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2 years ago

My dog was born with a heart murmur and was continued on her medication for the majority of her life. I changed veterinarians due to moving and changing my location. This veterinarian took her off of her heart medications, stating that he did not “hear a heart murmur” , and would not re-prescribe no matter how many times I had asked about her heart. Fast forward a few years later, my dog has an enlarged heart and can barely breathe. Would NOT recommend Veterinarian. If you care about your pets AVOID!!!

Ricky The Handyman

2 years ago

Very good pet care and staff One of the Best ???????????? A bit pricey get ready

Xenia Santiago

2 years ago

Dr. Puig, Deborah, and all the staff really care about your pet. My dogs Mandy and Mila (both golden retrievers) have always received the best of care!

Erik Arencibia

2 years ago

Dr. Puig is amazing, thorough, and caring, and provides treatment and after-care instructions that work. He even took the time to show me how to give my cat pills/liquids. Thank you so much.

Vanessa Ayala

2 years ago

Wonderful place with great people.

Margery Risnear

3 years ago

Dr puig and staff were absolutely wonderful, I couldn't believe how kind and good he was this was our first visit to him an it won't be the last. God bless you dr puig and staff for taking such good care of our 2 yorkies. Margery Risnear

Liliana Herrera

3 years ago

Dr Puig is simply amazing! He has been my dog’s vet since he was 3 months old and I really feel lucky to have found him, he is always so caring and attentive with my dog and I know that anytime he prescribes him something is because my dog needs it nothing extra. The staff is also super friendly and treat my dog with love! Maxie sends lots of love to Dr Puig and staff! Thank you for everything you do for him!

Tanya H

3 years ago

We met Dr. Puig several years ago thanks to our friend Harriet, and feel very fortunate. We had several dogs who Dr. Puig and his staff took care of during the past few years. We now have Czar, who is a 4 year old and 82 lbs terrier mix (predominantly pit bull), who we adopted about 4 months ago and who never really spent much time at the vet before he came to us. He has to go to see Dr. Puig regularly as he has a skin condition, he needs medications and to be monitored, and of course he acts up as he is scared and not used to it. Dr. Puig knows how to approach every dog, including our Czar, and earn their trust and love. Knowledgeable, caring and professional, I trust 100% the opinion I get from Dr. Puig. Highly recommend for your beloved pets

Or Nessim

3 years ago

After working with many Veterinarians ( over 10 ) in the last 5 years since I opened K9Pack dog trainingLLC. The personal service with the vet himself is like no where else by far. I can for sure say that all of my clients will be going to that clinic because I can count on them. They knew exactly what I needed and I got the right guidance for my personal dog. They will only prescribe what your dog needs nothing extra and fair pricing. I am super satisfied.

Michael Franco

3 years ago

This morning I had an emergency with my 8 week year old puppy. I noticed he was limping and crying when he walked. I called every “top reviewed” vet around my neighborhood and not one of them said come in right now. Most didn’t have a Dr on site yet or were to busy to take him in but then I called Animal Clinic of Village square & the staff members immediately said come right now. So I rushed over in a panic and soon as I got there they came outside and took my puppy in for an exam. Due to Covid only the pets are allowed in but the Dr called me on the iphone right away and was extremely pleasant as far he explained everything to me. He was honest right from the beginning and explained that he couldn’t find any issues with my pup during the exam at all. He test all of his legs examined him thoroughly and applied pressure and nothing was wrong. He said my puppy was playing with the nurses on the floor and running around with no pain. He also told me that as soon as he heard the puppy was in pain, he pushed back his surgery apt 20 mins, just so he could examine him. As we spoke over the phone about his pets and his love for the type of breed I have - I began to see that he is a genuine animal lover and an overall honest person.To top it all off he wouldn’t even let me pay for the examination/visit because he said he doesn’t feel right charging because nothing was wrong. He didn’t try to sell me on making a follow up or anything like he just did it because he felt that way. He even sent me home with medicine to deworm the pup again. All at not charge. Mind you money was the last thing I was concerned about but obviously it would of been quite a large bill I assume. It’s crazy how things work out sometimes but based on this visit - I am now changing my previously scheduled vaccine apt from one of those “top reviewed” vets to the Animal Clinic of Village square. I believe that character is always shown through actions and sometimes by words & for me his character was shown in a short conversation and his actions/love for my dog he just met. So even though it was a crazy morning for me, I’m glad this false emergency lead me to finding this vet for my little guy. Thank you to the staff and the Dr. I appreciate it very much and I will see you guys in a couple of weeks

Merrill Rand

3 years ago

Friendly, efficient staff. COVID-19 precautions are in place. Dr Puig took his time and answered all my questions.

