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2 years ago

Dr. Beckett is rude and showed no empathy during my recent encounter with her. My dog was critical and I felt she was biased and showed no empathy. Will not go back.

Suz East

2 years ago

Do not take your pet here for an emergency. They didn't answer the phone when I arrived and then I had a receptionist or tech come out and tell me that my cat had "facial trauma." They needed the money up front, I had only so much to my name and I asked about payment plans since I just moved here. She said no, they only took upfront payments or care credit. Then she shrugged and said to call back after we applied or talked to someone and left. That's it. I had a cat in pain, dislocated jaw and blood covering the bottom of the carrier and all I got was a shrug.

Corey Gordon

2 years ago

I brought in a stray cat I found on the side of the road who had been hit by a car, but still alive. When you park, there's a sign that tells you what to do. There were 3 cars already parked so I knew I'd have a longer wait. The vet called my cell phone to tell me that the kitty was in very bad condition and euthanasia was the only choice. They were very nice and took care of the kitty and I was happy to make a donation to help cover costs towards another emergency. I definitely recommend this Emergency Vet.

Kevin Bryan

2 years ago

We had to use them under unfortunate circumstances but the staff was amazing. We had to put our dog down. They have a designated private room for everything which was nice. They made the situation as pleasant as can be. We are very appreciative for how great the staff was to make things as easy as possible.

Amy Shubert

2 years ago

AA Animal ER took good care of my little Ollie! We came here in a rush because he was feeling short-of-breath and lethargic, and they took great care of him. The only problem I had was when he was ready for pickup, they came to the parking lot to give him to me and they only then mentioned his blood level was at a 9 and he needed an emergency transfusion. I told them when I initially dropped him off to do whatever it takes to get him better, and they didn't discuss anything about a transfusion with me on the phone before asking me to pick him up. I instantly had to give him back and say goodbye all over again. I picked him up the next morning and he was great, he did suffer a seizure but nothing too serious. All-in-all he is doing really great! If they ask you to follow up with a regular veterinarian, I also highly recommend Broadway Cat Hospital! Dr. Frana there loves AA Animal Center and says they are very precise and organized.

Danny Billek

2 years ago

My dog passed on Christmas Eve. AA Animal center was compassionate and understanding. The person who helped us was amazing by helping my family make plans for his final resting arrangements. Thank you for being so professional during this difgicult time.

Kristin K

2 years ago

Thanks to my crazy Aussie pups, we have had to make a visit to the ER a couple of times and each time the staff has been super caring and helpful. If you have an animal in need after hours, I highly recommend these great people!


2 years ago

Dr.Sranton and her nurses are Awesome! Very professional caring and understanding. My cat was in critical condition as of this review 12/18/2021. Dr. Stanton took him straight into the ICU ,and began treatment immediately. They did a blood transfusion ,IV antibiotics ,and a bunch of other stuff. My cat is my best friend , he's family and AA is working on saving his life. Pic is an hour before I brought him to AA. The first vet recommended Uthenizing him saying his chances of surviving were low. Noway I would ever give up on anyone I love so I took him to AA. He's in good hands now.

Amelia Antonelli

2 years ago

Wanted to charge double to have an MRI done on the weekend. Although this seems to be typical with emergency hospitals For animals however when you're faced with an $8500 "and have to make a decision it is crazy. You couldn't even talk to the neurologist before making a decision,all you do is talk to some office worker.????????

Sylvia Cortes

2 years ago

Very knowledgeable, cordial, empathy, excellent service, reasonable prices.


2 years ago

I drove friends there for their newly found puppy to be scanned so I didn't have business there per se but the staff was very professional and very kind. I got a business card/ magnet from them in case I need it for my fur babies cuz I WOULD DEFINITELY take them there. AA ANIMAL ER IS DEFINITELY AA!!!????????

Julie Lythgoe

2 years ago

Dr Stanton is the BEST. So kind and knowledgeable. She diagnosed my cat immediately with something no other vet seemed to be able to figure out. The staff is phenomenal. I would recommend this clinic to anyone. We drive from St Pete to Palm Harbor with our pets.

Jori Golden

2 years ago

Staff is kind, efficient, and accommodating. A visit to an emergency vet is always stressful but the team at AA made it as pleasant and positive as possible. Thank you for your care of my sweet fur baby.

Forrest Dayton

2 years ago

Ariel was very informative & didn't discriminate on the fact that I'm a breeder. My 2nd time being here & I have to say they are the MOST CARING & WELL PRICED pace IN THE AREA . Thank you guy again from yak & megs family ????

elizabeth wolfe

2 years ago

Although the process seemed somewhat slow getting our pup in to be assessed we were happy with the care and explanation of her illness provided once she was seen. I will definitely give another go on this ER in the future.


2 years ago

My dog had an emergency after midnight on Tuesday the 17th One of the few places open, They were able to get her through it And right now she's OK and if it wasn't for them she might not be. Thank God there are people like this that care about animals at this time of day or night.

Erin Rona

2 years ago

I have not been to this vet in person but had a great experience over the phone. My 11 month old puppy got into contact with a bufa toad which as many know they can be deadly. We were panicking and called this vet to say we were coming. After reviewing what we had done to prevent issues and talking with them about the size of my dog and her symptoms they called the veterinarian and got advice for me right away. They gave us instructions but told us we didn't need to bring her in. Most places I call when something emergent happens want you to come in anyway (probably because they want to make money and because of liability which I understand ) before they even hear the whole story. They had me watch her and follow a few instructions and said to bring her in if anything changed. I called a couple more times that evening because I was paranoid and the girls kept me calm and helped us through the whole experience. My puppy is okay thanks to my fiances quick reaction to hose her mouth out and the vet and vet techs helping us. They were amazing and we appreciate the help!

