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rina meir

2 years ago

I unfortunately bought my kitten from this shameful place. He had horrible genetic diseases and succumbed to his illness at 12 months old. It was horrifying and heartbreaking. Kittensup takes no responsibility when I sent them doctor summaries from multiple hospital visits, where different doctors clearly detail out that he was suffering from genetic kidney failure. They couldn’t be bothered to return my first set of emails and calls. Kittensup did not respond to emails and calls when I wanted to let them know, because our veteriarian believed his litter mates were also infected and we both felt it was the right thing to do. They passed me on to the breeder in Russia, who just wanted me to know she isn’t responsible. When I finally reached KittensUp they claimed the breeder is a veterinarian, when the breeder told me she is a pedatrican. The entire thing was a scam. Please buy from a breeder directly. This place is a distributor not a breeder. Please also note they don’t list their breeders on their website so you can’t properly do your research. SHAME ON YOU KITTENS UP.

Alison Molnar

2 years ago

I purchased a Devon Rex kitten from Kittens Up in summer 2019. Our boy is just the best - he was exactly as described on his listing. KittensUp made it easy to meet them at the airport in Ft. Lauderdale to complete the transaction and fly home with my special cat. Two and a half years later, he is strong, healthy, silly, and fun. I can't recommend KittensUp (or Devon Rexes) enough - I often browse their site and love that they have started to include videos of the kittens. Tempted to get another...

Melissa Mulligan

2 years ago

Very happy with our kitten. Everyone was wonderful to deal with. Would definitely do business with again.

H Limeres

2 years ago

We purchased 2 cats from KittensUp and the whole process was excellent. Friendly customer service and the variety of cats in my opinion, was very good. From selecting the cats all the way to the pick up, it was a trouble free transaction. They were always in contact and provided pictures and videos so we could see the condition of our pets. We are considering buying a 3rd one and if we do, I'll be using their services again. My cats are inseparable now!!

James Dex

2 years ago

This place sold me a VERY sick cat and wont take responsibility for it. Been sick since i bought her they said it was just a cold and gave me a medicine for her that never did anything. Took her to the vet. Over 1k dollars more and they wont take any responsibility for their poor buisness. Out of just the few months of having this cat now ive spent so much just trying to get her right im going broke. This place is a absolute joke. Id never buy from them again

Georges Maljian

2 years ago

I got very lucky to find Kittensup store! The store is not a scam and does not have fake kittens like 99% of stores nowadays. I asked so many questions and got all of them answered with details, pictures and precision. Great support, great communication, detail orientation and last but not least AWESOME SERVICE! I recommend this store 100% to anyone planning on buying a purebred kitten! My kitten is super friendly and it’s only been 1 day so far. Keep it up ????????

Delphine Patterson

2 years ago

They seem to care about their kittens, and they try to place the kitties in wonderful homes. They are brokers, just do your homework.

Alexander Wang

2 years ago

wrote this comment after taking my boi to his first vet appointment. he is healthy, quite energetic, and of course adorable. he gets praised every time i take him out.

elina moreno

2 years ago

BELIVE ALL THE BAD REVIEWS THEY ARE TRUE. CHECK YELP. I purchased my Bengal cat from here one week and a half ago. I love my cat but I was given a vet diagnosis paper by the sales lady after signing the contract. Since the cat seemed in very good spirits didn’t think to question whether he had any issues since he is supposed to be fully vaccinated and that obviously wasn’t communicated to me either. It stated he had diarrhea, dehydrated & too thin. Second day after getting him he started antibiotics and today is his last day and still no progress. He has gained some weight now but continues with chronic diarrhea and now seems to be coming down with something as he is making weird breathing sounds and doesn’t stop sneezing which my vet detected as well. We are waiting for blood work results to find the cause of his stomach illness but now he seems to also be getting sick from something else which we will be following up with. This place works with many breeders so obviously not everyone’s experience will be the same. I am just hoping my cat will be healthy and get better but he just seems to get worse. I was not going to write a review until it was all figured out but I am frustrated. I will update when or if he comes out of all of this. Responde to owner: So far blood work determined he has an overgrowth of bacteria causing GI issues. I sent pictures to the store of the diagnosis which i’m sure were requested by the owner. This will have to be an ongoing process and thousands of dollars on vet bills. Blood work is not fully done. Admit that you are selling sick cats and take responsibility for it not just have the sales lady text to offer diarrhea medicine because are you sales people or are you veterinarians ? Why wasn’t the cat being treated since he arrived from Ukraine 1 month and a half before we purchased him? what’s wrong with the other cats you have there that are not being pre-ordered ? Genetic testing is pending but I wouldn’t doubt that’s an issue too considering you did this and are being so mundane about it.

