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Ariana Ruiz

2 years ago

This is by far the worst chain company to provide care for your beloved pets. I wouldn't trust them at all. The staff rotates and are all new with very little training. The doctors are all fresh out of school with zero experience or care. My dog has been over weight for a while and I was told to buy an expensive dog food that didn't work. (The dog food "Royal Canin" is owned by the same company that owns Banfield, Mars Inc.).When I went back to Banfield after trying out the dog food for several months and told them it didn't work, they made me feel so bad by telling me I wasn't walking her enough. She got so big, she couldn't walk anymore. I took her to Veg in Aventura, and there she was diagnosed with Thyroid issues. She was going into Hypovolemic Shock. Banfield would have killed my dog! My pet could have died under the care of Banfield. To finalize it all, I called to make a follow up appointment because I needed a refill for her medication since I'm paying for a monthly "insurance". I told them in advance and gave all her new information so they could have it ready. Of course, they didn't have it ready. They explained to me their ordering process and I understood. I called the day of their ordering and no one who works there even knew what I was talking about. I spoke to Kierre (shift manager) also, extremely unhelpful and also doesn't care about the disorganization. Long story short, no one in this clinic has a little decency to care about our beloved pets.

Dave M

2 years ago

Update the day after I posted this about my dog and the horrible things that happened to us. I received a email saying that I should contact them. Via FB I don't have FB I sent a email to the office location on Miami gardens Dr NE 18 th Ave. Never received a response. They are useless and careless Horrible don't use Banfield Animal Hospital. They only care about the money. They do not care about the Animals. I took my dog there they wanted $587.00 for blood work. I told thewi can't afford it they said we can do just a certain type of blood work for $350.00 I told them I can't afford that they said look for $85.00 let's do physical on her (my dog) and go from there. I allowed them to giver a check up. When she was taken back I began to hear a dog yelling. I asked the lady working the front desk of that's my dog she had a horrible no care attitude and said I didn't know.. I said well it sounds like my girl yelping She said maybe it is. I wanted to yell at her. In the mean time it wasn't my dog. The gentleman brought me my girl back said her heart is fine vitles are fine her temperature is fine. I was so happy to hear that. A few days later died. In my arms I'm sad upset heart broken from Banfield Animal Hospital. Dont use them all they care about is money. Not the well being of your pet. I have tried to contact Banfield left voice mail emails to corporate office and never received a response.. Dont use them.. Bellow is a picture of my sweet georgious girl Banfield Animal Hospital did t care about..

Francisca Perez

2 years ago

Love this location. They are caring towards my dog and flexible with his needs.

Noel Cruz

2 years ago

Well I moved to this location not because is closer to my place But for the parking convenience I used to take my dogs to the one in midtown that one has parking issue and the customer service has to improve. In this one location in North Miami Beach the personal was nice but I don't know what was the issue with my dogs medication that is included in the insurance I felt that the guy was playing games that part was Very Negative I will return but that left a stain in my first visit let's see how things evolve in the future

Desha Miles

2 years ago

Do they actually give a free first time exam for its all fake

Saskia De Paz

2 years ago

Took one of my babies there, will not do it ever again. I rather make the extra effort and take it to my private vet who is beyond expectations.

David Massre

2 years ago

Horrible!!! ???? don't use Banfield Animal Hospital they are all about money. They wanted $587 to take a blood test from my dog I told the man I do not have that kind of money He came back two minutes later and said well we could do some other kinds of tests and x-rays the price is $350. I said to the man I don't have that kind of money he said well for $85 we could give your dog an exam. I said then please do. He came back a few minutes later. In the mean time I heard a dog is crying. I said is that my dog crying like that? The rude cold uncaring lady who was working behind the counter said I don't know.. I said to the lady behind the desk. I hope it's not my girl screaming like that. She responded uncaring with I don't know maybe it is. I said I hope that's not my dog screaming like that she said I don't know she didn't even care. As it turns out that it wasn't my dog. The gentleman brings me back my girl and tells me well over all she d fine her overall appearance is fine her temperature is fine for heart rate is good and she appears to be fine well low and behold she died. Before she passed away I attempted to contact Banfield Animal Hospital to complain about the rude lady behind the counter I left a message as per the recordings instructions and sent an email untill today no one has replied to me. Do not use Banfield Animal Hospital all they want is your money they don't care about your pet and the people behind the counter are horrible shouldn't be working in such a place they should be told a person's pet is like a child they don't care don't use Banfield Animal Hospital. Rest in peace Dazy Mae.

Malva Bee

2 years ago

I don’t recommend this place at all.

