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Weld Every Day

2 years ago

10/10 recommend. Whenever my senior dog needs her medications or prescription food their pharmacist Ricki is always very kind and prompt, and makes us feel like our fur baby’s needs are very important. All of the staff is so kind there, and the Veterinarians are very knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile for the animals.

John Martin

2 years ago

The 2 vets with whom I have worked at Youngs EACH deserve 6 stars – they are Drs Hogan and Gordon. Since day 1 they were the type who listened to my questions and provided precise and understandable answers, and always showed genuine concern for my dog's wellbeing. With 1 notable exception I would give the entire supporting STAFF there the MAXimum stars also. They have always been responsive, helpful and pleasantly friendly to me for the past 2 years. I only met the manager ONCE - on the last day there, and she was surly, abrupt and “asked” me to leave the parking lot (I knew what that meant, so I did – I do not need a police note on my record for trespassing or whatever she had in mind to do). The ONLY information she imparted was that she had the staff throw out the blood and fecal samples that had been taken to do important research into my dogs existing health condition, along with the required annual heartworm test to allow me to continue her monthly preventive medication. She gave NO reason for this. I was there for important testing and I EXPECTED to renew the annual wellness contract for the THIRD year. The technician/vet assistant who asked me provided me with a 2 page document that I perused, and I noted that the previous “unlimited exams” had been CHANGED a bit. In addition to the USUAL 2 annual wellness exams I would get TWO “illness exams” for the SAME price (with a discount for additional "illness exams"). Also, unlike all the medical offices that I do business with who had to file annual reports with Medicare (they printed out the EXISTING data, and asked me to change any errors before signing it and giving it back to them), this place required me to MANUALLY COMPLETE ALL THE INFORMATION FROM THE PRIOR TWO YEARS (drivers license num and expiration, my DOB, my home & email addresses and phone number, etc) AND the information about the credit card (that they have had on file for 2 years AND one that I NEVER carry with me) AS WELL AS – though my name was PRINTED at the top of EACH page - I had to PRINT my name on BOTH pages and sign what they called the “contract”. I suggested that this could have been printed from my records, but I guess the young man did not know how to do that. This caused me to comment to the vet and another employee that this “hassle” had me wondering if I should sign another contract. The offer was made to have someone do an “audit” and see if it would be benefit me – the answer I got was that it probably would not. The young assistant pointed out that my plan “expired on 12/21”, even though in HIS presence I had notified two people that I had an appointment for 12/20 that had to be postponed due to Dr Gordon being ill. Since I did not know how long he would be sick, I asked for Dr Hogan, who was next available on 12/31. This then became the LAST appointment under the existing plan, as far as I was concerned. An employee who heard about the delayed appointment agreed with me, saying that I only owed for the medication I had asked be re-prescribed for me to take home. She asked if I had a card on file and if I wanted it used and if I needed a receipt (I said yes, but no receipt, because they always emailed me one after each charge). I decided to wait in my car in the parking lot, in case there was anything else I had to do – this is when the “cheerful” office manager showed up and told me to LEAVE the parking lot. I will greatly miss the staff and the 2 doctors, but I will NOT miss the office manager and her administrative policies and demeanor. I learned that the hospital is no longer local doctor-owned. I will find a NEW clinic and have the necessary testing done for my dog's health as soon as possible. IF YOU READ ALL THE ABOVE AND STILL GO THERE, YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU MAY OR MAY NOT GET ! (If you DO GO, ASK for the 2 doctors I mentioned, SMILE with the staff and AVOID the office manager if you can.)

Dave Comella

2 years ago

Can't say enough about the Doctors and technicians They go above and beyond the Call of Duty when our dog was attacked they literally Saved her life I have 4 dogs and they have taken care of them all we have a new puppy they all love and adore they treat your pet like you treat your pet

Jeffrey Allen

2 years ago

Had to put my cat down today, hadn't been there in a while. They were excellent. They got me in quickly. They showed my family much heartfelt sympathy for our loss and prepared her to be buried. We buried her under a Royal Poinciana that we grew from seed. Thank you for all the love and support you showed us.


2 years ago

Yesterday was the last day of my beloved 13+ year old red lab mix named "Clifford"'s time on earth. I'm writing this to say that my dog was a patient at another clinic here in town for all of his life. They provided care that ranged from good to very good, so no complaints. My dog has not been doing well this year but hanging in there with his challenges until yesterday when we knew early in the morning that he had reached the end. After calling our clinic and finding out the Dr. was in surgery all day and not available ( I understood ) but still needed help. I made calls and couldn't find a Dr. available to come to my house until 5 days later. My wife called Young's Animal Hospital and was treated with care and compassion from the moment they answered the phone and that same treatment didn't stop or change throughout the entire painful but necessary procedure. I will be switching clinics to Young's for my other dog's veterinary needs. If they treated me and my dog that well when we had never stepped foot in there prior especially in those dire circumstances...I'm pretty sure they will treat their regulars at least as well. My wife and I want to say a huge THANK YOU to the Dr. and each staff member for making our big guys transition as caring and loving as possible.

