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CE Fdez

a year ago

Excellent place, with very professional staff!

Daniel Moreno

a year ago

Dr Viamonte, his assistant Ashley, and the entire staff present the upmost care, professionalism, and comfort you can ever ask for any veterinarian clinic. Truly the best bet experience I have had. They took care of my very sick and lethargic furry friend within an hour of reaching out and brought her back in no time. She’s not a big fan of doctors but they managed to get her to behave. Thank you for everything that you do!!

Irma Renee Hernandez

a year ago

Dr. Viamonte is very caring, patient and knowledgeable. My dog Spock loves him.

Vanessa Romero

a year ago

AMAZING. Dr. Viamonte is the best vet in Miami, hands down. If you are looking for a vet who cares about your pet like his own this is the clinic to go to. Clinic staff is friendly and patient, they also are there to help you with any concerns you have. I live far down South but, without hesitation I take my pet to Dr. Viamonte because, I know my pet is in great hands. If your looking for a great vet this is the place. Highly recommend. A++++++

Morgan Lane

a year ago

We took our new Frenchie Ace to Dr. Viamonte for his first check up and shots. We were so pleased with everyone in the office and how welcoming they were. You can tell they really care for your animals. The prices were super reasonable. Previously we went to a vet in Brickell for the convenience of being able to walk there. However the 10 minute drive is totally worth it we will be going to Dr. Viamonte from now on! Thank you for all your help :)

Genesis Baez

a year ago

LOVE this vet office! Dr Viamonte and his staff are all professionals. Extremely clean, punctual, reasonable costs, open on Saturdays.. what more could you ask for? I trust his team for all my fur babies needs.

Evelyn Levy

a year ago

these clinic has the nicest staff I walked in witha very sick diabetic cat as a new patient they took me in right away. the caring was superb even though my cat was euthenized I will return with my other pets other clinics in the area could not fit me in and I am eternally grateful I added to this post just recentl, I was eternally grateful to them as I said but it would havee been less traumatic to me if they had started the iv shaved the arm but not in front of me you can only imagine how hard it was to be in the room to see the vet shaving my pet and trying to find a vein while I held himm before they put him to sleep I still cry toll this day for that vision. please dont do this to another pet parent

Efrain Plaza

a year ago

Excellent veterinarian and staff, reasonably priced services, 100% recommended!

Adrian Martinez Alvarez

2 years ago

I took my dog here for a dental cleaning because I found a Groupon from them which saved me a lot of money. Their staff is very friendly and helpful.

carine stanovici

2 years ago

This vet make TNR and that's remarkable because he loves animals and animals welfare. He tries to help those poor homeless cats by avoiding over population.

Sandra Fernandez

2 years ago

Two weeks ago I brought a neighborhood outdoor cat that I took care of to get spayed. I cannot reply to reviews, but this is in response to the response to Carolina's comment. Viamomte's response is an insult. The cat in question was not full term to my knowledge. I even told the receptionist that I wasn't sure if she was pregnant. The main issue is the lack of care. You never called me to let me know if she was pregnant or not. And if she was full term what kind of vet would do such a cruel thing to operate on a cat in a full term pregnancy? When I called the office to let you know she was having convulsions we were put on hold, and instead of helping to find solutions or taking responsibility, they washed their hands with the situation and replied "she was fine when she was in the clinic." You offered no assistance whatsoever. After all this, I never got a call from you. In fact, I keep getting promotional mail that feels like a slap in the face every time I get one, a reminder of what happened to my cat. I hope you never have to suffer or cry like I have over losing my sweet cat. YOU JUST DIDN'T CARE.

Stephanie Rizzo

2 years ago

Simply the best. No need to say more.


2 years ago

The best doctor and very good staff ????❤️

Carolina Carreno

2 years ago

A neighbor of mine brought in a neighborhood cat to get spayed. After the cat came back from the surgery, they placed her indoors to relax. Not long after she started behaving strangely and convulsing, so we called the clinic. It was still about 40 minutes before they closed, and they didn't seem to really care about what was happening, as they kept putting the call on hold. Then after speaking to us they just told us to go to an emergency room. Didn't even offer any suggestions or numbers to call, just basically told us to figure something out while we were dealing with an emergency that was essentially their fault. In the meantime we started rushing to try and take this previously completely healthy cat to some kind of emergency room. Unfortunately, she ended up passing away. We tried to speak to this clinic later and they didn't want to take any responsibility for what had happened. The other emergency clinic that we took her to cared WAY more for this random cat that they hadn't even seen, compared to the actual doctor who operated on her. (Who was made aware of what happened but did not bother to check on her or offer assistance). I'm really shocked and appalled by how callously this was all handled, and my poor neighbor is now afraid to ever want to spay or neuter a cat again. The death of this cat could have potentially been avoided if they had just cared a little bit more.

