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Carol Hensel

a year ago

I always like this vet's office. From the check-in, to the check-out, the staff is wonderful. My vet is so easy going and understands my dog's needs. Won't go anywhere else!

Leslie Lee

a year ago

Very happy they helped my 3 month old Belgian Malinois, Zeus, with an emergency fever and pain. Tried getting my vet to see him but they could not open up a spot for him until his scheduled appointment the next day. I appreciate the time and care given to help my fur baby. They are not only there for their own patients but make time for others.

Amber Jones

a year ago

I have exclusively taken my 12 year old teacup Yorkie to this vet since moving here from TN in 2014. Although I find them on the high end of the price scale I remained a loyal customer because they were always friendly, prompt and caring...minus one incident when he reacted poorly to his vaccines they administered which cost a ton of money and my pup to get very sick. I understand things like that happen...however my last visit and days since have been anything but the above. My poor Oliver was coughing terribly and struggling to breathe so I made him an appointment the Monday prior to Christmas. I arrived on time and was told we would be seen soon. I held him due to his size and stood over in the corner for almost an hour as I watched the waiting room empty, fill up and empty again. When I finally asked if we would be seen soon I was told it wouldn't be long. Finally we were seen by the vet tech (a very nice man) who kept calling my fur baby "Ollie" and asking me about a condition he didn't have. We were both confused. Apparently I was marked as a no-show and he had another dog's chart. He went and got the correct chart and examined him. The veterinarian was very nice and thorough. The x-ray showed Oliver's heart was enlarged causing pressure on his trachea. Over $300 later we were sent home with meds (he told me would make him eat and drink more) and advised to come back in a week. Due to financial reasons that had to be pushed to my next payday and I was advised I wouldn't be seeing the same doctor. Over the holiday week Oliver's cough improved some but he stopped eating almost entirety. I called the office the day after Christmas to report this and asked for someone to call me back. Here we are over 2 weeks since his first appointment and still nothing. I am extremely disappointed in the customer service I received for the price I paid and to have been such a loyal customer. I chose not to take him to his follow-up appointment. Instead I will be requesting his records and taking him elsewhere going forward. It's really just a shame there's so much disorganization and lack of communication. Additionally...I was told about his heart murmur on the visit prior to this awful one (unrelated reason for visit) and no medication was offered to prevent it from worsening further. He might not be so sick now if it had been addressed sooner.

Andrea S

a year ago

We were visiting our daughter for Christmas and our Cockapoo, who has Glaucoma, woke with an ulceration of his cornea. He was in obvious pain and of course it had to be a holiday! $$$ I searched Google and found Animal Care Center of Panama City Beach to be highly rated, so I anxiously gave them a call. They were extremely nice on the phone, (first impressions are important!) up front on their exam fee, and I was able to bring him right in. After they did a corneal stain test and an exam we left with donor serum, antibiotics and piece of mind knowing he was going to be ok until we get home to South Carolina in a few days. ​Total price was very reasonable, even being Christmas day! I've actually had higher vet bills at home for less serious issues! Thank you for your kindness and for helping Remington feel better!!

Heather Kretzer

a year ago

My father's puppy did not receive proper emergency care and therefore died the following morning. The vet even admitted after he called them there was more they could have done. I will look for other emergency care options for my animals in the future.

BK Miller Jr

a year ago

Excellent, Professional, Personable and Skilled Doctors and Staff. It is clear, they Love their Patients.

TheWickedRaven 33

a year ago

They were very honest and up front about costs and diagnosis up front and very appreciated overall best veterinary service and a lot cheaper than expected for an emergency call.

Kimberly Jarrard

a year ago

Dr LeBleu and staff at ACC-PCB are all fantastic and caring! Been a client for 16 years and they have always been attentive and caring of our dogs and my concerns for them. Fantastic establishment of caring pet people, I always recommend them to my friends when they get new pets or have pets with special needs. With the PawPlan it makes keeping up with your pets yearly needs affordable.

Madi F

a year ago

Thank you for saving my baby Zamir. Your animal will love the staff & there is always someone there to answer you & watch over your pet. These people truly have hearts of gold & want to work with you to provide the best outcome. Can’t thank them enough <3

Michelle Babcock

a year ago

Friendly staff, very personable and professional, I can’t say enough positive things about them. Dr Amber Deese took care of my Diesel , he had to have surgery and she took special care of my baby, it’s been a few days and he’s recovering very well. She definitely looks out for everyone’s needs and tries to make the process easier. Thank u Emily for keeping an eye on him while in recovery and trying to meet his needs to keep him comfortable and safe. Thank u Hannah for letting me speak with u if I had any questions and making the process a lot easier. Thank u thank u Dr Deese for saving Diesels life, he would not be here without u and ur wonderful staff, I’m forever grateful ???????????? I apologize if I missed anyones names, everyone was so helpful???? I am now a forever client, and I can’t thank u all enough!!!


