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Darlene Henderson

2 years ago

Dr. Schmidt is AMAZING. The care that my dog receives is top notch. Some staff don’t wear masks at the front desk but don’t let that detour you. Before they show you to your exam room, just ask and they will put on a mask. I really like the service and the entire staff. I always feel welcomed and I know that they genuinely care for my doggie. They provide laser treatments and acupuncture. Yes! Some animals need acupuncture! ????

E. H.

2 years ago

I did a lot of searching in the area for a good place to take my cat. We moved here about a year ago. The staff is great and so is the doctor . They took very good care of my cat Tuxedo. They showed me the prices so the decision was up to me . She called the next day with blood work results. I love this place.

Princess Bani

2 years ago

While Dr. Fox has been and always will be an amazing vet, the practice manager Lori starts Facebook arguments with good Samaritans who picked up a deseased animal and were trying to bring closure to the owners. She had all her work information right there and her profile, very unprofessional and makes the practice look horrible.

Karen Jones

2 years ago

I called Northport for some Nexguard and some Heartguard for my dog and I asked the receptionist if I could pay over the phone because I was at work and if I could send someone to pick it up because I dont get out until 7:30. She says "sure" then she says " wait a minute,"! " No you need to make an appointment for her she was due in November", This is December 8th you cant give it to me now and I will call and make the appointment when I know my schedule. "No I can't". No you can't', well i can't come back here with my dog. Thats wonderful have a nice day. Besides that she got Kennel Cough twice from that place even with the stuff up her nose when I left her there. I went there when you couldnt go inside twice. i was there to get her nails cut recently. What kind of people do they have working in these places.?

Monica Lee

2 years ago

Long overdue thanks and gratitude for all the loving care Dr Schmidt and manager, Lori, and staff have provided through the years. Dr Fox has a wonderful team of compassionate and caring individuals!

Tommy Depriest

2 years ago

They have taken care of rufus very well when he got sick they got him right in they genuinely care I love that about them thanks for taking care of my kitty

Sean-Brien Flynn

2 years ago

Verified multiple times before arriving that the clinic was wheelchair accessible, only accessible door was locked with a couch in front of it. No mention was ever made about calling to have it opened upon arrival. Short haired person behind the desk (Lori, I believe) was extremely rude and unpleasant. When this was brought up to other staff, the response was a very resigned apology indicating the behavior has not only been reported before, but that clearly nothing ever comes of it. Was told the appointment would be about $100 cheaper than it ended up being because of additional tests, some of the things scheduled couldn't be done because the staff was incapable of cutting my cats nails without dramatic hassles. I might have given them another chance but I'm not dealing with their office manager again, that person just needs to be fired or moved to a position where they never ever interact with customers

Kae Quantom Anomaly Martinke-Reedus

2 years ago

Great staff, friendly reception, and gives you that personal home vet feeling.

Geri Goldman

2 years ago

The Doctors and Staff are extremely caring and treat your pet like family.

Jessica Campbell

2 years ago

For years now, they have treated all my animals. I can not say enough great things about this place. You get the best service with so much care. The entire staff is tops, every last one of them.

Ashley Rice

2 years ago

It’s all about the money to them. I am the owner of Delilah’s 2nd Chance rescue and have never written a vet office a bad review but feel obligated to do so. They do not see your/our pets as our family but instead they see a dollar sign. Some of their techs, front desk staff, etc do not fall into this category but the ones calling the shots and running this facility should be ashamed of themselves. I strongly suggest not using this office.

Ghislaine Edmond

2 years ago

I typically never do Google reviews but I want to give a warm and wholehearted thank you to the staff and Dr. Schmidt for the response and care that this hospital tool with my Bella. Even in the short time they got to know her, they genuinely showed their care and concern for her. Even with her passing, they took the time to send their condolences to me and my family. I will never forget your kind hearts and generosity. Thank you so much.

Jessica Dodd

2 years ago

This animal hospital including Dr. Schmidt and Lori, the office manager, are a GEM. We recently adopted a 3 legged kitten and decided to take him to this vet for care. I have never been so impressed with the amount of love, support and professionalism we received. I would recommend these hospital to anyone!

Thomas Saviers

2 years ago

This is the only vet that cares about your money and not your dog. They don't care if you need medication or not unless you come pay them their ridiculous fees.

Abriel Deedrick

2 years ago

Great company! Genuinely cared about my cat during and after our appointment! I highly recommend them!

Alex P

3 years ago

Been bringing my dog to see Dr Fox for 10 yrs with no issues. Hes great. The last visit was with Dr Schmidt. She said my dog was paralyzed and needed surgery today to fix. I asked for 7 days of muscle relaxer and pain meds for the dog. Will consider surgery for next week if not better. Dr Schmidt was upset at me. Saying i must not love my dog. 3 days in the dog is running and back to normal. Will miss Dr Fox but will bring my dog to a different vet from now on.

