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Lillian Moya

2 years ago

I adopted a 3 years old American pitie/dogo argentino mix. He would drag me on the leash and was reactive to big dogs. After speaking with Schultz I decided to drive from Miami to Oakland park for the evaluation. He was extremely …

Natalie Polanco

2 years ago

They are very professional. We brought our dog Ace here for obedience training and was so amazed at how fast he learned his commands, he was the dog we always dreamed of. The staff is one of a kind. Treating us with respect, and best of all …

Diana Galindo

2 years ago

I have a one-year-old Cocker Spaniel extremely hyper. While walking him out, he constantly will be pulling, over-excited for every person walking by (expecting to be pet), trying to go after every duck and squirrel. Not a pleasant experience to walk him. At home, he will constantly jump on people, follow commands only for rewards (food), anxious to be away from me and always on a “go” mode, none stop. After a dog assessment and discussing what I wanted for my dog, Mr. Shultz recommended the 21 day onboard on-leash training. 5 basic commands. Checking in Bruno, knowing that he was going to be away for 3 weeks was extremely nerve-racking for me. Bruno is a “pandemic” puppy, never away from me as I am still working from home. One of my first concerns was separation anxiety. Mr Shultz, made me feel comfortable with leaving Bruno onboard, he explained the process, took the time to answer ALL the questions I had and assure that the time that Bruno was going to spend there in training going to be helpful to fix his separation anxiety. Bruno was released from training a week early, after two weeks. When I went to pick him up I was happy to find a happy Bruno wiggling his tail. Of course, he was super excited to see me but at the same time it was a huge relief that he didn’t seem afraid of the trainer (which was one of my concerns). He was following instructions yay!!!. They first demonstrated what he had learned and right after, they procced to teach me how to handle and communicate effectively with the dog. Bruno behaved perfectly during the session. Today, it is a breeze to walk my dog! He is following instructions!! Mr. Shultz and his team have been super helpful after the training, has I needed extra guidance on how to correct a couple of things. I have learned that this is a process where not only my dog needed training, but I also needed the help to communicate more effectively with Bruno. Now I have tools to correct unwanted behavior.

Hairbitual Hive

2 years ago

Highly recommended! My Dogs grew such a strong bond with Mr. Shultz and his staff. It’s a blessing to find great people who’ll love and treat your dog as their own.

J Go

2 years ago

My experience was great . I brought in my stubborn and aggressive 3 year old French bulldog. They helped a lot with him. He now follows commands and if I have any issues they quickly schedule a follow up. I highly recommend.

Lawanda Paulk

2 years ago

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 stars for 5 years later my Belgium Malinois are STILL as sharp as a knife. Thank you so much for your wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. The ONLY company I’ll EVER rely on completely when it comes to the care and training of my dog family. In Shultz We Trust‼️????

LYNDA Sadasey

2 years ago

I brought my dog Sasha for training. There’s been a dramatic change. Sasha is more obedient. And the staff goes above and beyond to work with you and your dog to bring out the best in them. They are very knowledgeable on various dog behaviors as well. I would 100% recommend Shultz!

Gabriela Ortega

2 years ago

I decided to use Shultz for service dog training at the beginning of the year. He took our golden retriever for about two months and I have to agree with other reviews. Our dog did not look as if he was well taken care of he literally reverted back to his old ways upon returning home. The next day I took him straight to the vet to get a full physical done. Also, Shultz claimed that our dog was behaving the same because he wasn’t in the facility which made me question what methods were being used to train my dog. During the whole time there he sent us one picture and one video which I felt like I was constantly asking for. I never once saw my dog when I went to take him food. We trusted him and I regret it till this day. At first he tried to blame us stating that we weren’t saying the commands correctly or exactly the way they do it step by step. Second, he came to our home a couple of times afterwards as we were not happy. And he suggested we use an e collar because I wasn’t pulling him hard enough with the prong collar. He basically charged us $9,000 for service dog training which he doesn’t even have the certifications for. And he basically just orders an ID of Amazon with a picture of your dog. Please save yourself the headache and disappointment and do not trust this person with your dog.

Jane Roman-Martinez

2 years ago

When we thought about having our year and a half old American Bully trained, I was very skeptical of having him boarded for any period of time. But the day I went in and met with Schultz and felt his vibe, I had a totally different outlook …

Adriana Ciura

2 years ago

We left our puppy here for basic obedience training (21 days), figuring since they train police dogs, that this would be a great experience and training for our dog. Not only did we NEVER receive any updates or photos as promised, when I went to pick him up, he was filthy, yellow (looked like he was left laying in his urine) and CLEARLY had diarrhea. They claim they saw no signs of diarrhea or anything wrong with him. I took him straight to the vet and confirmed that yes, he had diarrhea from an infection and had suffered weight loss. A 5-month-old puppy losing weight is a huge red flag. Neither Shultz or anyone on his team ever bothered to call me ONCE during his 21-day stay and then Shultz has the nerve to tell me that I don't realize what having a white dog entails (that they stain easily) and that he wasn't sure if he should use brightening shampoo because I never advised them whether he was allergic -- as if they were going to actually bathe him. For the $2000 I paid this place to CARE FOR MY DOG, they could have taken 2 minutes to call me and ask. I abhor this place and everyone on the staff - they don't even deserve 1 star.

