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Kelvin Pearson

2 years ago

New employee Nathan is great! Will return soon for all my pet needs (:


2 years ago

I had been meaning to check this place out for quite sometime and went by today to pick up some rabbit shampoo. The staff was attentive, helpful, and courteous. However, I was off put by the ways the animals were kept. The 3 different cages for the skinny pigs, bunnies, and female guinea pigs had dirty water bowls, not enough water, not enough hay, and not enough bedding. Small rodents and lagomorphs need enough hay to eat and be able to use the bathroom on. There was not nearly enough. The animals looked stressed out and I felt bad for them. The skinny pigs had even chewed up a the box of a product next to the cage. These animals need some more hideouts and perhaps some enrichment.

Clicker johnson

2 years ago

Disgusting betta bowls. They reeked of death. There were ammonia bubbles and foam literally almost coming out of the bowl which was only half way filled. All the bettas are about 5 months old, and are malnourished, possibly have swim bladder disorder, and definitely all have ammonia burns. Some were just dead or dying. I bought the only one who still interacted with me, a little dragon scale for $5. He has ammonia burns, claimed fins, I think ick, fin rot, and possibly swim bladder, along with a curved spine. When I denied a "fish bowl" and said he would be in a 10 gallon (divided) the lady turned and looked at me and goes "for 1 betta??" And I told her it was also housing my first betta. But when I realized how bad he was I set up my 5 gallon tank to do a quarantine, now I'm not sure how long he'll live. I've been here before and all the cups were nice then. Today was horrible and I won't be going back because it just hurts to see them getting abused.

Scott Raskiewicz

2 years ago

Staff was very helpful choosing a new puppy food

Lisa Shaffer

3 years ago

Very nice people. Reasonable pricing.

Michael Black

3 years ago

The staff is extremely friendly and know their stuff. Customer for life.

Megan Trimble

3 years ago

Seriously, Emily knows her stuff. Every time we go in she's got the solution. We drive from Largo to shop here. Plus, we follow their facebook page and they do a terrific job with promos, events and giveaways.

Michele Outzen

3 years ago

The people that work here are very knowledgable they know their stuff

Mike Martin

3 years ago

Place was great they would order my mini mysis cubes all the time for me,, now they they just say sorry we are out, must be new owners or something gotta find a new place now

alex edge

3 years ago

Good variety but not alot of it tastes very good

Adam Carr

3 years ago

Very helpful staff. I was shopping for large breed dog food and they helped me decide on the right blend for my dog. We have been customers for years and will continue to buy everything we can from them. Buy local!

Janelle Taylor

3 years ago

Staff is not friendly especially when it comes to holding pets well my daughter held a baby bunny. It was very short lived maybe because the bunny was a male and we let them know we was looking for a female bunny. The assumption was made that she didn't know anything about bunnies as the staff started to explain in a very condescending tone that once bunnies get big they don't like to be held or cuddle. Which is not necessarily the truth which I had to let her know we had bunnies before. The staff definitely wasn't trying to help be supportive. Her first approach to my daughter wanting to hold the bunny, "do you want to just pet the bunny first". Then with me insisting my daughter was able to hold him for less than a minute before the staff took the bunny and placed him back in the den. We have been doing a lot of searching meaning visiting many pet stores. I've been to the Peacock bird shop and the Owner was very nice but didn't have what we was looking for and last week we bought 3 pets from the Animal House Pet shop on 34th staff is AWESOME just didn't have any female bunnies. This store set up is okay. Not alot of variety. Will not come back. We'll just wait until female bunnies arrive at the other store where the staff is very helpful!!

Leti Deaver

3 years ago

The staff is always so helpful and knowledgeable.

Megan “Meg-Dogg” K

3 years ago

I love going to Animal House to get my dog's food and other special treats. The people who work there are always helpful and show you where everything is. They have such a great variety of treats and toys for your pets needs. They also offer to help carry the dog food out to you car. This is the kind of service from a small business I am happy to support.

Michele Rupp

3 years ago

They have the best stuff here, and the staff are great ????????

Samantha Mitchell

3 years ago

I visit here probably two or three times a month. Staff is friendly and helpful. They generally carry hamsters, gerbils, and sometimes guinea pigs and rabbits. A few birds and fish (neon tetras and betta fish typically). Lately I've seen a few kitties for adoption. They have a large selection of food and treats including organic and the less processed refrigerated cat and dog foods. Definetly worth a trip and like I said the staff has always been super friendly and helpful.


3 years ago

Great service and good experience.

Wendy C.

3 years ago

Cute shop with lotsa healthy pet foods. And cute pets to buy, including some exotic ones!

Frank Hall

3 years ago

Good variety and availability. Friendly staff. Convenient location. Keeps my poochie happy.

I Am

4 years ago

The best place to get food for your pets. You can also purchase rabbits, and other pets. If you purchase ten bags/ boxes of wet or dry food you will get one bag or box for FREE!

Jane Swank

4 years ago

Always great service and the fish and pasta dishes are excellent.

Jackie Velardi

4 years ago

My neice got a hamster it was awesome

james grainger

4 years ago

Closes early all the time.

Jackie Cleveland

4 years ago

Just like the spot that's all

nikolas sink

4 years ago

I love going to this place to grab chicken feed the prices are alittle high but it's so convenient that I cant really complain but great customer service.

Rocky Morrill

4 years ago

Best people and pet supplies!!!

Ron Hughes

4 years ago

Courtesy of the staff. Quality of the selection. Ron hughes

Sheryl Hargis

4 years ago

Nice little pet store with a very helpful staff. It's not real obvious from their location in the same strip mall as Publix because of a stop sign at the entrance of the parking lot and pedestrian walkway.

Tammie Dauphin

4 years ago

Small intimate place with a number of products for your pet. Employees are friendly and ready to offer helpful suggestions.

angela bennett

4 years ago

I just moved back to St. Pete after living in Tampa for 7 years and am so glad to have found this place super close to my house. I was worried I was going to struggle to find all the speciality products I was purchasing for my dog at a small pet store in Tampa, but this place has everything I need plus more! The staff is always inviting and eager to help recommend products, and they stock a variety of small/locally owned suppliers.

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