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Chad Clemons

2 years ago

What an amazing experience, pricing was great, their compassion was top notch. My daughters cat passed right after Christmas and they made everything so easy. My daughter picked out a pendant so she can remember him with his ashes inside. We picked our beloved cat Milo up two days later in an amazing urn and certificate. God willing us having to do this again, this will be where we go forever. Thank you so much.

Man Pants

2 years ago

My boy died in my arms on a sunday night, a 90lb german shepherd. I called them monday morning, first time using them, they were at the house within 30 minutes. Were so gentle w my guy loading him up, giving me a minute before hand. Price was very reasonable. When I picked him up they were so nice. I knew I called the right place and will call again for future needs. Highly recommend them.

meg webb

2 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about Scott and his team. Our family dog Cooper passed away at home. I called them early in the morning before they even opened thinking I could leave a message. Scott answered and explained he was headed into the office and would call me back shortly. Within minutes he called me and I was truly a mess. I was crying and he was so understanding and kind. He took all our information and again said he’d call me right back. Within minutes he called me back and told me one of his team was on their way. Within 30 minutes a very nice man (I’m so very sorry I can’t remember his name) arrived with a wagon, and blankets. He made what could have been just a heartbreaking experience easier. He handled our boy so gently and respectfully, cushioning the wagon, even putting a folded towel under his head. He gave us as much time as we needed to say our final goodbye. We picked up Cooper’s ashes and paw print today and we’re beyond pleased with the carved box and the paw print is beautiful. I know without a doubt our beloved pet was handled with love, and care. Their service was prompt, compassionate and made an incredibly sad time easier. The cost was very reasonable too. Highly recommend them.

Candy Fuhrman

2 years ago

They took such great care of our beloved Jax and did everything with compassion. Thank you so much for everything.

Alexis Jensen

2 years ago

We recently put down our dog who had been fighting cancer for the past five years. I had never seen any of my dogs physically pass away until our last dog recently could no longer fight her skin/bone cancer she’s had since we got her. My mom had to make the call to get her put down because she was just so weak.then we call The pet crematory people they had asked how much she weighed when my mom called they knew she weighed 50+pounds and she told them that on the phone when they asked. The doctors were very sweet and gentle with my dog when she passed but when the pet crematory guy showed up they had an older man who didn’t even weigh much at all come to get my dog knowing that he wouldn’t be able to carry her when they could’ve had one more person assist him because she’s heavy. It was hard to watch him put her in a wheel barrow and just hauled her off like it was nothing everything was rushed and the guy kept making jokes when we had literally just put our dog down being insensitive to the situation. I don’t like how it was handled. And I hope people keep this in mind if they have larger sized pets because the company didn’t even care about how much she weighed and I still have the image of her lifeless body tossed in there. So this was all around a bad experience with them. They knew better than to send one small person for a very big dog

Heather Betancourt

2 years ago

10+++ The death of your family Pet is such a hard time in any pet lovers life. It’s not like loosing a family member and you have a memorial service or get bereavement days from work. They either die naturally or you have to have them put to sleep. You have a couple moments with them before handing years of love and devotion for your pet over to a stranger, in my case private cremation. My little Maggie was with us for almost 14 years. She’s left her big sister Mace behind. From my first phone call to Scott in the early morning of Tuesday July 27th, to dropping my precious Maggie off in the afternoon at Sarasota Pet Crematory all I can say is “Thank You” so very much!!! Your compassion, caring and attention to every detail was AMAZING! It’s very rare in today’s world to find people that go above and beyond and EXCEED all expectations. Thank you and God Bless You, Heather, Matthew & Mace ????

Paul Wilkinson

2 years ago

Care and compassion when you need it. We lost our 14 year old cat Halo this weekend, and brought her to the Sarasota Pet Cemetery for private cremation. Priscilla and Scott were excellent, they were respectful and kind, returned Halo to us in a charming box with a certificate and wildflower seeds to remember her by. Losing a pet is very hard, but it was made easier by the dignity shown by these folks.

Dave John

3 years ago

After my pet passed a few days ago I had a problem with Belspar oaks and decided to try Sarasota pet crematory. This is after doing buisness will belspar once before. I am so glad I came here and I will use them for all of my pets from now on. They were very polite and understanding over the phone right off the bat. I was quoted a price for a private cremation wich was decent but well worth it. They cremated my pet overnight with box urn and name plate. I was completely shocked they did it in 24 hours. They were very compassionate and gave me a cremation certificate with his number that it was truely him and only him in the box. Also just similar as in a human cremation when you drop your pet off they give it a metal tag with your name, their name and a cremation number. That tag goes with them throughout the whole process and eventually ends up in the box with them. This proves that they care about you and your animal. Very comforting inside the waiting room and they are a family run buisness. Trust me after being there with my pet, you realize that some people really still do care about you and have compassion about a loss.

Don Metcalf

3 years ago

These folks are so nice. My wife and I have had several dogs with them . They have always went above and beyond on there services. They have made us feel like family . Any one ever needs to do this sad thing, Please keep them in mind. Don Metcalf & Debbie White

Dayna Hon

3 years ago

They did a great, quick job.

Shawn Pettersen

3 years ago

This has been a really hard week on my fiancé and me. Losing a pet is heart-wrenching. I just want to say that the folks at Sarasota Pet Crematory made it so much easier on us. Bringing our little one over there was reeeeeally difficult on me, but they made it so much easier and they were so kind during the process. Our little’s ashes were in a pretty wooden box when I picked them up this morning, and also came with wildflower seeds and a nice certificate. They also offer making a little impression of your animal’s paw in plaster (I think it’s plaster ) which brought tears to my eyes. Never had to do this before, so I had no idea what I was doing three days ago but they helped to make everything feel calmer. Many many thanks. ????


