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J Conley

2 years ago

Beware of this boarding facility. I boarded my dog for a week and requested a bath and nail trimming. When I picked my dog up she had lacerations under her armpits and across her chest from wearing her harness the entire week. No one for a whole week looked at her skin, bathed or took that harness off her. Had the bath I requested been done, they would have seen the bleeding wounds on her skin. I called and spoke with owner to question why my dog was neglected and she stated they were changing their polices to ensure dogs don’t fight. No where on the website, paperwork I filled out, or on the signs on the door does it state this “policy”. Her harness was covered in dried blood when I removed it. I told her no animal should be treated this way. The owner offered a refund and to pay for the emergency vet bill but we have not yet seen any refund she promised and a month has passed. I will never again send my dog there. I’m heartbroken that my dog endured this neglect.

Kelly Lueer

3 years ago

Beware of this place! They don’t care about your pets, they only care about the headcount ($$$$). I unfortunately learned the hard way. I moved here from out of state and checked out a few places. When I came for my meet and greet I couldn’t come in with the dogs to check out the facility and nothing was explained. Is there a reason potential new clients can’t tour the inside? I didn’t think about it at the time, but now I am aware of the horrid conditions of the inside and the mass quantity of dogs inside by themselves for hours on end. Forgotten by staff. I was told very abruptly by the owner to stay away from the yard and to go away so I wasn’t a distraction. That was the first red flag. I was lured in by the big outdoor yard area and pools. 10 days into starting there I noticed that one of my dogs was losing weight so I checked with the staff to see if they were being fed during the day lunch and dinner daily as requested by me. I was told they were not. I was told at that time that only boarding dogs got fed. Upon weighing my dog she has lost 5 pounds in 10 days. That is a lot of weight and she is not a big dog! Upon discussing my concerns with the owner she apologized and stated this would never happen again. Guess what...two days later still not getting fed! Strike 2. In the 3 weeks since starting I noticed a lot of new staff in the yard. No one ever knows me or who my pets were. A few times I witnessed yelling in the yard at the dogs when they would charge at the one and only gate to the inside. One staff member never engaged with the dogs she was suppose to be taking care of. Strike 3! The final straw was when I was dropping the dogs off one morning. The usual morning staff were no where to be found. The older man who cleans the yard came out to get them. He came to the wrong side of the car so I couldn’t grab leashes while he opened the door. He opens the door and they bolt!! He had no idea what he was doing and did not have control of the dogs. Thankfully they didn’t get hit by a car or take off running. He never apologized. The next morning I brought the dogs to the door purposely and was greeted by the owner. When I mentioned what happened the owner never acknowledged me or the concern I had and never apologized. Final strike! These dogs (and everyone else’s) are not just things to us, they are our kids. We expect our dogs to be taken care of and not have to worry about them ever! Would you take your human kids to a daycare facility who didn’t feed them and never knew who they were or gave them love and attention? Not this place. The owner only cares about how much money she can make off them. Way too many dogs to manage and a poorly trained staff. To top it all off when I told a staff member that I would not be back she agreed with me and my concerns and stated she has been trying to talk to the owner about changing things to make things better and it’s like talking to a brick wall. This person also said that at least on days that she is there my dogs get lots of love and attention. She said she wasn’t so sure on the days she was off. This place needs to be investigated! Smoke and mirrors. There is a lot going on behind closed doors that us unsuspecting owners know nothing about. Beware and remember your pups deserve better! There are much better options out there with daycare owners who truly love our pups. Thank goodness I found a daycare I can trust and my pups love going to! Shame on you K9 Adventures for putting your own interest above the welfare of pets in your care. Shame on you!

Linda Rousseau

3 years ago

I took my dog Etta there a few times. The staff is really nice but I feel the daycare is to small for the amount of dogs they have. I wanted to start her out at 2 days a week. She was with 14 dogs sometimes and if you look at the area they have to play inside and out, there isn't enough room. She also came home with pink eye after her first visit, as well as an infection in her lady bits. They are crammed in these small areas. In my opinion I think the facility is to small for the amount of dogs they have. It's great they are getting lots of clients but they definitely need a bigger place to accommodate the amount of dogs they have. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of choices in this area. There is a really nice place in Saint Pete called love my pet resort. I wish we had one of those up here.

