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Janet Rossano

a year ago

Dr Anderson and his vet techs gave my cat 3rd degree burns over 50% of his body while doing a teeth cleaning. This occurred in Oc 21 and we are still dealing with his wounds. Please do your research and think twice before you go back to Brown veterinary Clinic.

Aungi Paungi

a year ago

I just want to say the doctors are great here and andrea at the front desk and the vet techs however Rachesl at the front desk is EXTREMELY RUDE EVERY TIME I COME IN OR CALL THIS VET SHOULD CONSIDER REPLACING HER because customers should not be treated this way and is NOT OK.

Brett Watt

a year ago

Fantastic care for my babies I have been going there for over twenty years

Jorge Diaz

a year ago

Great people, great friendly service!! Super flexible in trying to get us appointment the same day. Highly recommend!!

Melissa Lutz

a year ago

Super friendly, very clean. Loved this place’

Vanessa Franklin

2 years ago

I've used this clinic for over 20 years. Staff are always so helpful and polite. My cat is 17 years old and dog 14 years old so Brown Veterinary Clinic must be doing something right!

Inocente Vazquez

2 years ago

(10/4/2021) Earlier today, we had a follow-up appointment for our dog (this was our third visit). He's a big german shepard, but is an absolute sweetheart. Despite this, he is admittedly a very anxious dog. During our second visit, we noted that our dog was entirely unwilling to go towards the back of the office. He quite literally crawled back, cried, and attempted to pull himself away from the lab. This was observed last Thursday, where we were turned down due to our dog not being medicated for the visit (Trazadone). When we came in today, our dog was anxious as soon as we stepped into the office, despite being medicated as the doctor requested. It should be stated that we were the last patients of the day/in the building. After attempting to bring our dog towards the patient room, one of the technicians had suggested to tie our dog's leash around his neck to lead him back rather than with the harness he came in with. I immediately disagreed, and stated that I did not want my dog to be controlled/moved around by anything that could choke him. I asked the technicians & the girls at the front why our dog couldn't just be checked right in the room. Their response was that dogs tend to behave worse with the family members in the room. We continued on towards the room, and got ready to transfer the leash over to the technicians so that they may bring our dog towards the back. I repeated myself once more, and stated clearly that I did not want anything around my dog's neck. We handed the leash over, closed the door, and to no surprise, our dog repeated the same behavior exhibited last week. He was undoubtedly afraid of heading back towards the lab. We opened the door after we hear our dog cry out loudly and guess what we saw? Our dog with a nice, thick "lead" around his neck. This made me quite upset. I made a simple request to not use anything around our dog's neck, and it was completely disregarded. We bring our dog back into the room and wait. Dr. Anderson opens the door and quickly states: "if you don't like the way we do our job, then you'll need to find another clinic." The very first and only thing he said to us was that we could look elsewhere. That's it. We know that our dog isn't the easiest to work with, but to be dismissed so quickly is simply disheartening. There were no attempts to even try and accommodate us given the situation we were in. Our dog is mid-treatment, in need of a check-up, as well as shots. All of which we were waiting to act on based on the word of Dr. Anderson. I was taken aback at the lack of professionalism, but that alone is not the reason why I'm writing this review. Ultimately, I'm disappointed by the lack of compassion or empathy from Dr. Anderson. We have brought all of our dogs to Dr. Brown for almost 15 years now, through check-ups and even hard goodbyes. So it's a shame that the wonderful legacy of Dr. Brown's office has left us with this bitter ending. Dr. Anderson left some notes for us and the next clinic we find, stating that the "father is resistant to allowing us to do our job. We will not be dictated on how to care for pets." An insult to us as we are a family that happily follows rules. We didn't ask Dr. Anderson to do anything beyond his powers, so to claim that we were dictating how they should operate is foolishness. However, now that we're here, I can't help but wonder: "why didn’t Dr. Anderson analyze the situation better? How do you look at a clearly fearful dog and dismiss him, rather than calm him down or at least consider making some sort of accommodation?" I made one simple request: don't choke our dog. They disregarded it. All that has been accomplished is successfully traumatizing our dog.

Yari Espaillat

2 years ago

Everyone is so friendly and have taken very good care of Blue London.

Bob Jones

2 years ago

Very thorough, compassionate,….not in a hurry to get in and get out. Normal vet pricing

Julia Williamson

2 years ago

Great Dr., great staff! Always friendly and helpful, and put our dogs health and happiness as their utmost priority. Highly recommend!!

Mark Fessenden

2 years ago

Great vets and staff! Been going to Brown vet clinic for years. There is no choice for me but Dr Brown’s clinic

Kenneth Martinez

2 years ago

Everything was great, took my French bulldog puppy for the first time. Everyone at the office was amazing!

Mary Meyer

2 years ago

Doc Brown and staff are professional and caring. My rescue Gus enjoys going there.

