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elizabeth scott

2 years ago

We got Maxi, a seizure response dog, for my son. Jason couldn't have matched my son with a better friend. She has been the best thing to ever happen to him. She does all her commands and even alerts us to his seizures.

Mitchell Wood Worx

2 years ago

Canines 4 Hope trained my daughters service dog. Bentley was trained very well. My daughter and I came down and spent 4 days training and letting them bond. Jason was very patient with my daughter while training with Bentley. We highly recommend Canines for Hope.

Izzy Rose

3 years ago

I contacted this place twice. The first time was November 23, 2019. The second was on November 27, 2019. I contacted them twice because it had been a few days since I sent the first email, and wondered if maybe it didn't go through. Fast forward a while, and we end up on January 11, 2020. Waiting that long to reply is extremely unprofessional. And I didn't even get an apology for the wait for a response. What I did get was an answer to both of my emails. Two minutes apart. That really raises a red flag. And then I looked at the emails. The responses were exactly the same. Someone just copied the exact same paragraph and pasted it for the response to both my emails The thing is, their replies didn't answer many of my questions. In fact, it just raised more. The final straw was when I was cleaning out my gmail today, and saw these emails again. I read through, and one of the things the replies said told me that this is most likely a scam. It said "The training process takes five to eight months depending on the age and breed of dog". No. Just no. Training a true Service Dog takes AT LEAST a year. Do not engage with this facility

Carole Abram

4 years ago

Got a service dog for my daughter through Jason at Canines 4 Hope for training and I don’t regret my decision whatsoever. Jason is phenomenal and went above and beyond to make sure Sadie was a perfect fit for our home and my daughter. Having my daughter on the spectrum I didn’t think it would be easy to find a dog she would bond with and Sadie is absolutely perfect as their bond is inseparable. She is a very well trained dog. Honestly, if I could give him 10 stars I would. His staff was also very nice and comforting. I love how he made house visits and he even set up the crate for us on the day of Sadie’s arrival into her forever home. Thank you Jason for everything.


4 years ago

I got my Malone from Canines 4 hope. He has been a lifesaver. He goes with me everywhere and everyone always comments on how well trained he is. He has stayed with me in the hospital and alerted the nurse when I was having a seizure. He has changed my life. My PTSD and Asperger’s syndrome had kept me from doing so many things. With Malone at my side I have been able to go back to school and get a great job. Thank you Jason for all you have done.

Jose Pegoraro

4 years ago

Don’t ignore the bad reviews like I did. I went to Canines 4 hope in confidence that this was a great place to do business with. But I was wrong. When going there for the first time to meet Jason, he showed me some dogs to choose from and the one I had chosen was a dog who originally belonged to someone else, but that person returned the dog. He explained this to me after I had told him that’s the dog I wanted. I also wanted to make sure that there was no risk of me having to return the dog if the previous owners had a change of heart. He assured me that the dog was his and that there was no risk of having to return him. I spent two months driving two hours to Palm city and two hours back home. A total of 4 hours out of my day for two months to learn how to maintain the dog. The week of that I was finally going to bring the dog home with me, Jason calls me and tells me that he can’t give me the dog because the family wanted him back. I had just spent $400 on toys, food, bed, crate, and treats for The dog that week. So as you guessed, I was distraught to have Jason tell me this. I was very confused at the time, mainly from the fact he had assured me that this wouldn’t happen. I went to see Jason to speak with him in person because I wasn’t understanding why this was happening. In the end, it was bad business in his end. When he originally showed me the dog, the dog had just been returned and Jason had promised the family that he would hold on to him for a few weeks in case they changed their minds. Plus he mentioned he didn’t give the family a refund. So afraid of getting into a lawsuit with this family, he decided to return the dog. Now after 3 months Jason came in contact with me saying that the family doesn’t want the dog anymore and how he can sell me the dog for sure this time. I refuse to do business with him and don’t recommend you do as well. I believe Jason has no integrity when doing business.

Nicole Stone

4 years ago

Buys dogs from a puppy mill and sells them as service dogs. horrible human being, apply for a better program. SEIZURE ALERT DOGS CANNOT BE TRAINED, ONLY NURTURED. SEIZURE ALERT IS A NATURAL ALERT, seizure response dogs can be trained. Beware anyone who claims to supply seizure alert dogs.

Susan Branin

4 years ago

If I could give zero stars, I would. If you are wanting a seizure assist or alert dog, I urge you to go elsewhere. After almost $13,000 for a seizure assist dog and almost a year of supposedly seizure training, we received nothing more than an ordinary dog that just had obedience training. We love our dog, but he is not what we paid for or what we needed him to be. Jason was incredibly rude and harsh with my daughter and she was terrified of him. Jason has no sympathy, which you would think he would since he knows what it is like to have children with seizures but he is all for himself and making an easy dollar for himself. Please, if you need a true service dog to help you or your loved one, keep looking. There are wonderful places to get these wonderful animals and protectors that actually do their job. CaninesforHope is NOT the place!!!!!


