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Jazzy Girl

2 years ago

They have been seeing my almost 16 year old kitty her whole life and they take good care of her. I thank them so much for always being so kind and understanding. She is a lil spit fire but they know and love her.

Keewie Lulu and Rosie

2 years ago

DO NOT waste your time here. They are WAY over priced and the service is extremely inefficient. They are in business to make money and they don’t care about service. I’ve gone to Baycrest locally and I recommend them over this establishment. I had an emergency and got right in at Noah’s and now I know why. They are awful. Read the reviews, don’t waste your time. I feel sorry for the people that find themselves working here.

Karen Imbimbo

2 years ago

I thought vets were suppose to call with test results! Silly me for thinking they do! What a waste of money.

Lindsay Ayers

2 years ago

My husband brought our pup in today and saw Dr.West! He tells me she was amazing. She addressed the list of questions I sent him with line by line. She was gentle with our dog and very informative on steps to help him feel better. We don’t live locally anymore, but VCA Noah’s place is always able to get us in on short notice. Our local vet wasn’t able to get us in for 2 weeks or we could drop off our pup and not be with him which I wasn’t comfortable doing. So I called up Noah’s Place. We trust them with our dogs. It was worth the 45 min drive! Everyone in the office was and has always been very attentive and we will continue to come back! Thank you for all you do!

Angela Seeberger

2 years ago

My husky suffered with skin allergy's for 3 years and finally I took her there and Dr. Adiagha is the best she changed her diet and put her on the right medicine and now she's doing great

Julia Warchol

2 years ago

We have had our two dogs as “members” through their monthly package they charge and it’s a JOKE. Every time we have ever had an issue they take forever to schedule us in, take forever to get back to us, and now looking around at other vets in the area we also realize how insanely expensive they are compared to others! If your dog isn’t chronically ill, it makes absolutely no sense… you pay $50 per month for this membership that includes exams and vaccines. Other vets in area charge $50 per exam (healthy dogs maybe you have 2-3 per year at most, and $130-180 yearly for vaccines) that’s nearly 320$ more a year IF your dog had to go in for 3 $50 exams. You would think for This amount of money if you called with questions and concerns for your dogs health 3 WEEKS AGO, you would get some answers from the tests they ran… but then we also called again MONDAY and they took a message, said would call back, we called again that afternoon, still Too busy, never heard from them Tuesday either, and now it’s Wednesday afternoon and I called again just now to speak to manager, they can’t reach her and need to “call me back” yet again. DO NOT bring your fur babies here!

Juliet Dipreta

2 years ago

They always treat me and my dog great, but the long wait times are unacceptable. Don’t book me for a 9:30 am appointment if you can’t see us until 10 am. I would rather plan my day accordingly than sit in the lobby for 30 minutes.

Angie Langan

2 years ago

I want to thank all the Doctors and staff for doing what I thought would be impossible. Last minute I was offered employment in Turkey and my flight was leaving next day . The team came through and was able to get everything I needed in less then 4 hours to take my kitty overseas. I honestly thought I had to give her up even though she has been by my side during many moves and a ruff divorce. Thank you so much I needed my little baby to accompany me . I would have been so home sick without her . ????

Annette Novak

2 years ago

Awful. I stopped going a long time ago and now that I found a great vet, I see the difference. Both my dogs were misdiagnosed, one for allergies and the other was not diagnosed with diabetes in time so she ended up in critical care at Blue Pearl, which cost over $6,000. The vet techs were either unresponsive or rude. Meditation was filled incorrectly and I was blamed for it. This place makes me seriously worry about the welfare of animals. Very poor management.

Steven Shipp

2 years ago

This place is extremely slow. I brought my dog in for two shot boosters and a nail trim. The hospital was completely dead and not busy. Waited in the lobby for 15 minutes before being called back. Got to the room and they took the dog. Waited 15 more minutes they brought the dog back. Left me in the room for 15 more minutes then when I asked to pay and go they told me they still had t done the nail trim. How much time do you need to give two shots and clip some Nails? I’ve now been in here over an hour and they still have not got me checked out.

