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Ana Scopu

2 years ago

A stray, very friendly, pregnant cat appeared my me right before Christmas. Since she was ready to give birth, I took her to DAS in hopes she would be safe for the delivery of the babies and that the babies would get adopted. I wish I had not done this. They called me one week later and advised the animal would be ready for release. I asked what happened with the babies and they said there is no record of babies. Which mean she was spayed and the babies aborted. I would not have taken her here knowing this. I would never have aborted the babies. I was advised that she would give birth and they would take care of the babies and they would go up for adoption when the are ready. That is not what happened. Second, there was no post about her being found on Social Media at all. She was definitely someone’s cat before appearing by me. Lastly, DAS advised the cat would be returned to same address where she was found (which was my address). When I called if she was returned, I was advised she was but it must not have been here as there is no sign of her. Unfortunate :( I would have definitely taken care of her. I’m hopeful someone will take her in, she’s so sweet. Or that she returns here. Please ask question before you take stray animals go here. So that you do not have the same experience as me.

Donna Kolby

2 years ago

We are medically fostering a dig from DAS. They are very helpful with any issues that arise.

Killerkat 23

2 years ago

My dog is literally The best animal I've ever had thank you so much!

Elizabeth Guale

2 years ago

The staff (can’t remember here name) she was very knowledgeable and firm with Astrid. She went over to us how to handle our new adopted dog with our dog at home. Astrid is very affectionate, intelligent and lovable ❤️. We love her so much…


2 years ago

I tried to call to report a stray kitten. After finally getting thru the automated service the phone rang for 3 min. It was finally answered. I was promptly put on hold and they never came back to my call. Ever!

Lori Sidbury

2 years ago

I adopted a dog and I had to return it the second day. I was heartbroken. I never should have taken her in the condition she was given to me. When I picked her up she smelled so. bad. She couldn’t even have a bath for two weeks because she got fixed the day before. Then she had been abused and she needed a trainer. She was not potty trained and I thought she was. She was one year and some. She was so nice but she had behavior issues. I take her long walks and she turn around and go all over my house. They sent me home with antibiotics because of a skin infection because she was so matted. She was brought to me in a unacceptable manner.

Robyn Rudd

2 years ago

Very unprofessional and disrespectful encounter with the field agent. He wrote 3 citations for license—totally get it. That’s my bad. When I informed him that the personal ID information was completely wrong on the citation and that it wasn’t my name, he threatened to call the sheriff on me. I asked for time to read through the information bc I didn’t understand what was going on, he again aggressively threatened to call the sheriff if I didn’t sign right then. Forced signing under duress— Super classy CCAS.

sepideh Azin

2 years ago

Brought a stray cat in the hopes that they would find a home for him. Staff member I dealt with was very rude first thing in the morning. I told them I didn’t want the cat released back into the neighborhood as it bullies my cat and I don’t really want another cat to take care of, additionally they’re peeing in my lanai. He said “don’t feed the cat if u don’t want him to come back, someone else will feed him” and when I asked him what my options are he bluntly said “we kill it” what do u even say to that?? Well they released it back, I reluctantly shooed it out of my yard and he left for a couple of days and came back SO skinny. I can’t watch an animal go to waste. Might as well put a sign up at my house that says DAS.

Nagito Komeda

2 years ago

Give me my dang cat back ????

Barry Priddy

2 years ago

I don’t know what’s going on with this place I call to report a lost dog and nobody answers the phone no voicemail no nothing way to provide services I have a lost dog at my house and these guys won’t answer get it together

Leslie Warner

2 years ago

If I could give less than a single star I would. Come to find out I turned to stray cats and and they told me they're simply going to fix them and drop them right back off where I pick them up and then they insist I give him my address the entire reason I brought them in was because they were getting in the garbage and causing problems around my neighborhood. Then they threatened to call the police on me when I called the police the police informed me that they have no right whatsoever to require my address or a copy of my driver's license when turning a stray in

TT nNaples

2 years ago

They gave me the ashes of my little love many years ago. Then suggested the next one 'who needs me', as I requested. Paco, renamed Tico really fast, was my constant buddy and companion. I took all 7.2 lbs of him everywhere. Or I wouldn't go. Even my dad loved him...though never used the word. He left just my life. 8-11-21. And not sure I'll ever be ready to give my heart to another. But if so, will be here. Thank you to all the crew from 2002 on to 4-06. Thank you all. Especially Meryl Rorer.

