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Ks Parker

3 years ago

Everything that we ordered was exceptional.

brittney gagnon

3 years ago

My dog had to be euthanized last Monday morning at the Vet Hospital in Winter Haven. I had my BooRoo back the very next Monday about 5pm. So prompt! I was anxious to have him back. The box is so beautifully put together and I can feel the love and care that went into it. When I saw the nose print, my heart melted. When I was told what came in the box at the vet, i forgot they mentioned the nose print being included. That meant so much just because I used to “boop” his little nose all the time. My experience with this was wonderful. Thank you so much for giving my BooRoo a final end to his journey and bringing him back home to me. I feel closure.

Harold M (Morningstar98)

4 years ago

dont bother trying to get a job here randy at the tampa location will call you in for an interview and be like yea i think you will be great for this job ill call you back tomorrow with my decision and doesnt call back. dont waste your time with this man he clearly doesnt value employees or his job

Mel Forsee

4 years ago

We have used this service twice with Lap of Love home vet care and were very pleased with the quick return of Leeroy 2 years ago & Abby 2 weeks ago. Thank you all so much for what you do as I will remember you when i get another pup. Abby is home and her journey is complete. ????????????

Mark Webber

4 years ago

I just want to say that I was sooooooo pleased with everyone at this center!!! The center was nice and clean and they made me feel very comfortable. I knew that my Maggie was in good hands :') They also made sure to explain and walk me through the whole cremation process so that I knew that I was getting MY Maggie back and no other pet. Thank you to everyone at this center during this difficult time!!

Lore Bell

4 years ago

-100 Stars!!! I am BEYOND heartsick! After 14 years my Little Annie, my Maltese, had to be put to sleep on Monday. She’s been my little love and best friend. I live alone , she was the world to me and I to her. I had to put her mate …

Charlotte Vyverberg

4 years ago

Friend had terrible experience with this business. No one contacted her to let her know the remains of her pet were ready. No kindness or sympathy expressed. She received a receipt that stated "Thank you for your ORDER" Really?!?

Autumn Stokes

5 years ago

I cannot express enough how much we appreciate the hard work of The Pet Loss Center-Tampa location. Our veterinary hospital uses them for crematory services and they offer top notch service to our veterinary facility which enables us to …

Ginnyy Blakee

5 years ago

Compassionate , caring, loving. I wouldn't trust my babies anywhere else!????????????

Glock 48

5 years ago

This is probably the hardest review to do I lost my baby girl 2/26/2017 and I will probably never get over the pain. But thanks to Petloss they came and picked her up and dropped her back home with me. Helped me through one of the hardest times in my life!!!! They took great care of her and I thank you for that! The letter they give you is so beyond beautiful but yet makes you cry but in a comforting way. One thing I only have to say is she wasn't just a chapter in my life she was so much more and my everything. The love between a human being and any animal especially mine is such a beautiful, unconditional love that no one can understand unless they have experienced it themselves. It took me so long to write this but I wanted people to know they actually care here. Great place for beloved angels. S+S= 4 ever. One sweet day I will hold you in my arms where you belong.

Jules T

5 years ago

I had the heartbreak of my life when returning home from work one day to find my beloved 6-year-old German Shepherd —forever my first child— lost his battle to leukemia. Worse is that I had no idea how to get him up to the vet for transfer for cremation; I’m a single parent with a young daughter, and moving my large beloved dog’s body into a tiny car with a baby in tow was impossible for me. I was both overwhelmed by the grief of losing my pup and not knowing what to do. However, my vet, Westchase Veterinary Center, had me placed in touch with Stephanie from The Pet Loss Center within moments, and although I couldn’t speak more than a few words without breaking down, Stephanie gently walked me through the process and scheduled her team to pick up my dog for me. She was the most gentle and caring soul to speak with, and her compassion and understanding was a blessing to have at such a critical moment. Her team of drivers following up to let me know the anticipated time frame of arrival, and I was safely able to start my furry baby’s next journey and make my house safe and clean for my daughter by the time she woke up from her nap. The team were absolute professionals when they arrived and so remarkably respectful, even patiently waiting to let me say my final goodbye. The services provided were beautiful; although I immediately started crying the second I saw his urn, it was wrapped beautifully in a purple bag with his clay paw print, a pin, and booklets inside to assist me during the grieving process. There are no words for the amount of grief that accompanies losing your beloved pet, but there are people like those at The Pet Loss Center who make the process as seamless as possible to allow you time to grieve while not adding any more stress by worrying about the logistics. I was at a complete loss not knowing what to do with my pup, and they were an absolute saving grace to me at a time in much need. And when other pet owners are faced with these most difficult times— this is truly the team you need to have on your side.