Arlene Super

3 years ago

I want to Thank the Staff for being so kind & so caring, not only to me but also to my Tuxedo Cat Panda....That little girl was with me for 17 years & had to be put to sleep today....They handled it so well & made it bearable. My little girl is over the Rainbow bridge by now....I just miss her so. Thank you all. I just received your sympathy card & Rainbow Bridge Poem, Thank you all so very much....I still cry every day for my little girl, but I know she's in a happy place....You are all the greatest, May God Bless you All.

Sharon R.

3 years ago

Took one of rescued buns to see Dr. Schmidt on 3/23 for an issue with her 3rd eye lid. Front end staff confirmed prior to appoint that Dr. Schmidt is knowledgeable with rabbits. The Dr. then took a look at our bun, mentioned she thinks its a neurological issue, to which at that point I asked if I should postpone this buns spay appointment, she said yes, probably best. She then told us that she'll check in her BOOKS and see what this could be and give us a call, we said thank you, paid and left. A week passes by, no phone call. We call the office back, leave a message with the front desk. The front desk has no clue what we're talking about as the Dr. left no notes in terms of giving us a call back, no worries, we describe what had went down and proceed to wait for that phone call.. 2 more days go by.. No phone call. It's now Saturday. NO PHONE CALL. I call back one more.. Front Desk answers.. Apparently they're extremely busy and all they can do is REMIND Dr. Schmidt to call me back. I ask the front desk lady why hasn't the Dr. been calling me back this ENTIRE TIME which at this point the front end lady is getting rude and saying all she can do is either take my number down or not.. Fair enough, not her fault but, she could be nicer seeing my frustration. The front desk lady also tells me that if the Dr. won't call me back by the end of the day (Saturday) that she herself will call me back at least, you think that happened?? NO! Anyhow - Dr. Schmidt - If you're seeing this, shame on you for not following through with a patient with a neurological concern. If you aren't sure of an issue concerning rabbits, DONT SEE THEM! Don't bother to call us back at this point, I'll be returning to our original vet, who was out of town and we unfortunately took a chance with Dr. Fox's office.. Please Don't Take Your Rabbits Here. We run a rescue and we very much take our rabbits health seriously, so this call was extremely important to us. Thanks for nothing.

Susan Milo

3 years ago

Had an emergency and brought my cat in, fantástic service, great people! I recommend this place to everyone.

Rafael Arellano

3 years ago

My French Bulldog ate a piece of garlic and my regular vet could not take him in same-day. I called this place and when I told them what happened the lady on the phone immediately said “we need to see him ASAP, let me confirm you can come right now” & she told me to take him in immediately and I did. I definitely spent more than expected (probably because it was an emergency and I told them to do everything/anything needed) but I did not mind because of the type of care my best friend received.. they were genuinely concerned for my frenchie and were even happy to see him better the next day for his check-in. I would recommend this to anyone especially in emergency situations.. I will be changing vets.

allison cowin

3 years ago

They really care for your family member. They know you love and they treat them as they would their own. That makes such a difference.

Rhonda Fernandez

3 years ago

I couldn't have asked for better care for my "fur babies". From the phone call, to check in, to exam and plan of care, the entire staff ensures you, as the human caretaker, understand each step and works to provide the most professional and quality of care for you "family member". They treat you like family and are extremely interactive with your pet. They offer the exact type of care you and your pet need.

Mae Biggs

3 years ago

I have been going to this vet since my dog was a puppy. I always feel very comfortable with the staff. Just recently, my dog needed emergency surgery for kidney stones. If not for Dr. SCHMIDT and her staff, I could have lost my baby. He is now happy and healing. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

marina mar

3 years ago

Called for afirst time appoitment for our puppy and they took usin two days. arrved in lot, someone took the puppy and brought her back in 15 minutes. excellent service and price was good


3 years ago

Dr.Schmidt misdiagnosed and put a cat down! And I’ve heard you guys have did it more than once. HORRIBLE!

Mike Cohen

3 years ago

I've been using them for a while cause they're very close to my home but it feels that they don't really care for the animals as much as they care about getting paid. I understand that they need to make a living but recently it seemed that they wanted me to visit twice for the same issue while the animal is suffering and I'm broke, they don't care. I've recently over the past yr didn't nearly 2000 dollars and it didn't matter, pay now, period. Sad

Mina Emmons

3 years ago

They always take good care of my kitty! Love the care and will continue to go here!

Mitchell Slater

3 years ago

Love this place! They truly love and care for your pet and the staff is welcoming and fantastic. Lori the office manager is awesome too!

Tammy Howe

3 years ago

I love the staff at the Animal Hospital of West Port Saint Lucie. They took care of my baby, Smores, with all the care and compassion that I, myself, would render. I would definitely recommend giving them a try.

Sharon Elizabeth

3 years ago

So caring toward my 10 year old Casey. Thank you for your kindness. Both Drs were attentive to my Casey's surgery. I know they were diligent in extending her life. I hope she pulls though.

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