Mary J Nelson

3 years ago

I am not an avid reviewer as you can see . But if you care for your animal, don't take them here because they will not! Awful experience. Awful verything. If I could have had my dogs back right away, I would have left immediately. Absolutely not one moment of care or knowledge. And still out $200


3 years ago

Great place because of the very caring staff. They're almost like family because they have taken such great care of my fur kids for years now.

Tess Bernal

3 years ago

Zero star if possible.My dog is dying, I made an appointment to put her to sleep. I was crying all the way to this horrible place. When I arrived, they saw me blowing my nose and right away they assumed that I am sick. I told them, my nose …

TaurusArmas 38

3 years ago

Elizabeth is one of the most unprofessional, rude, and condescending people I have ever dealt with in a "professional" setting. She seems to treat people who are visibly wealthy significantly better than the rest of us. Me personally, she treated like a second class citizen, unworthy of her time or effort to please. We spent several hundred dollars on a fairly routine appointment and regardless of the fact that we pay her check she seems to think that she is in an elevated position where it doesn't matter how rude or how dismissive she is of your concerns you will keep coming back for more mistreatment. I, for one, will not. I would like to let the whole of this Animal Hospital know that you have lost what would amount to tens of thousands of dollars (I have several pets) simply due to her incompetence and disregard for the patron's experience. The front desk worker is the face of the establishment and if this person is incapable of comforting people and doing a simple job that requires very minimal customer care then I am reticent to believe that anything going on behind the scenes is any better. TL;DR you ruined what could have been a good business by making the face of the business an uptight, holier-than-thou, passive aggressive employee. Just to be clear though, the doctor and his assistant are lovely people.

Steve Soulfish

3 years ago

I've used Noahs from time to time over the past 10yrs for my 3 dogs. Never again, never ever again. My dog of 16yrs passed away on a Sunday before a holiday. I called and asked if they could help me by keeping my passed companion for 2 …


3 years ago

My cat Morty had urinary blockage. I had no idea it existed before Morty had it. Noah's staff took in morty and sent pictures while he was hospitalized for 3 days and kept me updated at all times. The reblocking occurred again, and the …

sam ledford

3 years ago

I have been taking my dog and cats to VCA Noah for years. I took my dog today for annual exam. They charge $78.00 for a office visit and did nothing. They take the dog in the back room. The vet does not come back out and tell you anything. I don't know what they did the 20 minutes that they had him in the back room. My dog has been on heartworm medication for years, The vet told me that it is a state law that they need to do a blood test every year before they can renew his prescription. That is not true at all. They charge $76.00 for a test that is not required. They can see from his records that he has been on it for years. This will be the last time we will go to here. It is not like you are getting established with a vet. There is a different vet everytime you go there. I have had some good experiences buy the guy today was a joke. They knew that I was not happy. It seemed like he hide in the back and had the vet tech come and talk to me.

Robin D. Wilson

3 years ago

I was visiting Florida from out of town and the team at Noah's was wonderful! We were seen same day, the clinic was very responsible about social distancing/masks/etc., and very kind with all the additional goodies they gave my kitty. Thank you so much for taking such great care of him!

Rachel Ventrone

3 years ago

These people seriously lack empathy and have zero sense of urgency when it comes to pet emergencies. Extremely disappointing with the way they’ve handled my pets needs when I’ve already paid upwards of $600 and nothing has seemed to help.

