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Ryan Underwood

2 years ago

This place is run by very nice people, I had to do community service and decided to volunteer at the shy wolf sanctuary. All of the animals there are well fed and well taken care of, I recommend anyone who has to do community service, definitely do it here. It was a good educational experience for me and made things easy at a stressful time in my life.

jude bonos

2 years ago

This sanctuary for the rescue of wild animals is really worth the visit. A beautiful cougar, wolves and wolf-dog mixes, fox and more. The guided tour is informative and very enjoyable. Best moment is when the wolves break-out in a group howl.

Lynn Domenici

2 years ago

Don’t wait another second! Sign up for a visit or become a volunteer. You will never forget the day you were trusted, approached and possibly even kissed by one of these beautiful animals that have been through so much. Thanks to this amazing sanctuary, the animals are living the best life they could ask for and receiving so much love and care by an amazing group of volunteers. Your heart will be touched in ways you never imagined. Just go!

Clarissa Tse

2 years ago

I highly recommend this sanctuary to anyone who’s interested. Judy was our guide; she was enthusiastic and told us the story of each of the animals at the sanctuary. All the animals look well taken care of. We interacted with Apollo, a wolfdog, at the end. Bring cash to donate at the end. Note, you must make a reservation to visit, so make an appointment online.

Mad Wells

2 years ago

This was genuinely such a cool place. The tour was amazing and I learned so many new things. Our tour guide, Judy was very nice and helpful!

Kelly Humel

2 years ago

Awesome place to visit. Very educational. Clean. Animals very well taken care of. Had the privilege to interact with Apollo. Great experience. Highly recommended

Josh Westfall

2 years ago

All the stars in the world are deserved for this place. I found this place through another wolf sanctuary online and had to book well in advance to get a tour of the place. Other than the wait time (which it is totally worth the way) the place was fantastic. Pat was very responsive to emails, and Brittany was a fantastic guide! We also got to meet Ashley who was great, Zack was very knowledgeable as well, and of course the founders Nancy and Kent were fantastic/friendly as well. I live about 3 hours and change away from this place and even people I spoke with in Naples were not familiar with Shy Wolf. Hopefully this changes as I will certainly be back. The tour is very educational and is well worth the drive. I am excited to see what the future holds for this place. Thanks for the awesome experience!

wolf link

2 years ago

This was a great experience. My granddaughter loved it so much. Shes wants to volunteer. The volunteers are wonderful with the animals. Our guide Renae was fabulous. I learned so much about these majestic creatures. Everyone should go there. It was the best.

Trent Woodruff

2 years ago

Judy was an incredible tour guide. Highly recommend visiting

Linda Adkins

2 years ago

Even the rain didn't stop us from having an excellent day at the sanctuary. Got to see all of them rescued animals. I was especially excited when Apollo came up and laid in my lap and gave me a kiss. ❤️

Carol Kasmicski

2 years ago

I enjoyed my experience learning about and engaging with the majestic animals at the sanctuary.

Kim Johnson

2 years ago

What a great experience! Eva Markell was our guide and she did a fantastic job!


2 years ago

I planned my trip to shywolf a year ago. I suggest if you want to go as a big group you should do the same. We arrived 15 minutes early and were greeted by the volunteers which were so friendly and made us feel so welcomed. April was amazing guide. Nancy and Kent Smith were both on site and super active during our tour. It was amazing to meet such sweet souls. This place is truly amazing to experience. Make sure you book your visits.

Lisa Colas

3 years ago

This is a wonderful place to learn about different types of animals. You even get to pet the wolves, at least when I went prior to the pandemic. I highly recommend it!

Cindy Oster

3 years ago

Husband had Covid etc...after a very long wait we finally had the pleasure of visiting. What a great experience. Wish we were closer to Volunteer. Will be going back again

Marcela Oliver

3 years ago

Hands down an amazing experience for the whole family but even better for our daughter, this was booked last year for her birthday but due to Covid we couldn't attend until just now. Our very experienced guide Patty was SUPERB! She made Mia feel very special for her special day :) Thanks soooo much Patty! We had a great time and at the same time we learnt so much about these wonderful creatures. So happy that the Sanctuary is acquiring more land to be able to expand to a newer and way bigger space. Can't wait to visit once again when that's done! :)

Levi Smith

3 years ago

Highly recommend visiting! Amazing experience

Chris Hinkle

3 years ago

A great experience and well worth the wait. You immediately felt like every staff volunteer cared about these animals. Truly enjoyed this experience. Highly recommend.

