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Flynn Ridley

2 years ago

Although, there isn’t any contact directly due to COVID the staff was amazing!! Meeko was excited immediately! Huge KUDO’s to Dr. Flex for her friendliness (via phone) and her expertise on pups in general. So glad I came :)

Shelby Kebel

2 years ago

I cannot thank Northwood and Dr. Baumgartner as well as all staff enough. I had to rush my six year old cat in late Sunday night after he became extremely lethargic, and they did everything they could to help him, including calling a …

Hunter Rentz

2 years ago

Dr. Baumgartner is an exceptional veterinarian and person. He treated my dog Sadie and I with the utmost kindness. Unfortunately Sadie crossed the rainbow bridge 2 nights ago after Dr. Baumgartner discovered that she had a large mass on her spleen that was causing her pain. She was my best friend, and Dr. Baumgartner could tell how much she meant to me. I couldn’t be more thankful for the compassion that he and his tech showed during those difficult moments. Life will never be the same without her, but I have no doubts that I took her to the right place when it was her time to go.

Kurt Gray

2 years ago

I was very happy with this company before the pandemic. Even though the rest of the world has opened back up (at least with a mask) they have maintained a “wait in your car” policy and sitting in the car for the half hour or more waiting. This is wasteful or hot. If they are going to continue this policy they should build a parking area with shade. Secondly, it has been impossible to schedule a visit without using the “urgent care” charge of $80 plus the cost of the visit. This is more than it costs to use the people urgent care. I hope things can change. I was very satisfied before, but now I’m contemplating looking for a new vet.

Kalie Burke

2 years ago

Everything was fantastic and I can't thank everyone enough. The staff and doctors took excellent care of our dog for the two days he was hospitalized and kept us in the loop with updates on him. Their care and compassion meant the world to us and I could not recommend a better vet.

Jeff Duvall

2 years ago

This was an amazing experience for an emergency visit for our dog. It's always difficult to bring a loved one into the ER, be it a person or a pet, but this facility has an absolutely exceptional staff. Dr. Baumgartner was attentive and discussed our puppy's condition with us and described the treatment options. We found an alternative method of treatment based on our experience with other animals which worked and our puppy is back with us recovering. I can't thank the staff enough for being so friendly and helpful as well as Dr. Baumgartner and the daytime Doctor who took the time to call and let us know what was happening. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Go Auburn! ????

Carla Brown

2 years ago

While visiting Saint George, I had an emergency with my 9 year old German Shepherd. I found Northwood by accident and am so glad I did. Their hours say they close - but they do have an emergency staff on hand all night. Dr. Baumgartner and the techs took amazing care of my baby. They called throughout the night and day to give me updates. Their communication was extremely personable and they welcomed questions and input. While an ER visit is never fun, or cheap, they made it as easy as possible. I run a GSD rescue and spend a LOT of time and money at vet offices - this office was by far one of the best I’ve ever dealt with. Flax is now back to 100% and Dr. Baumgartner even called to check on him. I highly recommend this vet office !


2 years ago

They're super sweet! You can tell they really care about your animals.

Marie Ann Bailey

2 years ago

You all do a great job. I appreciate that you are still taking precautions for the safety of your staff and furry clients.

Blaine Philipson

2 years ago

Nothing bad to say about anyone who has helped my dog Chance out .

Crazy Cat Queen

2 years ago

Recently adopted a diabetic cat, and there was a delay in the shipping of our online order for his prescription dietary food. Called around town, and Northwood was willing to sell us some of their supply of Glycobalance. I cannot tell you how grateful we are. It held us over until we could get the food from our usual source. THANK YOU for everyone's wonderful and professional demeanor and assistance.

Felicia Hinson

2 years ago

My 6 month old kitten Tipsy became lethargic 1 week post OP after laparoscopic spaying. I thought she had and infection or blockage due to no bowel movements. My regular vet was closed so I was referred to Northwood. I was really nervous about using a mystery vet I had never been to before. They got her in within 25 minutes of our arrival. The doctor we got was very compassionate and professionals. She immmediately called me to tell me she felt there was spinal injury happening. She was spot on. Still not sure if baby Tipsy will make it but I know she is recieving the BEST possible care. They also promptly sent all of her records to me so I could forward them to her regular vet.

