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Teresita Nieves

2 years ago

Today was Wilhelmina’s first appointment. She’s a very shy dog, and they took their time to make her feel comfortable instead of rushing her. She smells great and looks super cute with her new do :)

Keishla M Crespo

2 years ago

Great academy and professional staff starting from the director of the school to the teachers. So far I’ve had the opportunity of studying 2 courses with Dog Groomer Academy and they have helped me to have many doors open. I completely recommend this academy to future students and pet parents to trust. This is a great place to complete studies as a hands on training and excellent place to trust your pup to have a nice spa day. As a pet parent I can truly say that this place not only loves the pets but respects and creates a great relationship with their owners.

Marie Smith

2 years ago

I take my two Standard Poodles here and they come out looking so beautiful and elegant!! Adamaris and her team do such a beautiful professional job on my two girls. ???????? the academy is easy to get to, it is very clean and they provide such a loving environment for my girls. They are the best groomers in Orlando. I’m so happy with everything!!

Lora Pearson

2 years ago

I took both my big babies to get groomed here. A large standard poodle and an even larger bernedoodle. I was very pleased with the way they were trimmed. They took the time to listen to what I wanted done and addressed any concerns I might have had. I will definitely be taking them there again.

Sharon Miller

2 years ago

I took my huge Golden Retriever there to be groomed. They did an excellent job! I was very pleased when I picked him up. They are definitely getting the best training, because Max looked so much better with the students there taking care of him! Thank you! I’ll be bringing him back!

Milianne Rodriguez

2 years ago

My experience during my time at the dog groomer academy was excellent. Limaris and Adamaris as educators are spectacular. They clarified all my doubts from the beginning they taught me from how to handle a dog to trust the work I can do as a groomer. Dog groomer academy besides being a school they are a family. I am very proud to be able to say that I am a dog groomer thanks to the dog groomer academy ❤️

Andrea Prieto

2 years ago

Highly recommended for grooming your pup(s), and also to earn your grooming certification. Adamaris and Limaris are groomers and instructors(very knowledgeable in the field)! Even After earning my certification 4 years ago, I can still count on them for advice and support. Thanks to Dog Groomer Academy, I accomplished my dreams of having my very own grooming, boarding, and daycare business.

Dennis Madera

2 years ago

BEST GROOMERS/INSTRUCTORS IN CENTRAL FLORIDA! Adamaris teaches above & beyond every step of the way from hands-on grooming to opening your business. In grooming we learned from bathing, drying, handling, scissors & so much more. They teach you how to handle each kind of breed & temperaments. DONT WAIT CALL NOW THANK ME LATER ????

Antonio Roa

2 years ago

I had a great experience in this place. They are very professional. Adamaris and Limaris always made me feel at home, also they treat dogs very well and with lots of love. Thanks to them, today I can say that I am a person prepared for the Pet grooming industry, and I'm doing very well in this field where I’m still working. Thank you very much for everything. I 100% recommend this place if you want to learn fast and start in the Pet Grooming business. In the other hand, if you are planning in taking your dog to this place for the grooming service, I also recommend it 100%, since the instructors are always supervising the work in the academy, and students take the necessary time and patience to groom your pet, because they’ll have all day to focus only on your pet. Thanks for everything Dog Groomer Academy ❤️ ????

Lisa M.

