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Steven Torres , Realtor

2 years ago

All of the staff and volunteers were extremely friendly and helpful and they helped us adopt our beautiful, calm, loving and healthy puppy! Thank you so much!

Jim W

2 years ago

Uncomfortable from the minute we walked in!. After getting all signed in and waiting 20 minutes to be escorted back to see the dogs we we’re rudely told to go outside and wait. It doesn’t matter how much money you get donated to ya, you still have to treat the people coming in to adopt as important, because isn’t that what it’s all about. The experience there ruined our day, We’ll never go back!

venezuela santo domingo

2 years ago

Love this place, everything is just so clean and organized, and they way they have the animals are amazing , very comfortable and cozy. God bless the people that love animals and take good care of them.


2 years ago

All of the staff and volunteers were extremely friendly and helpful and they helped me adopt a new kitten right before Christmas and she is very healthy

Leigh Louz

2 years ago

Got my cat neutered with the 1 request of keeping his testicles after the procedure. It's really nothing big to put them in a bag. Seeing how they are mine and his property I don't feel it was a big request. He is my first baby and honestly feel I was robbed of being able to keep that memory of him. Left after drop-off very certain I'd be able to get them back, and arrived at pick up to a "the vet said no". I knew I should have taken him elsewhere. They can tattoo and mark my cat for life, but I can't even get what they took from him, i know insignificant to most. Now they're in the trash.

Linnea DeSouza

2 years ago

What a terrible shame it is how much this place has changed. I just came to drop off 5 huge packs of fancy feast for their cats and when I came inside to see their kittens while I’m here she said I had to fill out a form and have someone accompany me. It never used to be this way. I don’t want to adopt a cat, I just wanted to spend 20 minutes petting some lonely little kitties while I’m here like many people like to do. The animals are the ones hurt by this stupid policy. Way less people will stop by just to pet them and say hi now. Terrible.

Roy the Bannerlord

2 years ago

No complains. Everything was great.

Karen Di Lauro

2 years ago

I used to volunteer at the humane society during my time at University. It was a great way to relax and also get back to the community. In 2017, I returned and adopted our dog. We adopted him for $75 and he is the best dog for our family. This place is well maintained and you can tell that they really do care for the animals.

Kiley Gosselin

2 years ago

I am not one to leave bad reviews, especially for an organization that does good for the community.. but the service I received at the front desk today was horrid. The staff at the front desk was very rude and unknowledgeable. I followed every step listed in their directions on their website, all in efforts to donate cat and dog beds I made. I was turned away from making this donation due to the lack of knowledge of the staff at the front desk. All I wanted to do was donate to the dogs and cats there.

Steve Williamson

2 years ago

I fell in love immediately with trouble the dog

Roshmi Mishra

2 years ago

I took my dog there for dental and surgical procedures. They have a caring staff. The vet is brilliant. The service was affordable. All in all, the entire team was terrific.

Isabel M.

3 years ago

Thankyou for taking in our rescued kittens. Sandra and staff are wonderful and caring. God bless everything you do for these little animals.

Jane Spillane

3 years ago

Efficient Accommodating Friendly Spends time to answer all your questions

carina i

3 years ago

I have previously adopted my current cat of two years from the Humane Society of Naples they also assisted me with getting back my puppy when she went missing, they have always been kind, respectful & helpful except for this morning when I brought my puppy in to get a cast change I was never informed by the veterinarian clinic that I wasn’t allowed to come inside to take her in so when I walked in through the door this morning I was very rudely greeted by Cindy the front desk receptionist she asked me “what are you doing” in an aggressive manner I simply answered “I’m taking my puppy in to get a cast change” she then continued with the aggressive manner and the attitude that she had at 10o’clock in the morning and said to me “what are you doing outside of your car you need to go back to your car and call them you’re not allowed to be in here so I don’t know what you’re doing” I then said “okay that’s funny because I was never informed over the phone when I called twice this morning”. I have never had to deal with somebody so rude and inconsiderate when it comes to customer care because I have been doing receptionist work for the last four years now and I know what it’s like to make sure that the customer is always taking care of and to be always respectful I am very disappointed in the staff at the front desk and the saddest part is that as a receptionist you’re supposed to be The face of the company and also be the first person in the first smile that someone sees when they walk in and she has been nothing but rude nasty and aggressive every time I’ve came in glad to see that this is the image that Humane Society wants to provide with their front desk receptionist service I won’t be speaking to Cindy ever again I will always speak directly to the head of the veterinary department instead.