Jennifer Grumbling

2 years ago

After the passing of our furry friend, I had no idea what to do next. Because of my mom's experience with them when her dog was sick and the recommendation from my vet, I called AA Animal ER. She was so compassionate and helpful in walking me through my options. When we arrived with our sweet boy, Josie helped us through arranging the cremation process and was such a comfort. I'm so grateful for their guidance.


2 years ago

They took great care of my dog. Its just expensive as you would expect. Thankfully we got there in time for the visit fee of $85. At night, its $150 to be seen.

Shannon Kosut

2 years ago

The Dr had compassion and even called the next day to check on our girl. I would highly recommend.

Shyanne Dove

2 years ago

I was very happy with my experience here. All of the nurses and doctors that I talked to were phenomenal. They encouraged me to call whenever I'd like to be updated and did not make me feel like I was being a nuisance. Jessica, Robin and Carrie were the ones I talked to multiple times for updates on my little kitty. I know I'm forgetting the doctors name that I talked to multiple times but they all did a great job with keeping me in the loop and making me feel better as my kitten had to stay overnight for two nights. Thank you for taking such good care of my kitty and me. I and Bryon appreciate it! ????❤️

Sylvia Manning

2 years ago

Excellent service in a reasonable timing. My dog is now feeling much better .

Brenda Hammond

2 years ago

Had my lab in for swelling in neck, droopy eyes , not her self ... after 1 maybe 2 mins tech comes back out and said they can't find swelling. Um it's her lymph nodes....ok then vet calls and ask if all the skin in her neck is common for her. Um she's a lab so yez.. did not address neck or fever said she had allergies and togive her benadryl. Saw her vet today and yes it is her lymph nodes and yes she has a fever.. they did blood work and aspirated her nodes for diagnosis will never go back I will stick to my vets calls why

Leticia Arechiga

2 years ago

First time there. it was great service and the great price. Thank you guys for all your help..

Reilly Gies

2 years ago

This is the emergency vet every pet owner should know about! The staff not only takes great care of the animals, but takes time to make sure the owners are as well. This is the second time I’ve had to bring my 11m/o dog in (allergic reaction in April, run over by a car in October) and both times they’ve taken amazing care of my Sassy girl. We live on Clearwater Beach but knew she’d get the best care so drove her to Palm Harbor after the accident. Thank you to the entire staff, especially Jill for being so caring and taking the extra step to send us a picture of our girl while she was in their care and we were heartbroken at home. I hope we don’t have to be back anytime soon, but I know she’ll be in great care if we do. Thank you for the amazing work you do, AA Animal ER!

Gordon Johnson

2 years ago

Our puppy Bella RosePassed away todayThey were very kind to us

jim swain

2 years ago

They saved my dog's life.

Jennifer Burnette

2 years ago

Consider this -1 star. If you care about your pet, reconsider going to this place. I never do reviews but felt compelled in this case. They sent me to the wrong vet (45 min. away) after night care ended. They told me to go back to our normal vet and even called ahead to let them know we were coming back. Right when I pull in the lot, my regular vet said they didn't have the right meds which they said they had communicated to the staff at AA. My vet literally said, "I dont know why they sent you here. We told them we dont have the meds." And just so its clear that this was no miscommunication, the tech was giving me directions to go north to avoid delays due to a bad accident. The place I should have been directed to was South in Clearwater or Tampa. By that time he was siezing so badly after almost 24hrs. of it there was no way I could drive the hour in the other direction to get him treated. We had to put him down.The vet (at AA) seemed good but the support staff is terrible. They are rude, condescending, uncommunicative and hold you hostage to sign some dumb papers. Vets give estimates over the phone all the time but these clowns just want your $$. Part of me believes they sent us in the wrong direction on purpose. We are devastated. Not that they will care. They got their grand.

Julie Main

2 years ago

I rushed my dog in thursday evening because she was real sick. They kept her over night. When i got my dog the next day ahe hadnt used the bathroom in so long she couldnt hold it and went all through my car. Nevermind they took a 1000 dollars to do xrays and blood work and start fluids to find out what was wrong with her. Well when i got her she was to leave from there and go straight to a vet for further care. When i got her to the next vet which was amazing people. They got nothing from the hospital staging what they did to my dog while they had her overnight. All they sent over was a small snippet of blood work they had done. No radiation pics. No parvo results Nothing. Needless to say she needed to go to a third er vet. And thats where i lost my dog. Aa animal vet was the worst experience i have ever had! I would never recommend anyone to bring any animal there! Ever! And when it was brought up to other vets what they did. They shook there heads stating that they have never heard anything good about aa animal clinic. My dog had pancreatitis and of they had done blood work they would have found it that night. But she suffered for 3 days. They neglected my dog in so many ways its sad. You would think ypur leaving ypur child with safe caring people. But i was dead wrong. Highly recommend if your animal needs help to go else where. Matter of fact blue pearl animal hospital was a damn blessing. And did so much to help me and my baby dog. But at that point it had gone to far and she was too sick.

Brendan Marotta

2 years ago

Saved my dog from heat exhaustion

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