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Tammy Nicholas

2 years ago

My fur baby hurt herself today. I called three places, and this location was recommended. The first available appointment was not until Thursday, but Amanda was kind enough to get with Heather to get me in next day. A few hours later I realized I had another doctor appointment that could not be rescheduled. Andrew was kind enough to offer me a morning appointment due to the circumstances. I cannot wait to meet the front staff. Today, they were able to squeeze my fur baby in, which was a huge relief in itself. They were friendly, professional, and I can sense they prioritize their patients. Thank you.

jeremy phillips

2 years ago

I had an appointment at 11 we sat there wating for 40+ minutes, people would come in after us and have there animal saw before us, and leave when we had been there longer, this happened muptial times until someone came out from the back room and told us to put on a mask when we were not sitting by anyone we left after that.

Birth Blossoms

2 years ago

I’ve been coming to fl vet league for 3 generations of dogs- over 25 years- their philosophy creates the workplace, relationships and quality of care they give-

Austin Long

2 years ago

I brought my dog Tate to this facility and the doctor refused to examine him. He had called my dog fat and basically laughed me out the door without looking at him. It turns out my dog has a thyroid condition and liver problems that could have been stopped months ago if the doctor had done his job. I would not recommend anybody bringing their pet to this facility.

Denise Bowman

2 years ago

I just want to say that this is the best Vet I have ever been to. I loved both Sarah's!!! Dr. Kappel I have to say was both professional and honest. I am dealing with cancer issues right now...and I have to say they were not pushy or judgemental at all...very fairly priced. I am very thankful I found them!!! Thank you all for getting Sassys growth taken care of are amazing!!!

Clark Ogier

2 years ago

Wow. I brought my newly rescued cat there. Just...woah. Any question to the technician was snidely answered with, “I don’t know. I’m a dog guy.” And I asked quite a few questions. Guess what? He’s a dog guy. The doctor insisted my cat was fine and needed no tests (sneezing, runny EYE ... it’s a one eyed cat, and coughing). I’ve never felt more helpless in the presence of an expert. I finally got him to run a test. He calls me two days later. She’s sick. Thanks doc. I picked up the medication and the welcome pack they forgot the first time today, and I don’t reckon I will be there ever again. We all have bad days. Off days. I get it. I hope the doc is well. But I hope my cat gets well too. I’m taking her to another Vet for, hopefully, more care and respect.

Raisa Braden

2 years ago

My baby girl Daisy and I came in today to see Dr. Horn, as he was highly recommended. She is severely anemic, we just moved from CA and I have taken her to many different vets over the years, spent a ton of money. Dr. Horn was professional, knowledgeable & took his time reviewing all of her past blood work results. I can easily say he is the best vet I have ever taken her to, I look forward to working with Dr. Horn & VCA for years to come. I feel confident Daisy is in the best hands. Thank you guys so much. Also thank you Caleb.

Tahone Brumbaugh

2 years ago

Our family has been doing business with this establishment for the last 5 years. We sincerely appreciate Dr. Horn for his expertise, professionalism and precise knowledge. We also have enjoyed the staff that has attended to us and our …

Colleen Butler

2 years ago

They have good vets and nice vet techs. Their main problem is they are overbooking. I never am taken on time most waits are 30 to 60 minutes I am going to have to find a smaller practice that takes their patients to time into consideration. This practice is too big and to money centered unfortunately

Floyd Burke

2 years ago

My husband and I had a traumatic experience putting our 23 year old cat to sleep. The attendant took her from us to insert an IV and we could hear her crying in the other room. It took 15 min. When she was returned to us, she was crying loudly , terrified and hugged my neck. This is our last memories of her. We had 3 other animals euthanized in the last 40 years and each were sedated in my arms in the neck area. The animals were all very calm and it was a sad experience but not traumatizing for the pet. If you have to euthanize any pet please research so it is done humanely. We will never forget that we let our pet down. Thought all clinics would not traumatizema pet before being euthanized Thank you Rita Burke