Dan Czarnecki

3 years ago

Absolutely incredible experience! As someone who adores wolves, this place has been on my bucket list for a long time and now that I finally got to visit yesterday, I wasn’t disappointed! Our group’s guide, Patty, even though she was fairly new, was still very knowledgeable about the sanctuary and the animals that call it home. Getting to see these incredible animals up close and also getting to pet some of them (in the case of their beautiful wolfdogs Mohan and Dancer) was just surreal! It’s clear to see that the owners of this sanctuary really care for these formerly abused animals as now they are much happier in their new home, and that just warms my heart to see. Be sure to have plenty of cash on hand too, as they run strictly off of donations, and before you leave, there is also a little gift shop of which you can buy a shirt from if you’d like. Definitely one of the hidden gems of Naples that is worth the visit!

Elizabeth Wilkerson

3 years ago

Incredible experience! Highly recommended! Our guide, Amanda, was terrific. Beautiful animals ... very clean facility. They do great stuff here!

Joan Coyne

3 years ago

I waited over a year to visit The Shy Wolf Sanctuary. My experience was well worth the wait. I received an education about the different kinds of wolves and how each of the animals were brought to the sanctuary. My guide was very knowledgeable and loving toward each animal we encountered. I spent time in some of the cages getting to know several of the wolves. The setting is beautiful. All the animals seemed content and happy. Great experience.

Jordan Musumanno

3 years ago

Absolutely Worst place I’ve ever volunteered that in my entire life. I highly recommend avoiding this Establishment at all costs if you’re planning to Volenteer. Extremely rude Owner and staff. Absolutely miserable people.

Richard F. Stripe

3 years ago

Looked this up to see where it was. Took me to the middle of the Everglades. It is not made clear enough that this place isn't open to the public, nor is it made clear that you must contact them and obtain permission to know where they are located. Very confusing. The entire point of google maps is to show where a location is. Why is it even here if you want to hide it? What good does it do to hide the location? How is anyone meant to find this place? Doesn't seem good for business.

Melissa Butterhof (Mel)

4 years ago

Absolutely amazing experience! I booked our visit ten months in advance and it was well worth the wait. Even in the rain! The volunteers are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I am so glad there is a place like Shy Wolf that cares so deeply for these beautiful creatures. I got kisses from wolfdogs and my heart is happy. Visit, donate, you will not be disappointed!

Sue Adinolfi

4 years ago

What an awesome place to visit. The wolves are such interesting and amazing creatures. We were in awe the entire tour. Jeremy was our tour guide. An extremely friendly man, who you can tell puts a lot of hard work into loving and caring for each of the animals. The tour was well organized, and the place is neat & clean. I was expecting to see insects, especially after the unexpected rain, but I didn’t see any at all. We had a fun time, and learned quite a few things. A must see, but since it’s private tours only, make you you reserve well in advance. Definitely worth it!

Shelly Davis

4 years ago

Just had our 3rd visit and it just keeps getting better! These amazing animals are given so much love and care!

Savannah Allen

4 years ago

Amazing educational experience. You can tell these volunteers and the founders really do care for each and every animal that lives here.

Purchase 691

4 years ago

Absolutely amazing! Our guide Ashley was very knowledgeable and everyone genuinely cared for all the animals on property. We were so honored to be able to share in this experience. Thank you for all that you do for God's creatures.


4 years ago

I can say that this is by far one of the hidden gems of Naples. I had the opportunity to tour this amazing facility and fell in love. The staff who run this facility are some of the most amazing and caring people you will ever meet. They …

Janet T

4 years ago

Took my wolf loving special needs daughter to this awesome experience. It was a great experience. The knowledge of our guide Ashley was fascinating. We learned so much about not only wolves but wolf dogs and other animals. Lots of …

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Shy Wolf Sanctuary Education & Experience Center, Florida, Naples

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