2 years ago

So, I brought my toy poodle here and I always do. All the time I get the students to groom my dog because they are learning so I assume they will have more patience while learning which they seem to do for the past few visits. But today I decided to get the “professional” to do it because no students were available: BIG MISTAKE! My dog came back with the most uneven hair where most of it was cut bald to the skin. The groomer said “she bit me!”, well you’re the “professional” and I’m sorry but it’s the nature of the job. I spent $60 for the most unprofessional and laziest job ever done on my dog. As a professional myself, if i see that my job was hard or I could not do my job properly I admit to it and I charge half the price (not that I don’t want to pay but because she did a horrible job!) The students do a MUCH better job at this than the “professional” and you can tell that this bad job was due to impatience. My dog shakes whenever I bring her here because she knows she is going to have a rough day because these ppl treat them like groceries on a conveyor belt instead of being warm and compassionate, patient, and reassuring to the dog. You can tell that a lot is going on in there: high paced business with the need to collect money than the desire to be professionals and teach students how to be professionals. From now on I’ll keep brushing my dogs hair, trim her lightly and deal with her grooming myself because I can’t deal with ppl treating animals like luggage on a carousel or groceries on a conveyor belt. Unless your dog is receptive to grooming I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU BRING THEM HERE. IM UPSET!! The 4 and 5 star reviews you are seeing are for ppl whose dogs don’t mind being groomed or whose dogs don’t have hair that is difficult to groom and I’m not lying. A true professional is able to groom ANY dogs hair evenly even if the dig is difficult. Most bad reviews here tell you that the dogs are unevenly cut and that is THE TRUTH. My dog should have bitten out her face and made it uneven.

Kora Nanstiel

2 years ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!! I Graduated from Dog Groomer Academy today they are great people who do alot of great things.Trust me when I say you are hands on learn the entire time your there. They really do become like family. I definitely would recommend everyone to got here. Its also alot of fun there.

Dimarieliz Rivera

2 years ago

100% recommended!! Gleniris is amazing Great services ❤️❤️❤️

yamaris marino

2 years ago

10/10 recommended, they are very nice, very responsible, i have been taking my dog here for 5 years. she loves it there and feels very comfortable and safe there. She gets very excited when we take her. They have affordable prices and do a very good job.

Sharon Dobbs

3 years ago

The Dog Groomers Academy was absolutely amazing. Can I just say. As as you go through life and imagine and think about what to do and what you're soul leads you to do you can leave a mark let all the ones that you look up to and who look up to you that out there is not just a job it's a passion is something you love and compassion something you can pass on like an heirloom to your family brothers sisters grandchildren whatever race color great or small attending that dog groomers Academy was a most wonderful thing I've ever done for myself thank u Lumariis my teacher and her daughter Adamari s my teacher as well and God bless

Sarahann Sherman

3 years ago

I am writing this review based on my working relationship with DGA as one of their main Vendors/Distributor, Account Executives with PetEdge. I work directly with both Adamaris and Limaris for their Student Kits and other equipment when students request to purchase additional things for their new career. They order almost weekly with me and everything is BRAND NEW from our warehouse to their school. If something does not arrive as pictured or described, I am called very quickly to fix it, as they will not give something to their students that is not to their standards. With that being said, I too, have no problem replacing something that has arrived damaged or again, not the way described. I stand by our products and go by the school weekly, so I see first hand the multiple deliveries made to the school for the students. No student needs to worry about getting a kit that is not brand new in the box, I promise :) I take great pride in what I do and share that partnership with the school

Nicolas Bolanos

3 years ago

The first two visits were successful and we all appreciated the work done on our Dog. The third and last time we took our Dog, we found out from the owner that our dog was not treated by a professional groomer but instead a “Student”, an unexperienced person who was learning the art of grooming on my dog. I do not appreciate having a complete stranger grooming my dog without any type of experience. So here is the way I understand their business model: 1. Bring your Dog 2. A student, a person without any experience gets to learn on your dog while putting the Dog or Pet in Danger. 3. Business owner profits or gets paid from walking customer and “Student” by putting your pet in someone else’s hands, who may endanger your Dog. I had no idea my Dog was being groomed by random strangers without experience. So this place scams people and they are not being honest by allowing pet owners to know that Dogs or pets are being used as “Test-Subjects” so other prospect groomers learn on your loved pet. I’m never risking my pets well-being at this place. And whoever groomed my Dog did a poor job and my dog looks really bad. I will take my dog somewhere else due to the lack of honesty and professionalism.

Jessica Soto Santos

3 years ago

Words can't express how grateful and proud I am to be a graduate from here. I've been on my own, making my own schedule, being my own boss. This place has mold me into the PROFESSIONAL groomer I am today. My experience here as a student was beyond expectations. If you have been thinking of becoming a groomer all I have to say is DO IT AND DO IT NOW!

