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Nancy Parsons

2 years ago

My rescued long hair cat had a problem with long hair at her tail. That caused a huge mess. We took her in for a bath and a shave. I was so worried because she had never been there before. They were great. When we brought her home she was so happy and so proud of how good she smelled and her new haircut. We will always use this place for any of our cat needs.

Carlos Rodriguez

2 years ago

The services is good in terms of what our did needs, however they overtest to charge more Prices are ridiculously exoenssuve Regular annual check $400 for a healthy dog Bath $118. Which I think they over charge Again I think you should ask if test they do are absolutely necessary before services are render Next time I will decline services my dog dies not need or I may look for a more reasonable vet

Ricki Stevens

2 years ago

Dr. Walmsley is by far one of the best and most efficient veterinarians ive come across. The clinic is always available to take my pets in same day and the staff is always so welcoming. I believe that you pay for what you get and when it comes to my pets i want the best and I believe that is Dr. Walmsley. She is very straight forward and very honest which I appreciate so much because unlike other vets she wants whats best for her patients.

Mira Lane

2 years ago

Very expensive! I feel like they're taking advantage of the older population here. My dog got blood work then ended up with a hot spot where they shaved her. She had razor burn and it got infected because she kept licking the wound so I had to come back and pay for antibiotics. I'm looking for another vet.

Trish McConnell

2 years ago

I have been taking my dogs to Dr. Laurie for 25+ years. Most recently, my dog suddenly became very sick. Dr. Laurie quickly assessed the situation and began treating his symptoms. She also reached out to a specialist for additional treatment. My dog is now on his way to recovery. I, without a doubt, am convinced that she saved my dogs life. I trust her and her staff (they are great as well). They will do what it takes to ensure your pet gets the best possible care.

Shari Mominee

2 years ago

Dr Laurie has always gone above and beyond to help my animals. My Lab recently had a issue with her back and her liver. Dr Laurie not only took care of her pain but went out of her way to get Sadie to the right specialist for treatment . Sadie is pain free bad her liver is almost back to normal thanks to Dr Laurie. I recommend Ashton animal clinic to everyone I know. Would not trust my animals to anyone else.

Roger Reyher

2 years ago

I called with an emergency, they were able to see us with short notice. Made sure to take down plenty of information, yet failed to mention after I told them it would take me 30 minutes to get there, that you aren't allowed inside the building. It wasn't until I arrived and was greeted with multiple signs that I was informed. When I called to confirm this policy, I told them I felt that it was unprofessional and something they should tell people up front, before they drove 30 mins. The response was "sorry you feel that way'.

Nancy Cason

2 years ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the best vet office in town for providing such excellent customer service in my sweet puppy's time of need. Dr. Laurie Walmsley has been my vet for over 15 years, and the service that all of my animals have received over the years has been nothing but A+ extraordinary from Dr. Laurie and her team. My most recent visit was no exception. Of course, that "time of need" happens at 5:45 on a Friday afternoon as I placed a frantic call to Dr. Laurie that my beloved pet, Pearly, was not doing so good. Despite the late hour, and the fact that it was a Friday afternoon, she and her staff waited while I drove across town to bring Pearly in for treatment. I had just returned from a trip and Pearly had been staying with family, enjoying extra excitement, food, scraps and treats which did not agree with her tummy. Upon return, I gave her extra treats and a new toy she proceeded to destroy in just a few hours, swallowing parts in the process. After some bouts with diarrhea, she became uneasy on her feet and passed out. Dr. Laurie to the rescue! Thankfully the x-rays showed there was no internal blockage from the toy and IV fluids and medication worked to cure her dehydration, back on her regular diet she goes, and Pearly is on the mend, together with my peace of mind for her health and safety over the weekend. Thank you Ashton Animal Clinic, you are the BEST! xoxoxox Nancy and Pearly

Mike Stahl

3 years ago

Dr Walmsley and her staff have been taking care of our sheltie, Angus since he was a puppy. They are caring, loving , and professional in all aspects of our dogs care. They definitely go the extra mile when it comes to pet care and health