Joanna Fortier

3 years ago

We see a doctor in the same shared lot and my kids love pups so we walked over to check the place out. The big dogs(about a group of 20+) were outside and the attendant with long brown hair and glasses was visibly agitated and yelling at the dogs in a hostile manner. A light brown poodle was mounting a boxer and were not broken up, which can be traumatizing to a dog depending on its history. I would not trust them with my dogs EVER.

chrissy lee

3 years ago

I was interested in seeing what this place was about. I was watching the dogs play outside while my relative was in surgery. The first group were the bigger dogs and the staff lady yelled at the dogs. When no one is around you really do not know what is going on there. The dogs started to fight and no one was around. The next group were the smaller dogs. I was outside for about two hours and the small dogs were crying and hot. They didn't go in for a while. I will not bring my dog there because I do not trust the staff.

Shannon Luth

3 years ago

They don’t watch the dogs and let them attack each other. A dog was harmed there to the point where he needed stitches! The owner was not informed of the incident. Terrible place

MJ Ace

3 years ago

They are extremely caring to our Frenchie Eggnog. He is always beyond excited to spend time there.

Annabelle Adkinson

3 years ago

My friends dog was involved in a dog fight here and she was not notified that her dog was injured. She only found out after waking up to find blood everywhere. Terribly sad to see the lack of care they provided for the dogs here


4 years ago

Took my dog here for close to 2 years without any problems. In the last 6 months there has been an increase of the amount of dogs that they have together in the yard 20+ at one time, with one person watching them. The space they provide is not big enough for this many dogs, nor is it safe. I took my dog to the groomer approx 2 months ago and had him shaved (closer than I had planned) and she told me he had a lot of scars all over his butt and back and asked If I was aware of these. I had not noticed anything in particular but sometimes he would come home from daycare with new scabs on his back and I thought this was maybe partly due to allergies spots. Fast forward to two weeks ago I dropped him off at daycare and when I picked him up and brought him home noticed he had upwards of 5 different scabbed up areas that were fresh, with a huge spot on his left buttock that he kept licking. Upon closer inspection all of these spots were scratch and BITE MARKS. The spot he was licking on the left side WAS A HUGE BITE MARK WITH HUGE DEEP FRESH SCABS. I called to talk to the owner about this simply to request she look at the cameras to make sure my dog was not put in the same “pack” as whatever dog/s did this to him. My phone call was not returned. I called the next day and again spoke to one of the young men working there who assured me the owner would call me back and they would let her know. I HAVE STILL TWO WEEKS LATER NOT RECEIVED A CALL. I told both gentleman what occurred and both of them know my dog well as he would go there at least 2 times a week for the last 2 years. I will not take him back there again. They have lost a loyal customer and my trust that they are actually watching the dogs closely and making sure that they are safe. As a side note he is a golden retriever, he is neutered and is the sweetest loving dog and has never shown aggression towards any animal or human.


4 years ago

My dog loves going here for a day out when she gets home she is so tired I know she had a good day.

Brittany Dominguez

4 years ago

We love K9 Adventures for our super energetic lab/pitt mix, Windu. We’ve tried other doggy daycare and he usually pulls away from the attendants and tries to run back to me as I’m leaving. But now he runs to the door every morning hoping I’ll take him and starts wagging his tail before we’re in the parking lot. All of the staff that I’ve met are super friendly. He always comes back happy and tired. Windu has sever separation anxiety so to be in an environment where he’s always around other dogs and people all day has been amazing for him! Highly recommend!!