Allan Rafford

3 years ago

AVOID THIS PLACE NO MATTER WHAT!!! RIPOFF!!! I made the unfortunate decision to take my 5yr old Doxie to the Animal Clinic of Village Square this past July. Both of my dogs had diarrhea which we believe may have been due to a bad batch of fish oil we added to their food which was a newly bought bottle. We immediately stopped using the fish oil and over the next few days, 1 of our dogs started to get back to normal while the other started showing blood in their stool. When we noticed the blood, we immediately took our dog to the nearest vet that was open which happed to be the Animal Clinic of Village Square. After initially assessing our dog’s illness, the vet’s technician came outside to inform me that they weren’t sure of what was causing the illness and that we would need to spend over $1,000 to find out what was causing the illness and for the treatment. I have taken dogs that have been ill to my previous vet and have never been told they didn’t know what could be wrong and that it would cost OVER $1,000 to find out and treat our dog. I informed the tech that $1,000 was high and was there anything that wasn’t necessary that could be taken off the itemized list of tests/treatments to reduce the cost. The tech went in, I’m assuming to speak with Dr. Puig, and said we would just need to spend $300 for the treatment they felt was necessary. Suspicious… I agreed so they performed the necessary tests/treatment and to my surprise, presented me with a bill for OVER $600. They neglected to tell me they needed to give her over $300 meds. I was charged over $300 for 6 tablets of 68 mg enrofloxacin, 7 tablets of 250mg metronidazole, some heart worm liquid in a syringes, and 8 packets of Purina Fortiflora probiotics. THEY STILL COULD NOT CORRECTLY DIAGNOSE MY DOG. At this point, I just wanted my dog back and for her to be healthy. I had to leave town the following day so my wife had to find a way to force or trick my dog into taking the meds. Unfortunately, my dog is very smart and would not eat anything the pills were hid inside nor would swallow them if placed in her mouth so none of the meds or probiotics could be used. My wife spoke with a friend that had a dog with the same symptoms and tried the dewormer that the friend used. Our dog’s health immediately improved and was back to normal in no time. ALL MY DOG NEEDED WAS A $10 DEWORMER.. I don’t know if Dr. Puig is in need of money because business is slow due to Covid-19 or he is always this unethical and shady. I will never bring my dog back and I will warn anyone I know that is looking for a vet. Next time I need a vet, I will drive the hour to South Dade to see my previous vet, Dr. Gilley, an honest vet that isn’t in the business for the money but rather to help pets and not take advantage of their loving owners. [GOOGLE WOULDN'T LET ME REPLY TO THE VET'S RESPONSE SO HERE IT IS] ........You missed the point to our initial review and so we thought for the sake of others, we should reply to your response. We just recently moved to this area and it was our first time visiting your clinic, BUT it was not our first time visiting a vet. Unfortunately, at the time we could not make a 40-minute drive to our pet’s vet (whom BTW is also unable to verbally communicate with his patients). OUR POINT WAS, Dr. Gilley with his love of what he does and years of experience, always gives us a prognosis and until this day has always nailed it. FIRST TIME EVER, do we visit a doctor that tells us that our dog can possibly have many issues and then prescribed a bunch of medications for bloody diarrhea because even after the tests he still didn’t know what was wrong.

Aldo Trujillo

3 years ago

Let me start by saying that this review was not asked to be completed, instead this is a genuine review I would like to leave as a satisfied customer. Dr. Puig and his staff are as fantastic as it gets. They have been there any time we have needed professional vet service to my pet. Dr. Puig shows nothing but compassion and very open to all your questions and concerns. Highly recommend to anyone who needs his services.