Angie Ruz

3 years ago

Excellent service always haply to help you and they take really good care of my dogs needs.

Erica Schwindt

3 years ago

We adopted Sheila 9/14/19 and we were thrilled. But, then the vet tells us after the fact she has cancer and needs one more treatment. That should have been on her bio, and not listed until her treatment . Was done. We were talked into buying $30 of heart worm/flee that we did not want, but the bossy person isistent on it. Our bad. Tried to return it, but against the law, we gave it back to donate, no thanks from the manager, Ann. Which was not nice. Also, when we dropped Sheila off for her last chemo treatment, no one had her in the system as the new owners, but rather the other person that had returned her? Her nails needed a trim, which the humane society should have done. Instead, they charged us $12. Also, the vet clinic is a mess. Never would recommend anyone to them. It was a bad experiencere and so sorry Sheila was with you.

Gadi Ben Rosen

3 years ago

Great Staff n My Dog Loves Dr Mason????

Agent blaze

3 years ago

I found the most lovable sweetest girlie(cat) she peed a lot early on but she got over it she is a cuddly angel

Irina Kurti

3 years ago

My dog is dead few weeks after getting vaccinated at this place. I brought him on February 1,2021 to get his shots done. My baby was 11, 5 years old and their veterinarian never told me that it is not advised for dogs over 10 years old to get vaccinated. My dog started feeling sick right after shots, within 2 weeks lost weight and yesterday he died. Don’t bring your dogs there.

Seta Mac

3 years ago

1- said it would only be a half hour visit so I decided to bring my children along. Actual time spent there, an hour and half! 2- scare tactics were used for optional treatment pretty much forcing you into the optional treatment 3- no one could explain why I was being charged for a 2nd exam when I was already payi by for a comprehensive exam. Comprehensive= entire body or so I thought 4- received a treatment plan for a neuter of $433 with absurd optional charges such as: Extraction of deciduous teeth- no reason- no cavities 5- everyone’s attitude changed for the worse when I was questioning the bill 6- they left me stuck behind a car in the pick up lane and I had to wait LONGER just to get out of there! BEWARE! I’m not one to leave a negative review, but I work hard for my money to not have explanations as to where it’s going.

Cassandra Stead

3 years ago

Love these people that work here.

Brenda Lee Figueroa

3 years ago

Warm and kind hearted clean and caring place!

Amy Jures

3 years ago

Tried to make an appointment for my sick pet and was treated very disrespectfully by an extremely rude women on the phone

Aimee H

3 years ago

So wonderful, found my little Stella there and she is a wonderful addition to our family.

Mary Stopper

3 years ago

I adopted a wonderful dog yesterday. He is so sweet and happy. The staff was excellent. Thanks for letting us adopt Boots formerly Rocky. We love him.

Melissa Fu

3 years ago

Really nice and cool people, looking forward to adopting a kitten again. <3


3 years ago

Very nice and friendly staff. Very home-like aura which is always nice. Very clean and well kept. The animals are clean too which is something I love to see. They take good care of their animals and seem to truly enjoy their jobs with animals.


3 years ago

I love this place! I got a kitten name Tinkerbell here, she is now 9 months old. She is a healthy and happy kitten. This place takes care of their animals with all their hearts. Very well taken care of, I love the fact that they let people donate and bring in food. This place has a big part in my heart, I love seeing the cats there. They are my favorite animal. To see all these animals get adopted fills my heart with so much joy! One thing is, one of the staff members that we saw a few weeks ago said “You can not open the sliding door.” But all the other times she was not there we were always able to open the sliding door with any other staff member. I do agree with her too, because then the cats may think they are allowed out threw that door. But other than that this place is amazing and is has a gigantic part in my heart. I come here every 2 weeks but since this has been happening with this virus I haven’t been able to go. But, once is all good again I will start my daily 2 week visit. I appreciate all the staff, every single staff member. They are caring to you, when you adopt a animal there they are so happy because they know that you will be a good owner that they need. Thank you Humane Society of Naples: Main Shelter, you are amazing, kind, loving, and you take care of your customers and animals amazingly. Here is a picture of my kitten that I got 6 months ago.

TJ Ferguson

3 years ago

They provided me with two of my best friends in the whole world. It only cost me $75 per dog because of their age and we got a ton of stuff with them.

nicole Olsen

3 years ago

This is a great place!! They are always friendly and have always the well being of their animals in mind! If you want a pet go there to adopt one they can help you in any way!

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