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Lisa Marie

2 years ago

Kind folks, quick service, reasonable price (similar to primary vet visit). Came in around 7pm with my sick kitty and left around 9pm after exam, xray and medication. The vet was kind and explained things thoroughly. I'm afraid we are still not sure exactly what's wrong with my kitty but I appreciated the emergency treatment.

Taylor m

2 years ago

What a kind group of professionals! When my cat was in pain and I thought she’d need a tooth out on a Sunday, I took her here. I was of course nervous, but when they took her back and I heard a staff member say “hi luci loo!” to my girl, i knew she was in good hands. I did have to wait a while, but I knew that going in and knew that my girl wasn’t nearly as urgent. In the three hours i was there, they’d had to do five euthanasias. Yet the doctor and staff were all still kind and attentive! They were able to help my girl and reassured me to call if i needed anything else. VERY reasonably priced! Cannot recommend this place enough.

Michelle Ribar

2 years ago

Last night was the 3rd time over several years where I have brought in my dog for treatment. As we all know, everything seems to happen on nights and weekends and it’s wonderful to have them so close by. Each time I left feeling my dog was well cared for and the staff & Drs were fantastic. Yes, you have to be patient and wait (just like you do at an emergency room for people). But, I have found it to be worth the wait. Sadie says...”thank you”!

Brent Hallberg

2 years ago

My baby died there 1000 dollars later no problem I love ❤️ my dog after calling they are horrible people hung up on me asked when I can get T-Bones ashes absolutely mean rude ignorant.Guess I payed for no cremation of my boy ????

Andrew Bernett

2 years ago

Dr. Long gave my 11 year old Husky another chance. Quite possibly one of the best ER Vets I have ever been too. She is very thoughtful and caring. I will definitely not hesitate to go back here if needed.


2 years ago

Fun facts: 1. If you bring your dog in because he/she has been limping for days, that's not an emergency. The dog that was hit by a car and is bleeding out will be seen first, and you will wait. 2. If you refuse to check your voicemail, it doesn't mean the doctor didn't call you back. 3. If you complain about the cost of blood work, go to a human hospital and see their prices to get some perspective. "But MY bloodwork only cost $50!" You have insurance, Karen. You can get it for your dog too. Spoiler alert: it's cheaper than your own insurance. The doctors here are remarkably skilled and knowledgeable. I have trusted them with my dog in the past. If, god forbid, I need emergency vet care in the future, I will trust them again.

Darleen Caban-Perez

2 years ago

Highly recommended if you have an emergency! I took my dog here because he ate some granola with chocolate (accidentally) and he had an upset stomach. We got here at 3pm on a Saturday and they took him right away. Dr. Carlson and Nick were AWESOME! They explained everything they were going to do to Piti and were very patient with us. They asked us several times if we had any questions and didn’t do anything without telling us first they were going to do it. The staff is friendly, empathetic and very sweet.

Joselyn Colon

2 years ago

Horrible service to serious animal issues. Lack of knowledge. They diagnosed a swollen dog with having had a bite from a spider. What do they do? Pills. Antibiotics and some steroid type pills. No IV fluids, tetanus antitoxin shot or oxygen therapy. The least they could have done is recommend a real hospital to have him hospitalized. Well when he got worse, he was taken to Ormond Beach animal hospital who threw the book at him. They tried everything and he stood the night with oxygen, fluids and monitored with meds. He suffered a cardiac arrest and died. CPR was done but nothing. Had he had immediate treatment in the beginning he most likely would not have suffered and died. Beware. Prayers for other pets in serious conditions in this place.

Kelly Janke

2 years ago

Short visit, less than 1.5 hours. Staff were very kind and compassionate; Dr Long took very good care of my baby and took time to explain all options and medication. I was apprehensive going to an emergency service, but I was very pleased with how we were treated here. They didn't price gouge at all. Highly recommend for after hours veterinary emergency!

LB Beek

2 years ago

My much loved cat had some severe neurological problems last night, and I called this new emergency animal clinic. They urged me to come immediately. I was aware his prognosis was bad and when I arrived, I was met with compassion and my baby was treated with dignity. They did everything they could to make his passing easier, and I appreciate it. The cost of the procedure was reasonable, and I was relieved that I wasn’t going to be gouged while I was grieving. It was a horrible night, but they cared and they helped, and I cannot recommend them enough for that.

rosemary mennillo

2 years ago

We are so disappointed in this place. We took my dog there and there did nothing for my dog and there did no blood work on him and all there did was do a x-ray i will NEVER TAKE MY DOG THERE AGAIN AND THERE CHARGED US ARM AND A LEG FOR NOTHING AND THE DOCTOR SOUNDED LIKE SHE WAS HIGH .

