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24 Seven Dogs LLC

2 years ago

If you want a well trained dog that listens to your commands no matter what is going on around them, then take them to The K9 Training Academy. They train all breeds big and small. Check out all the dogs they train on their …

Bruce Powell

2 years ago

My dog Bently is a large American Bully and we used 2 other local trainers that just couldn’t get the job right. Richard and his crew truly delivered us a brand new dog. They also took the time to guide and teach us things we never knew we were doing wrong. Thank you so much for helping us with Bently! We are sending everyone your way!

Clay B

2 years ago

I highly recommend this company for serious dog training! Richard and his team did a great job with our dogs.

William Martinez

2 years ago

Thank you for an amazing dog! We bought a 2 year old German Shepherd from the K9 Training Academy for home protection. We are highly impressed and pleased with Nitro. If your looking for a well trained home protection dog for your family, look no further.

Maria Alsberg

2 years ago

Lina, a one year old mix, was high energy and appeared to have some aggression toward other animals. She was constantly pulling on the leash when she was walked. I found The k9 Training Academy online and after viewing many of their YouTube videos, we knew we had found the right place for Lina. What Richard has accomplished with Lina is incredible. She has been home for a week now, and she is a different dog. She listens, she is controllable, and she is very happy. Richard truly is a miracle worker. I recommend Richard and The K9 Training Academy Team. We are so happy with our dog, the money was definitely well spent. Thank you ! Thank You!

Tamara Marsh

2 years ago

- [x] I am not one to leave “bad reviews” I know small businesses have it rough and such things are very subjective. I have to express though my dissatisfaction with the service my dog and myself received from this company. They came highly recommended and I am sure for many they are a good fit. My experience was good at first very responsive and pleasant and professional in person. The issues started after the took my dog for puppy training who was about 5 months old at the time. I certainly understand not calling and checking up often and after a next day call I waited as requested a little more than week to call to check on my fur baby as I was told to check social media for updates which didn’t happen until after I called in that instance saying I wasn’t seeing anything. Most are updated the day after they take the dog but that wasn’t the cause of my dissatisfaction. First issue was when I asked about how the training was going ( after two weeks of doggie being gone ) I was told my dog was a bad dog on his way to being really bad and he needed more time for advanced training, my dog was sent for puppy training so advanced training was unacceptable for his age and I had to correct the owner about this who acknowledged that he was mistakenly doing this . Then ( about a week later after seeing a post) I asked a question privately to the owner about my dog giving them a hard time to be groomed because he looked disheveled and I knew he could be stubborn this was met with passive aggression about being” accused” and that my dog would be coming home that week, no mention of training being completed and this was after telling me he was taking longer as the training was hard for him. My dog came home not fully trained and with puncture marks ( 14 the groomer counted ) around his neck from a pinch collar that they never explained that they were going to use and sores on both his elbows that are still healing ( see pics) he also had to go to the vet as he had copious diarrhea a full week after ( $340 later) for antibiotics and testing. Thankfully he was ok .. but the owner took no responsibility for my dog’s condition but tried to offer free training to recompense.. I honestly would not let him or anyone that works for him breathe near my dog again.. completely unacceptable behavior and treatment .

Jeremy Lyon

2 years ago

Owner is pompous and they promise more than they deliver. Be prepared for the owner to throw blame at you and act like he’s doing community service fixing the bad habits you gave your dog. Newsflash dude, have you seen your prices? That’s what we are paying for. If we didn’t train bad habits, you’d be out of work. His son was cool though. Seems like he’s a good trainer and had a good attitude. Summary: overpriced, underdeliver, and owner is a jerk.

Sara Guzman

2 years ago

Very happy with the training my dog received at the K9 Training Academy. I have a 5 year old French bulldog who is extremely loving but also stubborn and aggressive with history of biting. I didn’t have many hopes of someone being able to correct my dogs behavior in a way that he was no longer a threat to my family. My dog had a lot of anxiety issues and wanted to control every situation. After speaking with Richard at the Academy, he assured me that my dog’s behavior could be turned around. He answered all of my questions, and it was immediately clear he has incredible knowledge and experience with dogs, their behavior, what works and what doesn’t work. Today, thanks to this academy we still have our dog with us, and it has changed our entire world! Milo is now so obedient, happy and calm! We take everywhere with us. Even walking him is such a pleasure!

Wyleia Williams

3 years ago

Richard and his team at The K9 Training Academy are awesome. From the first time I contacted them regarding services to the day they dropped my dog off I received nothing less than quality service. My pup Thanos is an 8 month old working …

Johnny Calia

3 years ago

I would highly recommend the K9 training academy. Our nationwide escape artist “Gypsy” a 3 year old extremely stubborn diva pit bull was the biggest mission I think the crew at the academy ever had to deal with! Trust me, we had little hope …

Joshua Lampert

3 years ago

My Golden-doodle puppy was out of control and a friend recommended Rick and K9 training academy. We sent our puppy when he was 15 weeks for basic obedience training. We couldn’t be happier with the training! He came back so well behaved. Now we can take him pretty much anywhere. Rick does great work and our dog now has a better social life because of it. Thank you!!!

