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Brittany Culmone

a year ago

Told me my dog was fine and died next day from parvovirus

Patrick Poirier

a year ago

They are great! No pressure, and you could tell they just wanted to do what's best for pet and owner. There's a lot of vets out there who seem to care more about sales then pets, this is not the case here.


a year ago

Our dog was incredibly sick, we weren't sure where to turn. We had been to another vet in Winter Park and the issue was not properly treated so we took our beloved 13 year old pup to Edgewater Animal Hospital and met Dr. Daniel. We appreciate all that vets do and how hard they work, but we have never met a vet like Dr. Daniel. You can tell he has a genuine heart for animals as well as for the feelings of their pet parents. He nursed him back to health and treated him like his own. We are so full of gratitude for his kindness and that he chooses to do this for a living because not many have the spirit that he has in what they do and he brings being a vet to another level. Thank you so very much. Also, a huge thank you to the front staff. They're always so kind and helpful. With gratitude, The Singhofens (Especially, Chiggens!)

Natasha Yeung

2 years ago

I recently moved from South Florida to the Orlando area. My dog was brought in for a suspected UTI which was confirmed. The issue is my dogs from an autoimmune disease similar to Steven Johnsons syndrome and has reactions to specific antibiotics. I provided medical paperwork to show his med allergies, specifically to Clavamox. Well the vet wanted to give him Clavamox. I had to point put the info from the medical records that he didnt read They then gave me a prescription for Bactrim. Thank God I did my own research because I found out Bactrim can cause Steven Johnsons system as well as other autoimmine issues. When I called the vet, just one hour after leaving, he continued to interrupt me and told me "I'm sorry for interrupting you, I really don't even have time for this call." He told me to call my dogs dermatologist in South Florida (4 hrs away) to get a different prescription quote "it isn't that far". I am disgusted by the treatment of this vet. He had no problem taking my money but then wanted another doctor who treats skin issues to provide care for my dog. Since he was unwilling to discuss other antibiotocs I now need to take my dog to another vet and pay all over again. Save your $ and go elsewhere!!! Update- at a new vet the next morning and Edgewater sent over "results" from yesterday. They never even did a urinalysis after taking a sample of his urine. I'd love to know how they determined it was a UTI and nothing more? 2nd update- the office manager called me and was very apologetic. They refunded me my costs and informed me the doctor that saw my dog was a relief vet and is not the traditional vet at this hospital. I appreciate the quick response and actions regarding my concerns

Deirdre Levine

2 years ago

Very friendly staff, taking great care of my cat after a nasty cat bite. Dr. Daniel is amazing and so nice and really caring and compassionate for animals. Would highly recommend for your fur babies.???????? Five stars

Pablo Varando

2 years ago

One of the best vets I've had, and I've had many over the years. Always willing to help and listen and provide great helpful, honest feedback. I would trust any of my animals to them at any time.

Jennifer Acevedo

2 years ago

Everyone was so helpful and had so much patience when I was freaked out about my fur baby. I would definitely make this my go to animal hospital.

Sierra Burke

2 years ago

We have brought our two corgis here for nearly six years. At first, there was no issues. That changed around 2019. I figured with COVID, there was changes internally, but that does not make up for the incidents we faced: hours long wait times, uncompassionate doctors, minimal effort, and lackluster apologies when these concerns are pointed out. Recently, after bringing our 8 yo girl corgi in, a technician told us she had hip dysplasia and needed surgery or her quality of life would be poor. He refused to get a doctor, as they were all "busy". It took me begging on the phone to have an actual vet tell me her case was mild and joint supplements should be enough. In June, our 9 yo male corgi was ill. He also had difficulty urinating. An X-Ray showed he had a bladder stone the size of 50-cent piece. He had surgery and a sample of the stone was sent to analysis. We were told it would take 2-4 weeks. For aftercare, we were told to keep his cone on, not let him lick the area, and give him antibiotics for a week. He also had a medicated diet, but he did not like the wet food. After a lot of debate where we were told to "make him eat it anyway", they gave us dry kibble. A week later, the vet berated us for not keeping the area clean, as the incision appeared inflamed. We should have put a tee shirt on him and made him sleep on his side. We were asked multiple times about medication despite explaining none was given to us after the antibiotics were done last week. We were given a topical cream. The following week, the vet stated the incision now was running a risk for infection as we obviously were not following directions. When I explained that we were not given any instruction beyond the very minimal, the vet dismissed me, left the room and did not return. He ordered the tech to administer a steroid shot, and we were given a new (better) topical gel. Noticing I was upset, the tech spoke to the hospital manager, who said they would speak to the vet. The last time we went, the vet did not even see me. I waited an hour for the tech to say my dog was fine but he would have to stay on this medicated food for life, the first I heard about this. She then brought my dog to the back for the vet to check, and 30 seconds later, I was told I could leave. We still have not even gotten a follow up call or an idea when the analysis for the stone should come in, and it's been nearly two months now. The only reason I'm writing this is because I just went to a different clinic and the atmosphere, professionalism and knowledge of the staff was what everyone should expect when going to a provider who cares for animals.