Rik Miles

2 years ago

This was my first visit with my dog Sophie and impressed to no end. Very efficient in scheduling, billing, and prescriptions. I am very happy with my visit.

Jehan Storer

2 years ago

My family and I just moved to Titusville and needed a new animal hospital for our cats. One night I had noticed that my senior cat had 2 ingrown dew claws. I did a little research and found Young's. They had great reviews so I took a chance. I called the clinic and they got us in the very next day. The hospital was very clean, the staff is very friendly, and Dr. Hogan was great with our cat. Their hours are great for those who work and their prices are fair. They even have special packages for your pet for each stage of their life. Needless to say they are our new clinic. I highly recommend them.

Ann Quest

2 years ago

First impressions when entered the building was it was spacious and clean. The staff was friendly and when we were brought back to the examination room, the staff had put our dog's name up on the white board with a friendly "Welcome" greeting. I know it didn't mean much to her but it touched us. The doctor met with us personally after the examination to explain the issue and treatment options. She was very patient with our questions and concerns and she made my "nervous about vets and strangers in general" dog comfortable, even after treatment, which impressed us greatly! The medicine we needed to administer at home was given to us in a brown paper bag that had been decorated with our dog's name, making it easily identifiable. We were told we needed a follow up appointment to ensure the treatment worked and didn't need a booster treatment. They made the follow up appointment right then too, so we didn't have to call and set something up and hope it was within the time frame. After three days of administering medicine at home, Young's called us to check on how our dog was doing. Overall, we are very impressed with Young's and are considering staying with Young's after the follow-up appointment. If you are looking for a vet for your pet, I am optimistically recommending Young's Animal Hospital.

Jay Aye (JR)

2 years ago

Squeezed me in last minute.. very caring and accomodating....bit pricey

Jessenia Santiago

2 years ago

I brought my Cat Fat boy very sick I was afraid to lose him. But Thanks to Young's Animal Hospital they really helped him a lot he is so much better. He's eating playing and getting on my nerves again and I am so happy and Greatful Thank You so Much.

Julie Riggio

2 years ago

They were very kind to my Husband and I

Meghan Kinard

2 years ago

We love taking our dogs to young’s. The staff and doctors are always super helpful and pleasant. They are super accommodating and willing to help answer any questions you may have.

Rosalie Sanchez

2 years ago

I came into Young’s with an urgency with my pup Cão and, from the moment I walked in, I was greeted with sympathy, respect, professionalism, and care. They immediately had me signing papers, talked to me about what was possibly the problem, what they were going to do, and the approximate cost. Shiloh explained everything very well before taking my pup in and was so sweet and attentive. They called me during the procedure to let me know how Cão was doing and when to pick him up. Provided all medications and instructions and even called the next day to check on him. Excellent care, service, and value. Thank you so much. Cão is doing so much better!

Tiffany H

2 years ago

Very nice vet office, call, email, and walk in if needing anything for my pets. Appts are available rather quickly, and the pricing is great! When the unfortunate time comes to put a pet down, they have special grieving rooms with tissues, a couch, all kinds of things in the room. Dr. Kaufman has helped my babies so much, she's such a sweet young lady who cares for everyone's pets like it's her own. Everyone is wonderful and nice, I highly recommend.

Ann Huggins

2 years ago

They are very professional and càlled on my dog to see how he is doing ,did I have any questions or concerns. I'm very appreciative of that !

Carmen Aguirrechu

2 years ago

I came with my Milly as an emergency. The staff was incredibly helpful. Dr. Kaufman was amazing. Unfortunately my Milly needs surgery. But I am confident Dr Kaufman will make her whole.