Rebeca Lopez

2 years ago

I adopted a 1.5 year old boxer mix from a shelter who had her on Prozac due to anxiety. She was extremely reactive, mouthy and pulled on the leash on every single walk. I noticed she was getting worse behavior-wise as the weeks went by. After 3 weeks, I realized Shultz was my last hope. I did not want to give up on her and refused to take her back to the shelter. I met with Shultz and immediately noticed how passionate he is at what he does. One look at my dog and he knew exactly what she needed. I decided board training was best and left her with Shultz for basic on-leash obedience and socialization training. When I picked her up, I did not recognize her. She was still the same sweet dog I met at the shelter, but much more grounded and stable. I couldn't be any happier with the services I received. Training your dog with a professional is the most important investment a dog owner can make so be sure to hire the best. Shultz is professional, passionate at what he does, and knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to canines. The change I've seen in my rescue is incredible. BE SURE TO CONTINUE TRAINING YOUR DOG after you pick them up from Shultz. Your dog will test you and try to go back to their old ways. CONSISTENCY is key. Thank you, Shultz my kids and I couldn't be happier.

Angie Matthews

2 years ago

I brought my dog here for private lessons. I registered for 10 lessons and have only had six of them so far and I cannot believe the vast improvement in my dog's behavior just from these six lessons. The private lessons are catered to you and what you need your pet to do. They also offer board and train for those of you who would prefer to do that. At the end of the board and train they will teach you how to handle your dog. I highly recommend this place!

claudia lebel

2 years ago

We brought our 3 month old Golden doodle puppies to Shultz K9 for the 21 day board snd basic training. They were totally unmanageable. Yesterday they graduated and we brought home two wonderful dogs that we can manage and enjoy. They walk on a leash like champions and prance as we walk down the street and know the 5 basic commands. We are doing follow up training (which is included) and that is very helpful. Too. The staff has been so amazing - u can tell they love what they do and they know their stuff. Thank you to Mr Shultz and Max their trainer. Thank you Davie for always keeping in touch with me and putting up with my phone calls.

Lorri Hill

2 years ago

I had high hopes for this facility as they seem to train police dogs from the pics. I’ve always been reluctant to leave ‘Sophia or even board her I hire a sitter to come into myyy home when I have to be away. I met with Shultz for an evaluation of my dog a Dogo Argentino. First clue... They ask you to take your dog outside to go to the bathroom in a field that is not maintained at all! I don’t even want to imagine the way the facility is actually maintained. Not to mention I would not consider leaving my dog in a facility that smelled the way theirs did. The “evaluation” is them showing you a poor dog that they have sitting in a room who doesn’t move. Shultz does not look at your dog or complete an evaluation of your dog. He does not want to hear any particulars about your dogs abilities or areas of deficiency. Just seemingly wants to collect $2500 training fee. I love my girl -I would never leave her with them. Good luck and wish you well to anyone that does I hope you have a more positive experience.

Santese Gatlin

2 years ago

I love the change I see from my frenchbulldogs. Excellent job and worth the $$

Bob Warring

3 years ago

I called to ask about their services and a couple questions and was met with nothing but rudeness! I wanted to give a background on my dogs behavior so I politely asked the gentleman if he had a moment. He said yes but then continued …

Crucial Chaarash

3 years ago

Going to Shultz K9 is the best decision I could have made for my dog and I. My dog was disobedient, unresponsive and hostile with other dogs. After completing the basic on leash curriculum I saw an immediate change in my dog's behavior. …

Kenneth Marr

3 years ago

K9 Doc is a BEAST that we are happy to have part of our security family. Thanks Shultz K9.

Tiffany D

3 years ago

Shultz is the absolute best. His confidence and knowledge is reassuring and uplifting. I went in as anxious as my dog, and we walked out calm and much happier. I would highly recommend him to anyone going thru a doggie crisis! You won’t regret it!

Rudy Rodriguez-Chomat

4 years ago

I sent my dog Batman a German shepherd pit bull mix to Schultz for a month for training. Batman was a terribly behaved dog. He had fear of people he didn’t know and was aggressive. He would snap at people and scare them to death. He had …

Ren'e D. Sosa Jr

4 years ago

It's an amazing experience.!! They are so professional and you feel like your a part of something bigget!! My Dog actually makes me look good!!


4 years ago

We sent our two year old Goldendoodle Thor to obedience training with Mr. Shultz for 21 days. Thor is very large and was difficult to walk. He jumped all over everyone and was not a very good listener. After his training, I was amazed! He …

Dwayne Meyers

4 years ago

My wife and I brought our cocker spaniel to Shultz for basic on leash and potty training. He delivered on everything he promised. In a few months we will bring our dog back for off leash training. We highly recommend Shultz K9 for dog training.

Angela Bockhorst

4 years ago

We took our 7 months old puppy Skye to be professionally trained in basic on leash obedience and it went just as expected.. She needed it because was very stubborn and would only sit on command but nothing else. After training with Shultz she's very responsive and great on walks and doesn't pull. We are very happy ????

Alice Valdes

5 years ago

A year into having our two American Bullies and a few trainers later, we were losing hope that our dogs would ever be able to be adequately taught the basic commands of obedience. Our two bullies were so energetic and strong that we were …

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