Jules Wolff

3 years ago

Love my Klein and Hannah. Sometimes overwhelmed with amount of barking ( Lil Ones ????) complaint. I live in Fort Pierce, I drive to Vero to see her team

Brittany Guthrie

3 years ago

I was in town last month to visit family with my 8-year old, 85-lb Lab. He was playing in the backyard when I heard him yelp - he had stepped on a small, sunken drainage grate, couldn’t put any weight on the leg, &, after a couple of hours, wouldn’t move. With me not being from the area and it being 5:30 PM, I was panicked to find a vet that was open, much less one that was actually a quality practice. We found the Vero Beach VCA Florida Veterinary League who were not only open until 7:00 PM (we were >thrilled< to not have to go to an ER vet), but were also willing to see my furbaby without an appointment... &, more surprisingly, were willing to stay late to see him so he didn’t have to wait until the next day - they even carried my guy in on a stretcher! Dr. Horn, Josh, & the whole VCAFVL crew were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. They graciously agreed to stay late to accommodate us, were knowledgeable, & had terrific bedside manner. They patiently answered our questions & clearly explained what was going on. Dr. Horn was extraordinarily thorough to the point of even going over some concerns that had nothing to do with his injury - although my dog had just had his annual visit just a couple weeks prior, Dr. Horn was able to diagnose with evidence-based information for issues that my vet of the past 4 years never picked up on! Without prompt, they made it a priority to send the records of his visit back to our regular vet ASAP the next morning. They told us the cost of everything before proceeding & made sure we knew everything about his treatment plan + the recommended course of action. Additionally, Dr. Horn said that he would follow up 2 days later... & he actually did! Not only that, their office phones were experiencing some issues that day, so he used his personal cell phone to ensure he kept his promise. While I know it’s not realistic to use them as my local vet (for obvious reasons), #1 I wanted to make sure others knew about our top-notch experience, #2 I will definitely use them if I have veterinary needs while nearby, & #3 I am looking to switch to a VCA veterinary practice back home. They truly went above & beyond & there are no words to describe how much I appreciate the dedication, care, & professionalism their office exhibited.

Tom Barcus

3 years ago

Worst place, they over book appointments, I have had to wait 45 to 60 minutes we had a 10 am appointment was not seen until after 11am. This is a routine occurrence for this place. Find another vet!! …

Kimberly Reynolds

3 years ago

I feel fortunate that VCA has so many quality doctors and have good hours. The staff is very kind and my dog loves to come here. I have heard that being a vet can be an extremely stressful job so I am very grateful that each of their doctors do what they do with such care and professionalism. Thank you!

Sarah McBride

3 years ago

QUALITY CARE!!!!! I took my kitten in on emergency notice right before closing and they said come right in. Can not thank them enough for the quality care they gave me & also they didn’t try to take every cent I had, which I was more than willing to spend on my baby, but I appreciate it. UPDATED: they saved the day again. Dr.Horn is so thorough, knowledgeable and kind. I am thrilled to have found this office, my pet is more than a pet he’s my baby and means the absolutely word to me, I trust him with this office and Dr.Horn

Denise Bouldin

3 years ago

I'm very picky about most things I do especially when it comes to something or someone I love. My dog Kemo is more than just a pet he is family and we love him dearly. To have a group of individuals like the staff here give such attention, care and help is beyond words. I cant thank them enough for all that they did. The Doctor is phenomenal and very interactive as well as informative. I could go on and on about this facility but I will go on to say if you are looking for care, compassion, and just all around goodness this is the place for you. Thank you all again for your help and care... I can say that we have found and new place to bring our pets... Thanks again

Audrianna Floyd

3 years ago

I was recommended by another vet to Dr. Darrel Horn for a ACL tear on Saturday. That following Monday I called and they fit me in before lunch for a consultation within minutes of arriving he diagnosed my 1yo german shepherd with extreme hip dysplasia NOT a ACL tear. He then was able to schedule my babies double femoral head removal for that following Wednesday. The vet tech's were in contact with me from the time of drop off to the end of surgery and the next day updating her progress. At the same time with the same dog I have been to 4 different vets for on going diarrhea starting in October and it was now July. He has called me EVERY week to change meds, change food, and generally checking on her. We are now 1 year of diarrhea and it is our first full week of good solid stool. Dr. Horn has taken his time and energy, not charging me since the surgery to ensure my babies health. Previously other vets were concerned with her health but never ran blood test or fecals (skin and bones, looked sickly but happy) and with his special diet and medicine concoction she is now at a healthy weight!! I cannot repay him and his team enough.