2 years ago

Staff was accommodating and took care of my fur baby like he was their own. Thank you!!

Shelley Miller

2 years ago

Disappointed in the lack of transparency in their billing. Left my cat to have an abscess drained. I was required to pay for the urgent fee and blood work before I left cat behind for procedure. Total $349.00. When I came back I was billed additional $581.31. I had signed agreement the total charges would be $721 . I was shocked at a $200 difference which I was told was for anesthesia. The second bill they gave me was completely different from the charges of the original bill. I was told that I would be able to come back in the afternoon to pick up my cat. I got a call an hour later she was ready he was all full of vim and vigor when I got him. Not at all like he had been sedated or given pain medicine. I was not offered a revisit which also disappointed me. While I am glad they were able to take care of my cat I think I was taken advantage of

Lyn Mankin

2 years ago

My 13 month old puppy swallowed a rock that was creating a bowel blockage. I was told that all that they would do would be to monitor him for 12 hrs. No x-ays. Told that they were closing early 8:30pm and not to bring him. The man who took my call has no business working at a business with the title of Animal he could care less about the lives of our furry babies. My puppy would have died that evening. Never will I ever recommend this business to anyone!

Lisa Smenner

2 years ago

My dog was hit by a car today and broke her leg. My regular vet was unavailable, so I called Animal Care. I’ve been here in the past and they were wonderful. Today was no exception. When I called and explained my situation, they were kind, compassionate and accommodating. I brought her in a few hours later and she was seen right away. They took great care of her. X-rays, a stent and meds to keep her comfortable. They also recommended an orthopedic surgeon for further consultation since her break is so severe. I’m so grateful to them. The entire staff was amazing!!

Christie Caudill

2 years ago

This facility is about the $ not about professional friendly affordable. We had an emergency with one of our pets for gi issues. $1000 later and same problem. They started out checking for the problem thought it was something else based on what they thought they seen on xray turns out it wasn't cancer. It is diarrhea. The meds given were over $65 to treat. As soon as meds are done the problem is still there. I call to get a refill staff very rude. Very unprofessional. Make me feel as if I was putting them out to check on refills that was requested 2 days previous. Our other dog appt was made we go in on appt date they say they can't find her in system. So we had to leave. Come back the second time scheduled appt they don't have her in system. The did see us seeing as this was the second time there was an error on there end. But we waited for half and hour, then we get back there and then it was rush rush rush to get us out. I do not recommend this facility if you are like most animal owners that feel as if your animals are family and that would do anything for them. The prices are extremely high, meds are very high and compassion is all time low. This should be the other way around.

Christi Reddick

2 years ago

Traveling and needed an emergent vet! Thankful we found Animal Care Center! Excellent, knowledgeable care, wonderful staff, very fairly priced!

Terry Rotton (RottonBoyT)

2 years ago

20+ years as a client with ACC! The level of care and love is really hard to compare to anyone around. Always the best! Trustworthy and Respected

Richard Dowdell

2 years ago

Traveling with our dog Marco, Animal Care Center of Panama City Beach, saw us as an urgent care patient while other clinic would not see us. Dr LaRue was wonderful as werecall the techs and front desk at explaining and helping Marco. We are so thankful for them.

Laurie Watson McKay

2 years ago

I was in the door and my cat was seen promptly. Good service. Found out my cat had no physical problems, but behavioral issues instead. They suggested Prozac for cats. After a quick Google search after the visit I found a cheaper solution with hemp CBD meds. I ordered some on line for $30. They never mentioned this solution. I felt like they wanted to buy expensive meds from them. It broke my trust. It's a shame.

Kristin Guin

2 years ago

Thank you for saving my dog's life!

Kayla Sims

2 years ago

Lisa, the vet tech is amazing! Not only she was good to Yorkie dog , Bentley, she was friendly to me also. I was very tearful worried about my dog she alleviate my fears and stressor. Lisa, is passionate about her job she’s genuine loves animals. She even gave me some tips on how to crate train. Thank you Lisa! Bentley the Yorkie loves you !

Jonathan Anderson

2 years ago

We were in Panama City Beach on vacation when our dog came down with a UTI. The folks at Animal Care Center worked us in right away and quickly addressed our puppy’s issue. We are so grateful for their service.


2 years ago

This people were awesome when I needed them to be! The fixed up my Yorkie that was attacked in the face by another big dog. Took him right back assessed the damage and came out to tell me how everything was. They also had a very reasonable price for the type of surgery and overnight care and prescriptions my dog needed. I will be a repeat customer and would recommend them to anyone! Thanks for being great! I know Toby sure appreciates it!!!!!

