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Amy Higgins

2 years ago

I have never had a veterinarian and his team CARE so much about animals and I love that everyone on the team are like family to each other - It’s very pleasant. You can tell they all have the same goal and work like a well oiled machine and that makes a big difference! Dr Randall is ONE OF A KIND! He has such a way with animals, my big guy George adores him and that makes me have 100% confidence in leaving him there in his care. Thank you BIG CYPRESS!!! Amy and George Higgins

Mayerlika Triana

2 years ago

La atención excelente y el Dr. David Randall atendió con detenimiento y paciencia a mi pequeña Hamster, espero que con las medicinas que le recetó se mejore ????

Armando Aldana

2 years ago

Always a great experience here everyone is always friendly and they treat your pets just how you'd want them to be treated

Florida Cracker. Sentinel

2 years ago

Dr Randal is great. Lauren is great also Weeman says thank you

John Snyder

2 years ago

Great people work there. Really care for our pet.

Laura Coelho-Rybak

2 years ago

Dr Randall and his staff are an amazing team!!! You walk in and feel welcomed and relaxed. I was very pleased with the Clinic and everyone loved what they did! Dr Randall is knowledgeable and straight to the point. I highly recommend his clinic and and expertise. Thank you everyone at BCA Clinic

greg hagen

2 years ago

Like normal Dr and the team are fantastic

Ken Parkinson

2 years ago

Dr Randall is the best

Russell T

2 years ago

Absolutely amazing team. Fantastic care for my fur babies, if I could give 10 stars I would.

Bryan Delp

2 years ago

Thank you doctor Randall and staff for everything you do

James Kelly

2 years ago

Fantastic vet. Thinks outside the box to cure your pet. I have a service dog so his well being is very important me.

Pauline Clarke

2 years ago

My cat was very difficult to deal with because of her temperament and dr. Randall handled everything well. And I appreciate his excellent advice.

Erick Swanson

2 years ago

I've been enjoying Dr. Randall's experience, generosity, and genuine love of animals for years.Its the best vet service I've been happy to experience


2 years ago

I called because I have a 19 yeald old cat that I believe is passing, he hasn't eaten or drank in 2 days today is 3 ????and I called to see what it would cost me to help him along and the young man on the phone says well we have to write up a estimate and it should ready tomorrow ???? ???? WOW. Dr. Randall was amazing with my dog a year and half ago to have a lump removed. I don't think I will call them back when my senior baby needs vet care. ????????

Kathy Schmitz

2 years ago

Always helpful. Everyone has Smile Great service.

Yvonne Ayala McClellan

2 years ago

Dr. Randall is truly the best! His team is really friendly and helpful and my dog who doesn't like anyone outside of immediate family does really well here. He's a local vet that's been around forever and really cares about your animal while making very practical recommendations for the testing and ongoing healthcare of your pets.

John Price

2 years ago

I had been using this vet for years. Call 20 mins before they close because my dog had been attacked by another dog need some stitches there answer was no doc come in the morning. If your looking for a reliable vet this isn't it.

Stephen Robinson

2 years ago

Great staff , Dr Randall is awesome ! And for taking care of Baby Jazz !

Martina Frantova

2 years ago

Doctor Randall are his team are the best! Would not take my pups anywhere else!


