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Stacey Guthrie

2 years ago

I was able to get my 14 month old puppy in to see the doctor less than 24 hours after I called. I arrived 5 minutes early and was brought back promptly on time. Dr. Pierce was also the doctor who saw my Momma dog and the puppies when they were born. Office staff friendly and professional office staff.

Billy Sutton

2 years ago

The Doctors here really care about your pets. I recommend them to everyone.

Francine Sutton

2 years ago

Dr. Campos is fantastic. Recommend to everyone to go here.

Darren Akin

2 years ago

Love the staff and the doctors. Very caring and don't nickel and dime you. My dog cut his face, I called them right before closing and they did not hesitate to tell me to bring him in.

Roberta Belback (Bobbie)

2 years ago

They took such good care of my dog! I would highly recommend them. They were all kind and courteous and took time to explain everything to me. I felt they were very reasonable also. Paid much less for surgery on my pup than I expected to.

Tellina Addison

2 years ago

They were able to get us an appointment very quickly. They were very accommodating of my really freaked out dog. The waiting room was a little crowded, but I was late, so that might have been avoidable. Prices were good.

Camille Lancia

2 years ago

Far too busy. They cannot approve chewy prescriptions on time, cannot communicate with other clinics to receive and input previous records and are almost impossible to get ahold of on the phone. Line is always off the hook or you’ll be put on hold 5 times just to get a quick question answered. I respect that they have many clients and patients but I feel as if I cannot ever rely on them for even the smallest inquiries

Allison Pacheco

2 years ago

I can not say enough good things about them, to the front desk,nurse,vet and surgeon, all amazing! they squeezed my dog in on an emergency when other vets turned us down. They were kind compassionate and professional. My dog ended up needing surgery and they went out of their way to try and save me money. They kept me updated every step of the way and let me know what the prices were before anything was done. I have never had this good of an experience during an awful time for my dog.just amazing I will never go to another vet and recommend them to everyone I know l

Andrew Harbuck

2 years ago

Took our fur baby there, after our regular vet was not available. She was very ill. San Francis was really on the ball . Did test and prescribed medication. Had a followup visit to do a test that my wife had said no too. Bottom line our baby is doing great. I would recommend this place.

Marcella Moran

2 years ago

We are new in Florida and took our dog for his yearly checkup. We had used VCA in Pennsylvania so were familiar with the VCA group in general. We had asked around about a vet and San Francis was raved about. Our appointment was with Dr. Ward. We were very impressed with her skills, knowledge, recommendations, how she handled Buddy...not the easiest by any stretch. Buddy required sedation for his mani-pedi because Philadelphia Street Rats (rescue/stray) hate to be groomed. They did a fantastic job with him. I felt their pricing was fair as well. Thank you for all that you do. Marci

Barbara Buell

2 years ago

Wonderful experience. This is my “new” place to take my ????‍⬛. Dr. Ibrahim is a compassionate veterinarian, and fully explained my kitty’s problem. Thank you Dr. Ibrahim.


2 years ago

I had such an awful experience at this place… no compassion or anything. My dog was so sick, had a tumor, no hope and the doctor was just being so rude about it. on top of that even seemed annoyed from all the questions I was asking and just wanted to get on with the next client. This was the worst moment of my life they couldn’t show a bit of sympathy to a 22 year old? Come on. Obviously it’s just about the money and don’t care about you nor your animal. I’m never coming to this place ever again in the future. I felt so disrespected. It only took for me to start full on crying to calm his attitude down. My dog came here her whole life almost 13 years and they didn’t even have the audacity to send a sympathy card when she passed when I got 2 from the emergency room. My dog and I deserved better. Strongly don’t recommend.

John Botts

2 years ago

They have been taking care of our pet for years and when it came to the end. All they kept saying we need more tests and time. Two months ago we took our coco to them and told them what is going on. We wanted to let our coco go in her sleep All they wanted is more money more money.

Daniel Boyington

2 years ago

We took our cat there they were ready to let him die if we couldn’t pay them the bill starts at 600 then rises over 50/ in one day charged us 160 for cat food for two days for a cat! We never spoke with the same vet we were not given very good information. We didn’t get a breakdown of charges till we were walking out the door. A few of the front staff were decent but that’s all I can say about this place! I feel they took advantage of us once we had the ability to pay! So if you have money ya take your animal here if not find a service that will work with you and give you everything up front so you don’t put your self in debt because they will! Don’t take the care credit because they will run it dry and then take whatever cash they can from you also! Parasites! I will take my animals to any other vet besides here at this time!