I think we both know

2 years ago

I’ve been taking my bunny here for the past 3 years and most recently, my new bunny for the past few months. It’s hard to find vets who treat bunnies because they require special precautions and a patient gentle hand due to their anxiousness. As a result, they’re considered an exotic animal and tend to cost more than cats or dogs. I was aware of this and would never neglect my animals due to cost. However, the staff here has gone out of their way to make services affordable to me as a broke college student. I’ve seen a couple different vets here who have always been honest about what tests or procedures my bunnies need. Also, they ask me questions to gauge whether or not my bunnies are being given everything they need, instead of assuming I’m ignorant. This makes me feel respected, as I try my best to research my kids needs. Whether it’s an emergency or routine visit I always trust Northwood to provide proper care and courtesy. ???? ❤️

Kerry Finegan

2 years ago

They push probiotic. Upsell it Everytime my dog is dying if kidney failure and they include probiotics in meds my elderly mother picks up

Matthew Harris

2 years ago

We had an emergency with our cat. After being turned away from Capital Veterinarian Speciaists we called and explained our dire situation. Northwood took our cat back and saw her before asking for payment. After an extensive conversation with Dr. Baumgartner, we came up with a treatment plan including two days of ICU care for our cat. After the two days was up, they went over home care with us before taking our cat home. Unfortunately, our cat started deteriorating rapidly at home. The vet gently suggested euthanasia after one more night of observation. We went in Saturday to relieve our cat of her suffering and they were beyond compassionate and very delicate about the whole situation.

Breana Washington

2 years ago

I had to take my dog here for busted stitches on her elbow and they ended up wrapping her entire leg and charged $150 just for this. I had to go back 2 days later for re-bandaging and I don’t even think they knew what they were bandaging. They put adhesive bandaging on her wound and the quality of the bandaging was absolutely terrible. It was all twisted up and coming un-done a few hours later. I called the next day to come back in for bandaging, told I was going to get a call back. 3 hours later I just decided to call them back and Ashlyn, the woman who I spoke with the first time, had no idea why I was even calling. Once I recollected her poor memory, she schedules me for 4:00 that day to come in. Not even an hour later she calls me back asking to just drop my dog off for the day. I decline and ask for a refund for the poor bandaging. So after this I go to my usual vet and just have them bandage my dog. Her paw is now bleeding from the terrible bandaging job that Northwood has done. I’ve now had to pay MORE money due to the terrible service provided by this vet and my dog is now in even more discomfort. Absolute terrible service between nobody calling back, not issuing a refund for the “exam” they performed where they saw my dogs paw bleeding and raw but continued to put more adhesive bandaging over it. This vet does not care about the wellbeing of animals.

Angela Marotta

2 years ago

My little girl Lyly was her first time here even I was waiting for her outside due the Covid 19. She was happy and relax, the Vet was very gently with her and very clear with me . Definitely I recommend this place

Meg Fulford

2 years ago

I am so grateful for NW. I have needed y’all in emergency hours and felt so comforted. I’ve assuredly brought countless critters in for St Francis. I have never met a staff member who wasn’t pure animal love. We have had y’all help euthanize two of our beloved family members and the staff at the time we’re right there with us, grieving, comforting, allowing space before and afterward. SO GRATEFUL to have this resource in our area. ~}=={:>•

Kimberly Watts

2 years ago

Dr. Brumfield has been amazing with my golden doodle this last year. He’s educated me so much and did a wonderful job neutering my dog. The staff has always been so sweet with my pup. I love that I can text the office to ask questions or make an apt. Drop off apts are very convenient with my work schedule.

Carly Narotsky

2 years ago

I had a great experience with Dr. Cavell treating my pet tegu. Plus, the office staff are always so helpful at getting me an appointment as soon as they can. They have a good system for social distancing and safety during COVID. Overall, this establishment works like a well-oiled machine.

vicki barnett

2 years ago

We are very appreciative of not only the excellent care our boy, Gus, got from Dr. Jennifer Smith and the vet techs, but also the extra time and work that the clinic has taken to keep us safe from Covid during these very difficult times.

Tiffany Lea

2 years ago

A 24 hour Animal Hospital not taking new patients. That's not cool.