Rachel King

2 years ago

On Tuesday Sep 21st at 10pm my dog got into a fight with a wild hog. He was cut open very bad on his hind leg, front shoulder which had a big puncture & under his chin. I called the vet to make sure this was something they could handle bc he was bleeding alot and I didn't want to waste time. The young lady who answered was very professional, after telling her my story she put me on hold to ask the vet if they could handle it. She came back and said yes they could handle it. When we arrived 3 techs greeted us and took my dog right back. We waited in our truck for about an hour when they came out, and said he was all stitched up and on iv antibiotics and that he would need to stay the night. Both my husband & I thought man this is going to be a large bill. Surprisingly when we paid the bill it was not bad at all. We picked our pup up the next morning at 7am with his antibiotics. On Thursday the vet called to check on him and see how he was doing. WOW!! What a great feeling. After about 7 days his chin started to swell up and we called & they said bring him in and we will look at it. They had to drain some fluid that was building up but other then that he was healing great. 14 days later all his stitches are out and he's doing great. Thank you for everything you guys did that night in my families time of panic.

Michael Holifield

2 years ago

394.00 to bring my dog in back pretend to sedate then x ray his throat gave some meds which were wrong for his condition then bring him out in a chocker instead of his harness no doubt with a neck injury no blood work to fond the infection a scam all the way

marsha Isaacson

2 years ago

We could not have asked for better care than our dog received last month when she lost an eye. Wonderful care and fairly priced. So thankful for them.

Katie Kijowski

2 years ago

I brought in my limping dog and waited two hours in my car. I went in twice to check on her and kept being told, she’s next. I went in a third time and my dog still had not been seen without explanation other than being apologetically told from the assistants they were “too low on the totem pole” to do anything. At this point I had no confidence she would actually be seen and we’d just be up waiting all night until they closed. I asked for my dog back and we left, and now I’m waiting until her vet opens in the morning to actually get her seen. The trip I took to an “ER vet” only stressed myself and my poor dog more in an already stressful and painful situation. I should have gone to the ER clinic in Ormond. I would not trust these people to take care of a pet in an emergency. If you want to get your pet professionally cared for, please go elsewhere.

Kathy Stafford

2 years ago

This is the best place I have ever taken our dog! So knowledgeable, friendly, quick treatment . I wish they were more than an emergency veterinary, I would bring both our pets to them always. Highly recommended!

Giancarlo Garabis

2 years ago

Not emergency hospital at all. No triage was done. They ignore your existence. My dog lost motor control and feeling in his legs, but yet they proceeded to talk about closing for the night and not to ruin the weekend. Would not recommend fir emergency. Horrible service. And now weeks later comments on my review like it was a lie. It was me and my girlfriend came in with a dog who lost all motor controls. We tried to talk to everyone at the counter and everyone said to just wait. No question on whats going on, and most certainly no TRIAGE! You mam where there and looked at us and then looked at your other employee and started talking about not “messing up your weekend”. Don’t try and lie. There was no sense of urgency. So therefore NOT AN EMERGENCY HOSPITAL! I work at a hospital. And after leaving your facility i went to a real emergency hospital for animals in Ormond and immediately got a nurse to triage my dog noticed the severity and immediately was takin in for surgery. You could not be anymore of a liar. Also when we decided to leave because we where ignored for 20 min, we where yelled at for leaving. So your facility might be a veterinarian office but not an emergency hospital

Blair White

2 years ago

Absolute worst vet clinic I’ve ever seen. Went in because my dogs eye was swollen, and she hadn’t had a good appetite recently. 3 hours in room the vet spends all of 3 minutes with me, they send me home with 10 pills and eye drops and take blood to send off for review. Blood test was supposed to be back the next day, it has been 4 days, no call with results, won’t return my calls, nothing!! All that for the low price of $500. This place should be ashamed of itself. Nice reply.

jo Curcio

2 years ago

First time here and if need be will be back. From check in to check out everyone was professional and caring. Thank you Nick and Doc - bella is already feeling good. Highly recommend

Lori Sciarrillo

2 years ago

I had an amazing experience... all of the receptionists, vet techs & Doc were informative, empathetic, and efficient...thank you from Ninja & family

Jeff Weinert

2 years ago

I just wanted to thank you for the great care and compassion taking care of my best friend "Bocci" last night. I appreciate everything you did for us in our difficult time.

Timothy Sowder

2 years ago

Wow Fantastic Vet hospital. We returned from a trip and picked up our dog from the dog sitter. We were handed a soaking wet dog with a 106 degree temperature at midnight. We ran around frantically and ended up at this hospital. The vet who took care of our dog was the best vet I have ever seen. They whisked away our dog immediately put her in an oxygen tank and started the most comprehensive care I have ever seen. They not only saved my dogs life they returned her to us better than she ever was. They addressed all her issues including a collapsed trachea. I just can’t believe there are facilities like this available but they are there. They kept her for three days and provided the most comprehensive care I have ever seen. The staff us great but the vet who is an owner I have been told saved the day and I will be eternally grateful to her. She also has a super cool big dog which is even extra cool points not that she needs it. Thank you is not nearly enough for this group of individuals that work there. Our foxy thanks you too

