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Larisa Sito

2 years ago

The wellness plan is worth every penny. My dog Scooby-Doo has everything he needs.

Melissa Dvali

2 years ago

I’ve never had much of an issue with this Banfield location until recently. The technicians are always very professional and friendly. However the newly hired tall receptionist up front leaves much to be desired. Will likely reconsider my visit should she be working.

Sabrina Caldwell

2 years ago

The staff is very nice. The front desk receptionist handles her job very well, there were many people in line this morning and she juggles every client at once and had a wonderful attitude and a smile. Not to mention the amazing nurses and doctors who helped my pet with his ear infection. The doctor was very thorough when talking to me about what was going on. Thank you so much Banfield !

Vernell Burris, Jr.

2 years ago

Positive experience! The Veterinarian was knowledgeable of my exotic dog breed; a Dogo Argentino. The entire staff was friendly, courteous and informative. My puppy was taken to the back within 5 mins of my scheduled appointment. I would highly recommend using Banfield Pet Hospital and going with the monthly plan.

Victoria Pauley

2 years ago

We said goodbye to our beautiful Sven this past month at this location. The bedside manner from the techs and Dr. Parisi (sorry if spelled wrong) was unreal. They allowed every member of the family to be present and gave us as much time as we needed to say goodbye even though it was late in the day and I know it was coming time for them to go home for the day. Thank you so much, guys!

Katherine P

2 years ago

Meant to make a review a couple months ago! Receptionist with the very long lashes and braids has got to be the most rude and unprofessional person I have ever met. Staff had me waiting up front for help for over ten minutes. With no one else in the lobby! I could hear the sounds of tiktoks playing from the employee only area VERY LOUDLY Incredibly disrespectful when you have customers waiting! not only were the wait times insane for a simple question I had the receptionist was very snippy with me and made me feel stupid when asking questions regarding my dogs medication. Felt as though I was interrupting her relaxing time at work. Will not be returning to this location!!! ????????????????

Anonymously Yours

2 years ago

Banfield is my cat's place for quality care.

Hard Bart

2 years ago

Even management at this location is unprofessional

Wanda Bryant

2 years ago

Everyone was so great able to answer all questions they just nice

Sadie Humes

2 years ago

Have had trouble with this location from the beginning. The staff at the front desk(vet tech/nurses) are all very kind but this location always seems way over booked and understaffed. In the past I was always able to bring my dog in and wait for him(he’s a breed with breathing issues and I don’t want him crated back there in unknown conditions). The last appointment I made the woman told me I HAD to do a drop off, I couldn’t wait(it was only for an 8 month heartworm test). I dropped him off at 8:30 am and they told me he would be finished by noon at the latest. Around 12:15 I started calling and their phone lines said they were closed. I had to call petsmarts line several times and they kept telling me to call back bandfield, yet the phone didn’t even ring when I called it just said they were closed. After an hour of going through panic a manager at petsmart was finally able to go to the back and get someone from bandfield on the phone. My puppy has extreme separation anxiety and I was already uneasy about him being crated for hours but they were not helpful and unresponsive. When I finally got him he was drenched in sweat, panting, peed immediately because he either was never taken out(during the 5 hours he was there) or out of complete fear. He was so thirsty and covered in dirt. I’m really not one to complain and I’ve been frustrated with this bandfield for months but this incident crossed a line for me and I don’t even want to go back. But now they have me locked into a contract and I’m screwed for the next 6 months. My plan with Bandfield covers his neuter but I may pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket just to get it done somewhere else that I would feel he’s safe at. I have no idea why he was covered in dirt and not given any water etc, but due to covid nobody is even allowed to see what kind of conditions they are keeping the puppies in for hours on end without even being able to call for an update... seems like they just want to get as many dogs seen as possible and they don’t care about the dogs themselves just bringing in as much money as possible. Completely understaffed and you can’t meet the doctors they will just call you and quickly jump off the phone after telling you what they did. I would never recommend Bandfield, but I have a friend in another state who says they are way different there. Go with a local vet, you will save money in the long run anyways.