Debbie Munting

4 years ago

Belle's home away from home

Kathie Davis

4 years ago

We bring our puppy here once or twice a week when we have a busy day. She loves it here and jumps out of the car to get inside. She always comes home tired from playing and happy.The staff here has always been friendly and helpful. I would have given it 5 stars but I have asked around and the prices here are higher than most, if we needed to use them every day I might shop around but since we only come here sporadically and our pup loves the place we will continue to be customers.

Kimberly Hutton

4 years ago

Best dog buddies for our Phoebe!

Nora Johnson

4 years ago

Started here a few days ago and this place hands down rocks! Staff is great and our two dogs couldn’t be any more excited when they go! Thank you K9 Adventures Trinity!! Highly recommended! Five starts across the board! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Patrick Alley

4 years ago

Always a pleasure! Dogs are well cared for and safe! Excellent friendly staff and clean, well maintained inside and out! My 4 legged kids love it! Usually are exhausted from playing when they get home.


4 years ago

I have nothing but awesome things to say about K9 Adventures????????????????????. Your dogs are treated with ???? power and soooo much tender, and loving care ❤. Every time they come in they're so excited... They know that they're there to see their friends and play all day!!! Literally. They can't wait for us to take the leashes off. And they all go to the play yard. They are so excited to be there that a lot of the time the owners are like okay bye then. Laughing about the way their families faces light up, because they don't have any worries about the care from the staff. We all truly care about them as if they are one of our own.

Kim Thursby

5 years ago

I have two dogs Bruno and moose they go there twice a week and they just love it and when they come home they are ready to rest and relax I've never seen my puppy so happy before

#Keep It Sharp Podcast with Fareed Rashad

5 years ago

Love this place great atmosphere for any dog and very caring staff best around

Big Boy Airbrush co

5 years ago

Friendly staff.... dogs love going.

C Lambo

5 years ago

Big building with multiple large rooms, 2 big outdoor playpens with turf, up to around 15 boarding suites, employees are very nice to the clients and all toys and products at the facility are top notch and very durable. Dogs are never left unattended. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to have someone look after their family member or best friend ????

Doris Clark

5 years ago

I suggest pet owners start watching the cameras to see how your pets are being treated

Sharae Velasquez

5 years ago

My dog went to this doggy day care for the first time ever going to a doggy day care. the first time I had to force him to go back with them I just thought it was first time nerves. the second time I took him back he was so scared to get …

Julian Zambrano

5 years ago

Bad experience i brought my lab for overnight stays and doggie daycare and he came back full of fleas and scratches I was not very happy. All the dogs are left on their own outside without any supervision. For the amount of money i think there are other options where the staff will be more attentive to our furbabies.

Lego Leigh

5 years ago

They take good care of my dog! He loves it! He plays and gets great exercise. Fantastic staff. Can't say enough good things! Mo lives them!

Mel. W.

5 years ago

Parasites, giardia and bad customer service. Super disappointed. My dog liked this place, staff was nice. A couple of months ago, he got a bad infection: 2 different types of bacteria, worms and giardia. Since this is the only place he goes …

Nicole Merhaut

5 years ago

Bailey has been going here since she was a puppy. When Josephine took over bailey loves it here! I can’t say enough about k9 adventures, Josephine, and her staff. At last minute my dog got critically ill prior to boarding (nothing contagious) - Josephine went above and beyond to put us at ease while out of town. She ensured our bailey was cared for just as she is with us. She ensured proper communication the entire time. Josephine is super responsive if you should have any questions or concerns and tries to resolve anything possible. If you need a good cat sitting place I also use Josephine at kitty city. Rosey and Kim are awesome and go above and beyond too! Now if Josephine could do daycare with 2 legged children I’d have all my kids with her for care! I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Thank you K9 adventures and kitty city! Bailey and Guinness love you guys!

Pam Frazier

5 years ago

Our dog loves going to K9 and playing with all of his friends, both canine and human!

Renee Disparti

5 years ago

My dog loves this place she gets so excited every Friday morning because she knows she going to play with her friends... it's a clean place the staff is very friendly...

Candice Campbell

6 years ago

My dog LOVES it. Great staff, great place for socialising your dogs.. NOT a kennel.

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