Ian Muessig

2 years ago

Brought our dog in to VECEV (Atlantic Animal Hospital is his normal vet) for emergency after hours exam because he did not urinate for over 24 hours. He was not even seen for 7 hours and they kept him for 12 hours even though they provided barely any services. They simply did a urinalysis after all that time and sent him home with a few rx's. We never got to speak to or see a Dr in person and we ended up taking our dog to Blue Pearl in Maitland the next morning and found out he had 9 bladder stones and needed emergency surgery. VECEV never did an ultrasound to check for obstruction, never administered a catheter to prevent bladder rupture, and to make matters worse one of the RX she gave us would have caused his bladder to rupture. They said "don't worry, he urinated here" however Blue Pearl confirmed he had 6 of his 9 bladder stones lodged and it was impossible for him to have urinated. They almost killed our dog, plain and simple, and never performed the basic services to determine what the actual concern was. We've had a great experience with Blue Pearl in Maitland but I'm sure there are other local options in the Daytona/Port Orange area should you not be able to travel that far. After our visit we Blue Pearl we returned to VECEV just to explain all of this, we even let them take copies of the papers from Blue Pearl, and they told us the vet would call us to apologize and discuss the situation... Guess what? We never even got that call.

Diana Williams

2 years ago

Cant thank them enough! Great staff and Drs!

Shelli Davila

2 years ago

Such a sad day for us. My 16 yr old dog Riley stopped eating Friday. Saturday, she went downhill fast. By the time I got home from work Sunday, she couldn't stand up. I called them, crying, I couldn't let her suffer 1 more night. We had already discussed with our vet and gotten an estimate for her end of days. She was 16, after all. My husband carried her inside and laid her on the floor. I spent our last hour together as they prioritized giving our old girl peace. For that I am grateful. They got right down on the floor with us and showed such empathy for our very heartbreaking life decision. Thank you infinitely.

Linda Wages

2 years ago

Worst emergency vet experience ever! Youre there because your worried about your loved ones. You’re told a tech will come in and wait is an hour. No one comes in, ever. We wait and wait and try to keep our doggie calm. He’s in pain and miserable. No one checks on us no tech no nothing. We stick our head and zero empathy or compassion. Just a dirty look and supposedly we are next. We wait some more. Now we are told it is a 2 to 3 hour wait. We were 3rd in line and still nothing. Seems vet is only able to see one person at a time without assessing the situation of waiters. There seems to be no techs to help the vet either. We left. Walked out. Drove to Ormond and was seen immediately. Tech checked vitals right away. Gave us feedback right away. Very caring and checking in with us. Treated us like we existed. Hopefully our little guy is calm and better soon. Never going to port orange again!!!! Update: Just found out our dog was having an allergic reaction. Good thing we left and didn’t continue to wait to be acknowledged. In and out in 20 minutes at Ormond and our little doggie got a shot for the allergic reaction. Thank goodness he’s okay.

Emalee Payne

2 years ago

We got there at 2:45 pm on a Sunday. We waited until 12:30AM In the morning before we could come get her. They kept saying she’s next , she’s next. She wasn’t. We waited in our car all day. We took her because she couldn’t stand and was limping so bad she barely could walk 1 foot with out with out falling to ground . They said her legs were fine. They said it would be 566 for an X-ray and blood work and I said that’s fine. When I got to pick her up it went up to $900 and they couldn’t tell me why the price went up when I just talked to her 30 mins before. A few days later I asked for her xray images and there wasn’t one of HER LEGS!! Thats what we complained out. The nurse - tech whoever came out to talk to us was very rude. BESIDES THE PRICE. She is not fine, her face is all swollen, she has hot spots all over and not walking again…$900 later and we have no answers. Wouldnt of taken her if it wasn’t an emergency but I say go somewhere else if you can.

Charisse Hines

2 years ago

Gave this clinic two chances. Had an emergency with my dog, waited outside without her for 4 hours, called and asked what was going on, they said “she’s next to be seen”. Two days later my dog regressed, took her back and waited 5 HOURS just to be told the very same thing. She’s next! No she’s not! She’s sitting in a cold cage. They need more vets, running a 24 hour clinic with one vet is ridiculous and unethical. Went to Ormond ER and they saw her within the hour. Save yourself some time and worry.

Corrie Rogers

2 years ago

They refused to see my cat because I had her in a locked stroller instead of a carrier box. My cat is 5 years old and has NEVER been in a carrier because she hurt herself the one time she was trying to get out. I have taken my cat to vets before in this stroller and never had a problem. This place is certainly not interested in caring for animals. They tell people the wait is 2 hours hoping they won't bring their pet there. They are lazy. Do not bring your pet here.

Bethany Clelland

2 years ago

I had to make a hard decision to put my big guy to sleep. It was an emergency, it was 1a.m. Nick answered the phone and his concern was genuine. Thank god to have an emergency vet near by. The staff was incredibly kind. The vet ran all the tests promptly and thoroughly. Thank you again Nick for all you do.I know it's tough but people like you make the world a better place. I would recommend this emergency care 100%.

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