3 years ago


Perry Norflus

3 years ago

Over the decades, I have owned many pets and equally, I have known many Veterinarians, but Doctor Randall and his staff stand alone in what has become an otherwise questionable field of animal care providers with little knowledge outside of textbooks. While text-knowledge is essential, NOTHING trumps experience and that is something both this doctor and his staff have in spades! Best of all, he is a no-nonsense doctor of pets. When making a diagnosis, he will give you the good, the bad and even the necessary ugly when such direct and concise information is warranted so that you, as a pet owner can make the right decision for your pet, not for them, the professional care-provider. Such was the case for me on my most-recent visit to Big Cypress... My pride and joy "Blue" male Weimaraner had suddenly become very sick. My son was caring for both our home and animals while my wife and I were away on business. He called early one Friday night and informed us of my dog suddenly becoming sick and unresponsive. With no other options, he rushed off to the nearest emergency vet clinic more than an hour from our home. The diagnosis was a tumor on my dog's heart and the prognosis given to my son was for him to grant the vet permission to put my dog down. Naturally, he said that was not his decision and refused to grant them such insane authority, especially since they could not confirm beyond reasonable doubt, precisely what was wrong. I told the ER vet by phone I wanted them if at all possible to stabilize my dog and I would meet with my vet ASAP to determine therapy beyond that. They kept my dog over the weekend, and by Sunday morning he was almost his happy, energetic self! What we learned days later from films Dr. Randall took of my dog was NOT a tumor around the base of his heart, but unfortunately, double lung cancer that was inoperable. He further pointed to the films showing how the cancer had metastasized to my dog's spine which was why suddenly two days earlier he stopped walking. Obviously this was NOT the news I wanted to hear, but as in years past, Dr. Randall did not sugar coat the prognosis. He told me there were things we could do to ease the pain "Chance" would feel, but in the end he would die a painful death and it would not be long in coming. We discussed this in private, and then I made the decision to do what had to be done. Leading up to that moment, Dr. Randall assured me Chance would feel NO pain. He would simply drift off to sleep and when I was ready to say goodbye, the injection via I.V. would be administered to stop the heart from beating, but not until I said okay. While I have had to make this decision many times with all the pets prior to Chance, I always feared my dogs and cats felt pain at the end because their eyes always remained open when drifting off to "sleep". I could not bare the thought this would be Chance's fate too but again, Dr. Randall took the time to explain in detail why it appears pets are awake when their heart is stopped from beating during the euthanasia process. It was because of that medical explanation that I had a much easier time with this process saying goodbye to the best dog I have ever had... and I mean EVER had. When all was done, Doc Randall gave me a big hug and told me as difficult as this decision was on me, " was the RIGHT decision for Chance. No one wants to see a family-member in life-ending pain, why would you want your pet to suffer anymore than a family-member should? You did the right thing today." This is the kind of empathetic care your pet will receive from this doctor and his entire staff. He is the epitome of what we expect a Veterinarian to be... a doctor who treats and heals ALL pets, not just dogs and cats, but even livestock, and not just mammals.; reptiles too! No wonder he had his own T.V. show and still cares for pets of Celebrities to this very day!!!

Kevin Johnson

3 years ago

The staff is amazing and professional, and Dr. Randall is fantastic.

L Miller

3 years ago

Dr. Randall has really good, current solutions for pet illnesses. For instance instead of giving your dog a monthly heartworm pill, you can buy a shot that lasts for a year. Anotheer example: Our dog suffered with ear yeast infections. Other doctors suggested messy ear meds that did not get to the root of the problem. Dr. Randall gave our dog this miracle allergy shot and in 10 days we saw immediate improvement. 5 weeks later we are seeing better skin conditions and healthy ears. I wish I had gone sooner instead of suffering for 3 months.

Lynne Cantin

3 years ago

Thanks again for taking such great care of our beloved pet Bailey. This is two years in a row in which Bailey needed their care and again the staff and vets where all amazing.

Mark Lamphere

3 years ago

Love these folks...Very very good place to bring your loved pets!! Thank you all, Sandi

Mason Cahill

3 years ago

Great friendly staff lauren is absolutely wonderful to work with.

sara morris

3 years ago

Lauren is so sweet and knowledgeable! Also the facility was very clean

Tim Scott

3 years ago

The care for your pets is outstanding and the staff are very compassionate for your animals and the parents needs as well

Stitch Saunders

3 years ago

Quick, efficient, inexpensive and knowledgeable!

Kenda Primeaux

3 years ago

Dr. Randall and his staff take care of our dogs and then my parents took their senior Yorkie in because it was time she was put to sleep. The entire staff was WONDERFUL to my parents. Dr. Randall explained every step that would be taken and everyone was so compassionate, professional and sincere to my parents during this difficult time. Bless them all.

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