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Gina Harvey

2 years ago

Such caring and wonderful people that I dealt with here at TNC Animal Clinic.

Gina Romero

2 years ago

Great service and attention for my dog.

Melody Diaz

2 years ago

Friendly staff. Vet was willing to accommodate for my cat at the last minute and at closing time which I'm very thankful for. Helpful, informative, and reasonable prices.

Justin Loofbourrow

3 years ago

The doctor has a terrible bedside Manner and I didn't even get to see him examine my animal I do not recommend this place

Sulie Xoxo (Photography)

3 years ago

Very is amazing with my dog, very kind!!!

Rebekah Nobles

3 years ago

I bring my dog, sashia here and they are amazing! My dog loves them and they treat me dog so well! The doctor is always making jokes and making us laugh while giving great care to my fur baby.

Rafael A. Milanes, Jr.

3 years ago

Have been a patient of this vetenerian for years. Always friendly, enthusiastic personnel.

Mike X

3 years ago

This is a very nice clinic peaceful and serene. I love the prices and the people. I drive here from Temple Terrace because the vets in my neighborhood are all about profit.

Maritza De Hoyos

3 years ago

Good Doctor very nice..and good staff.. Very clean and professional... I'm happy and my baby's too..????

Alexander Steeves

3 years ago

My girlfriend and I noticed my fur baby getting sick and getting worse rapidly and they were able to provide a same day appointment and were very professional and very gentle with the little sick baby, they asked a plethora of questions and showed a genuine care, first time seeing a vet since we moved and I will not go anywhere else, they wanted to see him again in 5 days to check on him and make sure his condition improved, they were very reasonable on cost and overall relieved me of a lot of anxiety by being thorough with explanation. Thank you so much!

Abigail Quinnan

3 years ago

As a disclaimer, I completely understand that COVID is affecting businesses in many ways, but this has nothing to do with the curbside service I received... no matter how poorly it was executed. My cat and I just moved to Tampa. We were looking for a vet and Town N’ Country Animal Clinic seemed like a great option considering how close it was to our home and the google reviews seemed good. But my experience was HORRIBLE. I only gave them two stars because my cat at LEAST got his vaccines and his feces tested (apparently). We arrived 5 minutes before our scheduled appointment which was at 11:30. They did not see my cat until almost 12:00 (which is understandable due to them being Behind, I had no problem with this). When they took my cat, I explained he had an eye issue and the drops he has been on for the last year had not helped, in fact they made it worse. I expressed I have a strong desire to get his eye removed due to the level of discomfort he feels and I do not want to have to give him steroids everyday. They took him in to get checked and it took LESS than five minutes. He was in there for approx 3.5 minutes. In that time they apparently, gave him 2 vaccinations, did a “comprehensive” exam, tested his feces, and completed an eye exam. I was not there to witness this due to COVID, but I am sure my cat was not treated as he should have been considering they poked and prodded him that many times in just 3.5 minutes. When the doctor came back to speak to me, he was visibly rushing. He told me he would put my cat on a NEW medication in ointment form rather than drops. I had many more questions but he was clearly rushing. Then the nurses came out to deliver the “new medication” which was the EXACT SAME medication my cat had been on for the last year in DROP form. The doctor had ALREADY LEFT. So the nurses had to call him and ask what to do. He proposed maybe my drops had been expired... no they were not. I got them from a pharmacy for HALF the price they were charging me. Then they called him AGAIN. He proposed the ointment version of the SAME medication. The medication which has made my cats eye worse. This was insane to me because he had told me previously he is giving me a NEW medication and just LEFT TO GO HOME. I also asked the nurse how much my cat weighed and she did not tell me. She told me she can tell me what he weighs next week when I return for his follow up (which I cancelled due to the incompetence). I have a feeling they did not even weigh him due to how quick his evaluation went. I refused the medication, got a refund, and ended up paying 80 dollars for 3.5 minutes worth of services. Their website also advertises that they perform surgeries. Well I asked if my cat needed his eye removed, could they complete the surgery? Apparently they do not do this basic surgery. My vet back home quoted this surgery at 300 dollars and was going to do it himself, whereas they were going to send me to a specialist who charges MUCH MORE. Don’t advertise surgeries on your website if you don’t do them! Overall, this was a horrible experience and I am never going back. I feel terribly for my cat, he has been nervous and skiddish ever since we got home. My best advice is to do thorough research before giving over your pets, who are family, to people who clearly don’t care for their well being.

