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2 years ago

Great rescue in Florida! Owner Jaime gifted in how she handles all.

Dee Hall

2 years ago

They gave me hope I'd find another best friend.

Maria S

2 years ago

I got my two Chihuahuas from Pawlicious. Jaime is one the most dedicated rescues for these poor little dogs who have been neglected and abondond . She gives them a new beginning. ❤️

Jennifer Fannin

2 years ago

I was notified today of a chihuahua in need and called Jaime out of the blue. She does not know me and answered her phone right away. Even though she has a lot of rescues happening she did not refuse this little baby. I will be driving the Lola to her vet tomorrow. Thank you for all you do to help the helpless.

Nannette Marie Bradley-Voit

2 years ago

Seems to be a good rescue group

J&M Aluminum

3 years ago

Fantastic rescue! We have done quite a bit of work for her as she wants to ensure her dogs have a safe comfortable environment to live in. We appreciate you and all you do for these little dogs!

Megz B

3 years ago

One of the ABSOLUTE BEST animal rescues in the state of Florida! Pawlicious will go to the ends of the earth to save the senior, neglected and abused chihuahuas that others dump to be euthanized by shelters! The salty reviews are from people who did just that, dumped neglected sick chihuahuas because they didn’t want to be a responsible pet owner and spend the money to help their “beloved” dog. In the end, karma will sort it out and meanwhile, Pawlicious will continue to save the abused, sick and neglected chihuahuas to give them a chance at a happily ever after!

Shawnee Fox

3 years ago

Hands down best rescue ever! Jamie is a miracle worker giving dogs a chance that otherwise would never have one. Professional and caring, she is amazing! Partridge Animal Clinic is amazing as well, working hard to save them all.

Torie Lynn

3 years ago

Jaime is an absolute God send. The things she does and mountains she moves to ensure these pups have the best possible life is amazing. She puts her heart and soul into saving these poor babies nobody wanted anymore and those surrendered because they were "too much" to handle once getting sick. I cant imagine the amount of dogs she's already helped and the insane amount she will continue to help. She's a wonderful woman with a heart of gold and it shows through her photos, updates and sadly sometimes heartbreaks. Keep it up Jaime, you're doing fantastic. Thank you for all you do for these little guys and gals.

Damian dsmusicjunkie

3 years ago

PPPR is a rescue like no other. Jaime takes in the sickest and most broken souls and brings them back to life! I've watched her SOOO many times bring a dog back from the brink of death. What she does is amazing and I certainly wish there were more like her. She will move heaven and earth to save an old soul without regard to the care or finances necessary. They are ALL worth saving. PPPR Army stands behind her in all the way!!

Mia Saban

3 years ago

What a beautiful rescue that saves seniors that are thrown away like trash. God bless jamie

tatiana cancio

3 years ago

I surrendered daisy after being three days sick in my home medicating and nurturing her for three whole days when I surrendered her I pleaded for anyone to take her to do the absolute most to save her because that what she deserved!! She deserved for everything to be done immediately not to be there for four additional days allowing her to suffer when they knew she wouldn't improve she was already on the meds the continued to give her for three days straight an it isn't even the point the fact that she has the nerve to make a post stating my dog was neglected just for her donations an I waited to long! when I did everything I could from the start is distasteful I called an begged this morning for these post to be erased for the truth to be put because my kids who loved her day in and day out can come across what this monster has made of my family! There's no reason to have done this no reason for the lies we are heart broken an I will make sure we are heard this needs to stop !

louise kahle

3 years ago

as a local business i have supported this rescue because SHE is the epitome of real animal rescue. she takes the hard luck cases and magically brings them back to life while restoring OUR faith in true rescue effort. quality care for the animals ..she is our local hero!!!

m Flibble

3 years ago

Can't say enough great things about this rescue! It's really like no other! Watching traumatically abused pups be healed and loved is so awesome!

Rebecca B

3 years ago

I've taken a dog from this wonderful lady she was the love of my life, I've seen first hand what this woman does for these little precious old seniors...she is a God sent for them

Annie Jones

4 years ago

Love love amazing rescue...Jaime is an Angel for who she is and what she represents....I’m lucky enough to have met her and would do anything to help this non profit....PPPR army forever!!!!

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