Paula Nicks

3 years ago

I took 3 puppies (found in the middle of a busy road) in to be spayed and neutered. The experience could not have been any better. I came in with 3 rescues and left with one. A young man standing at the font desk heard their story, took one look at the 3 and said I'll take those two. Dr Laurie assured me they would have an amazing home. She and the staff were as excited about the adoption as we were. Dr. Laurie explained the surgery, and what we should expect during recovery. As far as Dr. Lauries skills as a surgeon. I can see absolutely no evidence of spaying on the one remaining puppy, who also found a fantastic home.. with us. I have read the reviews claiming Ashton Clinic is only interested in money and price gouging. Dr Laurie knew the story about the three puppies and offered her services at a reduced rate. That wasn't something she had to do. I also know she has played a huge roll in the spay and neuter feral cat program in Sarasota County. Someone who is only interested in the money, not the animal...doesn't perform over 16,000 FREE surgeries during their career. I can't comment on the daycare and boarding aspect of Ashton Clinic I've never used that service. If your looking for the cheapest game in town, please look elsewhere. If your looking for a no nonsense, caring, extremely knowledgeable Veterinarian; Dr. Laurie may well be the person for you and your fur babies. I can't thank Dr. Laurie and her staff enough for the care given to the 3 rescues, and the nervous humans waiting to pick them up after surgery. Paula,

Nancy Speed

3 years ago

I have been going to Ashton Animal Clinic since I moved here in 2008. I have found Dr. Laurie is a wonderful vet. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, gentle and professional. She sees emergency patients quickly and explains any problems so a layman can understand what is happening. She calls back promptly and takes as much time as needed with the pet owner. Her staff is also professional, compassionate, and extremely helpful and I would recommend Ashton Animal Clinic to anyone who loves their pets.

Kathleen Van Houten

3 years ago

Great place for all your pet needs

Windy Winkle

3 years ago

I was in an emergency situation , a situation that no dog parent wants to be in, I rushed my sweet girl Rixie to the closest vet I could find . It was Dr. Laurie at Ashton Animal clinic! The kindness and quick reception and caring empathy that I experienced at this clinic was appreciated beyond words ! It was a difficult time and they showed how much they cared, regardless of never seeing me before . I will always be grateful! I now take all of my animals to Dr. Laurie! Thank you so much for being there !!

Victoria Finley

3 years ago

Dr. Laurie and the Ashton Animal Clinic team are exemplary. Tippy, our sweet little girl pictured here, was in big trouble with a thyroid problem and serious adverse reactions to the only available medication. She was 14 when diagnosed and against all known odds, Dr. Laurie turned over every stone to not only keep her as well as possible but prolong her quality of life. At 17--a full three years after untreatable diagnosis--Tippy finally said her good-byes to us. Without Dr. Laurie and her compassionate and professional team, we would not have enjoyed Tippy for three additional quality years or been able to have her keep my 91 year-old mom company until her last breath, just six months before Tippy said goodbye. Dr. Laurie shares her knowledge, compassion, and problem-solving skills without reservation and in love for her patients and their people.

Tom Sacharski

3 years ago

Was highly disappointed with our experience here. We recently moved to the area and scheduled an appointment for our annual check up for our dog (we typically make 1-2 appointments per year for our dog). I had read mixed reviewed online but decided to give it a try since they are close by. This was the most expensive vet appointment we have had in the past 6 years. We were told to purchase several items adding up to nearly $500 for our annual appointment. Upon searching online for the joint chews that we were told to buy and charged $90 for, I found that they are sold for $40 on chewy’s website. Same exact product. This office is not doing a service for their customers or the pets they see. I called when I got home from work to tell them that I felt that I was vastly over charged and was told that they do not accept returns but would make an exception if I had it back by 6 pm that day. The time was currently 5:48 pm... Needless to say, we will be taking our dog elsewhere from now on.

allison whitten

3 years ago

I want to begin by saying, I think one star reviews should be avoided at all costs and would never be writing this unless I sincerely wanted to warn other potential clients. This Dr. is the most unprofessional vet I have ever experienced. Because SHE did not have her act together, she put her staff (who is so nice and wonderful) in awful positions of routinely having to deliver bad news to me. Multiple office visits were required in attempts to make money (I can't stress this enough). She was rude (as many mentioned in previous reviews) and only concerned with profit. Although I read reviews before choosing this vet and was somewhat apprehensive, I really thought I would have a better experience (and the location was so convenient). Unfortunately, my experience was much like everyone else. This vet uses misleading business practices (as stated by others) and services were incredibly overpriced to say the least! Awful experience. Buyer beware!!!