Maggie Arteche

2 years ago

Very professional and pet lovers

Jorge Garcia

2 years ago

Excellent environment, lovely proffesional staff. Highly recommend it. You and your pet will adore Dr. Viamonte and his staff. ❤❤❤

Camila Pulido

2 years ago

I called early in the morning with my sick dog and was able to get an appointment that same afternoon. Dr. Viamonte and the staff were all so sweet and helpful. They loved on my pitbull and made her feel very comfortable during the visit. We got an exam, bloodwork, and medication for such a reasonable price. We had a wonderful experience and would gladly recommend this clinic to pet owners. ????

Alba Fontes

2 years ago

I discovered this Veterinary Clinic through Groupon and, seeing positive reviews on Google, went ahead and purchased their Dental Cleaning package. During my pre-anaesthetic blood work appointment (before the actual dental cleaning), I was aware of the additional $80 charge. What I was NOT aware of however, was the additional $35 for the physical examination, which was not disclosed to me in the Groupon listing. In fact, the listing was misleading as the package stipulated that the physical exam was included in the package, so I was confused when they charged me for the exam during the visit. Upon inquiring about this, it was explained to me that the physical exam was included for the DAY OF the dental cleaning and NOT for the preanaesthetic blood work visit. So…misleading as the Groupon only mentioned an additional $80 for the blood work. This was the first red flag for me. Furthermore, my dog has a heart murmur, which I disclosed to Dr. Viamonte upon his examination. On auscultating my dog, Dr. Viamonte stated that the murmur was very subtle however wanted to get an X-ray to check whether my dog has heart disease and, if so, the extent of its progression. I replied that this was not really an option for us financially at the moment, and he then proposed that we could trial some Heart medications and “see whether Toto (my dog) responds to these medications.” This was significantly cheaper than the X-rays, and I agreed thinking that if Toto’s “coughing” (in reality he does this after licking up hairs from the ground) was unchanged with the medications, then this was an indicator that he does not have heart disease or it was not significantly advanced, and we could proceed more comfortably with the general anesthesia during the dental cleaning. This as it turns out was NOT the case. For about 1 week we gave Toto the medications as instructed and saw no changes, and on returning to the clinic for a follow up (still before the actual cleaning) we were told that despite the medications having no effect, we would still NEED to do X-rays. This is where we had enough. If you felt that X-rays were necessary all along and there was no way to get around this, then why WASTE OUR TIME by giving cardiac medications for 1 week and requiring an extra visit (extra $25 for a follow up on top of the heart medications)?? When you could have just told us straight up that we would need X-rays no matter what and proceed from there?? Complete disregard for our time and money. And then when we decided we could not afford X-rays, Dr. Viamonte stated he would provide us with an email stating that he did not perform the dental cleaning, which we could show Groupon for a refund. Despite multiple phone calls to the clinic asking for him to send this email so we could have our refund, to this date I have NOT received a single email despite staff telling me he would send it. All in all, the complete disregard for our time and lack of responsibility and decency has left us with a bad taste in our mouths and will never return to this clinic. I have also been informing friends and relatives of our poor experience and advising to stay away from this clinic. Thankfully, Groupon has issued a refund despite lack of confirmation from the merchant (Viamonte clinic). However I felt this information should be disclosed for prospective clients coming from Groupon.

Jane Orta

2 years ago

Too pricey, and NOT the best for dog grooming either!

Alvaro Rivas

2 years ago

Always been very happy with Dr.Viamonte. But it wasn’t until now that we had to put Mr. Jeepers to rest that we decided to write the review. Thank you for respecting our wishes throughout the entire process. He just was kind, compassionate and discreet. A few days later we received Mr. Jeepers remains in wonderful little bag with a grief pamphlet and a sweet momentum that we will cherish. Thank you

Ray Vega Miami, FL

2 years ago

I brought my parents Chihuahua for a nail trim and it took literally 5 minutes! Very nice young people very friendly. Very clean place speak English and Spanish.

