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2 years ago

I was very impressed with the upkeep of the animals as well as the site itself. The cutest black and white cat reached out to me and I was hooked! We are now best buds! Highly recommend!!

Pamela Reddan

2 years ago

The staff is extremely caring and they keep the place so clean ????????‍????

Billie Pierce

2 years ago

The people that work here are angels.When I had to put my 16 yr old black lab to rest, I called multiple vet's for help and couldn't get any.My friend told me about N.S.B . I called them and right away was able to get my dog help.Bless all the people and sweet animals here.

Elizabeth Carpenter

2 years ago

I had to bring my 17 yr old fur baby for rainbow services so it was one of the worst days of my life...but the ladies were kind, caring, and helpful.

Danielle Hall

2 years ago

I love this place. I plan to make frequent donations. I got my beautiful cat from here and she has been my companion for 3 years now! The staff has been friendly, always asking if you need help which is nice! All the animals are kept well, especially the cats which means a lot to me personally. I recommend this place if you are looking for your forever friend!

Brian Dingman

2 years ago

I very much dislike writing poor reviews for businesses that are trying to help animals but I have to say that our experience with the southeast Volusia humane society was anything but happy. We live an hour away on Merritt Island but we knew of a cat / kitten that they had up for adoption. We filled out the online form and after doing so called the humane society directly and spoke with Alexis. Alexis said that she had just received our application and would call us back to let us know if our application was approved. After an hour and a half there was no phone call from Alexis and I decided to call them back and again we spoke with Alexis who had said she had tried to call to let us know we were approved but the call went immediately to voicemail. After finding out we were approved we were happy and before driving down to pick the kitten up we stopped and spent almost $200 in supplies and toys for the kitten. When we arrived there, as soon as we walked in the door with our new carrier to pick up the kitten, they said "oh sorry it's been adopted already!!" Bre, the manager along with Alexis the person at the front desk, would rely on the phrase "first come first serve!" I asked them "Knowing that we had filled out an online form, called them personally, waited the for their return call for an hour and a half then we called them back and stated we were on our way !" would they have not considered calling us to let us know that someone else was currently there interested in the kitten?? No , that courtesy wasn't in their business practice. They just kept repeating " first come first serve! " I am happy for humane societies that do good work trying to find homes for animals. But if the people in charge Don't have common courtesy as part of their repertoire it doesn't help their cause or the animals they care for. It would have also been helpful if they had told us over the phone when they said that were approved and to come pick up the kitten that it is first come first serve. We would have been there much sooner knowing there was a possibility that the cat would have been adopted before we could arrive. This was not the case however after getting off of the phone with Alexis she merely indicated we were approved which to us meant the kitten was on hold until we were able to get there.

Jennifer Verrelli

2 years ago

Little disappointed adopted a kitten. Was told she had allergies, which we were fine with. Took her to the vet the next day. She has a severe upper respiratory infection. When I called. I got “i’m not sure what you want us to do”. Wow really

789 3450

2 years ago

Same review as Jennifer, what the actual f? X2 and this got my other cat sick "Little disappointed adopted a kitten. Was told she had allergies, which we were fine with. Took her to the vet the next day. She has a severe upper respiratory infection. When I called. I got “i’m not sure what you want us to do”. Wow really" - I will update the review once my cats are better.


2 years ago

Adopted a beautiful dog today. staff were very helpful and it looks like all animals are well cared for and genuinely loved by the staff. Great experience!

MC Wammer

2 years ago

Very nice people, but wasn't 100% upfront with us before we got there. The dog was way older than said & had heartworms


2 years ago

Cupid has been a non stop loving child! We've had him for a couple days but he acts like he's known us his entire life. Great child, listens and the way he ran and jumped on me today coming home from work shows how much love he has. My kids love him to death! Thank you guys

Annette O'Neil

2 years ago

Very great group people and they gave the information I was needing to know

Darren McDowell

2 years ago

Awesome people and pets. We ???? them

Robert Rodewald

2 years ago

Avril has a wonderful new home! She's kinda relaxed, having a good nap...

Sallys Treasure Hunt

2 years ago

Great experience adopting my NINJA, a sweet and gentle 2 year old hound mix. He loves his new family, home, yard and walks. I watched 4 dogs on the website and the staff was very knowledgeable about each dog. After meeting all 4 dogs, it was clear that Ninja was a good fit for us and we were the right fit for him. Thank you!

Shirley Turner

2 years ago

They are a no kill shelter and do a great job of caring for and trying to get the dogs and cats adopted.

Hannah Conlisk

2 years ago

People inside were not friendly. I wasn’t allowed to even look at a dog outside of its cage. I wanted to take a dog outside, walk it on property, and pet it. And I wasn’t allowed to. Absolutely ridiculous. Very unfriendly staff and a very unfortunate experience because I was very serious about adopting potential dogs there.

Marjie Navarro

2 years ago

So I visited this website a couple of times and I still keep going to it because I am looking for a small dog. I am just not able to find one that is under 20 lb that is not super old and is not super expensive. So I will keep looking until I find what I'm looking for but this website seems to be very well organized and it seems to have a lot of information a lot of details about the animals and I hope I can find one soon

Stacey Dougherty

2 years ago

Great place! Adopted 2 kittens.