Angela Suggs

3 years ago

I bring both of my long haired Doxies to Dr. Laurie. She’s the best! Loves the animals and always solves our problems. Fair prices too. ????

Ann Forrest - Equestrian Imports

3 years ago

Dr Laurie Walmsley at Ashton Animal Clinic has taken care of my animals since the early 90's. Her service and knowledge are the excellent, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Anne W White

3 years ago

Found two wonderful fur babies here staff very nice

Barbara Williamson

3 years ago

Professional, caring and extremely knowledgeable in her field we finally found the clinic for our pets. Dr. Walmsley goes above and beyond to make you and your pet very comfortable. So refreshing to go to an animal clinic and not be treated like a number. Very caring staff as well and is also the cleanest facility I have even had the pleasure of being in. Highly recommend.

Betsey Newell

3 years ago

It was great. Dr laura sure knows how to treat her clients and loved ones.

Donna Hoefer

3 years ago

Dr. Laurie was so very attentive and on point to help care for my daughter’s German Sheppard puppy when he was attacked by a neighbor’s dog that got loose. Over the years I have had many friends use the services of Dr. Laurie. She has a big heart for animals and really jumps in with both feet to do whatever she can to preserve the life of each pet. She is indeed one of Sarasota’s finest Vets you can find in the city.

Estephanny Arreaga

3 years ago

My dog was staying at Ashton Animal clinic for 5 nights and what was supposed to be a $150 fee turned out to be almost $400. They said he was not eating so they said they would see what they could do. Turns out they charge you if they have to use their wet food which they didn’t mention to us, nor asked us before giving him different food and now we are in the ER because whatever they gave him messed up his stomach and gave him diarrhea and has been vomiting all day. They also say they give a mandatory $40 bath but when we got there a day early to pick him up, they said they had to give him his bath, 5 minutes later they were out with him. So you pay $40 for them to get washed with just water pretty much. I kept hearing terrible reviews about this place and didn’t believe them until now!

Jerry Blumberg

3 years ago

Dr Walmsley at Ashton Animal Clinic has taken care of my dogs since 1980, even the ones she helped me rescue. Her service and knowledge are the best, and i would highly recommend her to anyone.

Mark Fey-Head

3 years ago

I have two rescued cats that where born into horrific conditions which caused Nemo to loose most of his vision and his brother Mako to have serious ear issues. Dr. Laurie and her staff have always gone the extra mile to make sure Nemo and Mako get the best treatment possible!

Lonnie Bohrer

3 years ago

AMAZING DOCTOR AND STAFF!!! I have 5 dogs and Dr. Laurie and her Staff are always there when help is needed. I can always count on her to lead me in the right direction when it comes to the care of my animals. I wouldn't trust them with anyone else! I highly recommend Ashton Animal Clinic, Dr. Walmsley and her entire staff ;)

Malinda Olupitan

3 years ago

So far we like this place.

Mandy Beles

3 years ago

Very happy with my experiences at Ashton Animal Clinic. The Doctor is very nice, patient, knowledgable, compassionate, and understanding. All of the staff who I have had the pleasure of meeting are also wonderful , kind, and knowledgeable.

Lisa Cooley

3 years ago

What an amazing place to bring your animals. Such a wonderful experience. Truly caring about you and your animals. Thank you for all you do!!!

martina riefel

3 years ago

Been going there for 1 1/2 year. Won't go back. Dr. Seems to have a problem handling cats without using "sedation". Been out and out lied to by the Dr. twice and that's 2 times too many. Shady, shady, shady.

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