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Taylor Biro

2 years ago

Set up an appointment for someone to come to my home and help my senior cat pass peacefully. Thankful for this option but did not appreciate the vet insinuating that my cat had more time by attempting to diagnose her while she was in the process of passing and I was sobbing my eyes out. That was not the time or place to do that and it was hard enough to even make the decision to put a long time family pet down. If you book them make sure to tell them you don’t consent to their commentary.

Cathy Wortham

2 years ago

The staff are super nice. One staff particular is Dakota, who seems to really care about the ani.als and their family's. I must say Dr. Blount is also very involved. She takes time to talk to you and make you feel like she cares about your pet and the services provided.

Amanda Abraham

2 years ago

Took wonderful care of my two cats. Helped my one pass peacefully away at home with such care and compassion.

Joann J

2 years ago

Dr. Blount treated my rabbit for a skin wound the past weekend. She just took great care of the bunny. She even sent a demo of how to flush the wound and apply med to my email address as I couldn't make it to the office to see it in person. Her staff is also very nice. 100% satisfied.

Richard Burton

2 years ago

Easily the rudest "doctor" I've ever unfortunately had to talk to. She openly bad-mouths her employees to customers, and I don't even want to imagine how bad she treats the animals if that's how she acts toward people. 100% would not let her near my pets.

Kaylene Colburn

2 years ago

The manager does not know how to communicate with customers professionally without having a attitude. They also discriminate and won’t hire anyone unless you have a COVID shot. Terrible facility! The lady wouldn’t continue my interview because I didn’t get the shot!

Tori Schneider

2 years ago

After taking my cat to At Home Veterinary Care for two years, I will not be returning. My cat has recurring UTIs and instead of trying to find ways to prevent these from continuing to occur, I was just sold expensive prescription food that allegedly prevents UTIs (it obviously doesn't) and given antibiotics. The last time this happened, I had continuing concerns after she finished her medication and called to talk to someone and didn't have my call returned for SIX days. That is totally unacceptable. After my cat's third UTI you would think someone would stop and ask "Okay what else can we do to help her?" but that was not the case. So instead, I will be seeing a new vet who will do just that. I also recently spoke to an employee of At Home Veterinary Care and told them I would be taking my business elsewhere and they said "Yeah, I'm not surprised." I think that says it all. Edited my review from two stars to one after Dr. Blount replied super unprofessionally below saying I'm an owner who is unwilling to make changes to help my cat get better when I've done everything that was actually been suggested to me. Most of what's listed in her response was never actually brought up as solutions.

Tamar Smith

2 years ago

Original rating is from about 5 years ago. Just check out Glassdoor reviews for more info . The “response from owner” to this 1 star rating is also all lies (something they do often) and a way they try to save face.

Jan Smith

2 years ago

We have an elderly lab/mix. We had not used this vet before but needed a vet to come to our house due to age and illness, we had hard time getting him in auto to carry in. We were so grateful to have appointment 2 days after calling. The day of appointment, 45 minutes before vet was due to arrive, we received a call from the office. Dakota asked for bank card info. We asked how much it would be. She said $200.00 to 225.00 but they would not charge card that day(Fridaypm) I asked how much for labs etc. She again said she didnt know. She said they would call me before they charged the card. In same phone call she told my husband the same $200-225 but they would call us first and we would be given a statement of charges, but that would not happen that day. The vet arrived and after examining our dog told us she had never seen this before in 30+years as a vet. Labs were done, meds provided. We were advised to change diet, and go from there. An email was sent about 9:30 Friday night but didn't see it til the next day. After hours the bank was charged $600+. We did not get a call as promised. We had given verbal auth by phone for up to $300.00. Our bank said this was fraud. We didn't push that... we just wanted help for our pet. After one week, I called again and asked the girl who answered to please have the vet call. She didn't call. The next day I called again, left another message requesting a call back. Before closing I called again, the vet answered and when I asked what else we could do & was told changing food and we could make an appointment in 3 to 4 weeks.and she would Not come back to our house.. because we lived too far away (outside of Woodville but in Leon County)We waited another week and decided to get a 2nd opinion with another vet. They requested records from this office. A letter overview was given to the next vet. The labs were not provided. We had to have additional labs done. We just needed help for our dog. We had planned to follow up as regular clients with this business but have felt it was not adequate and we are watching our pet get worse. We feel the 2nd opinion vet gave us more care/concern for 1/4th the cost..and they have called to check on him and will call again this coming week We can not use this office again and will not give reference after finding we have waisted precious time and a weeks salary..

Leigh Sirmans

3 years ago

Dr.Blount is extremely unprofessional and unethical! She treats her staff horribly and she does not see to it that customers dogs receive the care that the owners pay for. She doesn't care about the safety and well being of staff or animals and is only interested in making money.

Charlotte Keaton

3 years ago

They take such good care of my dog who has health problems. I couldn't be any happier! Amazing people! Great stay care too.

maxwell0215 ad

3 years ago

AHVS is wonderful. I love Dr Blount!!

