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Melissa Savage

2 years ago

I wish I could give a million stars to the Animal Hospital I would. They saved my furbaby’s life. Our cat started out at a different hospital where he was not treated properly for 6 days and he was declining fast. Thankfully I got him to this hospital in time and in three days a complete turn around he is now eating and acting himself again. From the time I called the whole team of professionals from reception to all the doctors have showed professionalism, compassion, support care and concern for what we went through. Using their medical expertise used the correct treatments and saved his life. I will never take my animals to another vet again besides here. If your fur-babies are sick or you need a good vet this is the place you want to be so humbled and thankful for this team of angels. I cannot say enough about Gateway Animal Hospital.

Cathy Tiehaara

2 years ago

Christmas eve day and my elder dog is short of breath, weak, tired, listless.. we called at 11am.. they took us right in.. chest xray, Evaluated, meds, discussion, out the door, very professional and very thorough... we were impressed.. thank you..Dr Stephanie and staff

Haley Burrichter

2 years ago

I brought my dog here tonight to get stitches after calling three other vets- including the emergency vet and having no luck. They took my dog right away and were extremely kind and understanding. They were also upfront with exactly how much it would cost, which I appreciated and stayed open late to make sure my dog was okay. Thank you!

Tina Johnson

2 years ago

I am beyond impressed with this entire office. I cannot thank them enough for their patience and understanding with my.pitbull puppy. She had a hard start and can be scared of everything and very vocal. They let her come to them. The vet was even patient. I will be bringing both our other dogs here moving forward. Thank you again. Phoebe and her Mom

Daniel Johnson

2 years ago

If I could give 0 stars I would. Please don’t board your pets here. The current kennel staff is lazy, forgetful, and neglectful. This hospital has a habit of hiring underage, under-qualified/untrained people. Careless, would be one word to encapsulate the employees at Gateway. Pets have been moved into the second holding kennel and the proper communication protocols weren’t followed so no one knew the pet was by itself or even needed care until the NEXT DAY. To top it off, the employee who did this (multiple times) was not punished, however, he was rewarded and moved up into a leadership position. Animals are often given the wrong food or wrong portions which leads to stomach issues and terrible diarrhea. Dogs are often without water, their bowls dry or knocked over and not refilled. Any special instructions such as extra walks or playtime are ignored as the employees either don’t have time or don’t make the time for pet’s individual needs. The cages are rarely thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned; there’s constantly a layer of residual pet feces caked onto the doors and cage ceilings. Pets are in such close proximity to each other they are all stressed and could easily spread illness/parasites. This hospital should be ashamed to call itself a boarding facility. If you board your pets here please understand you’re paying for your pet to serve time in a holding cell.

Judi LaMere

2 years ago

The staff is great. Doctor is very kind seems to love her work. Prices good. I will be back

karyn ingrande

2 years ago

I have been a customer of Dr Mclemore and his family since 1980. We have had many joyous and sad moments in these 41 years. All of our beloved pets and eventually our grown children’s pets have seen Dr. Mclemore and his staff. They care for each pet as if it were their own fur babies. They keep up with all new technologies and education. Dr Mclemore is an outstanding surgeon. And friend to all. We love Gateway Animal Hospital❤️

Megan Tallent

2 years ago

I took my dog Ellie to see Dr. Stephanie over some alarming health issues. In scary moments about your pet it is a relief to go to a good Vet. I felt as if she really cared about my pet. She listened to my concerns and assessed my dog then personally called me back to let me know about the test results and what to do next.

Natalie Trout

2 years ago

I took my dog there for wellness check, this is the second time taking my dog there. When I got there part of the wellness exam is to take stool, urine, and blood samples. I never saw them take the blood sample, when I asked why they didn't take the blood sample they said the doctor/assistant left and I would have to bring my dog back another time for the blood sample. The next day I got a call from the doctor I had originally requested to see my dog stating that they took the blood sample when they took my dog for a walk. How is that even possible or sanitary? I got charged for blood work and all the other components of a wellness exam although I didn't actually see them do much. I requested a specific doctor and they didn't call me to let me know that doctor would not be there when my dog and I came for our appointment. The doctor that did the wellness exam didn't check my dogs mouth, body, or anything else that was included in the wellness exam. I will definitely not be returning to this Animal Hospital as in my opinion they ripped me off.