Jackeline Rosado

2 years ago

as a new customer and with a small puppy, I was allowed to come in regardless of the COVID restriction. It lessened the anxiety of both the pup and me. The pup, a chihuahua (known to shake) started playing with the technician and lost his fear pretty quickly. Answered any questions/concerns I had.

jamaidy molina

2 years ago

Had a very great experience, my puppy loves them lol definitely my go to vet ✨

Sandra I. Lopez, Realtor

2 years ago

After calling two other Clinics they were the only ones who gave us a suggestion on how to help our puppy Hapi, who ate a face mask. The other Clinics just told us they did not have appointments. Thank you for caring for our puppy!

Julia Rentas

2 years ago

I took my dog for a toe injury (long nails) and they were able to get me in quick and easy! Unfortunately I didn’t get the results I was expecting after three weeks. After talking to the technician and my dog’s doctor, I was a bit frustrated with the whole situation. Fortunately, the manager was super nice and understanding of my feelings! We scheduled an appointment the day after with the other doctor, dr.Wells. Dr.Wells and his assistant were amazing!!! He showed my dog lots of love and patience (my dog is aggressive) and took the time to really teach and encourage his assistant (as a student that means a lot to me!) Overall happy with the experience! I was in and out in less than hour and received instructions/medication. Thank you to the lovely manager, Dr.Wells, and his Assistant!????

beryl adams

2 years ago

They are the best!!!! I love how they love our fur children & make the fur parents feel at ease, no matter what the issue. :)

Marlon Lozano

2 years ago

Why is it so difficult to find a good vet in Orlando? Three weeks ago my dog ​​was tested and I still don't have the results today. Meanwhile my dog ​​is at home every day getting worse health! They haven't even called to tell us anything. Nothing. $ 650 lost on this "Vet" site. Update (01/22/2021): I am raising my Review from 2 stars to 5 stars. The vet center staff was trying to reach me the whole time, but my voicemail was full and I couldn't get any messages. All the people at this veterinary center are great; especially manager Arlene. They have a human sense and 100% guaranteed quality. I offer my apologies to this great organization. Your pets will be in the best hands. The best vets and staff are here. They are the best for many miles around. My sincere apologies for my poor review at the beginning of the week. You are great! Thanks for your love and professionalism! God bless you!


3 years ago

Our dog Jake hates this place. But we all know nobody likes to see the doctor. Great service fair prices.


3 years ago

They are overpriced and try to scam you. We have taken our dog here a few times, and each time has pushed us away more. Started when they tried to sell us an annual plan which covered and I quote "annual neutering", please explain how you plan to neuter my dog once a year. We also went there for an ear infection, which they quoted us an ear flush for around $300. Well we took our dog to a different vet and had the ear flush done and went home with ear flush medicine for less than $100. Everything here is ridiculously overpriced, and they will try to sell you plans that don't even make sense. We found a much better new vet for our pup.

Dorothy Adams

3 years ago

They let my dog get away in the parking lot and I looked for him for 2 days what an ordeal

Yolanda Bates

3 years ago

My puppy is having seizure's. I took her there for her puppy shots. They killed her

Gina Francis

3 years ago

Needed to speak with the vet due to having an older rescue with not a lot of knowledge of his history regarding shots and it was 5 mins to 5pm. The lady told me she’d leave a note to call to call me, but he probably wouldn’t since they closed at 5:30pm. I’ve taken my dog there before, but didn’t get much help due to covid & not being able to accompany my dog inside and now still no help. Definitely don’t recommend this place if you want the up & up on your animal & a feel good feeling.


