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Kaelee Paige

2 years ago

I cannot express how great this place is! everyone is honestly so sweet and caring! It is locally owned which makes all the difference! marissa did such an amazing job with my mini aussie, remi! ????❣️ not to mention, a few weeks ago, my other pup (lola), needed a nail trim and they were able to squeeze her in and did it right away for me since she was easy to do! i 100% recommend earthwise to everyone!!

Joselyn Arco

2 years ago

I love my dog more than life itself. I took him here to get his nails trimmed and when I picked him up the manager shamed me for not having $200 to get his teeth cleaned. She told me my 3 year old dog has tarter build up and if I don't spend 200 his "teeth will fall out and he will have to eat mushy food". An update as of 01/03/22 my vet says my dog has amazing teeth so this manager has no idea what she is talking about.

Mary Lambrecht

2 years ago

I’ve driven by many times and finally popped in when I was in need of a speciality item not found at Petco (Fruitables Pumpkin Blend for digestive health) I found I really liked the vibe of the store and plan to return!

Robert Hatlelid

2 years ago

Marissa has cared for our two longhaired Shih Tsus for several yeArs. They look great and love it here

Nancy Reed

2 years ago

Very clean and nice shop. People very friendly . The grooming girls do a very good job. Pleased with our service. Thank you.

Lon Grubb

2 years ago

We were apprehensive about bringing our dog in for a cut as the last place we went to completely shaved her. We explained to Renate what we wanted and she did a great job. Our pup is happy and so are we !

CB thirteen

2 years ago

Terrible. They change their store hours at will. They close at random times when ever they feel like it and now apparently they are closed Sunday’s they’ve been open Sunday’s since this store opened. Explains why they just have a hand written store hours sign in the window that looks like a 3rd grader wrote it. So they can just rewrite a new one next week when they change the hours again. Since this place sold , the staff is rude and they act like you should be happy they allow you to shop there. They jacked prices up on everything and you never know when they are open. . I am not shopping here anymore and I spend $300-$500 here a month but I guess that’s not important to them. If you didn’t buy this business to make money why did you buy it? There are other small specialty stores around town to buy from or I’ll order what I need online , at least I won’t have to try to figure out store hours that way.

tiffany sossa

2 years ago

I’m not from Naples but just driving around I found this place and I just got a new puppy and they are super informative. They have amazing staff that can do really nice grooming. They also have different types of kibbles for your pets which are ten times better than going to get a pet smart or Walmart kibbles. If you have a bunch of questions they have no problem answering each one. This is definitely a place I will keep coming to. This is my puppy Russ and they did Amazing with his hair❤️

Ricky Herrera

2 years ago

Great place to take your furr babies. Everyone was very friendly and I noticed that they are animal lovers.

Kristen Rizzo

2 years ago

The cashier was very sweet and eager to help...but the, what I can only assume was the manager &/or owner (woman with dark hair), actually interjected herself into our conversation about raw diets and just asked myself (the customer) and the cashier (helping me spend my money) to move away from the cash register bc she was on the phone....I am beyond belief. My first and last time here. Wow.

katerina mayants- Happiest mom on the Block

2 years ago

My little girl (golden retriever) came in all nappy and hairy and dirty and had zero shape- and walked out like the most gorgeous dog I have ever seen! She was so clean and so perfectly trimmed. We just moved here and I can't be happier that I found this place!


2 years ago

The store was clean and organized. The lady that checked me out was nice.

Holly Wright

2 years ago

I didn’t catch her name but she’s usually working there, she is extremely knowledgeable! I’ve been making it a regular stop now! ????❤️

Peter C. (P. C.)

2 years ago

Great choice of high end dog food, and a very knowledgeable staff. Will definitely make this my go-to place for my pet's food.


3 years ago

Originally our dogs were set up for an appointment on Saturday but even after 5.5 hours, we had to pick them up because they weren't finished and we had to go somewhere. The groomer said she might not even be done until 8 pm after dropping them off at noon. My wife paid for the full grooming in advance and then rescheduled the rest several days later. After bringing our dogs back several days later, they called us after a few hours to notify us that the dogs were ready for pickup. Upon arrival, the management made me wait over 30 minutes to confirm that we previously paid and had no record of our past payment. I had our receipt the whole time to give them, but somehow even after speaking with my wife on the phone, they did not release the dogs until over 30 minutes. The manager even stated she remembered my wife, yet somehow I was forced to wait. I am disabled and while they nicely agreed to bring the dogs outside, they kept me on hold while I parked right outside, let the line disconnect after putting me on hold and never called me back, even after confirming they were bringing the dogs right out. I kept on trying them on the phone but the line was busy, until eventually I got in touch with someone after 30 minutes. The grooming itself was great though, so can't complain about that. Don't go here unless you want to leave your dog there all day and roam freely with other dogs. Management needs to change their practices because they're not respecting their customer's time. Their groomers' time is also being wasted due to scheduling conflicts. My dogs drank a whole bowl of water when they returned home today, so I don't know if there is enough water for them while they're there also. Edit: I talked to the manager and it was a front end employee, not management. They somewhat apologized for the situation. I did in fact wait over 30 minutes since I had made a prior phone call when I first arrived which occurred before the one that they checked on their video (see their response). I think this issue was more one of miscommunication because I don't mind waiting but was told they would be right out.

