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Karen Kate Schaup

2 years ago

In the area for my job and dog got sick. They took her that same day and were very caring and wonderful. If I move this way they will be my dogs vet in a heartbeat.!

Michael Clayton

2 years ago

My service dog had been a client of the Garden Street Hospital for over three years. The other day I called them telling them I had an emergency as my Service Dog could not stand up. Fifteen minutes after calling telling them we were enroute with a major emergency we were in the parking lot asking for him to be seen. After much begging he was finally given a room after waiting in the parking lot for 30 minutes. Ten more minutes saw the Vet finally try to help my boy. After giving them the rent money to save him, he ended up passing away a few hours later. The Vet told me he just did not have enough time. Did he know how long my boy had to wait in the parking lot while others were being seen for day to day issues like checkups etc. I guess they do not triage for pets. Well we will wonder to our dying day, if our boy had received the level of care we feel he deserved if he could have been saved. I hope the Vet wonders this for his remaining days as well and can do better for the next puppy in serious trouble. If I had it to do all over again , I would use another VET, one who would be dependable during an emergency.

Michel Valeriote

2 years ago

We have been customers at your house for approximately 5 years, and it is at your place that we order Chloe's food during the 4 months of winter that drives us away from Canada. Chloe was treated at your home during the winter of 2019-2020 for an infection and we are very satisfied.

Rudy C. Ruecker

2 years ago

We have been with Dr Meyer for all 5 years and has taken care of our dogs very well. He and his crew has made us very pleased for our vet care. Was very exceptional during our time laying our dogs down. Thank you

Jenny Meistet

2 years ago

Great service for my pet

Judy Nabakowski

2 years ago

Dr. Myers and staff were compassionate with my sweet boy, Rock. He had super tracheobronchitis, and Dr Myers was straightforward with me about the seriousness of it. He had swollen lymph nodes all over his little body after 1st visit. When I called them, from out of town, with concerns, Beverley promptly, called me back and got my little boy in that very day. Thank you all, Dr. and Staff ????????

Karen Parsons

2 years ago

They were a real help to me and they treated Amber real nice and I appreciate all their help I will go back there again

James Barry

2 years ago

Excellent service, in and out in less then an hour.

craig horton

2 years ago

We have been 30 year customers, but as we all retire our ability to afford such things like Rx's become concerning. There are several discount online sources for pet RX"s that saved us 30% or more for the exact same thing sold by this vet. These outlets require a prescription which the Doctor provided for some time free of charge,, until now. He wants to charge $10 per Rx written, which must be picked up in person then mailed to the Rx outlets.. This makes obtaining our pets needs much more difficult! To our Families, this is just greed and we don't understand why he would run customers away completely by doing business like this. We are forced to find less expensive ways to live on fixed incomes, Vets are no different. Providing this minimal service helped us take the best care for our pets, but it seems to us, the dollar means more to this business now. Unfortunate.

Crystal Fuller

2 years ago

Love the vet and the staff. Very friendly and informative

Dani Bowers

2 years ago

They always take good care of my furbaby!

Touriya Siefkas

2 years ago

Dr Meyers is awesome he knows what he's doing ????the stuff is friendly

Dawn Weikel

2 years ago

Love Dr Meyerer...always so patient with my scared dog.


2 years ago

All staff that I intacted with on my visit where wonderful. This was my first time at this office. The office was extremely busy and they were running late but the excellent, friendly customer service that was given to me and my dog made up for it. Unfortunately I don't think the vet listened to anything I told him about my dog and his symptoms. I was prescribed medications for symptoms that I specifically told them he didn't have.

Lester McMillan

2 years ago

Been taking my animals to garden street for years no problems with me

Darlene Meade

2 years ago

They worked us in and treated us like family. I am so grateful and impressed. Dr. Meyerer and the staff are fantastic! I won't go anywhere else from now on! ????

ipo vogel

2 years ago

Unfortunately, after initially rating this vet 5 stars and using this vet myself for nearly 4 years and my family using this vet for decades, I will be editing my rating to 3 star. Due to having many dogs on expensive medications, and just for the convenience and comfort for me, I have been ordering my pet meds online. It is faster, easier, and more affordable. However this time when I attempted to order, my order was refused. So, I called up and asked about it. I had just gotten their vet work done, and they should have been good to go. They informed me they are refusing to approve online orders now, and if I want to order I need to come in and pay $10 per prescription per pet and mail it out. This inconvenience is not appreciated and doesn't treat me like the very loyal customer I have been.