Joselin Colon

2 years ago

Dr. Yan and Gabriel are both absolutely amazing. Thank you so much Dr. Yan for saving Rocky and Tango's lives. Gabriel was so patient and pleasant. Prices were reasonable and i highly recommend this clinic ????

Olivia Saroukos

2 years ago

I drive an hour from Tampa to take my sweet girl here. I am thoroughly impressed with this veterinary clinic. I had to take my baby girl in to get her spayed. She doesn’t like other dogs very much, but is fine with other people. I liked how they took the time for both of my visits to keep my baby separate from other animals. I was also an hour and a half late for her spay appointment, but they still took her back for surgery. I’m addition, they cleaned her teeth and clipped her nails for no extra charge while she was there for her spay. I appreciate the patience and the care the staff took for her. I got her spayed, microchipped, ear infection check and cleaner, laser care, and blood work all for less than $500z

Jessica R

2 years ago

I went here today for a well check for my two dogs. I looked up the reviews online and decided this place looks amazing and will take them here. I seen Dr. Solomon and unfortunately my review is not so amazing. When we went back to see the doctor my dog had peed on the wall and he said put that dog in the kennel. They took him back in the back room and all I could hear in the back room was then making fun of my dog for peeing on the wall. I then heard my dog choking so I opened the door to see what was going on and they had said we're not done with your dog yet. I asked what are you doing with my dog? They said we're not done with the vaccines. I said nobody has come in to tell me what the plan is for my dogs. No payment plan to see how much all of this would cost or to even tell me what exactly they were going to do. They even cliped my dog's nails without asking if I wanted that done. It was a bad experience for me and I would suggest for them to work on their communication skills and not making fun of people's dogs. I felt embarrassed and so uncomfortable. I also felt like my dogs were not safe there. I left there so stressed out and in tears. I didn't know a Well Visit could ever feel like this. Any vet I've ever seen has always treated my dogs like babies not like animals.

Stacy Grimsley

3 years ago

First of all, I love this place!!! My baby girl Jojo was having allergy problems and they took her in immediately. They worked with me as far as finances, which was great because I had a budget! They sent my baby home with what seems to be everything she needed... Her severe rash she had is already improving in 1 day!! Everyone was very kind, you can tell they love animals ???? I highly recommend them!!!!!

susan oliveira

3 years ago

I am so happy they got recommended to me. I had a medical issue with my dog. I called my vet of 6 years and wanted to bring her in. They said I couldnt go back with her and I will wait in the car. Now mind you, I get the whole COVID issue, but I am in "Human medicine" & we have been seeing our patients with their "essential caregivers" all along I have been vaccinated since December. I recently had surgery and had to be I told them I have a VERY recent negative COVID TEST, I have my vaccination card and since my dog cant SPEAK , I Need to go in. They begrudgingly gave me an appointment for tomorrow at 2. I was not happy and called a dear friend who told me to call here. I called at 8:20 am and we were seen @ 10:30 am...NO USSUES. Office is immaculate, all COVID precautions being followed. The girls were caring and compassionate and DR PIERCEwas amazing. Explained EVERYTHING to me in Detail and was wonderful with my furbaby. He even gave me his cell # , should anything go on b4 the labs come back. I have FOUND A NEW VET and I will happily refer anyone to them . Way to go guys!!!!

alice wild

3 years ago

I am not a person who writes reviews but I just have to say that Stacia is the nicest person and so help full. The staff is always nice but Stacia is above and beyond nice in person and on the phone. She make my visit or phone call very pleasant . Thank you Stacia

Charlotte Fish

3 years ago

Dr. Campos has been our vet for over 12 years. He has seen every animal we have ever owned. He has been with us when we had to put our dog down to all our emergency. Dr. Campos and his staff are amazing. Yes there are times it is hard to get into them but what vet is easy. Yes with Covid things are different but it's for everyone's safety. If people can not understand that they maybe they should go else where. In all the year that we have seen Dr. C. the prices are far better then any other place I have been to. I see the complaints about not taking new patient and think to my self that is a reason to write a bad review. I sure hope you write them for all that are not taking new patients. No vet is perfect but VCA San Franc is the best that I have been to and I have been to a few in Fl. You can not please everyone and why try. I simple just want Dr. C and the other Dr. to know that we appreciate them and all the hard work they have done for us and our fur babies. You and your staff are amazing.

Hollis Hahn

3 years ago

My dog was in urgent need of care and I was in Florida visiting. After calling 5 vets they would not see Mr. Peabody who is 17. I called St. Francis and they said bring him in right away. They saw my dog, ran blood screen panel within 30 minutes, treated him, got me in again the next am for fluids so he was comfortable for our plane ride back to Chicago and continue care with my vet in Chicago. Compassionate for a dog in need of urgent care. Would highly recommend them. On a final not Mr. P is doing much better as he was either going to die or make it.