Vixin xo

2 years ago

I went to the humane society to look as dogs and one caught my eye. I asked to take her outside she was super skinny but I figured it was normal, she’s at a shelter. They told me she tested positive for heart worm and they had been treating her. They told me she was doing so much better since she had started treatment & I was told she could still live a long happy life as long as I kept up with her meds. They told me she was adopted by someone not too long ago who returned her because they ‘didn’t have time for her’ and she required ‘too much attention.’ She seemed super calm and sweet and nothing really seemed wrong with her. She choked up some water in the yard which I thought was just from excitement and happened to actually be because the dog is deathly ill. When I brought her home I tried to feed her and immediately she threw up. Every time. She refused to drink water. She was lethargic, breathing super heavy even while laying down for long periods of time. She was randomly leaking diarrhea out of her butt on accident all over the place, choking, and clearly in pain. I wasn’t told any of this. At the shelter we were only outside with her for about 25 minutes, so not all of this was obvious at first glance. They also sent me home with her and forgot to give me her meds that if she doesn’t take she could die. She pooped in my bed and I had to put her in the bathroom. So I brought her back there today and told them what was going on with the dog, they made me feel like I didn’t know what I was talking about asking me if ‘a vet told me’ the things I was telling them, discrediting me and saying that she wasn’t doing those things at the shelter when she clearly was because she threw up water in the yard when I was there with her the previous day & is extremely skinny still, so she obviously was having a problem eating. Also on her medical records the vet that came to see her said she wasn’t getting any better & changed her meds but if they payed any attention she wasn’t getting better because she throws up everything she eats so the heart worm meds weren’t being digested & she was just progressively getting worse at the shelter. The day prior they had me pay $220 for the dog they knew was extremely ill and lied to me about. In the shelter crying about giving back the sick dog I asked if I could at least get a refund to which they pulled out a contract that I signed the day prior which stated I could only get a refund if I returned the dog within 72 hours with a vet note stating the dog had an issue not disclosed to me before adopting. The soonest appointment I could make was this upcoming Friday. I stood there with tears in my eyes waiting for some kind of empathy and received nothing but the cold shoulder until I just walked out the door with No dog, minus $220 and having to go home and clean up vomit and feces from the dog that I wanted to be my pet & was told wasn’t super sick. All while that dog is being put back up for adoption so they can scam the next person out of their money until that dog can’t take it anymore and unfortunately dies a slow painful death. After this happening to me I started looking at reviews on Yelp instead of Facebook & Google and found out that so many people have had similar experiences. This whole thing has been so traumatic. Please adopt elsewhere.

Janell Taylor

2 years ago

Clean, bright, not too crowded, and the dog we got is amazing. They work with some awesome foster parents and have great animals

Barbara Wellen

2 years ago

Have a great selection of adoption pets and is the cleanest center I've ever seen, but their adoption fees are too high.

Kenneth Petrie

3 years ago

Great volunteering if you are interested in helping out animals..

Lorelei Levesque

3 years ago

Update below. Filled out application online on Thursday and was assured that it would be approved by Saturday. Drove 2.5 hrs to see a dog and was told that our application couldn’t be approved because she was just too busy and couldn’t reach our vet who closes at 12:30pm on Saturday. We would have to drive back on Monday!! We can’t do that! Poor dog. SVHS: never again! Update: I never said I was approved. I filed online during the week so we could drive down on Saturday. I was never told to wait for a call. I called 3 times to make sure we weren’t making a long trip for nothing. It’s for the animals! We are breed savvy for the dog we were interested in, and have rescued them for 30yrs. No one was wearing masks in the building.

Aaron Esposito

3 years ago

We went to adopt a dog for our family yesterday and it was an excellent experience. The facility is small but very clean and organized. When we walked in the back to see the dogs that were available for adoption, the first thing I noticed was how clean it smelled and how happy and calm the dogs were. We just came from another larger shelter and we were pleased with this facility from the start. All of the staff were super helpful and friendly. They know a lot about their animals from behavior to each individual personality. They brought a new dog out each time until we met the dog that fit best with our family. We met with four dogs and the fourth was perfect for us. They seemed very eager to help. All of the staff want to ensure the animals and their new humans are happy with a successful adoption. So glad we found Southeast Volusia Humane Society!! We have adopted from several humane societies in the past and this has been the best experience by far. Highly recommended!!!

Brenda Jarrett

3 years ago

Adoption was real easy everyone there were really nice . Got here home she seems very content we love her

GreenMama Lulu

3 years ago

Fantastic staff and facilities. It was the third shelter we went to that day to find a dog to adopt. We saw this little guy and knew he would be perfect in our family.

Joe Parker

3 years ago

Looks as if animals were being well cared for.

j b

3 years ago

Front desk girl very rude

Ken Williams

3 years ago

I have my Lady Sophie because of them.Thank You.She has stolen my heart

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