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Mary Gonzalez

2 years ago

My dog was is very sick I was taking her to another vet and my dog kept getting worse I decided to change vet and slowly but surly she is getting better and this office really care for our fur babies

Jennifer Raraigh-Hopper

2 years ago

I bring all three of my cats to this veterinarian hospital. Dr. Dudley and all of his staff are extremely caring and very thorough about providing wonderful pet care. Also, they are very flexible about scheduling appointments that work well for my schedule. I have been fully satisfied every time that I’ve brought my cats here. Highly recommend!

Dawn Ortolano

2 years ago

Mitchell Hammock Pet Hospital is where we've been taking our pets for years. The staff is very friendly and profesional. Dr Dudley cares about his patients and takes his time answering questions. I would definitely recommend Mitchell Hammock Vet Hospital to anyone looking for a doctor that truely cares about your pet.

Giles Williams

2 years ago

Dr. Dudley and his staff were fast and accurate in addressing and diagnosing my pug's several conditions. His tech Mia, was patient and thorough in explaining dosage procedures needed for the prescribed meds.Dr. Dudley and his staff are always welcoming and friendly at every appointment. I highly recommend Mitchell Hammock Pet Hospital and Boarding.

Mark Ang

2 years ago


Helen Yang

2 years ago

I brought my dog Richy here in July. They are very caring and very good with my dog. The doctor and staffs very knowledgeable and work with their conscience. Even though my dog passed away already because due to some other reason at a different clinic. Doctor Woody Dudley he is super nice and speak the truth from the bottom of his heart he wrote me a letter for it. I am so glad I met him and his staffs. If you look around in his office now many pictures when he was young he was doing that as you can tell he has so much experiences from animals. He also has many degrees once you enter the room I am very admire him because not a lot of doctors that have a lot of degrees like that. He’s even taking care of all the animals not only dogs and cats. He also can work with a price for you. By the way Mia! She’s very sweet lady has a big heart. I am truly appreciated very appreciated from the bottom of my heart everything the journey that Doc. Dudley and the staffs go along with me. I would high recommend this place. It’s doesn’t matter the outside what matters is from the inside. Thank you very much!

Daniela Jarquin

2 years ago

Awesome veterinary care at a very clean hospital. Staff is very attentive and will answer all questions thoroughly. Were able to fit me in the schedule on the same day rather than all other vet clinics I called that were booked up for weeks. Will be coming back with my frenchie Jordan.

Fran W

2 years ago

First time customer. Great experience. Only local vet I could find that has reasonable prices for ultrasound. Will most definitely be a returning customer. Thank you Dr Dudley and your team for making the time to see my sick little guy (they fit me in same day) and helping us understand what was wrong with him. Very compassionate people working here.

Lissette Palacio

2 years ago

I just moved to Oviedo. I live only a few minutes from The hospital and because I was unfamiliar with the area, they were my go to. I went the first time to seek assistance with my dog vomiting and skin allergy. I waited an HOUR to be seen. I was the only pet in the rooms so I thought it was going to be quick. Nope. The girls were nice and attentive but an HOUR to be seen by the doctor? Wow. I thought- hey maybe the doctor really is busy so I let it go. They gave my dog shots for the allergies and the vomiting. I guess it went well.. until my dogs skin allergies worsened and she had a cyst burst so I scheduled an appointment and went back. Booked an appointment and AGAIN waited an HOUR to be seen. What’s the point of making an appointment!? My dog was anxious from waiting an hour so I took her out front to relieve herself when the assistant came back to say they were ready to see her. When I returned back to the room they said it would be another 10 minutes for her to be seen. After waiting an hour to be seen, 30 of which was us sitting in the room waiting, they then tell me I have to wait 10 more Minutes? You were just in the room ready?! This was the assistant that was going to check FOR VITALS before even being able to be seen by the doctor. VITALS- an hour for VITALS? Wow. So I left. Imagine then waiting for the doctor and then starting the appointment for the REAL reason I came for which was to clean her cyst and whatever else they would need to do. That would have likely been ANOTHER HOUR with the way they take their time. I’ve never had to wait this long at ANY another veterinarian , and they’re more busy than this hospital! Twice waiting? Both times were slow. That’s not a coincidence. The young lady at the front said they were short staffed as I was leaving but typically they would let you know upfront so you as a customer can decide if you want to wait or not. Where’s the communication at? Not one person came to at least say, hey sorry we’re backed up. No courtesy. Just sitting there waiting. I really tried to give them the benefit of the doubt but wow- doctors don’t even make humans wait this long to be seen. Now your pet? I don’t get it. I’m not going back.