John Pitchford

2 years ago

Very upset with this place from a visit a couple months ago. We had to take our cat here for an emergency (our vet was closed) where she started seizing up so we rushed her here based on reviews. I wish I had picked elsewhere because the vet (younger/middle aged male) just accused us of giving my cat Marijuana (of course we didn't get a reason for his thinking, but we assume because the date happened to be around April 20th. They also did not run as many tests or give her the care we thought she needed because they kept coming out and asking us and making sure she didn't get into drugs. When we went to our normal vet, they were appalled at what we told them. Shame on him for accusing us of something like that when we are worried our cat may not live through the night. It was a very unprofessional experience and we will never take our cat here again.

Joel Foy

2 years ago

Great Doctors, friendly staff. What more could you want?

Javier Ricardo Escobar Avila

2 years ago

I scheduled the first check up appointment for a kitten that we just rescued and wanted to adopt. Sadly, the kitten passed away all of a sudden before his first visit to the vet. Still, the staff at Northwood sent us a sympathy card (thank you!). That alone tells a lot about their values as professionals, their commitment to patient care, and the high quality of their service. I certainly made an excellent decision when I chose them to take care of my other cat. Pretty sure she feels the same too.

Galen Goram

2 years ago

Talked to the doctor was told a certain amount, came to pick my dog up 2 hours later and was told another amount over 100 dollar difference. None of the staff communicated with each other it was very sloppy. Had to wait an HOUR just for someone to take my money not to mention additional time to bring me my dog. (They knew I was there and I notified them when I was on my way) Mind you only 2 other people are in the parking lot waiting. The tech was giving me a hard time about giving me one of your cheap leashes to take my dog home after I just spent TWO THOUSAND dollars with you people. I will never be back and I will be sure to spread the word about my services today.

Chris Joy F

2 years ago

They have been taking care of my two dogs for years, both now senior dogs. The other night we brought my dog in not knowing if he'd be okay (he's nearly 13 years old) and the male tech and male vet were both wonderful! The Vet really calmed us down and gave us some good ideas but he was correct about what was going on with my dog in that there must be GI and abdominal pain and maybe that's why he's panting and heaving all the time. I've got my dog on a good pain regiment now and the panting, diarrhea, distress have all stopped and he is sleeping good at night with gabapentin. Thank you for the care with my doggos. This is a photo from a couple days ago while just chillin' outside. They have also always returned phone calls in a timely manner or answered any questions when I call.

Janelle C

3 years ago

I found myself needing Northwood's services after my regular vet couldn't get me in for more than 2 days with a clearly sick cat. They are still keeping clients out of the hospital and observing Covid-style protection, which is a little stressful but understandable. When I called from the parking lot, the phone was answered quickly and professionally. I was informed that there were a few sick kiddos ahead of me and it could be a long wait, I was then informed that there were 2 other emergency vets in town if I did not want to wait. I was very impressed with how upfront they were. I decided to wait and proceeded to give the history of my sick baby over the phone. After the initial triage, the wait was not very long at all and they took my baby into the clinic. They called me and kept me updated with what they wanted to do, what the estimate was, what my options were, etc. After the testing was done, my fur baby turned out to be much sicker than he let on and needs hospitalization and treatment. The vet was honest and upfront about prognosis without being overly grim or overly optimistic. While I don't know the outcome for my baby, he is still undergoing treatment, all the staff I have encountered so far have led me to believe he is in good hands and that they really care about his well being. I had to leave him at the clinic for overnight care, which is stressful and painful, but the staff allowed me to come in and spend some time with him before I left, they called to update me before I went to bed and again in the morning. They have encouraged me to call and check on him and have not made me feel like I'm being a bother. The staff I have encountered appear to work very well together and I can feel the compassion in their voices. They really seem to feel the owner's pain and frustration with them. I am truly thankful for this vet clinic and plan on using them as my new regular vet provider.

Judy Clark

3 years ago

On Mother’s Day we came home and our 15 year old dog was unable to stand up. We took him to Northwood animal hospital because they had the shortest wait time and the staff seemed concerned about our situation. They acted with integrity and care during this difficult time for our family. The vet explained the medical situation pertaining to our dog in great detail and did not push us to make a decision. She was very patient and kind. This is a great hospital and we would highly recommend bringing your pet here.

Jeffrey Spalding

3 years ago

Great vet and Dr Cavell is wonderful with our cats. Love Northwood.

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