Shirley Rafeldt

2 years ago

My Golden had an epsula removed and Dr Anderson and the tech were great. They were helpful and informative. The gals at the desks were terrific and empathetic. I would recommend BVC. Great experience.

Tammy Lynn

2 years ago

Dr Brown is amazing . He is more than a regular vet too. He is well versed in alternative therapies and uses his very diverse knowledge and skills to your pets best outcome. He was so kind and caring with our little kitty. It meant alot.

Kathy Hilton

2 years ago

Every single person at Dr. Browns treated my Jasper with love, kindness and concern. Having a sick animal is like having a sick child. All I wanted was to make him better. The staff was so wonderful with him! I am so happy with his care. This is an amazing place! Do not hesitate bringing you fur babies here!!!

Vickijo Letchworth

2 years ago

Love my vet.... Dr Brown and staff are so wonderful..My dog is taken very good care of and loved. Thank you for being my vet for 20 years or more.

Becky H

2 years ago

We had been taking our Shephard Solie' to a vet for a long time and she was not getting better. A friend of ours said to take her to Dr. Brown and he saved our Solie'. Dr Brown is Awesome. That was 3 years ago and Solie' is still doing great. Dr Brown was a miracle worker. We just hear Dr Brown has passed and our hearts are broken. He was amazing and will be missed RIP Dr Brown

Elizabeth Hernandez

2 years ago

This was my first time going in with Shadow and I couldn't have been more pleased. Everyone was super friendly & professional. I'm so glad my dad recommended this place to me.

Linda Hill

2 years ago

This is one of the Best places to take any animal. The staff is so cordial the minute you open the door. Their are four Doctors on the staff and each and every one of them are very versed of your pets’ needs. The techs. are excellent with your pets. They are reassuring to your every want and need for your pet. Dr.Brown’s wife is most always in house if needed. I would certainly highly recommended The Brown Veterinary Clinic to all people that have pets. They are all very compassionate and care for your animals with the complete attention to each individually. Try them out for your next pet need and after that you have found your pet a second home forever. They treat with respect!!!

jennalee s

2 years ago

Staff was amazing and friendly! Very very helpful techs and doctors and answered all my questions and I had a lot of them! I really appreciate patient staff members, it gives you a sense that they care not only for your pet but you as well!

Kathy Findlay

2 years ago

We had a Saturday appointment and arrived on time but had to wait over 40 minutes in the car. Once we finally were allowed in, we realized that we were the last patients of the day. It was obvious in how the vet tech treated us. She truly did not seem to care at all about our dog. There was no thorough exam, when I asked questions about what our dog was due for in terms of vaccines, they were completely unaware of any history on our dog including vaccines. One of the main reasons we came was because our dog needed a heartworm test in order get more heartworm medicine. After having to take our dog back twice for more blood, we learned that they were out of the heartworm medicine kits to even test the dog for heart worms. The complete lack of knowledge and professionalism was extremely disturbing and disappointing. When we asked some questions at end about what else our dog was due for, The vet tech literally looked at her watch and reminded us it was getting late, while they were the ones that had kept us waiting over 40 minutes. We did brief get to meet the vet but we never saw her even touch or examine our dog. No one came back to talk to us about how she was doing or what they had found. Overall, it was a waste of money and a waste of time and we will never return.

Sarah A

2 years ago

All of the staff were incredibly nice and informative. So glad I chose to switch my pets to this office!

C Perez

2 years ago

Over 15 years experience with this clinic. Carlos Santana and I are very happy with his dedication to animals and their owners

3 Generations

2 years ago

I was charged for service not rendered-seen to other people with issues & no resolution. I will never go back

Regine Korn

3 years ago

We went to another vet before this place and they saved my cat . Super professionals and very good vets

peter hayton

3 years ago

Staff were very friendly. Technicians competent and gentle. Some years ago I took in my cat which had 3 large abscesses after being bitten by some animal. They saved her life. I recently went there for a second opinion regarding a fatty tumor. A date to remove it has been set and I am confident all will go well. They also did senior cat blood work on my pet. The vet I had used for years never suggested this. It is a relief that my obese cat (the only one out of my 4 cats) is in good health.

Sharry Brewer

3 years ago

Been taking my fur babies to Dr Brown for years. He is a fantastic Doc, and his staff is loving toward my pups..If it wasnt for Dr Brown, my little Chloe wouldn't be here! ♥️

Shawn Koenig

3 years ago

Dr. Brown is the best. And the staff is amazing. They care for my dogs, Ollie, Daisy and Delilah. They also care for my pot belly pig Lafonda. The quality of care is can truly feel the live they all have for animals❤????????????

susan thomas

3 years ago

Everyone at Brown Veterinary Clinic is wonderful. I’ve always had a positive experience there.

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