Rachel Graves

3 years ago

I am not someone who easily loses my temper. First, I would like to compliment the front desk staff and the vet techs who were nothing but professional and patient while their boss hid behind the phone and refused to speak to me in person. I would have chalked it up to coronavirus restrictions if it were not for the fact that both times I have been there previously the vet has come to speak to me in person. I have taken my two cats to VCA three times now for basic check ups and shots. I have been told that my older cat suffers from stomatitis, and have been monitoring his eating and behavior to ensure that my precious baby is comfortable. This is important because at each consecutive visit at VCA the veterinarian has said something along the lines of "Oh, well we think he may have something called stomatitis." When I mentioned that I have been told that not once but TWICE at THEIR OFFICE Dr. Lisa McNeil clearly either had not charted the information or had not read the chart. The bare minimum I expect from a veterinarian is literacy and enough care to check the chart before consulting with me. Today, Dr. McNeil began by telling me she found a flea on my younger cat, which I said surprised me, given that I religiously treat them with the Revolution Plus that VCA themselves had recommended to me. Dr. McNeil suggested that this must be due to my house being "infested" which would overwhelm the medication. I have a small apartment with no carpeting that I clean top to bottom constantly and I can assure you, no such infestation exists in my home and I find it quite rude to suggest that it does. Dr McNeil followed this accusation with the news that my younger cat evidently also has stomatitis, a diagnosis she seems to be quite fond of. She suggested removing all of the teeth of my six month old kitten who has no trouble eating and no behavioral changes that would suggest that he is uncomfortable. At his appointment only three weeks ago, there was no mention of this. I find it hard to believe that if it is so severe that he needs to go through major dental surgery there was no indication of this three weeks ago. I have never bothered to write a review on anything before, but after hundreds of dollars handed over to a veterinarian who can't even read their own charting, I feel it is important enough to spend the time to warn other customers away from this business. As Dr McNeil suggested, I may "just not like the diagnosis," but I would be much more comfortable accepting it from someone I felt knew anything about my animals. I will be taking my two angels for a second opinion and they will never be going back to this office. Upon calling a second office, they agreed that it sounded quite severe to remove all the teeth of a six month old kitten. Long story short, save your money and start with a different clinic. Your pets deserve better.

Patti Bowles

3 years ago

I've been going here for years. They saved my pugs life. The entire staff is friendly, helpful, and very caring. Elizabeth is my favorite! I love the hours, my dog has special needs so I need late hours and weekends. I will always take my Odie here.

Painted Visions

3 years ago

I have a 9 month old puppy who likes to give his mommy heart attacks and get into things he’s not supposed to. This last visit he grabbed a bag of Tylenol from my purse and I wasn’t sure if he got any of it. They got him in abruptly and did what they needed to do. He’s home now, and same old Tank! They have convenient hours, they work with you, and the vets and staff are excellent. Crystal was the tech who helped us out this time around and Dr. Brandt was our doctor. All were very comforting, understanding and kept us well informed throughout the whole visit. 10/10 recommend!

Elisabeth Chinlund

3 years ago

My dog, Beau, made three trips to VCA in five days and I can’t say enough how thankful I am for the staff there. They were so responsive, caring, professional, and empathetic. They got me in emergently every time. Unlike other vets, Beau is actually excited to see his friends at VCA now. I’m sad to be moving, but I wouldn’t hesitate to make them your vet home!

Aysha Guzman

3 years ago

Great care and great customer service.. But extremely over priced

Alysha Youngberg

3 years ago

I am always blown away by the compassion and care of the entire staff here. It’s comforting knowing my dog is in such great hands. Dr. Cadena and Dr. Brandt are very knowledgeable and their love for animals is evident. The front desk staff is always welcoming and the communication before and after appointments is convenient. The puppy plan is a huge added bonus, knowing what you’re paying ahead of time is helpful. Highly recommend!

Bob Carty

3 years ago

One of few vets open when my dog had blood in her urine, so very grateful for the extended hours. However, after having her checked by the veterinarian, the vet stated that while …

Charles Simons

3 years ago

Not to sure how I feel about this place. After spending $1500 on my pet here I received feedback about my dog’s multiple medical tests via a text message. Call me old school (I’m only 30 by the way) but a text message is a sub-human interaction when dealing with something as sensitive as a sick pet you care for. A simple two minute phone conversation would of been a better way to show me the respect I deserve as a customer who has the option of choosing over a dozen animal care facilities in the Tampa Bay Area. I spoke with a tech after the test came back for a follow up appointment for my dog. I asked for a price quote which was given to vaguely. By this I mean the tech told me “I don’t know what the doctor is going to prescribe so I just added 7 different medications in your price quote”. Not sure what this was supposed to mean but it made me feel like my money was really not to much of a concern to them. However, my money is a concern to myself because I am not a veterinarian who just made $1500 then sent me a text message to let me know all the test I paid for actually didn’t end up showing any results.

