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Gigi B

a year ago

My bf and I brought our puggle Elephant here on Christmas 2021 and the care he received by Dr Thompson and Sean (tech) was AMAZING. I cannot say enough great things about this place! This is our first puppy and I felt like I was a part of …

Jo Martinez

a year ago

We came in at 9:00PM for an emergency and we left at 1:30AM. The doctor did x-rays then said she also did an ultrasound but didn’t really know how to do it so she didn’t see anything. Over $400 and over 4 hours later, they only offered to keep our pet overnight just to watch him for a total of over $1200. *Don’t come in for an emergency*, its just a robbery and an insane waste of time. The technician was nice though.

eva blanton

a year ago

I have relied on Allied Veterinary ER Hospital for years-- and they have never failed in courtesy, professionalism, expertise, & in their humanity. This includes all staff and all the veterinarians I have dealt with. ( I do not think it …

brett crook

a year ago

Do not bring your pet here - worse experience I’ve ever had at a vet. The vet, Kuhar, mistreated my injured dog all while being mean, nasty to us. Really??? This is how you treat your customers, animals? This vet was fired from Northwood Animal Hosp for mistreatment of staff and she obviously carries that mistreatment over to the animals. If you continue to read all these reviews you’ll see that this is a common theme with Kuhar. Dr. Potter needs to address this situation now. Horrible experience, stay away.

tara bass

a year ago

Dr. Kuhar pressured us in to getting an x-ray for our dog that had been vomiting a little even after the fact that we were clear on not being able to afford it because we’re college students. She proceeded to talk to us like we were stupid. Will be going somewhere else if we need an x-ray.

Darla Hun

a year ago

Completely trustworthy staff; obviously dedicated to be working Christmas Eve.

Vonda McKnight

a year ago

Extremely unprofessional and inconsiderate veterinarian. Definitely do NOT recommend

Megan Northcutt

a year ago

My cat was kept overnight Tuesday due to some complications from a surgery, I went to see her Wednesday morning and the vet tech set her down on the counter while talking to me. She walked underneath the soap dispenser and the vet tech said she would clean her ear up since she had to stay for the day as well. When I picked her up at 5 yesterday afternoon her ear was really red and still had soap on it so I got a wet paper towel and gently wiped off the soap. She now has a chemical burn due to the vet tech not caring for her properly. Allied takes no responsibility for their actions at this time and keeps denying that the soap could have done that. Now she will be having ANOTHER vet visit at her normal vet for a chemical burn. Not only that but they told me to come back in for her to be evaluated again after an $750 visit to give her oxygen, nebulizer treatment, and antibiotics as well as 2 X-rays. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE WANTED TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND FIX THE PROBLEM THEY HAD CAUSED IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! called today and would have been charged for their mistake.

Jeanette Botts

a year ago

First off, this clinic was so quick to see our emergency on Thanksgiving night! I was astounded with their efficiency and amazing attitudes given the holiday pressure. Dr. Peterson and Mr. Ronnie gave us at home care instructions, antibiotics and plenty of follow up recommendations for our 7yr pup to get better over the next 2 wks.

Barb Williams

a year ago

Easiest yet Hardest day I ever spent at the Vet’s. Thank you, Dr. Thompson and staff.

Amanda Long

a year ago

Would not recommend. Very poor bedside manner, extremely overpriced and poor staple work that had to be redone the next day.

Danielle Molloy

2 years ago

PICK ANYWHERE ELSE. PLEASE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. If I could give a negative, I would. I’m an Internal Medicine Resident living in San Antonio and flew into GA for my wedding week on Friday October 29, 2021. We have 3 dogs and my fiancé drove a week ahead to get everything settled. We took them all out on our Razor (yes it was late, I flew in late) after I got in and unfortunately one of them jumped out and had an incident with the Razor wheel. We rushed him to the emergency vet 2 hours from us and they did surgery on him and charged us for him to stay there for 48 hours. 12 hours after his surgery (they charged us for 48 hours), when I called, they were asking if we were going to go pick him up that night. We were originally told he was staying overnight so we didn’t plan for it. I called to talk to the vet and she was the rudest person I’d ever come across at a veterinarian’s office. I can tell you, peace of mind means everything and she provided anything BUT that. If you have the choice to go somewhere else, I would. If you’re stuck, well, you’re stuck. Having said that, the techs were first class. They were amazing

