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Angela Johnston

a year ago

Teddy our 11lbs yorkie/poo stayed at Ruffgers in Stuart while my husband and I were on a week long trip and from what I saw on the video cameras he was having a ball! I never knew he got along with other dogs so well! They made sure he received his heart medication twice a day as well. I felt he was in very capable hands and was treated very well. The one thing that impressed me was while I was watching Teddy on the web camera there was another larger dog in his group that would jump on the handler constantly and I never saw her get frustrated with this dog but stayed calm and would guide him off her. It showed her compassion and level of patience . I also felt Teddy was paired in the right group of dogs, he played with them all small and large.

Butch Dusharm

2 years ago

Cameras are out and they don’t know when or if they will be functional. I like to watch my pup outside to make sure she is getting her exercise in. They also don’t have a daily schedule in writing. I find this unsettling. The last time I picked her up on a Sunday she ran outside and peed for a long time which tells me she hadn’t been out for quite a while. Hope these issues get resolved or I will look elsewhere for boarding.

A Hall

2 years ago

We have been customers for over 5 years. Unfortunately, the new ownership now allows aggressive breeds. With our two tiny dogs, this will no longer work for us. A policy change after this many years of loyal patronage is disappointing.

Patti Jacoby

2 years ago

Because I love my fur baby, and I want her to have some fun.

Martha Remington

2 years ago

My goodness I love love Chicago ❤️???????? so much to do and see!!!

Gayla Luttrell

2 years ago

Ella has been going there for 4 1/2 years and absolutely loves it! (Especially swimming in the pool) We drive about 35 minutes to get there but it’s worth it because we know our baby is loved and well cared for.

Steven Farrell (Steve)

2 years ago

We have an older dog, a 12 year old Labradoddle named Riley. He is a very important member of our family. We rarely leave him alone. He loves riding in our truck and as soon as he hears keys, he is always the first one to the front door. We asked Riley's veterinarian for a pet care recommendation. Without hesitation, she mentioned The Fur Seasons. We checked their Google reviews and made an appointment to tour the facilities. They recommended we bring Riley with us so he could meet the Staff and get the lay of the land. They also wanted to meet Riley so he be assessed for temperament and behavior. Since Riley views himself as self appointed mayor and official welcoming committee to all he meets, his meet and greet went perfectly. This place is The Four Seasons for dogs and cats. We were buzzed into the entrance and were met there by the owner. She gave my wife and I the grand tour while Riley visited with the staff. This facility is amazing. Aside from the built-in swimming pool, the outdoor area's were well maintained and clean. The dogs are grouped by size. They even have CCTV, so you can virtually visit with your fur-baby while you're away. The cats have a special area with towers in the rooms so they can do their cat thing. They all seemed happy and very content. The owner gave us a guided tour of the facility. It was built as a special use building for pets. It is hurricane protected and even has a backup generator in case the power goes down. The building was meticulously clean and maintained. The owner's husband is an architect and designed the building. You can tell that everyone working there really loved their jobs and the pets in their care. They have half and all day pet care, overnight and weekly offerings. We left Riley for a full day of care. He has some medical issues which require him to be fed every 2 hours as well as be administered medication multiple times a day. The Fur Seasons took great care of him. Every time we peeked in on the video feed, there was a staff member with or near him. He had such a good time, he fell asleep in the truck on the way home. We would absolutely recommend The Fur Seasons to take care of your fur-baby. Their fees are very fair considering the facility and staffing. If you leave your pet overnight, there is always staff on-site 24/7. The overnight accommodations rival a 5 star hotel. The rooms all have beds, chairs and some even have televisions. If your dog is use to having night time company, you can arrange for them to stay with the overnight staff so they won't be lonely while you're away. We highly encourage you to check out the facilities. You will have no problem leaving your four-legged family member in the expert and loving care of The Fur Seasons.


2 years ago

When we came in they told us we are not allowed to see our pets. Our animals were red in the mouth. God knows what happened to them

Joan Antolik

3 years ago

I have been using the Fur Seasons since they opened. I am on my second dog and know that if I had an issue that they would take care of it. I trust Drew and her employees and know my dog is taken good care of.

J Morrow

3 years ago

My lab gets excited to go to the doggie day care and loves her one day a week visit.

Dan Horne

3 years ago

Our Lab loves The Fur Seasons. She RUNS full speed to go inside whenever we bring her there. She gets the exercise and attention we want for her when we travel. The communication from the staff is wonderful and gives us peace of mind that our dog is doing well when we have to be gone. Great place run by wonderful people.

Marcia Arroyo

3 years ago

Fun place for our baby to visit. Very friendly staff ????

R Koz

3 years ago

We have been taking our boys for over 7 years. We feel confident that they are well cared for and safe. Our beagles need a lot of physical and mental stimulation and the Fur Seasons does a great job in providing both. I think a true sign is when they arrive they practically knock the door down to get in. We are very grateful to have such a great team taking care of our boys.

