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Reviews: Safari Animal Clinic and LASER Center (Tampa)

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Heather Dunham

2 years ago

It might be a 5 star, but I didn't see the back where the patients are caged. Kristine and the doctor were extremely helpful. I had to just drop him off and they took over. They called me several times to keep me updated. I'll definitely be back! ????

Kerine Lanza

2 years ago

I am so grateful to Safari Animal Clinic. I had been at another facility for over 15 years and they were unable to schedule my ill cat in his time of need. Safari was able to fit him in right away. They were upfront and honest about what to expect for services and fees. They were friendly and genuine. Time was taken to listen & understand our position, to thoughtfully communicate, and assist through the decision making process. My cat & I were treated with dignity and compassion. Staff were attentive and took the time to call and follow up on his well being and accommodate his growing needs during his end stage. They were incredibly supportive. I wish my cat had been at Safari from the start. I will definitely return here when I am ready for a new pet.

Teresa G

3 years ago

I searched for a vet who could treat my cats ceruminous ear cysts and am so glad I found Dr. Nelmapius! He and his staff are amazing. Warm, welcoming, caring and professional! We and Christos can’t thank you enough!

Tommy Trocciola

3 years ago

This is the most professional, skilled and caring vet in the Tampa area. From the communication to the surgery to the after care. This is a top notch facility!

Emily Y

3 years ago

We love Safari Animal Clinic! They always take such great care of our senior kiddies. Our kiddies go annually, but also for rare one-off issues. They are so gentle and kind with our senior kiddies. They follow up to make sure everyone feels well after annual shots, and they remember our preferences for flea medicine (2 cats need one type, 2 a different type). We give them 8 dewclaws and 4 human thumbs up!

Bonnie Bennett-Ramos

3 years ago

This vet office is the best!! They care immensely about the animals and the fur parents. I will recommend them to everyone I know. Super professional and always go above and beyond.

Richard McLaughlin

3 years ago

{Post began in 2017} I've had two of my dogs for about two years (picked from The Humane Society) and Safari is the only place that I've taken them for care. My dogs are excited when we arrive and it's funny that they run to the scale to be weighed as soon as we get there. I leave my pups with the clinic when I have to travel because I know the dogs feel that they are just in their second home. Wonderful staff that really care about their jobs and my family. Would not recommend anyone else. {continued in 2020} Life happened and my little family moved to Orlando area. We found a highly recommended vet, but they always see to find something so every visit costs $200 or more. My wife asked if I would go back to Safari. So, we are planning on making a 90 minute drive to Tampa to see the best Vet in Florida.

michael coleman

3 years ago

I brought my 18 year old cat in because he was losing weight and not eating well and Dr. Nelmapius found a range of ailments including thyroid problem and tooth infections. He was extremely thorough and patient in explaining the problems and treatments and was more than willing to listen and answer all of our questions (of which there were many). They treated our cat with laser therapy which did wonders for his pain and he is making an amazingly quick recovery. All the staff clearly love animals and are exceptionally friendly and helpful. When we tried to get in with our regular vet the wait was more than a week. Safari got us in within a few hours, which is what you need when your pet is sick. Their prices are very reasonable and needless to say Safari is now our full time vet. This place is awesome.

Lynn McKinney

3 years ago

ALL OF THE ABOVE Somewhere around 1990-91 I got a pug to keep myself & my quadriplegic husband minds off medical problems. Safari Animal Clinic was close to home & I tried them and loved them. For over 25 years and 3 dogs, I relied on them to be my go to l. Their service to me and my dogs was exceptional, above & beyond being a veterinarian service they were more like family. The Veterinarian is highly skilled and the staff always knowledgeable about the animals under their care. Would never use any other clinic for my pets.

Joe Z

3 years ago

Great veterinarian. Friendly service. Highly recommend for your pets

Christopher Mejia

3 years ago

Great vet office! The doc is very knowledgeable and the staff is extremely friendly.

Carl Yederlinic

3 years ago

Friendly, attentive staff who genuinely care about the well being of your cherished animal companions.

southern styles

4 years ago

I find a baby kitten on the street that I wanna help but this place doesn’t care an doesn’t take animals that are strays on the street. I’m sure they feel same way about people on the street like they not good enough to get medical help even if they have cash to pay. That’s ok me an my kitten that I found on my job site will find someone that cares. Thanks anyway.. very poor attitude for someone that’s supposed to care about animals... Update to the owners comment. I waited for hours the day I called cause the vet wasn’t in until after lunch. Never got a call back so idk where you get that I turned down services. Now your true colors show sayings things that never happened. I’m now glad I didn’t pay this place to help this homeless an possibly abused kitten that I was trying to get help for. The First Lady I talked to was very nice an sounded like she was happy that I was trying to help a kitten I found on the street. The lady I talked to the next day couldn’t of been the same person. She was unsympathetic about the stray an wanted nothing to do with it. All I wanted was to be able to get her checked out. But when I called back the next morning the person that answered the phone whoever she was said y’all don’t accept stray animals cats or that’s how all that went. So idk how you get me turning down a appointment cause I never said that. I work nights so I asked if when y’all have a opening for it to be early in the morning as possible. But it’s all good I did find a vet that doesn’t care about strays or not. Thank you for your time. But for those looking for a vet someone in this office is a good person others are not.