5 years ago

We had a great experience with Canines 4 Hope. The grounds and living areas were clean, and the dogs were well taken care of and happy. The staff members were very friendly and helpful. They got back to me quickly and had a lot of patience with all of my questions. I would use them again and definitely recommend their services.

Timothy Compton

5 years ago

Canines 4 Hope is a great dog training company! Jason and his staff trained my Border Collie (Angel) to be a PTSD service dog for me after being medically retired from the Marine Corps. They were fantastic to work with, genuine, kind, and professional throughout the entire process. Angel is very highly trained and is tuned into my every move and emotion. She has proved to be a life saver and most of all, my best friend! Thank you to Jason and his staff! I highly recommend them!

Susan Ducale

5 years ago

I can't say enough about Canine for hope, we received our lab from the facility in September 2016, and are very please. We spent some time at the facility with the trainers and our dog. Everyone we came in contact with was very professional and had a willingness to help with anything we needed once we got her home. I would highly recommend Canine 4 Hope to anyone needing a service animal. They are kind, compassionate and go above and beyond to meet there clients needs.

Mindie Newman

5 years ago

I went to observe and I was very impressed. The dogs living quarters were extremely clean and spacious, they seemed very happy and well behaved. Also the grounds are very clean and well maintained.


5 years ago

Awesome people and amazing trainers!!

James Murray

5 years ago

We wanted to thank canines 4 hope for providing our child with a service dog working with them was a great experience we can already see the positive changes the dog has had in our life thank you

Jacob Mcbeth

5 years ago

I would just like to thank Canines4Hope for the service the great job they have done. I purchased an Autism service dog from this company, and has drastically changed my families lives for the better. I would recommend

Heath Honeycutt

5 years ago

Working with Canines 4 Hope was such an awesome experience! We reached out to them a year ago about our autistic son and from the start they gave us the personal attention we needed to make sure our transaction was a success. They did their homework on our son to ensure they provided him with exactly what he needed to improve his quality of life. Everyone we worked with was very professional, and at the same time they were personal and showed us that we were important to them not as just as clients, but as people. When we went to pick up our service dog they were well prepared and very informative in their training. We were able to leave there confident that this was going to be a great experience. Not only that, we were amazed at how much our dog had already been trained. It was AMAZING. She was so well behaved and able to do more commands than I could have ever imagined. Not only that, she already recognized our son because of some steps they had taken to make sure this meeting would be a success. Since we have been home we have only been more impressed by the whole experience. I would recommend Canines 4 Hope to anyone looking for a service dog. We are in debt to them and feel blessed to have been able to work with them. Thank you Canines 4 Hope!

Ginger Hanna

5 years ago

I hired Jason to train my Goldendoodle. After only 3 sessions, he was a totally different dog. Jason is a fantastic trainer! I highly recommend him.

Dorthea Alsberg

5 years ago

If I could give zero stars I would. I would be dead if I relied on my service dog to alert me. …

Debbie Wertz

5 years ago

We contracted with Jason for a service dog for our grandson in 2015. My daughter and grandson flew to Florida to meet her. She was brought to my grandson in April 2016, the trainer spent less than 3 days with the family and thay due to public access anxiety should would be unable to perform as needed. BUT we could give her xanax or prozac to help. After back and forth discussions, we were told we could keep her or return her, but either way a dog would be trained for my grandson. It will be 3 years this coming April. My grandson still does not have the service dog he was promised. I am happy for those of you who did get what you needed, but I am hearted broken we did not. Although we fell in love with Mira- she is not the $12,500 dog we contracted for. And refunds are nonnegotiable. Shame on this organization for misleadingly a little boy looking so forward to his dog. This will not be the end of our story. I can only hope that my next review will be more positive. Deborah Wertz

Cora Ners

5 years ago

I have no doubt that most, if not all, of the 5 star reviews are from employees or the owner himself. I contracted with Jason for a seizure alert service dog for my 8-year-old son. The contract outlined everything the service dog would do. …

Charlene C

5 years ago

Great rescource for those needing a service dog. Dogs are happy and well taken care of.


5 years ago

From the comments below I can not believe that this is same business that I dealt with. From my experience and from other clients of Canines 4 Hope I have talked to the treatment and training of the dogs is impeccable. I first came in …

al king

6 years ago

This guy is a scam. 10K get the hell outta here!

Rosey B

6 years ago

The dogs are kept in a stressful environment and are not given water in there kennels because they don't want the dogs to pee in their kennels. However, it is illegal to deprive an animal of water as stated under chapter 828 of Florida …

Janet Wakeley

7 years ago

Canines 4 Hope was recommended by a friend and we are so grateful. Our trainer, Meredith, was exemplary! There was an instant connection upon our first meeting between our 6 month old GSD as well as her humans. After just 6 sessions, our …

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