us.

Clinton Cimring

3 years ago

Terrible so called "rescue." They killed this poor dog I donated to without informing anyone, tried to cover it up, and denied it when I asked them, and then left two negative reviews for a charity I used to volunteer for and listed one of the names fraudulently as another person.

Boca “Boca Fit” Fit

3 years ago

WARNING: Leaves fake 5 star reviews for themselves under other people's names

BoB Sucks

3 years ago

This place and people are amazing. If your looking for a pet, ADOPT, and do it here.

Belle Doyle

3 years ago

Amazing rescue. I have adopted from them twice. They’ve always been very accommodating and have helped me select the right pet for our family!

Alycia McDermott

4 years ago

Angelina and her rescue are one of kind! She goes above and beyond for her dogs, fosters and adopters. I have fostered for her for 6 months and it has been one of the best experiences in my life!

banananafye TheBlindGamer

4 years ago

I have gotten called a liar and that I wasn't up front about my lease saying no animals. That was the first thing I let one of the volunteers know, I told her it was a concern cause I had spoken with my property and they did saiy it was ok …

Brittany Bruno

4 years ago

Who doesn't love a great group of people who devote their lives to rescuing dogs from being put down? I am a foster parent of a dog they rescued. He is the best dog I've ever had! I love him to pieces and cannot imagine my life without him. We never would have met if he had not been rescued by Kibblez of Love. Thank you!

Christine Woodard

4 years ago

Great people. I just adopted Maybelle yesterday. She is awesome.

Jared Wittus

4 years ago

Very helpful and friendly staff, awesome rescue!

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