Dollie Jennings

2 years ago

I truly cannot say enough amazing things about this sweet place. First, it was SPOTLESS! Very clean. About an hour after my cat got very sick very fast, I took her in to Allied. I was crying, and probably looked crazy. I was welcomed in and taken back to a room immediately, as was my cat so she could be checked out to determine what was wrong. I waited for no more than 30min and had a vet tech come speak with me, gathering info about what happened and trying to rule things out. She broke down what costs of x rays, blood work, etc may be and allowed me to think it over. After agreeing to everything that was recommended, they ran tests and I received an answer about an hour after. Dr. Thompson came in and was extremely sweet, kind, understanding, and thorough when explaining everything. Again, she provided me with treatment plans and potential bills so I could best plan for what I could afford and choose the best care for my cat. My cat had to stay over night and although it pained me to leave her there, I had absolutely zero doubts she was in the absolute BEST hands. They kindly let me kiss her goodnight and I left. That next day, I received a call from Dr. Thompson informing me of my cat’ progress and that they would re run her blood test. She didn’t want to promise when it’d be done, but gave a window of time which was awesome. Sure enough at the exact time she said it may be done, she gave me a call and updated me on the results and then informed me that I could pick my cat up. She said that she could stay another night, BUT it would be best and less stressful and more cost effective to allow her to come home. I went and grabbed her and could tell she had been taken care of the entire time, treated with care and love. It was extremely evident that Dr. Thompson and everyone else there genuinely care about the pets that come in and their owners. I 100% recommend Allied! Thank you to everyone who helped that scary night!

K. T.

2 years ago

Shanell Turner CVT, was very compassionate, knowledgeable and professional, when I brought my mauled dog in, on October 28, 2021. I ended up having to make the difficult, and very painful decision of having him euthanized. She was GEUINELY caring, thoughtful, and kind. She did not pressure me in any way, regarding my decision to euthanize, or other options. She took her time with explanations and options, answered all my questions; and addressed all my concerns. She allowed me all the time that I needed to say goodbye, and comfort Roscoe before euthanizing him. Thank you Shanell from the bottom of my heart, and may God continue to bless you.

Molly Bethancourt

2 years ago

if i could leave zero i would, took my cat there after we found him barley not breathing, they charged us 700 dollars for tests then called us 15 minutes later saying he passed. They refunded us a whole 50 dollars. ridiculous, especially for a grieving family.

Debra Spengler

2 years ago

I took my very pregnant dog there because she was bitten by one of my other dogs. The vet checked her wound and said it did not go through to the puppies. Did x-ray and ultra sound said puppies were ok. Gave me a script for antibiotics. The next day she acted fine. That evening she started to act and breath funny. She died before I could get her back to the emergency clinic. Front staff and tech was great. I question the doctors knowledge. Owner of the practice never returned my call.

Lydia Bell

2 years ago

After a previous unfavorable experience with a different staff, I recently found myself in a situation where I needed to revisit Allied for my sick puppy on the weekend in the middle of the night. I was scared to death. I cannot tell you how relieved I was when this team took the best care of her and quickly got us in and gave reasonable, affordable and kind hearted care to my 5 month old puppy who suddenly fell ill.

Terry Adams

2 years ago

Rushed a dog to them and the dog passed on arrival. Asked them to give a diagnosis and they say heat stroke. I ask how if the dog has been in a AC building. Instead of giving any insight or hypothesis the vet gets super rude and snobby and says the dog had to be outside in the sun when we informed her it wasn’t. Definitely unprofessional. Horrible experience.


2 years ago

On 8/28/21 my elderly dog started having seizures after a steady decline in his quality of life. It was time to let him go ????. Allied emergency staff were so compassionate and gentle with my big boy. A heartfelt thank you to Allied Veterinarian Emergency. RIP Meaty❤

Ayman Hanna

2 years ago

This place is garbage. Spent hundreds of dollars to have my sick dog seen by vet peterson, only to do nothing for 5 minutes, give antibiotics and never find out the problem. Went to a local vet when they reopened and found my dog had worms, when this place said she didnt. You are risking your dogs life if you go to this place, vets and staff are incompetent.

Diana Aguirre

2 years ago

There's no words to express my gratitude for this memorable gesture of Allied Vet Emergency Hospital personnel. Dr clayton, Donna, Alexis, Candice, Kristina, Dr. Kuhar, kevin, and Armani. Thank you all so much for being so compassionate.