Judy Ellenbrook

2 years ago

Very nice people and very efficient

Rik Miles

2 years ago

UPDATED REVIEW. I returned back to this vet for the second time after receiving a numb reply to my first review from the doctor saying ,” the reason for your bad experience was because you had an Intern. So in other words I paid full price $200.00 for putting my 2 dogs life in someone’s hands that is learning and has the nerve to reply Have A Marvelous Day. My second visit was still a 1 Star ????review. I called ahead for a prescription and proceeded to go there to pick it up. When I received what was supposed to be the identical prescription as the prior visit was done incorrectly for the 2nd time. The dosage was now cut in half for no known reason. I refused to dispute this because why on earth would I go back here for more abuse. On a second note your employee as stated previously “need training”. I caught the doctors assistant rolling her eyes at a customer in the waiting room. This is beyond unprofessional and I cannot tolerate this kind of behavior. EMPLOYEES TAKE A LOOK AROUND BEFORE YOU DO THAT OR JUST DON’T DO THAT! Two words NEW DOCTOR/Veterinarian working there according to the staff and I say, “he needs to go away”. I brought my 2 dogs in for my very first visit and was the worst experience ever. I saw all of these wonderful reviews and being new to the area I tried them out. The new veterinarian who I thought and still might be a assistant to the Veterinarian is unresponsive, cannot follow direction, bedside manner towards the animal is nonexistent. The most ridiculous part is that there was noticeable tension between him and the staff. I also might add that he forgot my prescription that I specified I needed and to top it off he filled it for the wrong dog. I brought each dog into the office so there was no confusion but, it didn’t help because he still looked confused. After I specifically asked him to check the dogs mouth on this complete exam I received no comment at all on the entire exam. Summing it up, Vet does not listen or is hard of hearing Does not follow through or is very forgetful Waste of time and money Bad tension between him and the staff.

Alma Tubens

2 years ago

Great facility and great doctor

Don Worland

2 years ago

Staff was knowledgeable and friendly. Was able to diagnose pet's problem and get him back up to health.


2 years ago

Dr. Myers and his staff hands down are awesome! My pets have been with him since 2005. He and his staff are professional,knowledgeable, respectful and kind. My pets are in good hands.

Marcus Christiansen

2 years ago

Great experience they take great care of my dog.

Myra L. Boone

2 years ago

This vets office is amazing.

Jeff Vallejo

2 years ago

Always a good experience even if it's not the outcome you want. Great staff!

Marisa Rivera

2 years ago

Dr. Meyers and his staff were very good to sweet dog. He recently passed away and they took very good care of him.

Jessica Bacon

2 years ago

Always great with my dogs

Jessica Parker

2 years ago

Staff was incredibly friendly and caring. I recently moved to this area and finding my handicap senior dog a new vet seemed stressful but I am very happy I found this place. They welcomed her with open arms, went out of their way to comfort her and I could not be happier!


2 years ago

I give this business the covid exemption because I made an appointment a week early and still ended up waiting 45 minutes to be seen after my scheduled time. There was way too many people and not enough staff which lead to the place being managed like a zoo. Now the service and care received was still quaint, gentle, and thorough. The dog was calm the whole time and the staff was very friendly. Not too expensive either considering I didn't have insurance (first time pet owner). Hopefully I can update the review score upon next visit.

Erica Fields

2 years ago

For months Dr Meyerer tried to help us treat my cat’s condition and was very clear about medications and what we can do to make him feel better. The vet techs are always so sweet and kind, and helpful. One even told us that his color is blue cream, not grey. Now I will remember my boy as a blue cream kitty. ❤️ Dr Meyerer was straightforward with us from the beginning about his condition. In the end, after his condition worsened drastically, he told us we needed to be realistic about his quality of life and it was honestly the guidance we needed to make the right decision. We put our beloved boy down last Saturday. It was the most difficult decision I have ever made but the entire staff has been so kind and accommodating. I picked up his remains today and it was the most beautiful memorial I could have hoped for. Yes, they are busy, but that just shows you how wonderful they are and how many people trust them with their babies. Thank you guys for everything you have done for me and my family. We appreciate you. I absolutely recommend this facility to anyone. They truly care about their animals and go above and beyond. Reasonable pricing and friendly staff that recognizes pets when they walk in the door.

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