Maria Peraza

3 years ago

I called early in the day saying i was going to pick up some meds for my dog. Lady said that was fine and to call when i got there. As soon as i arrived i called about 3 times and NO ONE ANSWERED. i left a few voicemails saying i was here to pick it up and still no response from anyone. I continued to see other people getting taken care of and waited over an HOUR and a half and STILL no response . I ended up leaving and will never bring my dog here again . poor service and was obvious they did not care that I waited that long .

Nichole Parfitt

3 years ago

Staff is awesome! Highly recommend!

S Geier

3 years ago

I had an exceptionally good experience at St Francis with my two doggos. I had moved to Fl from NY last year with my 9 yr old Chihuahua and my Goldendoodle puppy. Because of covid I was unable to find a veterinarian who would see us personally. And, although I allowed another vet last year to take the dogs without me and return my pets after their appt I wasnt comfortable with this process. Especially since I had a puppy. Yesterday we had an appt with Dr Campos who was very thorough and treated both my dogs like children. We went over everything from their diets to their teeth. I left with good information and feeling confident that my pets have found their lifetime Dr. My best friend has been going here for many years and recommended this practice. I feel compelled to do the same. Oh, and I want to add that I was also very grateful for the fair prices, both dogs received a full physical, blood test and vaccinations and Dr spent about an hour with us. I actually asked if the bill presented was for one pet, imagine my smile when she said no for both. ☺????

Zofia Caiazzo

3 years ago

Wonderful place for many years for my several pets.

Diana Mello

3 years ago

The techs take there time with my cat's nails and she has 8 toes on each paw they are so good with her I would recommend them highly

nicolelynn van maaren

3 years ago

My review is based solely upon the intake of my animal this am. I was told I needed to bring my cat in between 7:40am / 8am for surgery. I get there on time and wait my turn for them to come out and talk to me and get my cat. The girl that did the intake of my animal has my cats file in her hands and is asking me what is being done to my animal today? Really? She was having a growth removed from her ear - the girl asks me what ear? She was also having two abscessed teeth removed and then I was asked why I wasn't having her teeth cleaned as well. My response was this is already costing me around $650 and I really can't afford to do much more at this time. I only wanted to take care of the issues that needed to be addressed as discussed with the vet that saw her. I asked when would I know how things went and the girl told me they would call me between noon and 2pm. Then, I was asked about providing a cone for my animal when picking her up. Wait? I am paying over $600 of surgery costs, a biopsy and meds to go home with and you will only provide a cone while she's there but when I pick her up I have to bring my own? I really don't want to judge this entire vet office on one person's ignorance and unprofessionalism but, I can tell you I am not the least bit impressed with how things went this morning. Forward to 1:30pm - no one has called me all day and I decide to call them and get an update. I am put on hold and then a girl picked up and said my cat was in surgery now. Okay, so I had to bring my animal in at 7:30 this morning for her to sit in a cage all day until the last 30 minutes before someone is to call me and tell me how everything went. It's now 2:20pm and I am still waiting to hear how my animal is doing. I understand that multiple surgeries are done on one day and I am in no way stating that my animal is more important than anyone else's but, your system is flawed and should be improved for better communication to pet owner's and surgery times. The girl that I dealt with this morning had a very heavy accent - although she was pleasant she was very unaware of what she was doing and that absolutely did not make me feel any less anxious about leaving my animal there. I have had the worst luck with vets around the Springhill area and I have heard great things about this place and that is the reason I made an appt. Dr. Pierce was awesome and was honest about a treatment plan for my cat and I appreciated his direct opinion. For him alone my review would be a 5 star but, for the person I dealt with this morning - no go! Maybe spend a minute to review the pet owner animal's chart before walking outside and talking to them. You work there - you're supposed to make your client feel at ease that your competence can be trusted and that my animal is safe in your hands. Not asking me questions about what we're doing and where, how much and why? Update: I finally got a call around 3:30pm that my cat was ready to be picked up. This time was much better with the staff but they never cut my cats nails which was one of the things I requested be done since she would be asleep. I really am very disappointed in the office staff and technicians. You girls need to pay more attention and step your game up!!!

Melissa Auman

3 years ago

The staff was very sensitive to the owners emotions when their pet mortally sick. They were kind and caring. Dr. Pearce was so good with our cat and very professional and knowledgeable.

Debbie Rivet

3 years ago

Awesome people and great to my babies. Would highly recommend them. Opie and Kopus thank you

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