Jasmine Castellanos

2 years ago

I bought a cat from here who I really loved. I had to put him down at 11 months old because he had a genetic heart disease and wasn’t doing so good. He also wasn’t fixed and on the site it claimed he was supposed to be. When I told this place about it they didn’t care and didn’t give me a credit for the cat either. I payed over $2k for the cat and over $1.5k for his appointments leading up to putting him down. He was too young to die and I wish I had more time with him. Don’t trust this place. They won’t help out if anything happens to the cat and they don’t test their cats for diseases.

Roman B.

2 years ago

Service was top notch. Our kitten flew from Ukraine to Florida and then to California. He arrived in excellent condition and is very well trained and loves people. Couldn’t be happier. Thank you KittensUP!

Liliana Orozco

2 years ago

I bought an exotic for my daughter and let me tell you this cat is the sweetest most lovable cat I could have ever hoped for. You can tell he was very loved and cared for. Also the staff was very friendly and helpful.

Elena Soltamova

2 years ago

Amazing! Thank you for my beautiful fur bengal baby! Will definitely get my second cat from you!


2 years ago

I recently got a cat named Ichigo ( now goes by Malice pronounced Mal Eese ) and he is the sweetest and calmest Sphynx kitten ever. He gets along with my ferrets very well! They play every chance they get ^_^! I got Malice because I have always found a huge comfort in cats. I really do recommend buying from here, we got malice earlier than expected.

Lauren Suarez

2 years ago

Here is Boston (we renamed him “Gemini” ) My husband & I picked up our beautiful kitten in July & could not be more satisfied with the experience we had with this place. Starting from the frequent updates we received making us feel so excited to finally have him home. We are so in love with our playful, loving, & happy kitten. If you’re considering getting your kitten from here.. GO FOR IT! You won’t regret it!

Marcy Kellogg

2 years ago

My baby is absolutely adorable! The staff at Kittens Up really make this process easy!

mishay naranjo

2 years ago

At first I was hesitant to buy a kitten not really knowing if this was a scam. I fell in love with this beautiful girl who is named Daphne previously known by fantastic, my family and I are so happy we went for it and bought her I have to give kittensup 5 stars this baby arrived and when I brought her home she went straight for the litter box, she was not scared at all and very loving and affectionate which is what I was looking for… I would like to thank the breeder for raising my baby in a good home, which is very telling and kittensup for choosing great breeders. I couldn’t be happier I love my Persian. I would highly recommend kittensup to anyone and if you were hesitant don’t be you will definitely not be disappointed they’re amazing

Omayra Rodriguez

2 years ago

I admit I was a bit skeptical because of some negative reviews but after receiving my kitten, I can say choose your kitten and don’t worry about those comments because it’s just Miami drama. So, it just so happens that I was not able to receive my first pick either and that was OK because I know things can happen, specially when dealing with live animals. So, I picked another one and here she is, my beautiful Nastena. I received a healthy, calm, social, and sweet kitten. Within minutes of arriving at my home she used the litter box, ate the provided starter dry/canned food, and napped on one of our beds. The overseas flight must have been stress-free. They make sure you take a well-adapted kitten. Bottom line, this place is legit. If you are one who only wants a kitten and cannot tolerate changes, I suggest you go somewhere else. However, if you have patience and want a strong and healthy new companion go for it!