Romi Lobu

2 years ago

Very expensive place at least 200$ more than normal.. and you can't even get in to be with your dog.

Yuniel Martinez

3 years ago

Please read the other reviews, they only care about money. I was given 4 different prices every time I called and it got higher on each quote. They push for you to get the wellness plan if you don’t get prepared to pay more !!!!


3 years ago

When they first opened my experiences were not all pleasant but Dr. Almeida has been awesome. The clinic has made continuous improvements to become my favorite Banfield location. The front desk team are extremely nice and the clinic manager has been on top of their game. They have came a long way to become a trusted veterinarian partner and are pleasant to work with.

xavier marbury

3 years ago

Awesome staff. They took care of my brothers dog with care. And the visit was quick

Cheyenne Early

3 years ago

This hospital is a scam ! They do not care about your pet. They only care about the money they can make off you, they give you suggestions that cost extra money with no valid reason for them. They can’t even explain why or how but just want you to spend money on treatments that don’t even help your pet instead of assessing the issue at hand. A complete scam, if you care for your fur baby & want real assistance for them GO SOMEWHERE ELSE !

Jamie Albucher

3 years ago

Had a great experience here with my dog. Was able to get a last minute appointment for her vaccinations before a flight. They very strictly comply to Covid social distancing restrictions (which I greatly appreciate!). The employees took wonderful care of my dog, were friendly and got everything done in a reasonable time without any excessive charges. Will absolutely return

Ana Lopez

3 years ago

I took my dog Khabib on a Friday morning due to diarrhea and vomiting, not only did they found an appointment for us the same day but also accommodate us two hours after our call. I want to thank all the staff for taking the time to explain symptoms, treatments, recommendations. I felt my baby was in excellent hands and thanks to the medications and the exams a day after the visit he started to feel much better, back to normal! Shoutout to all the hard working people at this Banfield for treating us so good!

Frank Sweet

3 years ago

They could not deal with my cat because he was upset

theresa baer

3 years ago

Very transparent with pricing, INCREDIBLY friendly and efficient staff, and affordable! Plus, they have care plans that help lower said price if you plan on making them your pets primary vet. only other vet office ive been to thats this good is ark an bark in central fl (palm bay)

Swag Light and Glory

3 years ago

Very loving doctors and nurses and is actually affordable

Sheri The Revitalizer Kaplan

3 years ago

Open on Sundays. $13 to cremate.

Sebastian Tamayo

3 years ago

It's great that's where I take my dog

Saundra Douglas

3 years ago

They take excellent care of my Blitz.

Romulo Chavez

3 years ago

Nice staff good dogs they taste like chicken ???????? just kidding that s why my wife left me

Nathasha Gonzalez

3 years ago

Awesome with animals Super understanding Answered all of my questions Amazing place love bringing my dog here ????

Michael Robbins

3 years ago

Good customer service and they give good advice about animals too

margot Benhamou

3 years ago

Never go to banfield this is the worse service ever !!!!!!!!!! You can never book an appointment nobody answers the phone- minimum 45 min to wait to get someone on the phone that’s crazy You can’t get answers, you can’t get a time frame when drop off your dog. Nobody can help there. It is ridiculous. I’m cancelling my plan NOW

Kerly Yesnel

3 years ago

my kitten died last night and the same day i brought her to the vet because she had diarrhea and they did a bunch of tests 122$ worth of tests and didn’t find anything said she was perfectly fine just underweight i felt like if they knew she wouldn’t make it or was very weak they would’ve kept her overnight to monitor her so very weird kind of vibe i don’t know what happened to her and im sure they wouldn’t know either didn’t seem to know what they were doing or just not so aware of the condition of ur pets customer service was ok and they were nice but gave me false hope i wouldn’t recommend im never coming here again

Kat 2126

3 years ago

My cat was sick and we brought her in and the doctor ran some tests on her and gave us medicine for her and the day after she had passed away. She didn’t get better but she got worse. Never coming here ever again.

Janice Ervin

3 years ago

Excellent service, fast check in, ease in scheduling an emergency appointment, treated my dog with kindness and concern for her well being, wait time was reasonable, follow up treatment was explained, medication regime explained. The environment was clean and sanitary. I will use this facility again!!

Jacqueline Boisson

3 years ago

Good place for veterinary care.

dena breier

3 years ago

Sterilized and reserved manner. Been to better vets. They addressed my concerns, sold me a rabies and license combo fee, gave her rabbi shot but told me not to give her any more in future. Mixed feelings about place. Not warm and fuzzy but no persistent sales pitch either

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