Sarah Bulla

2 years ago

Dr Stephanie is amazing, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable on top of her game! We wouldn’t dare go anywhere else! We drive across town with out a thought about it. You should too.

French ToastyMan

3 years ago

The doctor that works there, and walks out? There are three patients waiting and it’s close to closing?! The doctor needs to leave, please find another one! You guys can do a lot better! It’s not okay for him to be doing that at all! If my dog or cat gets extremely ill, and I go there, I would not want the doctor to leave while I’m sitting there, hoping my dog doesn’t end up dying right then and there. I can drive down to the other office if I have to. Find another doctor please!!!


3 years ago

My 3 kitties have been going here on and off for 6 years. Doctors are not very caring. Staff is rude. Neither want to listen. Very loud and not very clean. Give 2 stars as the cost is affordable. Dr. McLemore was the only thing good …

Haylie Jones

3 years ago

Everyone has NO IDEA what they're doing or supposed to be doing. All employees act like they are busy to try and avoid customers. I will not come back...

Patti A

3 years ago

Dr. Stephanie McLemore is very professional and knowledgeable. A couple of days after my appointment she called to check on my Beagle Sasha. I wasn't rushed on the phone with her. She's a very caring Doctor. I honestly felt like Sasha was in good hands with Dr. Stephanie McLemore.

Wendy Brown

3 years ago

The doctor is very good. The staff although very sweet seems extremely disorganized. I switched over from Banfield as a recommendation from a co-worker. I have had several communication errors with the staff. I have tried for over a month …


3 years ago

They can’t even keep track of the appointments they set or animals records so why would anyone ever trust this place with their animals care?

Mike Fratone

3 years ago

Dr. Blanchard rules! He is a great veterinarian. He acted quickly to save our cat's life and is continuing to ensure his condition is properly managed. When our cat was in dire need of emergency care, Dr Blanchard deferred payment, opting to bill our account so that we could quickly whisk our cat to an emergency clinic to save precious time. Upon check up, he made corrections to the prescribed medicine the emergency clinic had given us, and overall, really seems invested in our cat's wellfare. He has our utmost gratitude, and though it may sound a bit melodramatic, is a hero to our family. Thanks so much, you deserve more praise than we could ever give!

Lucia-Melissa Teshner

3 years ago

I had my first vet visit ever here. We bought a puppy and called for a routine check, got a same day appointment! Three weeks later, today, we had our second appointment. The hospital was a little bit busier than the first time, meaning the waiting time was about 30 minutes instead of 5, like at the first appointment. The staff was very friendly and helpful, everyone is in such a good mood even though it might be stressful with a lot of patients. Both times the doctors took their time to make sure that all our questions are gonna be answered. Assistants + doctors give you honest tips and recommendations for products (not just their own). I highly recommend that place! Wouldn’t bring my puppy anywhere else. (English is my second language, sorry for any mistakes. Also that’s my first review!)

Lauren Forster

3 years ago

We won’t be taking our pets here anymore. Long wait times, phone is always busy and can’t leave a message. The staff at the front is ALWAYS rude. They never know what medications my animals are on (don’t even bother to look on the charts). They want to spread out as many appointments as possible when trying to diagnose/treat one issue as simple as hairballs. I brought my cat in for bloodwork while she was on a medication and they didn’t bother to tell me that they needed her to have the medicine 4-6 hrs before they drew her blood until I was already there and had been waiting for awhile.

La baker

3 years ago

Horrible office. Rip off. I had just moved to the area. The first appointment, the vet was on the rude side when i asked a question so it deterred me from asking anything else. He said my dog needs 6 teeth pulled, which confirmed what my previous vet stated. After having been told he was on the schedule on the phone, but when i got there they said he wasn't and had to reschedule, i took him back for his teeth. When i picked him up the lady said she was able to clean his teeth and only needed 1 pulled. 3 days later i noticed his breath was bad again, checked his mouth and found rotted teeth. I paid $500 for his teeth visit. I tried to calling to speak with the manager, but was told i need to make an appointment and bring him in. I REFUSE to go back so they can charge me another 500 bucks, lie again and only pull 1 just to keep me coming back.