Melissa Stevens

4 years ago

***USING THIS VET IS A RISK!! PLEASE READ! ERRATIC AND VIOLENT BEHAVIOR DEMOSTRATED*** I brought my sister to this vet for a follow up visit after he had been in a suspected trauma and had been seen by Blue Pearl the day before. Blue Pearl is a great, but a little pricey so we were hoping that this vet would be able to finish the work that Blue Pearl had started. When the Veterinarian came into the room (which was very outdated and looked like someone had been smoking inside of it for 30 years) he introduced himself to myself and my sister and HIT the side of the cat carrier and said 'What's wrong cat?' This was a bit disturbing to both of us but we continued the exam, explaining what was known and giving a history. During this time the cat (who was unable to hold himself up, had not eaten or drank anything in 2 days and was in obvious pain), was in the carrier. When the vet decided it was time for the exam he opened the door of the cat carrier and LIFTED IT UPSIDE DOWN, SHAKING THE CARRIER TO GET THE CAT OUT. This is not even my cat and I was sent into immediate panic mode. This is not usual behavior for anyone, especially a vet who is supposedly there to HELP not HARM animals. After intervening once and asking the vet to stop trying to shake the cat our of the carrier, he continued to do just that. He got the cat out and began the exam by saying that the cat 'probably has leukemia and that will be very bad news'. I could not take it anymore and even though this was not my cat I told my sister to put the cat back in the carrier and the vet that we would pay the exam fee but he would not be doing any further work on this animal. He seemed very confused as to why we were upset even when he was blatantly mishandling this very SICK animal with no regard to it OR my sister. He told us that we didn't have to pay and we got out of there ASAP! It was a very surreal experience. I have never had a vet act in this way and I am worried what this man does to the animals when no one is looking... I see that this man likes to respond to negative posts and does seems to have a pretty good review record (which is suspicious) but I urge you -- DO NOT USE THIS VET!! We ended up going to Blue Pearl and they were able to help my sister's kitty get better and were also able to extend some 'compassionate care' to ease the financial burden. I'm not sure what this guy's deal is - whether he is on drugs (he was sniffing constantly) or is just in the early stages of dementia or if he just is an awful person but either way he should NOT be practicing Veterinary Medicine! I will be reporting this man to the state for further investigation. Please, check with Blue Pearl for an emergency even if finances are an issue and for regular vet care I have had very good luck with my animals at the Pet Clinic at the Humane Society of Pinellas.


4 years ago

A couple months back I brought in my dog which was very old (16) and was seizing. we knew it was time so we rushed her to the clinic to put her out of her misery cause she was getting really hot and would not stop seizing. They did not have a veterinarian their that could help which is a problem. The bigger problem is that we were told he was on his way and he was 10 minutes away in carolwood (its 7:00AM rush hour traffic). 5 minutes goes by and we are told that not only is he NOT on his was but we have to go to him in carrolwood. Then the clinic was NOT 10 minutes away, it was 25 and I had to take a toll road. Then I get to the address and they had given me the wrong address so I ended up at some strangers house. All while my dog is still seizing. I went to another near by clinic and was taken care of immediately. If you HATE animals then this may be the perfect clinic for you.

Steve B

4 years ago

Dr. Kim and his staff are so friendly and really listen to your concerns. No extra and unnecessary tests were forced on us like at some other vets and pricing is much better than other places I've taken my dogs. I'll be back and will make this my new vet.

Amanda Cermeno

5 years ago

Will Never bring my animals here ever again.

Lianet Rodriguez

5 years ago

The doctor very professional he make a surgery of my love dog ???? And she is great the staff very nice too also when I’m of town I leave her there and I pick up in perfect shape happy so I love these doctor thanks for be good whith. My baby Kira


6 years ago

My Lou Lou was a rescue from the Humane Society and has had many medical issues stemming from her previous owners neglect. Dr. Kim has been very diligent in making sure Lou Lou became healthy. It took over a year to rid her of an extreme hookworm infection. She has gained 9 lbs and is now parasite free. Dr.Kim and his staff truly care about the well being of their furry patients.

Diana Blamey

6 years ago

Do not bring your pet here, rundown clinic that only cares about charging money.

