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Lindsey Adamson

a year ago

We had an emergency with one of our cats and our regular vet couldn't get us in for two weeks. We called Seven Oaks vet clinic (called pet urgent care as of 8 PM each night), and they got us in that afternoon. The staff was very friendly and the vet was awesome. We felt so relieved after the visit, and ended up going again the next day for my other cat who is also sick. This wasn't our primary vet but now that we have established care I prefer this clinic due to the fact that they are so accommodating and easy to get in to see.

Richard Chisolm

a year ago

I was seen very quickly. Staff were very professional and thorough. Well worth the expense of the diagnostics, which were done very quickly. Would definitely use them again if I needed emergency care for my cats!

Carla Rindge

a year ago

This vet/emergency center never disappoints! My dog hurt her leg. We were able to get an appointment, diagnosis, and meds right away. Pup is doing much better but still has recovery time remaining.

jaime suddards

a year ago

Thank you for taking such good care of my baby boys silence after he was in a dog fight and for taking good care of me while I was a wreck the staff was very knowledgeable caring and attentive the doctor suggested a procedure done under anesthesia in order to clean all of his wounds and do his stitches due to the location and amount of wounds which made me a little uneasy but she assured me he would be okay the staff kept too well informed and called me as soon as he woke up from his procedure is now on the mend sent me home with the care instructions so much for helping out my little boy I am new to this area and you guys were the shortest distanst to my house per my crazy Google search.

Tina McCallister

a year ago

This clinic showed a lot of compassion for our dog tonight. The entire staff was really nice and quick to handle the care we needed. Thank you from Meek’s mom and grannie :)

Lory C

a year ago

Avoid this vet at all costs. They don't care about the pet's life, only about the money. I went there several times with zero resolution costing me over $3500. My pets left in the same condition as when they arrived. Management makes excuses about the service offered. The biggest one is that they can't tell their vets how to practice. For example I have a cat that will not take oral meds and the Vet refused an antibiotic injection. I had to go to a different vet after paying this vet over a grand to get the injection they refused. Magically the cat was all better after the injection that Pet Urgent Care refused.

Joyce Bennett

a year ago

Very expensive. Kind people but won't return due to pricing. I will say they adjusted some of the bill.

Dawn Duggan

a year ago

Very professional and attentative to both of my fur babies. I liked that they didn't try upsell their services or keep them overnight unnecessarily. I felt confident in their care they provided and I will go back to them in the future.

Shannon Torres

a year ago

They were amazing for emergency care

Jennifer Langston

2 years ago

As the founder of a nonprofit senior / Hospice dog rescue - I will never recommend this establishment again. It has been nearly 48 hours since the loss of one of my sanctuary dogs - euthanized as this location on Tuesday, November 16th - and I remain in shock at the events that occurred that evening. Imagine your worst nightmare come true... From the moment I walked in the door with my dog actively seizing - the staff was unprofessional, lacked compassion, but more importantly they were absolutely incompetent. The staff failed to show my dying dog any dignity in his final hour and me the respect as the mother to this dog (and as repeat customer). Money was not an issue for me - but it was to them as I was repeatedly told by separate staff members that they collect the money up front because "too many people have been walking out on us." I was told by Dr. Ushi that "Chris" would be contacting me to discuss the facts surrounding my visit - but there has been zero attempt to contact me. If your pet is experiencing a life threatening medical emergency - do not go into this establishment thinking you will experience anything more than a staff that is unprofessional, incompetent and uncompassionate.

Kim Smith

2 years ago

Refused to see my dog after eating a large sock because they closed in 15 minutes!! Awesome quality pet care! NOT!!!! Thank you very much!!

Nicole Townsend

2 years ago

Recently used this facility for a pet emergency. The doctor did not fully explain what she thought was wrong with my pet. They did xrays but when the report comes out they did not do the neck and the explanation was all wrong. Causing for a continued miss diagnosis. ( I have the xray report) We were sent home with medicine and told to follow up with our regular doctor. My pet continued to suffer. I had to take my dog to another emergency vet. Every attempt to rrach this facility was not successful. No emergency number works. No one will call you back. Very vague when responding to emails. They are happy to take your pet and your money with no accountability. If I had to do this over, I would NEVER use them. I would use Blue Pearl. Ultimately my pet died and suffered unnecessarily because of this facility. And they do not care.