Kira Figueroa

3 years ago

Took my puppy here 4 times and every time I come in they ask if he’s a new puppy.. all the staff seem to have no idea what they are doing or talking about. When I asked them a question they just look confused and can never tell me an answer. I’ve asked for all copies of my dogs paperwork to know exactly what is given to him, and I was only given two papers.. and it was only the first visit and the last, but I’ve been there 4 times. They overcharged me twice. They take forever to see your animal. Their filing is just awful, how do I not have any information about the multiple times he’s been here? Or when I come in which the information the vet told me, they staff try’s to tell me another. It’s just ridiculous and doesn’t make sense to me, I definitely won’t be bringing my pup back here ever again.


3 years ago

Greetings , I would have to say Gateway Hospital is probably one of the last competent vets available in St Pete . The Vet techs are respectful and professional . Doctor McLemore is truly knowledgeable. I would recommend this vet to anyone seeking some actual information about your animal, they are big on gathering data about your pet before taking actions. Unlike many other vets that like to catch people in a tight spot on the weekend and run them through a little dog and pony show , The Doctors at Gateway are straight shooters ; they won't beat around the bush and lie after the results come in ; If you truly want a vet that is professional and holds themselves to a high standard ; Choose gateway. They do tend to have high amounts of traffic because of the shortage of good doctors in the city, Schedule your appointment early. I've gone out of my way to write this review for them to spread the word. - THANK YOU!

Carole Perrot

3 years ago

My first experience at Gateway Animal Hospital was not satisfactory. I took my cat there, and especially for a first visit I was expecting to meet the vet in person, to ask him/her questions and advice as I am a new cat owner. That did not happen. The vet assistant took my cat saying that they would weight him, but she eventually took him in another examination room without telling me. As a matter of fact, I am not even sure the vet was there in person. How could I know? They did whatever they had to do (without asking me), then the vet assistant came back with my cat in one hand and the bill in the other one. She told me to wait a second as she would come back with medication. I paid, she came back and asked me if I had paid before giving me the antibiotics. I stayed 15 min, paid $120 for an exam which I didn't attend and some antibiotics. Not contesting the charge, I am just saying that I wish I could have seen what they really did. This visit just felt so wrong... She also told me to come back to check my cat 3-5 days later. That won't happen, at least not in this clinic.

Carrie Lapka

3 years ago

I typically love this vet. Today I took my dog there and they prescribed an allergy medicine which the vet did not tell me how expensive it was. We researched and based on side effects wanted to return. I contacted them, but they will not let me return the medication. This is an expense that I will not use. Disappointed.

Evangeline M

3 years ago

I’m so glad I chose Gateway! Dr. McLemore is so passionate and intelligent, I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with her.

Gigi Lefebvre

3 years ago

I began using Gateway Animal Hospital in January 1988. Fribley (the first dog for whom Dr. McLemore cared) lived a healthy life of 16 1/2 years. Over the past 31 years, Dr. McLemore & Dr. Blanchard have cared for my dogs & cats, both …

Jennifer Bunt

3 years ago

I don’t even know where to begin. My 10 month old cat was turned away at 2 places. Then was quoted for surgery at the 3rd place for $4000. He had an intestinal obstruction so it wasn’t an easy surgery. After a week of being told no, or a price I couldn’t pay I felt defeated. My cat was dying in front of me and after the 10th place I called..I was made to feel my only choice was to euthanize him. That wasn’t an option. A friend contacted Dr. Macklemore. WOW!!! This man is an angel and truly amazing! The staff and the techs there have the best interest for your pet. They will do everything they can to save your pets life. I was turned away so many times and there was nothing standing in the way for Dr. Macklamore to save my kitties life. I will be switching both of my dogs there. Thank you!

Jim Calhoun

3 years ago

We love the care and Compassion that Dr. Stephanie has for animals, wouldn't take our babies anywhere else.


3 years ago

Really wish I could take back all the times I’ve been to this pathetic vet. The older male doctor is just completely vague and super rude. The rest of the staff gave me different answers and seems as if they really don’t know what’s going …

J Beaulieu

3 years ago

Honestly I do like the hospital and prices are reasonable. This is with one exception. When Dr J McLemore services the animals brought in for assistance, the bill is always higher than the other times and other doctors. Is it about the pet …

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