3 years ago

I took my Great Dane mix here for rabies and bordetella and for an ear infection. The vet tried to upsell his treatment for fleas and ticks saying the ones I bought "weren't good enough" which is ridiculous. I've never had a vet say that to me. Then he told me that Great Danes were dumb for no reason which was upsetting. Ended up paying 200 dollars just for the shots and to get my dogs ear cleaned which is also a scam, since the drops have normally costed me only 30 dollars in the past. I'm not coming back again.

Heather Meador

3 years ago

The weekend doctor told me, verbatim: "Tramadol doesn't work on dogs." He is a condescending, uneducated, male chauvinistic "doctor" who yells at his clients, hangs up on them, and lies about medicine. More will be posted on this in detail regarding the weekend doctor. We have a new vet now, and WOW, THEY PRESCRIBED TRAMADOL? Run from this place as fast as you can, they do not care about you nor your animal.

Helena Coumanis

3 years ago

Was a new patient today. I am totally supportive of the curbside pickup but you wanted me to pay $192 and the vet never came out to to talk to me, so I denied the services for the shots. I was then denied a very common medication for heartworms, and had to go to another vet to get it. I'm only leaving three stars because the technician was kind and understood where i was coming from.

Janelle Giganti

3 years ago

Vet Dr. Wells was more than caring and did a thorough exam and I felt my dog was in good hands and getting great care. He explained everything and I left there confident with the diagnosis and treatment and my dog is doing great after his great care. The Vet Tech was so caring with Denali. He was so concerned about my dog and I felt comfortable with him handling my dog. He cared and handled my scared dog Denali with gentle care which put him at ease.He was very courteous with me and pleasant. The lady at the front desk was very pleasant and topped off my positive experience with this great vet care. I rescue and also foster dogs for 2 rescues so I have been to many vets and this vet and experience with all the staff definately deserves a 5 star review.

Jess Lee

3 years ago

Our 4 month old puppy that we had just adopted had gotten terribly sick with a cough and wheezing - we thought it was kennel cough at first however it got worse and she was refusing to eat or drink any water so we rushed her to the ER (it was a Sunday night and most vets were closed). We had to keep our pup there overnight and when I picked her up the following morning they said she had pneumonia and will need continued care for the following weeks and recommend I take her to Edgewater Animal Hospital right away. Left the ER and rushed over to Edgewater and from the second we walked in they welcomed us with loving arms (first time dog mom here so I was freaking out). They assured me that they would do everything they could to help her feel better. She was hooked up to an IV and needed meds every couple of hours. It ended up being about 4-5 months of breathing treatments, meds and multiple vet visits but I am happy to say that our puppy is pneumonia free now and SO much better! I truly can’t thank the staff, vet techs and vet here for saving her life. Highly, highly recommend Edgewater Animal Hospital.

Joan Martins

3 years ago

Nice friendly staff that cares about your animal... And they offer care packages to save money on future visits with a monthly payment option.

lakinya bright

3 years ago

I’ve been sitting here for 40 mins and my dog still hasn’t been seen and I made an appointment. I still haven’t been seen at all she went to every other car except mines.

Robert Carney

3 years ago

Very friendly and attentive staff with a wonderful Vet. They made sure that me and my border collie was treated with the utmost respect and made sure that everything was taken care of. I would highly recommend this Veterinary office to anyone who is looking for one with fair prices and excellent staff.

Victor Quintero

3 years ago

Even during the this hard situation ... The Dr. Daniel and technicians were as advertised on their outdoor sign. Been looking for a friendly and knowledgeable place and Im glad I found it. They were very kind, straight forward and the energy was great! ... just busy ... but I know why :) - Thank you for the pleasant experience.

Lauria Marsach

4 years ago

I just had both of my French bull dogs boarded here for 2 nights and one of dogs came back in urine and feces all over his legs. He is not the same as when I dropped him off. Very quiet and down, hoping for him to get back to normal. The employees were very kind but I will never have my dogs boarded here again. The gentleman did call and apologized but I know my dogs were not taken good care of.

Markus Ziesmer

4 years ago

One of the most unprofessional experiences I've had with any vet

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