Maritza Rojas

6 years ago

DO NOT COME HERE.. DR KIM IS NOT A KNOWLEDGEABLE DOCTOR! I recently took my NEW yorkie puppy (his name is "Baby") to see Dr. Kim due to severe seizures all morning. Dr Kim could not recommend a treatment or try to determine the cause or reason why my puppy was having seizures. Dr. Kim acted like he really didn't want to be bothered with my new puppy, and performed unnecessary tests that had nothing to do with diagnosing seizures just to charge me $109.00. At the end, Dr. Kim had no diagnosis or no explanation, and no treatment plan, but did advice me "not worry, go home and keep close eye on puppy" and "bring back if more seizures occur." Really? WHY would I want to bring puppy back to an ignorant vet? I received $109 vet bill, which I paid. I went home in tears. That night, Puppy had 3 more very severe seizures that lasted several minutes each... it was quite heart breaking to see "Baby" suffer and hurt like that... so it was a very hard night... full of tears and despair. The next morning, I took puppy to Kindness Animal Hospital on Nebraska Avenue, (highly recommended by a friend) whom immediately diagnosed my puppy with low glucose. They prescribed Supplical Vitamin Supplement and let him lick little honey from my finger if he didn't like the taste of Supplical. This took effect immediately; puppy's appetite improved and he began to eat more frequently... WOW! What a difference! Kindness Animal Hospital saved my little puppy's life! Puppy is now 6 months old and never had a seizure again! Their full exam and consultation fee was $35 plus $20 for Supplical Vitamins (which I've seen on Supplical on Amazon for $30). Kindness Animal Hospital is NOT about money, but about real concern and love for their furry patients. My advice: DO NOT GO TO DR KIM... HE IS AN UNLOVING, MONEY-HUNGRY IGNORANT DOCTOR! Seizures can kill your pet if not immediately diagnosed, and given proper medication.

Rosalinda Taylor

6 years ago

I like that animals clinic . The doctor is Asian his nice.and the assistant . And I don't have to wait longtime.

Sham Pooo

6 years ago

Dr Hay is the best surgeon by far! Def recommend!!!!

Robin Lordboisson

7 years ago

We have been coming to TnC Animal Clinic for a couple years now and are very happy with Dr. Kim and his staff. One of our cats is a very challenging kitty to deal with, and they remain calm and compassionate during her annual visits. We highly recommend them, as they are one of the few vets in this area more concerned with pet care and not commercial sales. We hope they stay in our neighborhood for a very long time!

Ann Burket

7 years ago

DR. Kim is a very good doctor my chico, morning starr and new member of the family Pepe are very happy with him i wouldn't trust my babies to just anybody, and prices are pretty good.they love coming here i think it's because the treats he gives them. thank you Ann Burket

Sheila Schultz

7 years ago

Vet is always friendly and caring. No matter when I call he always find time for my dog. Keeps great records so I don't have to keep repeating the same answers. It is great that a vet can remember the pets he cares for when they come in because I think it helps with their care.

Stephanie Martucci

7 years ago

While vacationing in Tampa, Fl our dog got gravely ill. We called Town N Country Vet. Could not have had a better experience with sending our dog to Heaven . Dr Kim showed kindness and compassion in the time of need . Excellent caring Vet.

Tracy Langford

7 years ago

I have been taking my dog to Banfield Pet Hospital up until recently when I decided to stop paying for a plan that was pretty expensive. Called them up yesterday to take my pup in because he has been vomiting/diarrhea for the last 3 days and all they said was I can come in for a walk-in at 2. After becoming frustrated with that I figured I would try a brand new vet with a good review and affordable prices. I found Town N Country Animal Clinic and thought I'd give it a try. I immediately got an appointment on New Years Eve! When I arrived, I didn't even have a chance to sit down in the office because they took me and Max back immediately to the examination room. The vet tech was super friendly and sweet! The doctor came in shortly after and examined Max. I was in and out within an hour! Also, the doc walked me through symptoms and possibilities and let me know that my dog could either had Gastrointestinal Upset, or it could be something more severe. He continued to say that we should to take the less expensive route first and see if the antibiotics and stomache meds pan out. Thus, showing they are conscerned with making it affordable for their customers. This has been the most pleasant vet experience I have ever had, and I've been a pet owner for almost 10 years now.

Natasha Szmidt

8 years ago

Staff was friendly and courteous.

Amy Guzman

8 years ago

Amazing staff! Great doctor! Took amazing care of my 70 lb dog.

Ariel-Arts/ His-Sonshine

8 years ago

Over 30 years we have been seeing Dr. Kim with 5 dogs and 2 cats .... ! and he has never aged amazingly! We find that Dr. Kim is very accurate and precise in surgery of our tiny toy poodles! One poodle lived for a wonderful 21 years! We find his office very sweet and memorable with wonderful staff always fitting us in! Thank you for keeping our "children" so safe and healthy! and thank you for your professionalism and meticulous and exacting ways ... because Dr. Kim has picked up on many things we would not have realized. God bless all you do always! Sincerely, the Morris family - my husband William, daughter Merry, and our other children, Panda, Percy, Shela, Fanci Faire, TuTu, Mr. Green, and beloved Gretta!

Jason Roark

8 years ago

Great service. Dr. Kim truly places all pets first in his practice.

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