ebie davis

3 years ago

My dog, Crash, who was hit by a car, was treated by Dr. KALT And Dr. ASANTEWAA! Because of the compassion and skills of these two doctors, my lil dog has gotten a second chance at a good doggy life! Dr. Kalt performed an orthopedic surgery …

Jessica Adanich

3 years ago

My pup and I just moved to Tampa, FL from Cleveland, OH about three months ago. We went to a VCA in Ohio, so when moving down here I looked up a local VCA. I'm so glad I found Noah's Place!!! They are amazing!!! They are so kind and take very good care of Zoey. I LOVE our vet! SHE IS THE BEST! We also connect a lot with Elizabeth, who is always so helpful and loves seeing Zoey. She's great! :) They even have boarding services. Whenever I board her with them, I don't have to worry about her care and who she is with. She has a fantastic time and is treated very well. I even get photo text updates of how she is doing! :D <3 I would recommend VCA to anyone!

Alyssa Jewell

3 years ago

I had always had a decent experience at VCA Noah’s until my dog, Lola, began having severe, chronic ear infections. The severe ear infections were caused by an ever-changing tumor that was blocking the ear canal. After I had gotten a few quotes on surgery for removal from VCA Noah’s - and being that her ear was not improving, but getting worse - I opted in for surgery. I did not have money for the surgery and was lucky enough to raise enough funds on gofundme! Part of the quote included blood work which included blood work. Due to COVID-19 I was not able to attend her pre-op blood work. I let the employee know (who came out to my vehicle) that Lola’s ear was quite stinky and oozy. Everything appeared to go fine with the appointment and we needed to wait on blood work. A few days later blood work came back - she had high counts in a few categories but were likely linked to eating prior to bloodwork. After a night of fasting, approx. a few days after bloodwork, I dropped Lola off for her surgery. Once I made it back home - I received a phone call from the vet who stated Lola’s ear was severely infected and had she known about this sooner could have been treated prior to surgery. I was STUNNED as days earlier we had JUST been there for pre-op bloodwork. I would have assumed the area that was going to be operated on would also be spot checked prior to surgery day. Bloodwork was around $300 and due to the inconvenience our next visit was paid for by them. I thought that was really nice until I looked at the receipt and our visit that they covered was all of $30. After this - Lola and I went to another vet office for a second opinion as I felt that Lola’s ear needed to be operated on immediately. VCA Noah’s did not seem to have the same sense of urgency as I did. The new vet office agreed with me that in order for her severe ear infection to subside - the tumor HAD to go. This office took control of the situation, removed the tumor within the week. Treated her ear infection AND a ruptured ear drum (caused from infection). It was also discovered that the tumor had been cancerous. Had this tumor not been removed - who knows what would have happened to Lola. Long story short. I do not think VCA Noah’s is a horrible place. We had great visits when it came to doggy shots, checkups, etc. Unfortunately, when it came to a more serious visit/surgery - I truly felt that Lola’s wellbeing was not a major concern. Additionally, the costs became astronomical for us as we had a limited budget with the funds we raised. Since switching vets - Lola has completely recovered and is doing great! Surgery and visits were/have been much more affordable. All that matters to me at this point is that she is healthy and that other people are aware what services I’d recommend/not recommend here. Update as of 10.15.2020 Spoke with Yolanda (manager) and had a great conversation. We reviewed the situation together from both sides. VCA Noah’s will now be implementing a new policy/procedure surrounding pre-op bloodwork and checking the surgical cite. This will hopefully prevent the same thing from happening in the future. Thank you Yolanda!

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