Rose Santiago

2 years ago

Mitchell Hammock Pet Hospital is one of the best Veterinary Practices I have been to! They really focus in the health and well being of the patient! I recently took my dog in for a Teethcleaning and they took such care with her. Dr.Dudley and staff provided the best care for my little Anastasia. Thank you so much!. I highly recommend Mitchell Hammock Pet Hospital!

Stephanie G

2 years ago

I told them not to contact me but they did anyways. So this time I will leave a review since they think it’s polite to solicit me with their bad practice. Hopefully they get the message this time.


2 years ago

Best place I’ve been , they took care of my pet with such care and they told me everything that was going on with her and how to help her. I recommend this place over anywhere else!!

Jonathan stirman

3 years ago

Good knowledgeable doctor. Thorough and takes his time properly diagnosing. I left with a greater understanding of what was causing our cat great discomfort and was given a good treatment plan that I feel comfortable with. As a seasoned and knowledgeable professional in my own field it was obvious this gentleman has been in his field of expertise for a long time and cared. You can not learn this at school. This is a lifelong endeavor. I will be bringing our other animal for long term care after having these last 3 visits. Highly recommend

Rob Roberson

3 years ago

We have tried other Vets in the area with our past pets and were never satisfied with the care or their services. This was our initial visit to Mitchell Hammock Pet Hospital & Boarding. The staff was friendly and professional and handle our puppies with care. The dogs were thoroughly examined and additional concerns were promptly investigated. The Doctor walked us through the diagnosis of each puppy and we were extremely pleased with the entire event. I would highly recommend Mitchell Hammock Pet Hospital & Boarding to any pet owner.

Matthew Kahle

3 years ago

My little Boston Terrier was attacked by a very large dog. My wife took her here to be checked out and treated. They charged about $500 to clean the puncture wound in her neck, gave a shot of antibiotics and pain med. They said said for $1200 they would perform surgery to fix the wound. A stitch or 2 with some novacaine is surgery??? They should have put in a stitch for the $500.00. Very disappointed. ***** Response to response. $1200.00???? How much do you charge for a spay? My father was a pediatrician. When I was a kid, our Doberman was mauled by a Rotwieller. Many lacerations. My father cleaned the wounds, stitched him up without anesthesia on the kitchen floor and everything turned out fine.

Terra H

3 years ago

This was hands down the worst vet I had taken my pets too. We had recently moved to Oviedo and this was the first vet we visited. My one dog was in need of meds for an ongoing urinary issue and my other dog has anxiety so, I thought she could meet the vet to see how she reacts. The vet had endless papers with fees and how much everything would cost instead of just talking to me about what the best care would be. He would leave the room and send the techs in with fee pages and asked me to pick the treatment. I wanted. I wanted to discuss the different options with the docter. That was not available. He also refused to acknowledge my pet with anxiety. Didn't pet her, call her name or anything. This was the least animal friendly doctor I have ever met.

Susan Folkins

3 years ago

REVIEW UPDATE 2020: Been bringing my Cocker Spaniel, Stella, to Dr. Dudley since I moved back to Florida in 2016. We all laugh, because Stella goes to the Vet way more often than I go to my own doc, and she has an amazingly thick file to prove it! She is 11 years old, with lots of elder dog issues, and is well cared for at Mitchell Hammock, both when she is there to see the doc, and when I board her there. The entire staff at Mitchell Hammock is outstanding. They really care about the health and comfort of my pet and whatever anxiety I may have. Dr. Dudley is very thorough in explaining procedures and diagnoses. I wish my personal physician took as much time with me!!!

Sunita Voleppe

3 years ago

They are always helpful and have the pets interest in mind. Their boarding and grooming services are are good value and Dr. Dudley always talk through different options and approach’s you can take for caring for pet.

Sandra Davila

3 years ago

Dr. Dudley and his staff are wonderful. They were there for me and my cat Ginger when she got sick in 2016 and when she passed in 2019. They were so compassionate and caring and gave her the best of care. I’m still going to him for my cat Pepper and as always, their care is the best. Thank you so much, Dr. Dudley and staff!

Mia Santiago Conquest Art

3 years ago

The best Vet I have ever been to, Dr. Dudley took great care of my cat Tiger! The staff are super kind and helpful and made sure my cat was comfortable during his visits. Dr. Dudley believes in providing great care to my cat so he can live a long life. Thank you for the great service you provided and for taking care of my cat. I highly recommend Mitchell Hammock Pet Hospital!

Maureen Tierney

3 years ago

Our first impression was the staff, who were solidly knowledgeable, patient, responsive and reassuring. I never had any trouble reaching them and could ask detailed questions. I then found that this pet hospital prioritizes cats the same as dogs. Doctor Woody is passionate about treating cats in particular and is equally passionate about educating and explaining everything to the client. For me, personally, this is invaluable. I was actually looking for a "cats only" vet and one was recommended to me - but now I feel that I need look no further.