Nancy Roth

4 years ago

I've know the owners of this amazing facility for years. Their integrity and love for the animals goes above and beyond. Highly recommended.

laura roth

4 years ago

I have been to the Fur Seasons many times and absolutely love what they do there. The employees have always been very friendly and attentive to my fur babies. The gym, the suites, the dog bone shaped pool, and the outdoor play area were thoughtfully designed for any dog to enjoy! It is definitely a place you can feel comfortable leaving your babies knowing they will have fun and be well taken care of.

Longfellow Haring

4 years ago

Fantastic service, as a pet owner I would not choose any other place for my pet dog. They took care of him just as how I would. Highly recommended if you live in the area.

Leslie L Scott

4 years ago

Clean, safe, friendly. Been coming for years. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.


4 years ago

Please be sure you do your diligent research before choosing this facility or any other facility like this one. What is being presented to you, just know is not entirely true, and is being portrayed to make the owners of the company look like the service they are providing for you is worth the price they will be charging you. As someone who knows first hand, you will not be getting what you paid for. For the most part your dog will be safe and most likely fed. But I’m assuming you are not taking your dog to this “luxury” boarding facility to have your dog sit in a room all day and be given meals. You could take them to the vet for that matter. As far as saying “most likely fed” yes I mean it is a 50/50 chance your dog may or may not be fed every single meal as requested. The people they hire are poorly paid and overworked and under qualified 95% of the time. I have witnessed first hand dogs missing meals and even medications. Of course, anyone who works there will deny this especially the owners. They will assure you they did everything they could to ensure your dog had the most fabulous time ever and played for hours and hours. Which as far as daycare goes, if you are taking your dog because you don’t want them to sit in a room all day at home, don’t. That is literally what you will be paying them for your dog to do. Your dog will play a total of 2 hours. No I am not kidding, 2 hours. Because they have so many dogs they have to break them into groups, so one group plays from 10-11 and the other from 11-12. Which sometimes is cut short because they are almost always short staffed. The second part of the day is run the same way 1 hour from 2-3 for one group and 1 hour from 3-4 for the other group. Leading your grand total of play time for your fur baby at a whopping 2 hours. So please do not purchase a package deal for almost 500$$ because you will NOT be getting your moneys worth. Seeing some of the other negative reviews I can only assure you what is being said is 100% true and not just disgruntled ex employees. People who bring there dogs to this facility should know what they are REALLY getting. Ever wonder why you are constantly seeing so many new faces? I’m assuming it’s not because the owners treat there employees so well and pay them appropriately for the job they do. From one pet owner to another, think long and hard about who you trust your babies with, and don’t just throw your money blindly at these greedy business owners.

Whitney Hines

4 years ago

This place is the best! If you’re looking for someone you can trust to take care of your pets when you’re away, this is for you. I used Fur Seasons for long trips and for day care for a long time and I always come back to a clean and happy dog. They are friendly and will show you around so you can see where your dog will stay. They follow instructions for any special care. My dog recently had ACL surgery and his care instructions were very specific. The staff did an awesome job caring for him with his medicine and special schedule– I wouldn’t have trusted many other people to care for him so soon after surgery. You have a lot of peace of mind when your dog is there.

Doris Hamilton

4 years ago

Kona was so excited when we pulled into the parking area, I thought he was going to jump out the car window.


4 years ago

Our Dog loves this place !!

Diane Dee

4 years ago

A great place! It's a professionally run and attractive surrounding, which makes me feel comfortable to leave my pets there.

Cathy Albanese

4 years ago

Awesome luxury for you pet but they don't accept all breeds.

Carolyn Green

4 years ago

Piper had a great visit! Thank you for taking such good care of my dog.


4 years ago

We have been bringing our dogs to this place for 10 years. Great facility and great staff. Lots of room for the pets to play.

Ashley Owens

4 years ago

Big yards and a great pool. My golden doodle Coco loves to swim.

Anna B. Mitchell

4 years ago

Martini, my cat, has stayed at Fur Seasons many times, mostly for at least a week. When we pick him up, he is glad to see us, but meows because he’ll miss the staff playing with him.

Ann Rupert

4 years ago

So disappointed! I had hoped to have a better experience, but I will be looking elsewhere for my dogs. My tour of the facility was all I needed to know this was not the place for my babies. I went at a time I was told dogs would be out in groups so I could see how it works as I was told by the blonde at the desk, but no dogs were outside or in the playrooms. My question to that was never answered. The smell of urine was overpowering in this so called "luxury" boarding facility. Most importantly was how the women I was told was the owner was so rude and abrasive to not only her employers but to me a potential client as well!

Angie Isaacs

4 years ago

Pet hotel very cool nice people

George Ram

4 years ago

My family has been getting our pets to this facility for years and we have been very satisfied always by the care & service extended by their helpful staff. They are simply nice & caring people who love pets and know how to take care of them. Will definitely recommend Fur Seasons.

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