5 years ago

CHECK TO MAKE SURE YOUR NUMBERS MATCH ON YOUR BELOVED PET! I just checked mine and was horrified to discover that the remains that were returned to me are not my animal. I want answers from someone. I trusted that this reputable organization would take good care of my animal when I called lap of love. I paid for a private cremation to ensure of this. Now my beloved animal is lost and whoever’s animal I ended up with is missing theirs too. I want my pet located and whoever’s pet I have contacted. Update: I have been in touch with Rodney who explained the situation. Apparently during the cremation process the tags that are supposed to be with the animal sometimes get stuck when they retrieve the remains. I was told that my cats tag was mixed up with a dogs tag during this process. That in this case the other animals remains were retrieved with 2 tags. This is a plausible situation. However, this was VERY negligent on their behalf. This was a simple error that could have been easily avoided had someone taken a few extra seconds to ensure that my cats tag went with her. I cannot help but wonder if they are willing to cut corners on something like this what else actually goes on there? I was told that the animals have a paper that stays throughout the process to ensure proper identification so the tags were obsolete. As a customer, I was assured by lap of love that I would be able to positively identify it was my cat by the number on the tag as is it supposed to match with the number given. This issue had been rectified on an administrative level. I was refunded in full for the private cremation I originally paid for. Unfortunately I am permanently scarred by this situation as I will never truly know if the remains I have actually belong to my cat. There will always be doubt in the back of my mind and I am truly heartbroken. I loved my cat more than any other animal I have ever known. There was no amount of money I was not willing to pay to make sure I got my baby back home safe. I am truly hurt and will never be the same after this.

Lorry M. Lewis

5 years ago

My beloved Benji passed away on February 15th, 2018 at 1:22pm. He was just 2 weeks shy of 16 years old. I believe this little being was my soul mate as he brought so much joy and love into my life. Dr. Jade from Lap of Love came to my home to assist with Benji's very dignified passing. When I picked up Benji's remains last Friday, I was absolutely blown away by how much thought, care, respect and taste the Pet Loss Center of Tampa put into wrapping Benji's ashes. I actually made a picture of it and sent it to those who also loved Benji and the reactions were all overwhelmingly positive and emotional. Unbelievable. I highly recommend this amazing business to anyone who has lost their beloved pet.

Lut Goudeseune

5 years ago

I contacted Rodney Ridge November 27 2018 with a special request. I live in Gainesville FL. Our Oriental cat passed away 3 weeks ago. We had a cremation scheduled in Gainesville. The people in Gainesville where so rude that we decided to …

purple sunflower

5 years ago

Lost my baby about 2 years ago.surw miss her . And I wish I knew about this place than . God bless you all.

Brittney Rose

6 years ago

I can’t express enough how compassionate The Pet Loss Center is with handling one of the most, if not the most, difficult things humans experience. After losing my beloved Sabrina, I was scared and unsure of how to handle her remains. The Pet Loss Center works seamlessly to ensure your pet is handled with care and dignity! I couldn’t recommend them more for support and care during such a trying time! Thank you TPLC!!! Their rep Kelly is more than amazing! She is one in a billion! Literally a lifesaver. She truly cares about her customers and their pets! They are lucky to have someone like her to represent them! She’s a shining star!

Ashley Robinson

7 years ago

I work at ASAP Animal Clinic and we recently just switched over to The Pet Loss Center. We are so impressed with the amount of respect and dignity shown towards all the animals. One of our first clients that used The Pet Loss Center came back to us with an amazing experience. He was treated with so much respect and shown so much love for his little girl Nikki. All of the staff has been super understanding and very helpful as we transition as well.

Vicki Mansavage

7 years ago

We lost our dog, companion and friend a month ago due to cancer. Letting Beauregard go was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do and the loss my husband and I felt was tremendous. With Beau being such a large part of our lives we wanted to save his ashes but were unsure how to accomplish this. John from The Pet Loss Center explained the entire process for us and handled it personally. He contacted our vet for us to let them know he would be picking Beau up and handling his cremation. About a week after Beau's death, John personally delivered his ashes in a beautiful keepsake box along with a print of his paw and a lock of his hair. Once the grief had settled we reached out to John and asked about a permanent urn. Again he explained our options in a professional but compassionate manner and we now have a beautiful piece to hold our beautiful dog and all the good memories we have of him. To lose a dog is a heartbreaking experience so I personally wanted to thank The Pet Loss Center and to especially thank John for making such a difficult thing a little easier. Vicki Mansavage

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