Karla Rodriguez

3 years ago

I found this academy when desperately searching for help with my 140lb rottweiler. He had started to show signs of aggression and with his size, it became a huge cause for concern. I felt at ease from the first telephone call with Richard. …

Michelle Kaufman

3 years ago

I'm so impressed with the training my Goldendoodle puppy has received! When Rick and his team first took Riley he was out of control, he walked me I did not walk him. Now he stays by my side when hes suppose to! Thank you so much for helping me have a better relationship with my puppy!!

Muriel Medina

3 years ago

Best board and training program in Florida! My dobie Kaiser started showing aggression signs at 4 mo, once he reached 6mo he was out of control. I followed positive reinforcement only since he was 2mo as suggested per his first trainer and …

Celeste Hernandez-Barnes

4 years ago

My husband recently passed away and we had a very aggressive dog at home who although was fine with the family he was totally uncontrollable outside of the house and with other strangers and dogs. As a solo parent now having to raise 4 …

robert kosaki

4 years ago

I started my puppy Maddie at 10 weeks of age with The K9 Training Academy puppy classes. These classes were a terrific avenue for socializing Casey with other dogs and learning basic obedience skills. The trainers were extremely knowledgeable, positive, supportive and helpful. Following puppy training I signed up for Individual training sessions and then started group classes. Maddie is now 7 months of age and doing great! I highly recommend taking your puppy or dog through this training - you will not be disappointed!!

Chrissy Alexis gaming

4 years ago

We purchased a Family protection dog from the k9 training academy after 6 months of searching and visiting places. Richard and his staff were very helpful and spent no time trying to sell us, rather they spent a lot of time making sure we …

Chris Dixon

4 years ago

This place is amazing, if you need your dog trained look no further! Rick Lherrison and the K9 Training Academy goes above and beyond to make sure that your dog is trained to fit whatever needs you have.


4 years ago

I would highly recommend The K9 training to anyone that needs their service . I took my American bulldog for training /boarding and was very impressed. Rick and his team was very informative about the procedure and expectations of the …

Mister bringit

4 years ago

Definitely a great place to get a trained dog or get your dog trained. We have had 2 experiences with The K9 Training Academy and both have been very good. We bought a puppy Giant Schnauzer from them which we later had trained by them and she is an absolute charm to my family. im looking forward to doing more business with The k9 Training academy.

Montae J

4 years ago

Chris our trainer is amazing! My dogs have made a complete turn around and I have learned a lot because of him and her skills (and love for dogs!). I still have a lot of work to do with my dogs but The K9 Training have given me the tools to …


4 years ago

Positive team of trainers with the upmost respect of all dogs at their facility! They trained both my Rottweilers in basic and then advanced levels of command and security. My dogs are both thriving and doing exceptionally well! I would …

Patty Germain

4 years ago

My dog was trained from a puppy with K-9! He’s 7 years old now and still remembers all his manners and commands. Highly recommended! Thanks Rick & Elica!

Purpose Lifestyles

4 years ago

My family and I can not thank you guys enough.We are so amazed at the work Richard and his staff did with our dog. We procrastinated on sending our dog to training and we paid the price dearly . He was out of control and destroyed our house and attacked a neighbor and her dog. we were warned and left with high medical bills to pay. My husband was ready to put him down or send him to the shelter. The kids and i begged and he decided to call The k9 training academy. They deliver REAL dog obedience. Our dog has some discipline and self control now. the neighbors are amazed and have sent their dogs to The k9 training academy now as well. Thank you Richard !

Rick Lherisson

4 years ago

I may be bias, but if your looking for real life dog training , look no further. The k9 training Academy offers on and off lease training for all breeds. It is one of the only few schools that deal with aggressive dogs and fearful dogs. We have proven time and time again that all dogs are trainable, you just have to have more then one method of training. Now locations in South Florida and Central Florida. Check out the videos on the youtube channel TEAMK9CLUB. True obedience speaks for itself.

Anthony S. Cruz

4 years ago

Best training institute for your pet and trainer in awesome in learning..

Rusty Bently

4 years ago

ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR. THIS MAN IS A DOG ABUSER NOT A DOG TRAINER. If you want to keep your pets alive- and safe- do not take them to see him.

S. E.

4 years ago

Grateful for Rick and to have found The K9 Training Academy. I took my Dog Ace to Rick when I was in the process of moving. Rick was extremely accommodating through the whole process. My pup went from living in a house with a big backyard where he would run and do whatever he wanted to an apartment where he could not do the same. If it wasn't for Rick I do not know how I would've done it. My Dog now walks right next to me like a good boy on a leash. This was so important to me since everyone stereotypes his breed just because he looks intimidating which is more of a reason as to why it was important to me for him to be educated. Thanks again Rick. I will definitely be taking my next Dog to you but this time I won't take so long to do so. Lol.

Shell’s Journey

4 years ago

My dog was very disobedient, she would jump all over us, mess our clothing up, nibble on my kids, and make us chase her down the street, and would NEVER walk on the leash. NOWWWW, Shelby does NONE of these things, and if she gets too …

Terry Jones

4 years ago

We have a six month old chocolate labrador retriever. He was hyper and starting to rebel. He has a great temperament but no discipline. We decided on the board and train method for our lab. Richard and Chris came to our house for the …

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