Diane Howells

2 years ago

Very sick Bob kitty. They were very nice, very thorough and explained reason for everything. Up front about fees. And today Bob is better. They cost more then regular vet but they are an emergency vet. And at 9 pm with my furry pal looking 3/4 dead they were well worth it. Very impressed with the kind, quality care that Bob received. Pictures show sick lethargic kitty yesterday and him today with some of his sass back :)

Nicolette Brier

2 years ago

Staff was unprofessional and unable to answer questions. Our dog was made to wait almost 2 hours for pain mgmt. Over thousands of dollars later problem was not resolved. Dog was treated for infection. When problem returned we took him to our regular vet. Cbc test showed no infection even though urgent care charged and dispensed unnecessary antibiotics. Save your animals do not go here.

Melissa Johnson

2 years ago

One of our children started having issues suddenly last Wednesday. Our Vet didn't seem concerned and said they could get her in the following day. But, as the day progressed, she went downhill. We called Urgent care and they got us in right away. We were the last ones before they closed. After an x-ray, it was determined that there was no coming back and we had to make the most difficult decision of my life! The Staff and Vet on call that night were AMAZING, and so very very caring! They allowed everything to be done in my lap in a very private room comfortably. They gave us all the time we needed (which was long after they were to have closed). Although this was the HARDEST thing I could have imagined and did NOT expect to not come home with my child, Urgent care took exceptional care with the entire situation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

April Deliford

2 years ago

This place is amazing! Thanks for the excellent service and care of my dog. I highly recommend this place ????

Tracy Webber

2 years ago

Very kind, professional, and thorough people

Elizabeth Molina

2 years ago

Pet urgent care of Wesley chapel great group of people.That truly love what they do, thanks to the tech Chris.

Kathryn Alexander

2 years ago

An absolutely amazing experience. This team took excellent care of my dog, patiently explaining what was happening and how to get him healthy again. So grateful we were able to get him in quickly and back on track. Daniella and Chris are great techs and Dr. Pearson is the best. Thank you!

Linda Melino

2 years ago

The staff here are wonderful. Called on 6/9/21 25 min before closing due to how far away we live to say our long sick Maltese was failing, and likely had to be euthanized. Their professionalism and caring helped ease a truly awful time for us. No indications from anyone that our keeping them until midnight was a problem. They allowed us the time we needed for the decision and the emotions. Then, we got a surprise footprint in the mail! Something we will cherish always. Thank you.

Dark Side Studios

2 years ago

Great my dog was taking care well good few hour during surgery ear the service was great one more week Togo see drotor dog name is little bit

Monica Halstead

2 years ago

Great place they took care of my pet so well great communication I do recommend thus place to everyone

TC Ray

2 years ago

Took care of one of my dogs when I had am emergency. Staff was able to help with all that was done with Little Bit

Megan Bell

2 years ago

I had a scary event happen with my dog, Bailee, late Wednesday evening. I called before arriving and the gentleman on the phone was very professional and kind. I arrived shortly after and they took Bailee back right away. They kept me updated and were very kind. My dog is my world and I feel like she is in good hands with them. They even called today to check on her. Bailees regular vet did not even call back today or follow up. Highly recommend.

Catherine Perez

2 years ago

We came to this pet urgent care late in the evening and the staff and Vet were very nice and attentive to our dog. We would recommend this office to others.

Mary Valenti

2 years ago

We took our newly adopted dog in on a Sunday night for a cough. Being new dog parents, we were very nervous & worried. The staff was awesome, so caring and friendly. Our boy was thoroughly checked and prescribed meds to help him feel better. I wouldn’t hesitate to bring him back in the future!

Jeremy Kotkin

2 years ago

Quick, honest, and communicative service for my dog. Came in late one night and they took care of everything without trying to 'upsell' a lot of unnecessary tests.

David Itterley

2 years ago

Pet Urgent Care of Wesley Chapel is a group of professionals that truly care about your pet. We brought our cat here for an emergency procedure and the staff was so patient with all of our questions and concerns every step of the way. Our boy had to spend almost 3 days here and the staff provided constant updates and let us stop by to visit throughout. The vet is never an easy (or cheap) place to be but they alleviated the stress and made my wife and I feel much better. Technician Daniela was amazing the entire way through! She was patient with our questions and showed true passion for helping our cat. Definitely recommend to any pet parent with an emergency!

Sara Domyan

2 years ago

They could have not been any more caring and understanding. I brought in my 14 year old boy knowing it was time. Being in the medical field myself, I had to see lab results to allow my heart to agree with what my head already knew. From her exam, the vet obviously knew that labs were not necessary but she did them for my piece of mind. This was the hardest decision I have had to make as Monster had been by my side for the past 14 years. Thank you so much for the care you showed both me and my beloved best friend.

Fred McCall

2 years ago

Staff and Doctor were very helpful

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