1 A Magic-City Productions

3 years ago

I have a French bull dog ???? she is part of the family and I took her to Viamonte Veterinary yesterday Sept 3, I am extremely happy with the Dr. JUAN super professional with a lot of acknowledge ????. Highly recommend.

Tora Holmes

3 years ago

Love the people, everyone is friendly. The Dr. Is excellent. The wait is just too long for me. Other than this I would highly recommend them.

Suzanne Hoak

3 years ago

Moved to Coral Gables and looked online for a vet with solid reviews. Was thrilled to find that Dr. Viamonte and his staff were every bit as warm, thorough and dedicated as others said they were. Daisy, Chili and Misty were lovingly treated, every concern addressed, and I am delighted to know they have a knowledgeable, compassionate vet to take care of them in their new home.

Robin Hendricks

3 years ago

The best veterinary care I've ever experienced--from check in to follow up. Dr. Viamonte and his caring, attentive staff are second to none. I'm from the midwest and recently moved from the Sarasota area. When my Golden had an infection, he needed urgent care. The clinic accommodated us the same day and took great care of him. I've used the boarding services (very reasonable) and also initiated care for a new kitten. Always a positive experience!! Thank you for providing such great care :)

Patricia Casas Casas

3 years ago

I appreciate the promptness responding to my email and the care provided to Bronco. Love taking my pets to Dr. Viamonte office as I trust his knowledge as a veterinarian and can sense his love for animals. The office staff is amazing!

Ozzie Benitez

3 years ago

The BEST veterinary clinic in Miami. Extremely clean facility, with a friendly staff and a super doctor....the total package!


3 years ago

My sister has been going to this vet office for 10 years. She recently found this kitten underneath a truck that was filled with fleas. She took the kitten to this vet. The kitten is 1lb and was given amoxicillin, panacur and nothing for the fleas. She’s been bathing the kitten every day. My sister needed something quickly for fleas since she can’t bring in the kitten into the house because of her 20 month granddaughter and other dog getting the fleas on them. So she contacted 1-800-petmed for revolution and capstar. To her surprise she was not aware she needed a prescription for revolution (the safest and most effective anti flee medicine for a 1 pounder). She ordered the revolution on Monday, November 23rd and here it is Tuesday evening December 1, 2020 and this vet has not filled the prescription. She called the vet on Monday to let them know they would get a request for revolution, Wednesday she called them again was told it takes 3-5 days to fill a prescription. Friday she calls again and the vet won’t be in until Saturday and it’s sitting on his desk to get filled, Monday she calls again and was told the prescription was filled. I called petmeds because I’m paying for the prescription. They put me on hold to talk to the vet and the vet’s office request an email again to fill the prescription. Petmed has sent 3 request by email and fax. What is wrong with this vet office? I hope my sister finds another vet. If you have a life or death situation forget it. Your pet will die. They just don’t care!

Natacha Naty

3 years ago

I liked to the dr very pt and the girls as well got everything at once and they found a heart murmur they had not ever found. Ps I loved the dr called directly to give me my babies blood work results which were by the way great thank God ???? I loved that and surprised me .

Mariano Sanchez

3 years ago

It was a disappointing experience. Let me explain a little bit. My bulldog got his paw jammed on a door. He is fine he is not limping nor complaining. One of the fingers does not look right probably a nail or something. But may require antibiotics etc. So to be sure I called my vet, but was closed for some sort of training. Called Viamonte and Bianca and I talked, wonderful lady, set up the appointment and she asked good questions. Up to this point I am super happy. Now I get there. Parking not really identified properly so had to drive around. No problem happens all the time. I go in and the first thing I do is say my name, the dogs name and explain he is a new patient. It took me an extra 15 minutes to explain that I don't have a file because we have never been there. They let a cat in that came in after us (no problem it's a dropoff obviously a patient). They have me waiting for 30 minutes with two elderly gentlemen (COVID-19) smh we are wearing masks but still. They go in and I wait an extra 20 minutes no one says a word to me. No patient coming out. So I go up to the lady in the counter to cancel (my pup is not complaining of anything might as well go tomorrow to his regular vet). It turns out the man typing in his ipad for the last ten minutes next to her is the dr. He hears me canceling and very nicely offers a dropoff service. Now don't get me wrong the Dr. Looks capable and he looks like he cares for patients for all I know he is probably super nice. But if you have a new patient that you have never met, dont know about other people but I just don't leave my pup anywhere I don't know. I want to meet the doc and ask questions. In summary I was looking foward to trying out a new clinic but it seems I need to keep on looking.

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