Robert Caoili

2 years ago

Great experience with kittensUp4sale! We were very skeptical due to many online scams. extensive research led us to Kittensup4sale. Professional and good communication during the entire process. Purchase and nanny shipping to California was seamless. Our exotic shorthair arrived with necessary vaccinations and paperwork. Conveniently pellet litter box trained. You can tell the breeders do a fantastic job with their kittens. Thanks again for our new sweet little family member , Boris!

Valerie Herrera

2 years ago

Leaving this review in place of all the bad ones and to anyone who is looking to buy a furry companion. I will say I was skeptical at first but hoped for the best prior to buying. I made sure I was in contact with KU4S and got updates once a deposit was made. I received my kitten sooner than expected which was amazing and so exciting! She’s about to be 2 years old and healthy as can be. A bit crazy and quite the entertainer. I am so grateful for their service! They were very attentive during the process and after we received her. We took her the vet immediately and same day we got her. She checked out and hasn’t had the need to get checked other than her yearly. If anyone has any questions regarding our process feel free to reach out via Instagram at @babygirl.xanomixo Pictured: 01: her today 02: her at 6 months 03: her listing picture 04: the day we picked her up ????

David Mendonez

2 years ago

I’ve gotten an Abyssinian from kittensup. The service is incredibly professional and legit. My kitty came out of her shell the first day and is an absolute sweetheart. For anyone considering buying a kitty from them, please do. You won’t regret it


2 years ago

I was skeptical due to the reviews but I can honestly say that I'm glad that I decided to purchase from Kittens Up. They were with me every step of the way and even afterwards. Will purchase from them in the future!

Maria Quinones CD

2 years ago

The kitten who is our family now could not be more perfect. I can see how she was loved by the breeder completely. The kitten is healthy, well trained and a bundle of joy. 5 STARS goes to the breeder who took such great care of her. She is perfect. Kitten up was on call for me and any questions I had. I completely recommend KittensUp to anyone who is wanting this journey.

Joy Turner

2 years ago

Kittensup4sale offered great service. They kept me updated with pictures and videos every step of the way. My new baby whom birth name is Aramis, I now call him Buddy is the perfect cat. His breeder took very good care of him! I’m so glad I found him. I will be adopting him a friend probably in a year. Thanks

Karen Elder

2 years ago

This was such a smooth process! My cat who was named Poker now is Pudge. He is my buddy he walks on a lease and loves car rides. Truly the best cat I have ever owned so much worth it. He is so sweet and chill I love him so much. ????

Lilian Schaffer

2 years ago

we had a very good experience. The cat is health and lovely. I could see it was very well treated. They explained everything for us. Very friendly team. I am planning to get a new one.

Natalia Sabins

2 years ago

Did you know that the United States has banned the import of dogs for a year. Because of such vendors, the import of kittens may be prohibited and people, who moving to the United States will not be able to bring their pets because of such dealers. look, all these kittens were brought from Russia and Ukraine and any vet exam by before shipment will give you a full health guarantee, any vet can’t tell you if kitten 100% will be healthier. There are many latent diseases and there are many genetic diseases for which no one tests this kittens. People, kittens need to be bought through clubs and through breeders. Even there is a risk, but here ... the animal has several separation flights, you do not see your kitten and do not know its character, this is your future child and you need to approach the purchase of a kitten more carefully.

Fabian McGowan (XTREME2212)

2 years ago

Beautiful cats and great customer service. Very informative.

Susie Z.

2 years ago

I was looking for a Sphynx or Bambino kitten when I stumbled across KittensUp online. At first I was hesitant because I hate pet stores that sell animals but upon closer inspection I realized this isn’t at all what they do. They actually work with breeders and after you place your deposit they coordinate having the kitty brought to you (many different methods) once the kitten is safely of age to travel. I spoke to Olga so many times and when I had questions she reached out to the breeder for me. My kitten came with all health docs and pedigree info. I will definitely use KittensUp again if I decide to get another kitty. Thank you so much, the whole process was so easy and my baby is so awesome!

Valerie Simon

2 years ago

I’m sooo happy and in love with my kitten. I’m very impressed with the quality and care that KittensUp has provided. They’ve been 100% responsive and followed up with me within the first week I got my kitten from them. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for specific breeds! Thank you KittensUp, I’m so happy!

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