Laura Beth

3 years ago

This place is wonderful! Great staff, beautiful facility and Dr Blount has come out to my car three times to talk to me about questions I had, even though I know she is very busy. My labrador puppy Sookie has been attending play care there for about a month now and loves it; the pool, the people and the excellent vet care she receives. I'm so happy to have found this facility and have switched to Dr Blount for all my veterinary services. The reports they give you for exams are thorough and very professional! What a wonderful idea for a veterinarian clinic. Pup is never scared to go to the vet because she plays with many friends there. If I didn't have her in a crate when I arrive I'm sure she would leap out the window and run to the door, she is so excited to see everyone.

janet goree

3 years ago

Consulted about an upcoming service we don't want but will need. Email was responded to quickly with care and compassion.

Fred Cantley

3 years ago

we had to make use of their end of life services and the Vet tech and Dr were both very compassionate and understanding. We also felt the price was very reasonable

Charles A Biedermann

3 years ago

Staff pays attention to boarded pets. They get playtime in large area. Vet is careful and concerned about animals.

Michael McHaffie

3 years ago

I had to pick 1 star to leave a review wanted to pick 0 stars. I had an appointment for my dog to be groomed at 10:30 when I took him I was told he was due for a shot so I said OK. I met with the groomer to tell her how to cut his hair. I was called at 12:46 by the vets office asking if I wanted another series of shots that were almost due I declined and asked when he would be done and was put on hold for them to check and they came back and said they couldn’t really say but probably 2-4 hours ( his appointment was at 10:30 ) I called at 4:15 to see if he was ready after being put on hold they came back and told me he was ready. When I picked him up at 4:30 I asked why I had an appointment at 10:30 SIX HOURS EARLIER!!! The groomer came out and apologized and said she was done at noon again I was as told at 12:46 it would be TWO TO FOUR HOURS VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER THAT WILL NOT BE BACK

Rebecca Herb

3 years ago

They were incredibly kind and considerate during their visit, wish I had known this place existed sooner!

Scott Williamson

3 years ago

Dr Blount was very professional and compassionate. She went out of her way to accommodate us in a time of need.

Sharon Woodbery

3 years ago

Excellent care for your pets. My little dogs can't wait to get there for playcare and the grooming is excellent. Dr. Blount takes very good care of our fur babies!


4 years ago

We have tried many vets in Tallahassee and this is our favorite. Our cats are examined and cared for like they are their own! We love the staff and service provided. We have the peace of mind in knowing that they are getting the care they deserve.

Alice Vickers

4 years ago

I see from the reviews I am not alone with this issue. Great doc, nice facility, nice techs and desk people. But a bit disorganized and lack of follow through. Our dog and cat boarded for Thanksgiving week. Told they would get records from our vet for the dog. They did not. There is clearly a failure of the desk staff to follow through or seemingly to talk to each other. When I returned we had, in addition to $550 for the boarding, $278 unexplained charges. Turns out they gave our dog and cat shots, fecal checks, examination fees, etc. Our cat had spent a week there within the last 12 months, so not sure why all this was needed. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, worse than the high charge is that no one will return my calls or emails to explain and my dog had big sores on his legs. I doubt we will go back.

Carol Sorrie

4 years ago

We LOVE this vet and clinic. They are a little expensive but then you get what you pay for. When we leave with our dogs, we know they have received the best care possible. Thank you Dr. B!!

Jo Anna Rosciam

4 years ago

They take the worry out of taking 3 cats to visit at one time.

Kendarius King

4 years ago

Everyone is so kind and work hard to do what they do. Every animal is treated like family and even with a hundred dogs they still manage to love every single one. One of the best animal care facilities i've ever seen. No one is perfect though so an issue or two is inevitable.

Krystal Dee

4 years ago

They truly care about you and your fur children

L Capgras (L.Capgras)

4 years ago

Incredibly astute and mindful clinician. She (and her staff) went above and beyond in helping Penelope and I through a devastating osteosarcoma diagnosis. Not only did she perform the amputation and provide excellent pre and post-op pain control, she coordinated with oncology at SEVO-Med AND a Yale researcher for us. Because of her, we had many precious days on borrowed time. Could not have asked for anyone better.

Leigh Neilson

4 years ago

Dr B has been taking care of my pups for more than 5 years. They love Teddy and Jasmine as much as I do!! T&J love staying at the pet Ritz:) I have the utmost trust and confidence in At Home Veterinary

Robert Rouse

4 years ago

The dog day care is fantastic. There are many options. They do things with the dogs other places don't do, and they get to "know" each dog. We've been going for months part time. The training has been a big help too. They have some really knowledgeable trainers.

Roxanne Gerken

4 years ago

I have no trust in this vet. I often waited an hour to see the vet at each appointment. Also used At Home for grooming. At my dog's last grooming appointment, I was told that my dog was the only grooming appointment. I dropped her off at 8:30am and requested to pick her up as soon as she was done, but they never finished until 5:30pm. They didn't cut her as I requested, and after getting her home we noticed that she had two cuts on her stomach. Since we had noticed the cuts after hours, I called them the next business day. I was told the vet would call me back. When I didn't hear back, I called again the next week and was again told she would call me back. I live across town and was out of town during the holidays, so when I was able to stop in the office, I finally got a call from the vet. She told me I was informed that it would be 5-6pm for pickup (I was never informed of this), that the cuts were just something that happens all the time, and that there was no record of my earlier calls. Dr. Blount didn't seem concerned about the issues I presented, didn't seem apologetic, and just thanked me for my feedback. I can't trust this vet anymore, and have found somewhere else to take my dog.

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