Kenna L

3 years ago

Every time I called I was put on hold for over 5 minutes, took me a whole day just to attempt to make an appointment.

Charles Kirby

3 years ago

A great ???? place to take your pet.

Joyce Jacobs

3 years ago

I have taken our Bichon/Maltese to Marissa two times — and she’s going back tomorrow! Marissa does a great job and listens to the certain aspects I like, such as full mustache, shorter ears, good trim around eyes, etc. The first time I went just out of convenience when I stopped in to buy some natural doggie treats. Never regretted it. Allthough I was happy with my previous groomer, I think Marissa is more on top of it when it comes to detail.

Jen Muscatello

3 years ago

Took us short notice opening! Great!

Wanda Zachary

3 years ago

I’m so disappointed in the grooming services and customer service here. I had Marissa as a groomer last year and my dogs looked great. When we returned this year, I was shocked to see how many dogs were all waiting outside before they opened. Other groomers didn’t have openings for weeks, but I could get in same-day here! There is no communication with your groomer. She’s not there to talk to at drop off. Someone took notes , but the groomer misinterpreted them and my dogs face was cut too short. They don’t request medical records and there are so many dogs all together walking around in the grooming area. It’s such a long stressful day for the dogs. Because I’ve had such good experiences in the past, I gave them another chance. However the next visit was worse. When I came to pick up my two dogs, the manager at the front desk said “why don’t you go ahead and pick up your dogs first in the back because I have some phone calls to make”. I responded, “well I can’t do that because with two dogs on a leash it’s too difficult to try to check out and pay you.” She didn’t care that I had to stand there while she made the phone calls for other people to pick up their dogs. That seemed to be more important than taking my money so that I could get my dogs and be on my way. I asked to speak to the Owners and was told, “you can’t talk to them, they live up North.” The Owners need to know what is happening, so I hope they read this. From other responses from the business that I’ve read here, it doesn’t sound like an owner responding.

Alyssa Haney

3 years ago

Have been shopping here for years. I recently moved to Lee County and have remained loyal to this place, despite the drive, as it's the only one I've found that sells the food my cats prefer and I like to shop locally/support small businesses. Over the years, I have regularly requested a case of the food I purchase to be ordered for me to receive a case discount (at their suggestion, not my demand). Only one time was my "order," actually fulfilled. They seem to be using a "Post-It note system," (this is an employees' choice of words on multiple occasions) which is clearly not working. I finally gave up on the idea of the case discount altogether and as a result, continued to buy individual cans. Oh well. Fine. Today I came in to purchase food and as I was checking out, the girl at the register (who I have never once seen wear a mask, even when mandated by the County), informed me that they would be raising their prices "because gas prices are going up, thanks to the new President." I just said "Okay." Then she continued "Did you know he's also increasing minimum wage for inexperienced, young workers?" Listen, I came to buy cat food, not have a conversation about your political opinions. The cherry on top was popping onto Google to read some reviews to see if anyone else had a similar experience. I see many reviews from people concerned for their animals' welfare following grooming appointments. Particularly, someone mentioned their poor experience in dealing with staff as well as their dog's concerning change of demeanor after a grooming appointment. In response, the owner basically blamed the customer for the store's lack of appropriate employees/scheduling and completely disregarded the customer's concern for their pet's wellbeing altogether. That right there says it all. I don't have a problem spending extra money after a price increase if it means supporting a small business. I just have a problem spending money to support a business like this.

Cooper Worthy

3 years ago

I would look into the one star reviews before coming here. Especially if dropping off your pet for grooming. Good luck

Joe Brandt

3 years ago

If you want to deal with people that are unfriendly & unaccommodating this is the store for you.

Lorraine Crisci

3 years ago

We have been taking our three dogs to Earthwise for quite awhile and have always had a great experience. Marissa, one of the groomers, never disappoints. Her grooming skills are excellent and she grooms are Bichon perfectly. She is highly recommended.

Tyler Crisci

3 years ago

We have been taking our dogs to Marissa for years and she always does a fantastic job. Very reasonable prices for the services performed.

Lauren Crisci

3 years ago

Marissa is a groomer at Earthwise and every time she grooms my dogs I’ve been very happy.

Deborah Lambert

3 years ago

This was our first time at EarthWise. Marissa did a fantastic job on our 12yr old KC the cat. We did a lion cut so she could enjoy doing life without the knots in her hair, even though I comb her daily. She came home purring. Definitely would recommend EarthWise for your pets! Side note-I was immediately greeted by name dropping off and picking up-impressive❣

Deborah “Gourmet Mermaid Shopper”

3 years ago

Love caring people. Great food selection to keep your dog or cat healthy. Very knowledgeable on their products. Wonderful groomers. Must go support these lovely entrepreneurs..

Diana Marcelo

3 years ago

Way to expensive in the grooming department. And for a simple bath...$50.00???? Normally it's $35.00 every where else .. but the worst part the groomers do a very bad job!! .. very very VERY HIGH PRICED! THIS IS HIGHWAY ROBBERY !

Colleen Shafer

3 years ago

I used the self wash. It was good. Had everything I needed because my dog is 82lbs. Will go again. Amaya was nice.

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