Angel Italiano

4 years ago

Fine. Good. Thanks ladies who do my dogs ???? nails..

phyllis gracy

4 years ago

I feel truly blessed to know Dr. Puig. I met him in 2005. He is honest,compassionate, kind, caring and thorough. His staff is kind and always has a smile. He loves my pets as much as I do. He is very dedicated and hard working. Dr. Puig is always just a phone call away. He makes you feel not like a customer, but more like a friend. I highly recommend him.

Leo Baumer

4 years ago

I have trusted my dogs' health to Dr Puig and his amazing staff now for 8 years and counting. Dr Puig even kept a 24 hour when my boy faced a life threatening illness. These great people are nothing shy of life savers. Give them a chance to care for your pet and you'll know what I mean!

Ronald Donehue

5 years ago

I had a very experience with my puppy on Saturday August 11th. My little guy started vomiting and wobbling after we had gone out for a walk. It totally freaked me and my family out because that had never happened before with him. I called the Veterinarian I took him once before and he was very short with me on the phone. We really wanted to take him to be seen so I called Animal Clinic of Village Square. The lady who answered the phone was very polite and told me that the office was going to close soon and asked me to get there as soon as possible. So, we ran out the door and went straight there. When we arrived, I couldn't help but notice how clean the clinic was. Everyone there including the staff and the Doctor were very nice. I decided then and there that ACVS was going to be my dog's Veterinarian.

Robert Jimenez

5 years ago

Excellent staff! And Dr Puig couldn't be more caring and professional!

Raul Tano

5 years ago

I live in Miami but won't take my dog anywhere else.

Maribel A.

5 years ago

From the Dr. To the Staff very nice n caring. Been going there for a few years n have no complaints.

M. Scott Turner

5 years ago

I have had all my Pets cared for by Dr. Puig for many, many years. The Care and Compassion shown by the Doctor and his Staff is First Rate, and is what has kept me being a Happy, Loyal Customer! I Highly Recommend this Clinic for your Pet's needs!

Elizabeth Hernandez - Melville

5 years ago

I have trusted Dr Puig with my pets for many years. He is an excellent Dr he is very honest, caring and attentive. The staff is always very helpful. Highly recommended and trust worthy.

Gerry Pion

7 years ago

Very well kept. Experienced staff. Very friendly, in-house Vet was not there, but substitute vet was amazing.

Kierra Slater

7 years ago

Dr. Puig and his staff are the absolute best and so caring !


7 years ago

Dr. Puig is a wonderful caring incredible Doctor. His staff is so sweet and helpful. My family And I cannot imagine going to any other veterinarian ever! On a recent visit at his office an emergency was bought in, a dog, she tangled with a toad and was foaming at the mouth. Dr. Puig jumped into action immediately to save that dog. IV fluids etc all done calmly and quickly. What a hero. Thank you Dr. Puig!


7 years ago

Dr Puig has been my vet for years. He was recommended by a client (I'm a pet sitter) who raved about the extraordinary care Dr P gave to his very sick dog. I had hoped I would never be in the same position my client had been in, with a …

Deborah Ablanedo

8 years ago

I have been taking my Chihuahua/Min Pin mix to Dr. Puig for about 5 years now and I have absolutely no complaints. Dr. Puig has always been attentive and he really cares for his patients. My dog has a chronic back problem and he has patiently helped us manage her care and called in specialists when needed and we did not break the bank. He is an honest doctor that will not overcharge you and only has the best interest of your pets at heart. I love his staff as well they are just as caring and helpful as Dr. Puig. The facility is clean and organized and if you decide to go to this office you will never change vets again.

Greg A. Lewen

8 years ago

Dr. Puig is a special person who I am most happy to recommend as a trusted veterinarian of my pets. Our dog and cat are important parts of our family, and he and the entire staff of the Animal Clinic of Village Square have earned our total confidence time and again. Dr. Puig runs a first class operation, with state of the art technology, including online scheduling and access to records and automated systems to ensure our pets' care remains up to date. It is also a very clean and organized facility. Dr. Puig is also a responsible provider; there are things that he has handled himself, and other things that he has referred to specialists when needed. Just as I would want the best medical and dental care for my wife and kids, I want that level of quality for my pets. We are grateful that there is a veterinarian like him in the Cooper City / Pembroke Pines area.

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