Elise Alvayero

2 years ago

I do really want to complain. About a worker named Bryan. At Das. He really should be talked to about how he treats poor people and even their pets. Especially those poor pets that have to be put down and people that have to sadly put their pets down when it is their time to go. I already have had a few different really bad experiences with that guy named Bryan. Also my mother has too. And a lot of other people that I have spoken to also. Something must be done with this guy. To be honest with you, he really should not be even working there. If I could I definitely would give zero stars rate. But it would not let you. So I pretty much have to give it a star. Due to that.

Carmen H

3 years ago

Great place! Very organized, very detailed, and they helped find a great fit to our family. Our puppy is healthy and very loving girl. Will recommend to anyone

Dan Zajaczkowski

3 years ago

Your staff are the largest pos’s. I waited first in line for 45 minutes for her. Walked in the doors first. I tried to fill out an online app last night and it gave me an error. I walked in and while it took me 2 minutes to fill out an app you gave her away to someone else. Shame on you. I will never adopt from this place anymore. So disgusted.

Eileen Andersen

3 years ago

'They are an awesome bunch of people! I dealt with the volunteers and wow they make that place! They know their pets there and are so kind and suggestive. They made me feel like if I had any issues or questions that I just didn't adopt a dog and they were done with me. Their main focus was to have the perfect match for the person and the dog (or whatever was being adopted).

Jennifer Marder

3 years ago

Could not ask for a better experience. The staff are phenomenal before, during and after adoption. Thank you Patty S for all you've done for us!!! Jay, Jen and Petey

Cynthia “C.L.” Van

3 years ago

It's a wonderful place to find a loving companion for life

Carolina Beltran

3 years ago

My husband and I were in this shelter today Thursday May 07,2020 and the customer service was tRYE WORSE of all. The person in front should not attend to the public, She does not have any type of education, She is haughty and makes the process super mega complicated. I really hope that their superiors read this criticism because it is actually for the good of all pets that we look for with love and respect for a new member in our family

Kaylee Mckinzie

3 years ago

I give this place 5 out of 5 ???? I adopted Josey who's new name is blue last Tuesday the staff was so helpful and nice place looked nice and cleaned blue is doing wonderful she's loving her new home and fur siblings.

Monica Lorenz

3 years ago

Our family just adopted a dog from here. Our experience was amazing! Everyone was super friendly and welcoming! Thank you DAS!!

Sheylin Gonzalez

3 years ago

After a month knowing about the amazing job that DAS does, I can't still thank all the staff of this magnificent organization. They reached out to me when I lost my dog a month or so ago, they received me and my family very friendly, and they took really good care him on his stance there. It's impossible for me to express how grateful I'm with all those nice people, workers, volunteers and even the director because thanks to them and the officer who found him, I have my dog here at home as he never left.

Virginia Markun

3 years ago

I can't say enough about the volunteer staff at this place. We were interested in adopting a very large energetic 11momth old German Shepherd and wanted to make sure he would get along with other dogs. They created a very safe atmosphere then brought out another dog and showed us the safest way for pups to meet. All went amazing. They totally went above and beyond on everything. Awesome place to adopt from.

Anthony Cobas

4 years ago

They are all nice staff

Caroline Folk

4 years ago

Collier County Animal Services is a government operated facility that must take in any animal that comes to its door, it therefore is not a “No Kill” facility, few government operated shelters are; due to not having enough space or financial resources. Shelters that are “no kill” are privately funded SPCAs and humane societies or other small organizations which pick and choose which animals they will accept. Please adopt from this shelter as these animals greatly need a home. This shelter offers a foster program which is an excellent introduction into pet ownership without the costs. The shelter pays for the vet bills for the pet you are fostering until it is adopted. Fostering frees up cage space for animals at the shelter by putting them in temporary homes. According to their website this shelter works with rescues. Collier County offers low cost euthanasia for $25 this is a much better option than dumping your pet at the shelter when you can no longer afford to care for it’s elderly treatment. Elderly dogs and cats normally do not find homes. They also offer low cost spay and neutering and microchipping and vaccines which is an excellent way of keeping your pet safe.

Dewayne Solt

4 years ago

My mother adopted a Siamese cat from here and u talk about a great match that cat is awesome thanks for a great job well done

Lawrence Reposa

4 years ago

Helping relocate and rescue our lost furry friends!

Mike Lapham

4 years ago

I have been there a couple of times to look for adoption dogs, and the people have been very nice.

Mirjam Muller

4 years ago

Very impressed by the excellent service and friendly staff when renewing pet license.

Susan bengtson

4 years ago

Best animal shelter been into in my life. Smells like absolutely no animals there at all. Staff friendly

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