Isamar Zayas

3 years ago

From the moment I walked in it was very unprofessional. The girl I had made the appointment on the phone with claimed that my dog didn’t have an appointment ????‍♀️ when she clearly forgot to write it down. Then with an attitude she tells me “fine we can do her grooming”.. she was so unprofessional and nasty I grabbed my dog and left. Bad experience to begin with, I didn’t feel comfortable leaving my pet

Crystal Fail

3 years ago

Dog groomer Academy is more than a school, It’s Family!! They helped me to create a brighter future for myself & my family!! They also treat all the dogs with nothing but love and respect! I love dog grooming academy & highly recommend!! ????

Zena Perez

3 years ago

Great experience. My dog Samson is traumatized but they were able to clipped his nails. They are amazing. Thank you and we will be back.

Akenia Carmenate

4 years ago

Very satisfied with the experience, Janet Jose groomed my dog and did a fantastic job, she was very professional, patient and loving. My dog certainly appreciated! Definitely using her service in the future

Caridad M Artiles

4 years ago

Janet Jose is one of the most greatest dog groomers ever she’s a real true passionate animal lover I highly recommended her to anyone

Joel Mussenden

4 years ago

Janet Jose an amazing person whose truly passionate about animals especially dogs she groomed and cut my dogs nail with much love and compassion I highly recommend Janet jose

Kamaria Donald

4 years ago

I went here in 2018 & I’m a year into grooming now I’m stilling having to learn from other groomers because they don’t TEACH you how to groom. A few students and I have been rejected from jobs related to grooming just because we went to this school some of the managers from places I interviewed at have told me “they let people go that come from this school” they are nice people but your better off learning from YouTube or working as a bather somewhere and having one of the groomers teach you because that’s what I’m doing.

Karina Sanchez

4 years ago

The BEST School and the best groomers

Mari G.

4 years ago

I can’t explain how wonderful Ms. Janet Jose was with my dog. He is very timid when he is around strangers....but he quickly warmed up to Janet. You can see that she has a profound love for animals. She gave him the best cut that’s he’s ever had. She made him into a new doggie!! When it was time to go—he gave her lots of kisses. The love and care she showed him was the absolute best. Can’t wait for her to do her magic again!!!

Rosa De JEsus

4 years ago

Dog Groomer Academy had change my life. Studying at Dog Groomer Academy helped me tremendously to serve Dogs in many ways. It equipped me with learning tools that will last forever. The dedication and love for dogs it is something special in this place. My love for pets growth more and everyday when I look at my own pets eyes I remember many memories from the time when I was getting trained to become a groomer. I encourage anyone who want a change in their while doing something special, to study in this Academy that, by the way it is the ONLY DOG GROOMER ACADEMY LICENSE FOR THE FL DOE (FL Department of Education). I know that Limaris, founder and administrator, in her academy is making a difference in the life of many people who want to do something meaningful. I invite you to visit Dog Groomer Academy and start making a difference that will influence the life of others,specially our Dogs" -Rosa

Samantha Johnson

4 years ago

Janet Jose is one of the most amazing groomer in Orlando ' her passion for animals specially for dogs goes beyond words* i currently have a havalier name Charlie* i am the type of person who is very picky when it comes to my little angel however I truly trust Janet Jose completely because i know the she will treat my little angel like he was her own pet* she did amazing job with Charlie haircut last month* she followed my instructions perfectly and her customer service goes beyond words as well* I truly highly recommend Janet Jose to anyone

Sending Love Venezuela

4 years ago

The best groomers in town! Thank you for not only making our pups look gorgeous— but also for your philanthropy in helping the needy puppies and babies in Venezuela! Your support and kindness is an example for all small businesses to follow ❤️

Yashira Torres

4 years ago

What an amazing experience!!! I would totally recommend Dog groomer academy to anyone that crosses my path! Not only they can help you become a professional but they can also help you with your furry babies in many many ways!!!! ???? me and my service dog will forever be greatful with all of them and their amazing work and professionalism.

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