Autumn McComas

3 years ago

I trust Dr. Dudley and his team with all of my pets. I’ve taken all my fur babies to this office since 2016 and will never look for another vet office. They’ve treated me and pets very well and I’m always informed of treatment options and price points before any treatment.

Gabriella Carraha

3 years ago

I trust that my pet is in good hands any time he is there! Everyone is very kind and professional.

David Shadron

3 years ago

Dr. Woody Dudley saved my puppies life when she was misdiagnosed by another vet. He has shown me that there is a higher standard for Vets who choose to be AAHA accredited and his staff is compassionate and kind.

Catherina Bloom

3 years ago

We've been with this vet for a little while now and while I do think they are knowledgeable and treat my dogs well, they absolutely do try and upsell at every single visit. As other posters have stated, they give your pets unneeded tests and medications. My last visit did it for me, my dog was itching excessively and I couldn't find the reason behind it. He was diagnosed with allergies which he does experience and has been treated for by another vet. Dr Dudley kept insisting he needed a shot to calm down the itching and I kept telling him that he's had it and it doesn't work on him. He continued to push medications. I relented and he got the shot, but as I said, it did absolutely nothing for him. His symptoms persisted. Like I said, he is knowledge and does seem to truly care about the animals, but I can't keep paying 1000 plus dollars each time I take my dogs here. In fact, I have found myself avoiding taking them there because of the cost. We've gone back to our old vet who is further away but also took good care of our dogs and didn't up sell us.

Blaze Cushmore

3 years ago

So I’ve been seeing Dr. Dudley and his team since January of 2020. I took my cat Gatsby to get some overall wellness checks after recently adopting him. When I had adopted him, the vet at the shelter recommended that he get his teeth checked out. When I took Gatsby for a wellness exam, Dr. Dudley suggested that Gatsby get a teeth cleaning as he was older and it looked like he might have some teeth problems. He found that Gatsby needed a few teeth pulled. After a successful surgery, they treated Gatsby and I with so much care. Gatsby wasn’t feeling as well after the surgery as they’d predicted so they said “hey we won’t charge you, please let him stay here overnight to recharge and you can come tomorrow night when he’s all better”. It was a scary time and they made it a ton easier. The vet techs are all so kind and compliment Gatsby on his behavior during baths and nail clippings. They’ve taken care of Gatsby during every health hurdle and I’m lucky that they still put up with Gatsby and I ???? Gatsby has recently had some health issues and they’ve taken just as much care as they did when first seeing us. Can’t ask for a better veterinarian and vet tech team. Would recommend highly.

Katie Donahue

3 years ago

Mitchell Hammock Animal Hospital was one of the worst vets I’ve ever been to. We took my kitten in for an upper respiratory infection. When we went in, we had a strong feeling that’s what was wrong with our kitten and we mentioned that to the vet techs and vet. All of his symptoms were symptoms of an upper respiratory infection and since he was just introduced to our home recently, it made sense. The person at the front desk wasn’t the most friendly and the vet techs were struggling to even handle our kitten, which seems a little unprofessional. Immediately when the vet saw us he said he was going to do an ultrasound just in case it wasn’t an upper respiratory infection, so we ended up spending extra money for absolutely no reason. After diagnosing our kitten for an upper respiratory infection, the vet took him to the back to give him a shot of amoxicillin. Afterwards, he kept pushing that upper respiratory infections can lead to ulcers in cats eyes. He said if our kitten has had any discharge from his eyes then it’s a good idea for us to get prescribed some eye drops from the vet. I said there hasn’t been any discharge so I don’t think that’s necessary. They came back with a new price for the overall visit which included pricing for potential eye ulcers. I once again said that this wasn’t necessary and we only needed the amoxicillin antibiotics. They wouldn’t stop pushing eye drops. They kept coming back with new overall pricing including the eye drops. This vet obviously cares more about making money because the ultrasound was so unnecessary and it’s now been 3 weeks since the visit and our cat has yet to have any eye ulcers or discharge so clearly the eye drops weren’t needed. Don’t even waste your time going to this vet, the overall price for my visit was around $280 when I only needed amoxicillin which isn’t anywhere near that price. At the end of the visit the vet techs said “okay we’ll see you next Friday at the same time.” We didn’t even tell them our availability, they tried to schedule an appointment without asking us when we can come back in. This office is unprofessional and isn’t worth the overpriced fees.

Lee F

3 years ago

Dr. Woody takes his time and provides great care for our boys.

Kathy Russo

3 years ago

Wonderful service. Knowledgeable, kind and so helpful. My dog had rarely been sick and when she was not well they helped her to get better and form a plan for keeping her well in the future. Highly recommended.

austin manuel

3 years ago

Excellent service and they are very nice and answers all the questions you can have.

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