Nikki Miller

2 years ago

Every detail was perfect! My little toy poodle was treated like a prince <3

Kallee Topper

2 years ago

I really contemplated writing a review. My dog is in so much pain, shes been crying the past 24 hours, diarrhea every 30 minutes... My pup went in a month ago for her first visit, I adopted her and her previous family didnt socialize her so she is very fearful and her bark is scary (GSD). I was told to come back a month from that date as there were no more openings coming up due to being booked up, I understand. They couldnt see her because she wasnt cooperating and they wanted to help her anxiety- thank you for that. Under their recommendation, she took pills the night before and morning of her rescheduled appointment to calm her down. Long story short, it didn't work. I went in and they wanted to reschedule AGAIN after she would be on anxiety meds and me looking into training socializing her (even though that's what I've been doing, shes just fearful of new people and very protective). So this would mean 2 months without treatment. It wasnt until I was just saying please I want to help her I dont want her waiting anymore that they offered sedation. I agreed to it. When they took her to the back, the vet said she did great and that someone was petting her she did really well. After sedation, bloodwork, many vaccinations including a 3 in 1, flea/tick medication, my pup has been having severe diarrhea every 30min all day today. I called this morning, asked if this is due to the vaccines or meds and I was told no the diarrhea was due to stress. $500 later my dog is not the same, shes been miserable all day, crying nonstop, yet "it's due to stress". This is not due to stress, my dog has been through stress and shes a strong high drive GSD, shes in so much pain it hurts me. I would do anything to take back the treatment that was given to her all at once. I asked about the diarrhea and shes now on a probiotic and antibiotic for a few days but they said it should go away. They said if not to come back in 3 days with a stool sample for testing. My dog looks so skinny compared to yesterday I'm so worried about dehydration but that wasnt a concern for them. Shes scheduled for boosters in 3 weeks and I'm terrified the same thing will happen. I'm trusting you guys with my baby because I heard such good reviews, but I cant even look at her without crying because shes in so much pain and discomfort. I'm really praying this gets better, I just want my happy 9mo puppy back ❤ UPDATE: MY DOG STOPPED WALKING SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP MY DOG She didn't use her hind legs to get off the couch she just used her front legs and then slowly plopped her hind legs. Shes just sitting. She keeps trying to move and wont put pressure on her back legs. Shes randomly shaking on the couch like she doesnt have control over her body... what did you guys do to my puppy?? Why wouldnt you guys see her when it's obvious she's having a reaction? Its 9pm and I feel like I'm living in a nightmare.

David Melanson

2 years ago

Can be difficult to get timely appointments.

Dawn Nelson

2 years ago

The staff went over and beyond their duties. The doctor explained things to me in a way that was easy to understand. These people genuinely care and love animals. I will be a repeat patient. ✨

George K

2 years ago

Had to get my puppy in quickly to treat an injury to his paw. Called them first thing in the morning 2 hours later I dropped him off and the doctor that treated him was absolutely wonderful. they had to sedate him to treat an injury to his paw for a nail split and trim his nails. About 4 hours later I picked up my sleepy puppy brought him home and he's a happy puppy again. Have taken my second dog now, Been my Vets of choice for more than 13 years and have never had a problem. Always had a happy ending with my dogs. The staff is friendly, attentive to detail and the doctors are probably the best around the area. Highly recommend to take your baby there for any treatment necessary. Young's won't disappoint. G...

barb hoelscher

2 years ago

Thank you for the care, consideration, technical expertises, science and life-advancement and saving you bring to all critters!

Tina Mccauley

2 years ago

Youngs was an amazing place I went to the staff was awesome friendly and understanding would definitely tell my family and friends

Tim Brandt

2 years ago

Dr.hogan was excellent. She took her time explaining what was going on and our different options and was very honest and just told us her honest opinion and didn't rack up a big bill just to tell us quality of life was our only option. Thank you to young's animal hospital and would highly recommend this place

K Corter

2 years ago

Very caring team always there for our best friends! We were a working today and still not a long wait

Rob E

2 years ago

They took care of our cat today. They listened to our needs and understood our situation. Would recommend.

Reagan Reynolds

2 years ago

Our sweet pup Elsa has a lot of anxiety and health issues so after moving away from our regular veterinarian we had to make sure we were taking her to the right place. After doing extensive research we contacted Young’s and sent over her inch thick stack of records and 7 discs of imaging for Dr. Koffmans review. Dr. Koffman read all of it. She reviewed everything and was willing to take on the huge responsibility of being the veterinarian for our girl. When got to Young’s to meet with Dr. Koffman we were nervous, she may change her mind and not want to take on such a responsibility. We first talked with Adream one of the vet techs who loved on Elsa and made sure she had all of the Information for the medications and medical equipment that we needed. She was so good to us and our pup, that we were quickly put at ease. When Dr. Koffman came in Elsa surprisingly took to her VERY quickly! Dr. Koffman took her time getting to know us, Elsas daily/ weekly routine, her restrictions and gave us resources and what to do if ever an emergency. Thank you Dr. Koffman and Adream for taking so much time with Elsa and doing the extra work to get to know her. You exceeded our expectations. We’re finally at ease and love our new veterinarian and vet tech!

Maryellen Torres

2 years ago

Very quick to get an appointment, friendly. Staff is very informative and you can understand the issues with your pet. Love this place.

Steve Golden

2 years ago

Took my cat in for first time, for wellness check and vaccine. Even though I wasn't allowed to accompany him inside, the doctor called me from inside, and explained what was going on, and discussed (in great depth) certain concerns and possible treatments. Very professional feel, which is hard to really judge over the phone, but I will definitely be back.

Dr. Elaine Clifford

2 years ago

I've been taking my pets to Youngs for over 20 years! My pets always get the best care at Young's. I have taken my dogs, cats, and even my parakeet and they have all been treated well. The doctors and staff really care about my pets!

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