Hunter Black

5 years ago

Great vet. They take the time to talk with you and they genuinely care about you and your pet.

Melissa Ramirez

6 years ago

Would never suggest going to this vet. I will never go back to this vet. This vet is unnecessarily rough with your pet. I have taken 2 dogs and one rabbit to them in the past 2 months and was not happy with the treatment of any of my pets, especially my rabbit. When we go there we feel like were walking into a Midas or a Firestone. You drop your car off for an oil change and when you come back they try telling you, you need the entire undercarriage of your car replaced. Dropped my dogs for the doggy spa day and wellness check up and came back and they tried telling me I should get my dogs teeth brushed and after telling them no on both of them they continued to insist. When I took my rabbit they tried forcing me into bring stool samples from my other rabbit, when I went back to pick him up the first words to me were "Where's the other bunnies samples" even after I told them no multiple times on the phone. This vet is overly pushy, and cannot take a simple "no thank you" for an answer.

Carmen Barnes

6 years ago

They take wonderful care of our 3 dogs. Would not consider going anywhere else.

Albert Nelmapius DVM

6 years ago

Dear Melissa, All our physical examinations include a dental exam. It would be grossly negligent and incompetent not to tell the owners about the results and what to do about it. We felt that your sick bunny would benefit from a probiotic bacterial transplant from a fecal sample from your healthy bunny, to increase the chances of a quick recovery. There was no additional cost. This was offered purely as a favor to you. There was no forcing involved. I fail to see how any of this can be considered as bad for the patient or bad for the owner. Sincerely, Albert H Nelmapius DVM

Nicholas Byle

9 years ago

This veterinary practice isn't for everyone. If you know your pets depend on you for everything and you want to give them the best care you can, then this is the practice for you. They will care for your pet like it's their own. Dr. Nelmapius is very thorough, and you have to be prepared to hear his thorough advice. That isn't always easy, but I doubt it should be. Christina, Marisa, and Liz are incredibly nice and caring. They are also very accommodating. The thorough service also does not necessarily equal expensive. When I first switched to Safari I actually did the math. For the annual visit, I received twice the quality and quantity of service for almost half the price when compared to my previous vet. Of course, doing little to nothing is always financially cheaper, but that is emotionally and psychologically much more expensive. If that is not true for you, then this practice, again, may not be for you.

Gene Smith

9 years ago

Very dissatisfied with this clinic. They tried to sell me useless products, no matter how many times I refused. They were very rough with my dog to the point where he was just in shock, and so was I. Not only am I never coming back, but I warn anyone who is contemplating using Safari as their vet.

Lisa Celina Møller

10 years ago

My dog has problem with he's joints and he's gotten furunkulose, Ive been so sad about it all. He has been in and out of vet's and hospital since January. And many people tells me that theres nothing that can be done, and that when my dog is so young there is a bad view for he's future, Because he got illnesses so early, And that the best thing would be to put him down to let him free from pain. This is the best Friend ive ever had in my whole life. I dont even live in this country, But desperatly i searched on the internet for hope, Because i refuse to give up. I refuse to sit down and dont do anything, So i searched for spesialists/animal clinics and i contacted Safari Animal Clinic. it did not take more then a hour for Albert to answer me on my mail, I describes the situation, He explained to me really detailed about it all, Gave me alot of important information, And alots of advices to what i could do about this. I like that it gets speaked right out about things, So i know that ''this is it - and this can we do about it '' I felt that i was taken serious, And that he really cared for me and Fredrik, I got alot of answers on what i was wondering about. I learned so much, That made my day feel alot safer, He also put in alot of hope, where alot of other people told me its hopeless. I like hes tought about thinking long term, Using as little as possible of meds to keep the inside of the dog healthy. i got answers on the mail right away, detailed, informative, and very helping This is a clinic which is really serious about animals health,, wellness, and safety. I also like what theyre saying about dont using medication to hide symptoms, but putting a grip on the symptoms and fix em. If you want to be well taken care of, If you need someone to tell you the truth, like it is, so something can be done, If you want to talk to someone who really does use their whole energy on helping you and your pet, And really care about what they do, This is the place i would go. Ive gotten more answers from here then ive ever gotten anywhere else. Many places you can experience that they dont listen to you, and you feel that you dont come anywhere with your worries, But this is not like that, This is a safe place, filled with ALOT of hope for you and your best Friend. If you go here, youre in the best, proffecional hands you could be.

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