3 years ago

Excellent. Our dog of 12 years died in the middle of the night and Scott was able to come pick him up first thing in the morning. He was so kind and considerate.

Amanda Lamb

3 years ago

Professional, very friendly, and understanding. What a wonderful way to create an everlasting memory.

Chuck Hague

3 years ago

Truly the most loving,caring and understanding family.The staff and owners treated our pup like family with dignity and respect.

Doreen Fiore

3 years ago

We would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Scott and Priscilla. We made the trip from New York with our aging 13 year old rescue lab. After arriving his health and quality of diminished and we knew we had to let him go. …

Jackie Mulholland

3 years ago

I have had three ferrets cremated here over the past few years and have nothing but praise to offer. Priscilla and Scott have been wonderful to work with, and provide very prompt and reasonably priced cremation services (I have always elected for private cremation). I've received each of my babies back with a nice wooden box, a satchel of wildflower seeds ('forever flowers'), and a folder which includes a certificate of cremation, resources for grief, and a copy of a well-known poem which is quite touching. It doesn't hurt that you are sometimes greeted by a cute (calm) dog when you walk into their building. Thank you for taking good care of my carpet sharks. I will always return if I unfortunately require your services, and recommend you to anyone else who does too.

Stella Pirone

3 years ago

Highly recommended for anyone who has lost a dear family pet. Very kind and sympathetic.

Gwyndolyn Mcclellan

4 years ago

If I could give this company a 0, I would. About five or six years ago, one of our Baby Doggies died: Little Precious. I decorated a resting place (coffin) for her; dressed her in an outfit; and included in the resting place (I don't like to use the term coffin) her favorite toys and treats. We took her up to the crematory. The gentleman who helped us was really nice; complimented me on the resting place that I had made for Little Precious. It was beautiful and she looked beautiful lying in it. He told me that I couldn't stay to watch the cremation. We received her shortly after. About a year later, one of our Baby Doggies Precious Boy was killed by a car hitting him. Feeling pleased with Sarasota Pet Crematory, we decided to turn to them again. When he came to pick up Precious Boy, I reminded him that I was the lady who had decorated a resting place (coffin) for one of our babies. He acted like he didn't even know what I was talking about. Actually, he was cold. It bothered me at the time but I didn't say anything. But I did begin to wonder just exactly what happened to the resting place (coffin) we had developed for Little Precious and what happened to all the things that we sent with her and to her clothes. It was just his cold attitude as if he didn't even know who I was or what I was talking about. It was strange given how he was so fascinated and amazed at how I had developed our Babies resting place. I left Sarasota shortly and didn't think anything about it until tonight...the evening before my brother is to have his celebration viewing service and cremation on Saturday. As I prepared things to travel with him, I kept asking myself: Will these things he be included in his cremation? Two years later when or if I one of us run into the person who cremated our brother will they even know who we are or will they treat us as cold as the individual at Sarasota Pet Crematory did. One other thing that I would like to add is that he told me that I couldn't stay and watch the cremation. However, later I found out that Crematories actually encourage people to stay and attend the cremation and to even participate ... it helps with closure.

Ian Williams

4 years ago

I met with Scott he was a pleasure to deal with. These people are great at what they do compassionate and professional.

JA Sweeney

4 years ago

My cat, Basia, was their 3rd pet to be cremated when they first opened their business. In the last 4 months, they cremated 3 more of my pets--their #s were in the thousands! I had a very negative experience at another crematory before …

Jodi Mailman

4 years ago

truly the 2 best people ever ....each time I have been distraught and overwhelmed by grief of a passing cat , Scott and Priscilla have been there for me and helped me through . I am deeply grateful .

Kenny Evans

4 years ago

Some of the nicer people you'll ever meet. Super professional and compassionate during a very tough time

Linda Garlett

4 years ago

Very warm and caring Owners and Staff. Very professional and goes the extra mile. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

MsBon Rauch

4 years ago

I First talked with Scott the day before my baby died. He was sincerely helpful and informative yet sincerely compassionate talking to me about my Bella! He explained all my options and gave us choices. When my husband and I arrived at …

Stacie Hartley

5 years ago

We had to say goodbye to our dog Hawkeye on Monday. I brought him to the creamatory from the vet and we were able to spend more time with him once we arrived. Everyone was very kind and I had my precious dog back with me in 48hrs. …

Nathan Small

5 years ago

Our Pug "Moose", of 12 years died on our drive to Florida for vacation. We didn't know where to go or what to do.....they did. They can help, and they will do it with grace and compassion. They helped make a very difficult …

Dave Zucker

5 years ago

Our beloved cat Tommy passed away suddenly on a Saturday afternoon. Despite being closed, Scott made the arrangements which made us very grateful. The whole process was handled professionally with compassion by a person who cares about …

Cyndi Buchanan

5 years ago

The compassion that Scott and Priscilla have not only for your beloved pet but for your grieving heart go above and beyond anything I have ever experienced. Thank you Sarasota Pet Crematory.

Bill Milligan

5 years ago

Losing a fur baby is very hard, but Priscilla & Scott from Sarasota Pet Crematory really helped my family thru this ordeal with their sincere compassion and professionalism. Due to the nature of their business I am not looking forward to my next visit, but when the inevitable happens I will only call them!

Theresa Lee

6 years ago

The most caring two people ever our pets are family to them too.

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