Earl Vause

2 years ago

Took my dog in because she was having seizures back to back. Went over her medical history and once they heard she had another issue that my vet had already started treatment for they wanted to run a bunch of tests. They were not concerned about the seizures, in fact never mentioned it again until I did and then said “oh that’s right we didn’t even discuss that, she should be fine dogs have seizures all the time”. I knew then we needed to leave.

Karen Orellana Heizer

2 years ago

I am so grateful to Dr. Laura Clayton at Allied. My puppy Juni bumped into the couch and collapsed, unable to walk, and he ended up being diagnosed by her with an AA subluxation. She saved his life! Previously, we had taken Juni to other vets for his symptoms of hind leg weakness and unstable walk, including a neurologist, and no one ever did a neck xray. Dr. Clayton was so patient when explaining and re-explaining what she believed was going on to my husband who couldn't believe we finally had a diagnosis for Juni after months of suffering. They have knowledgable vets!! We trust them.

La Dolce Vita

2 years ago

We’ve previously had good experiences here. I was disappointed to see that none of the staff and most of the clients in the lobby were unmasked. Florida is #2 for covid infections in the U.S. primarily due to idiots and we have immunocompromised family so we chose to take our dog home after two hours of waiting - before she could be evaluated - and hope monitoring will be sufficient. Not worth sitting two hours in a lobby stuffed with unmasked people when there is a risk of serious complications should exposure to covid occur. Disappointing to see a place that focuses on evidence-based care ignoring basic precautions in their public spaces. Our local vet wears masks but they are not open today.

Jessica Rivas

2 years ago

Worst place to take dog unless pet is TRULY dying!!!!! Charged me $160 and don’t even care to look at my dogs wound. Didn’t unwrap bandage or anything. Thankfully gave me antibiotics and pain meds for my dog to start immediately but sooo disappointed in the Vet. The technician was a sweetheart and truly cares about the animals but can’t say the same about Vet. I know they were overwhelmed but shouldn’t charge exam fee for only walking in room and giving RX. Plus waited almost 4 hours for just the RX. Will never go back unless I think my dog is actually dying ????

Ryan Lawson

2 years ago

We’ve been to Allied several times with our crazy dogs. They always seem to find some trouble to get into. Dr. Potter and his team have always had the answer and are always very caring with our “kids”. Definitely recommend.

Lisa Glunt

2 years ago

I greatly appreciate the care shown to my personal animals over the years, as well as foster animals in the care of the Leon County Humane Society (LCHS). LCHS accepts a great number of sick, injured, and senior animals, and the staff at Allied see several of our foster animals every month. The staff at Allied treat foster pets no differently than other clients, and as a nonprofit, we appreciate Allied helping us to make the visits affordable. Rescue is a team effort and we appreciate Allied Veterinary Emergency Hospital partnering with LCHS to assure our foster pets receive quality care at any hour.

Kay McGill

2 years ago

I was told At 7: 45 pm the wait time would be an hour and a half. Before I would be assigned to a room. Once assigned to that room I was told the way it would be an additional hour. When the nurse finally came in I told her that I was upset about the wait. she told me in a Very rude and demeaning tone “ This is an emergency hospital. Your wait could be up to 6 hours”. I told her I was just off of work and I had not eaten anything and that I wasn’t expecting the wait to be that long. I will come back tomorrow. She told me basically not to come back tomorrow because they would still be busy. When I asked for the owners number because he had given me on a previous occasion they said they couldn’t give it to me. The receptionist said the rude nurses name was Angel. Our pets are like family. The very least we should expect from people who We pay and trust to take care of them is common courtesy and respect. The Experience made me feel discriminated against as I was the only African American during this time frame and no one else was spoken to in this way! It 10 pm and I’m home with my sick pet and loss of my time. I am not able to get in anywhere else because they were referring to Allied. This is not my first time visiting this facility. I have 3 pets. My previous experiences were better. Shame on you “Angel” !You were anything but!!!

Katie Grasty

2 years ago

My experience with the vets at Allied are that they are very knowledgeable and compassionate. They have cared for my dogs on numerous occasions from eye infections to stomach issues. I recommend Allied without hesitation.

Jen Clark Family

2 years ago

We had such a wonderful experience with Allied Vet during one of our most difficult times. Dr. Potter was very thorough, compassionate, and informative. His staff were always so friendly as well! I highly recommend Allied Vet for all your emergency needs!

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