Google Collectsourdata

2 years ago

DO NOT GO HERE THEY ARE NO HELP. My dog broke his femur bone and I was informed after spending $600 with them that they cannot perform the surgery so I will need to goto another vet. They sent me 2 hours to Tallahassee to a closed vet (they said would be open) with my dog crying in pain. After arriving and finding out it was closed I stayed the night in the parking lot and tried to get him help in the morning. The place they sent me DOES NOT have surgeons here on the weekend so I’m still in the same situation I was last night with no pain medication or any help for my puppy. (UPDATE) I was informed by them he needed surgery on his leg or it needed to be amputated. We are months down the line now and my puppy has made a full recovery. I DID NOT GET A SURGERY OR AMPUTATE. All I did was get my puppy home get some pain meds and made him stay in his crate almost all day for a month if he wasn’t in his crate he was right by my side where I could watch him and being told to lay down. I also got some joint supplement vitamins for dogs. After going thru this for about a month he started to using the leg again. I helped him stretch it out and moved it around very gently for a couple weeks then he was back to full go mode. Running around like nothing ever happened. Playing tug of war with his best friends. Every once and awhile I do notice him picking up the leg usually after a good run. I’d suggest you still take it easy with your puppy after recovery. I have lost hope in vets this is the third bad experience I’ve had where I feel like they are just trying to grab my money and not provide loving care to my puppy. Im blessed he was able to make a full recovery and we won’t be visiting a vet anytime soon. I know how to provide love and care.

Shannon Trahan

2 years ago

I have brought several animals to Animal Care Center in the past during emergency situations. The most recent was when my new puppy broke her leg. They got her in quickly and took great care of her. All the staff was professional, friendly, and compassionate. I was so impressed with them that I have made them my primary veterinarian for my new baby. I could not be happier with the care received at Animal Care Center. I highly recommend their services!

Kristen Gurganus

2 years ago

I took my corgi pup there after several days of her not acting herself and seemed to be having blood coming from somewhere and she was throwing up. I brought a sample of what I thought may have been bloody diarrhea. I don't even think they tested it, they then proceeded to say they needed to do a parvo test which came back negative and then they did blood work which was perfect. They came back with a $2035 bill saying she needed to stay 3 days in ICU and take meds ???? I was so confused. I brought up chicken and rice and or pumpkin to help her tummy and they said oh no she needs meds. After we declined them doing all the stuff they wanted they sent 3 different people in after the doctor was supposed to come in and they said they could put us on a payment plan if we would consider the $2035 bill. Hahaha no way, finally the doctor came in and mentioned the chicken and rice etc. We still ended up paying $462 for that. Turns out the puddle of blood was her first heat they couldn't have told me that? If they really tested the sample. I won't be taking my dog back there they are too expensive and seem to care at first but they just want your money. It's a shame they are almost the only vet on the weekends.

Jay Jay

2 years ago

Horrible service and outrageous prices. So I took my dog there after being hit by a car when I called they told me it would be 125.00 to see my dog so I arrived and then they told me they wanted to take x rays which I agreed on. So when I came back to get her (my dog) they had all of these medicines they wanted me to buy totaling all together at 529.00 so I told them I only had 470.00 is there a way I can do payments or they were going to have to take some of the medicine off the bill. So the lady told me if I didn't purchase all the medicine they prescribed that she was going to keep my dog for failure to pay for services. I told her I only had 470.00 and I would call a lawyer if she didn't give me my dog. She then went from awe I love dogs to shaving medicine off of the bill so then I asked so are u removing the medicine based on the pill value or are u just guessing on how much 470.00 in cash would get me!! I don't advice no one to got to this place they are crooks that try to capitalize on people's pets! And still after paying 500 dollars for their services they still told me it's nothing they can do they do handle problems or the nature and that she will heal just got to be on cage rest for 6 to 8 weeks! Smh

James Case

2 years ago

Visiting here on vacation and our 15y/O dachshund was not doing well. They were able to get us in that afternoon with only about a 15 minute wait. Dr. Torkulson was very informative and thorough. Thank you all for caring and your help. And Oscar is doing much better.

Jan Soper

2 years ago

Our little guy was really sick and everyone at the Animal Care Center was kind and caring.

Eva Chakri

2 years ago

If I could have given them a -0 I would have!! Came in to bring my dog. We found him with his legs not working and before 1:00 the visit was $250 after 1:00 it’s $150 blows my mind because really?? Why?? That’s not all! In the end we were told I needed to pay $600 before they can even touch him ???? so I did obviously!! All I wanted was to know what was wrong with my dog. One x-Ray and 10 minutes of their time to be told maybe he got injured or maybe he has Degenerative myelopathy? Maybe?? Well I could have said maybe too and it would have been free!! In the end I got nothing. No clue to what is going on with my dog. This place aren’t animal lovers!! It’s all about stealing money from desperate animal lovers!! Makes me sick!

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