Kim height

3 years ago

Luv my vet... Will not go unless I get appt with Dr. Bullock

caleb wetter

3 years ago

I am extremely unhappy with my recent experience with this Banfield. We took our dog here because he had over exerted himself and had a limp in 2 of his paws and would not stop licking his pads. We called around and they had an available drop off time around 1:00 PM. We arrived and explained that while we were playing tennis he may have over exerted himself and that we just wanted them to simply check his paws and make sure they were okay. We explained that he previously had Xrays last year and had clouding in his bones from how quickly he grew as a puppy (he's 2 years old, 95 lbs). They "attempted" to reach out to the previous vet that took the x-rays and couldn't get in contact with them, so they recommended we take new x-rays, which I was very hesitant about and expressed that. She insisted that we need to take them against my hesitation and I consested. When we picked him up they explained that they didn't find anything (which i already anticipated would happen) in the x-rays prescribed him some Rimadyl and Tramadol. We asked if we should wrap his paws in order to prevent the licking and the vet said that was unnecessary and that the medication would fix the problem. $550 and 2 days later and it SEEMED like he was recovering but it turns out he was literally licking his paw pads off and exposing raw skin, which could have easily been prevented by some neosporin or a dermoscent biobomb a wrap/booties. We were strong armed into unnecessary stress on our dog and charged for something that he didn't even need just to learn that we needed to treat him the way we were told he specifically didn't need to be treated. If they had simply looked at his paws and listened to what their customer/patient were telling them they would have been able to easily help fix the problem. Instead they decided to act like salespeople and neglected our dog and created unnecessary pain and expenses. Definitely contacting corporate and the FVMA.


3 years ago

I bought one of there wellness plans. The plan turned out not to be that good. You were able to get free visits, but they would gouge you on there prices. My dog has been having uti infections for a while . Banfield was unable to get a sterile sample They told me to go to the emergency room, they would have extract it using a sonogram machine. Banfield cares more about there bottom dollar than anything else. I had a situation one day where I forgot my credit card and they were closing, I told them that I would go home and call with the number or I could call first thing in the morning they would not go for that. The girl out front said my manager won’t do that, mind you I have been going to them for 2 years always paid my bills and I am in PetSmart once a week. Secondly the price they charged me was expensive and they didn’t even do one of the tests. When I went to this new vet the price was $60.00 cheaper and they did everything. Banfield only cares about there bottom dollar. I would stay away from the wellness plan, it looks good, but in the long run you pay more. I still have 2 more months of my plan left. I will never go back

Dia Iannace

3 years ago

No blocks here for the astronomical crime.

tasha D

3 years ago

The insurance was totally worth it.

Russell Gnann

3 years ago

The staff is very friendly and caring of our animal family members

Oscar Vega

3 years ago

My mother was relieved by the great care her pet had received.

N Alderman

3 years ago

My girl loves Dr. Nicolaou. I am so pleased with her approach and the medical advice that she provided. Her patience and recommendations saved my girl. She ensured we received the best care. Thank you.


3 years ago

They will OVERCHARGE you for any medication that you buy from them. They sold us Surolan Otic Suspension (15 ml) for 50 dollars, we found the same medicine for 28 dollars online. You buy their insurance plan and they will tell you "You will have to pay for medicine only". But you will pay a lot more for the medicine. DON"T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM.

Hans Garcia Jordan

3 years ago

Don’t buy the Banefield Plan. They over charge you for procedures such as a baby tooth extraction $81.00 (baby tooth came out by itself the next Day) and they want to force you into buying additional medication not needed. If you refuse to pay the medication, then they refuse to treat you pet. Is all BS! Go to a private pet much better in the long run. All they care is about increasing revenues through BS pretexts to give you the impression they care! Awful service! Taking my dog somewhere else!

Elle Cat

3 years ago

These people does not care about your pets. I made a big mistake buying their so called Wellness plan last year. All they care about is money. They overprescribed medications for my cat and gave him vaccinations he did not need. Take your babies to a private vet and not this unethical organization.

David Kunen

3 years ago

It has every supplies for my cat.

Angela Malave

3 years ago

They are amazing and take great car of my baby..

Shay Abdussalam

4 years ago

I absolutely love this banfield. I used to go the one in Royal Palm but there everything felt sterile & uncaring. At PBLakes the staff have been sweet, kind, supportive. They've even cried with me. The doctor is sweet but if she has to be …

angela robinson

4 years ago

Always wonderful. Dr B is the best..

Butch Hurley

4 years ago

Have not been to the hospital but it's inside petsmart

David Stein

4 years ago

Dishonest!!!! They convinced me to join the olan with castration service with out disclosing that i may have to oay for blood work $180!!! If the forst try doesnt work out for one reason or another. They came back to me telling me my dog …

Jessica Fehlker

4 years ago

I wish they had a no stars button!!!! These people will empty your pockets. We spent almost 400 dollars for them to misdiagnose him 2 times they won’t give money back after they know there in the wrong. I’m fed taking my dog somewhere else for sure

kathy klinger

4 years ago

Very nice staff but didn't like how they pushed the pet "insurance" on you & then when it came down to everything that wasn't a "well visit" it would always cost something $$$ ????‍♀️

L. Thompson

4 years ago

I cannot say enough about the excellent care Dr. Nicolaou has given to my furkids. She displays dedication, compassion and is a very knowledgeable veterinarian. She is very thorough and always takes the time to answer all my questions. My …

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