Barbara Mccourtney

3 years ago

Dr Horne Is absolutley the best! I am a retired law enforcement officer and had many dealings with different vet hospitals . right here you have the best they are excellent and they go above and beyond Dr Horne has taken excellent care …

Daisy Diaz

3 years ago

I have been driving 40minutes to VCA appointments and check ups for over a year and it's well worth it!! Dr. Horn is honest and straight forward. He and staff have always been very caring and accommodating. Remy initially was being treated for a heart condition then diagnosed with GI tumor and ultimately surgery. Dr. Horn has always been attentive to Remy's follow ups. Taking his personal time to call and check up on Remy. The staff have also been very friendly. As long as I have Remy, I will continue to make the drive!! Thank you Dr. Horn and VCA staff. You are very much appreciated.

{{•Suzy• Lynn Buchanon}}••• (•Suzy Q•//MaMa Duke's)

3 years ago

They are ABSOLUTELY wonderful at VCA‼️???? All 4 of our furbabies have been going there for quite a long time now & their doctor has always been Dr. Horn. All of the employees are WONDERFUL, UNDERSTANDING, CARING, & they are very EMPATHETIC …

karen bluemel

3 years ago

I didn’t think I would ever find a Vet like Dr Storey up north to take as good care of Tasha. But Dr Nancy is amazing and I am blessed to have her. Also anything worth having is worth waiting for so to the people who complain about a little …

Lauren Alderman

3 years ago

Very sweet staff. Expensive and vet did not answer any questions. Good for last minute but maybe in the future I will not return

Marina Ferter

3 years ago

We ve been coming here for many years . And the dr ‘ s and staff are very caring ... But today I’m very disappointed. Made an appointment for 1230 and it’s now 130 and we haven’t see the dr yet . ????????

Nancy Altic

3 years ago

Dr.Horn is a wonderful skilled doctor and surgeon. He's kind, caring and compassionate.

nathalie rancourt

3 years ago

Today was a very difficult day, as I had to put my 14yro dog to sleep. The whole team at the vet league couldn't have been more supportive, understanding and caring! Evan and Dr Kappel, I thank you both so much for making this difficult time just a bit easier. I highly recommend them to anyone with a furry loved one.

Patti McIntyre

3 years ago

I love the VCA Florida Veterinary League! The staff always goes above and beyond to help my four legged children. Dr. Horn is a caring and knowledgeable veterinarian and ALWAYS does what’s best for my fur babies. He’s a real person and cares for his patients as if they are his own. I’ll never go anywhere else. Some people left bad reviews because they had to wait at their appointment. Well, if it were their fur baby being attended to and taking extra time because Dr. Horn and his staff are also very thorough, they might and should definitely shift their thinking and be more understanding and compassionate. Quality care takes time and I feel it’s worth the wait.

Toni Belmonte

3 years ago

I have been there twice for my puppy and both times I waited over 30 min past my appt time. The last time I was there I waited almost an hr with my impatient dog (which is not easy) and then said “sorry we had a lot of emergencies today …


3 years ago

This vet clinic used to be wonderful. I recently visited again after a two-year absence, and now I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. It’s been completely commercialized in the sense that everything’s a sales pitch. It’s no longer the …

William Benson

3 years ago

I can tell you firsthand that there is no part of putting your fur baby down that is a good experience, but the staff at FVL made it so much easier. They let us say goodbye before and after he was gone. We did not feel rushed at all. They …

Lost French Bulldog

4 years ago

Friendly and knowledgeable staff, great pricing, and short wait times.

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