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Burcak Karagoz

2 years ago

This was our second visit (first visit was free), technicians Jennifer, Willder and Dr. Rivera are amazing. The care and attention they provide is remarkable. And just because they are in Brickell, doesn't mean they have to be expensive. Their services are very affordable. Willder offered their memberahip program, which saved us a lot. If you need a vet for your furry friend, this is the place.

Mark J. Whitehead

2 years ago

they really know how to charge and sell up their services sounds like a lawyer. charged me $9 a pill for what chewy charges $2.50 and billed me out the wahoo bring a big check book and as usual they dont follow up or care just give me money .


2 years ago

Banfield Pet Hospitalnrecommended them for Sunday emergency. Called but no will to see our pet nor accomodate an emergency at all. You dont feel supported.

Najib Bousakr

2 years ago

They have a recurring tendency of inventing health problems in your pet so that they can charge you more . They make you wait hours outside their building before they attend you . Avoid at all cost

Ana Marcela Morales

2 years ago

Giving them two stars because the young lady that was giving us updates was really nice. Overall, really inefficient, slow, desorganizad system. Didn’t even let me go inside the consult with my dog and then told me they had “two types of consults”, which I was not informed upon making my appointment

Einar Rosenberg

2 years ago

If you have a Dog and love them. Then you know that only the best is acceptable for them. That's been my experience for years with VCA in Brickell. My dog Mia had 4 other vets before we found Dr. Wilber. Now I can't see anyone else but Dr. Wilber for Mia. She is beyond attentive and accessible even when she's on vacation. And the staff there is incredible too. They know Mia by name, and treat her like a loved family member. Today I had to take Mia last minute in for tests. She is ultra codependent of me, and I haven't been able to get her over that in years. But the people there actually make her smile. And they make me feel safe about leaving Mia with them. Today in particular, one of the members of the team there named Havanna, always goes above and beyond for Mia. She even sends me photos of Mia as I await the call to pick her up. It's people like Dr. Wilber and Havanna that make me trust them with my most important person in the world to me. I don't think I've ever written a review about anything online before. But today, as they take care of Mia, and seeing that photo of Mia with Havanna caring for her as if Mia was her own dog, wanted me to praise the good out there about them. If you have a dog or their lazy nemesis's (cats), then I overwhelmingly recommend you take them to VCA in Brickell!!!!!!!

Manasi Parrish

2 years ago

Dr. Wilber is exceptional. She goes above and beyond for our pets. She saved our dogs life. I trust her more than any vet I’ve ever met. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us!

Yanni Sierra

2 years ago

I went to get my dogs vaccinated and i waited almost 1 hour outside. How its that possible? They weren’t even busy

Sour Citrus

2 years ago

Took my 1.2 month old puppy and the entire staff was extremely kind! The Doctor was very well knowledgeable and treated my puppy with care when giving him his first shot ????. I signed up for their yearly plan as well, it offers so much and very much worth the value :D

Charles Allison

3 years ago

OUTSTANDING STAFF! We 'babysit' a friend's 14 year old Cocker Spaniel, named Katie. Everyone at VCA is caring, loving, special, unique, friendly, knowledgeable, professionals...they are AMAZING! Thank you VCA for loving our Katie.

Vivienne Arango

3 years ago

Molly was incredibly helpful. I called with a medical emergency for my kitten and she walked me through everything I needed to do despite the fact that their hospital had just closed. Thank you so much Molly.

Rose Ann Gutierrez

3 years ago

This was my dog's former vet when we lived in Miami. The staff was always friendly and welcomed my dog with kindness. She remembered, so whenever we would take a trip to the vet, she would get excited. In my experience, the staff was responsive, and my service was efficient. I did not have to wait long for my dog to be seen when we checked-in, and they also immediately cared for her when she had bacterial infection. I'm writing this review in 2021 after many years of having VCA Brickell Animal Hospital as a vet for my dog. To this day, they still have a friendly, responsive, and efficient staff. I called earlier today to retrieve a document that I needed for my dog. I was a bit worried because honestly, it's been five to six years since my dog last visited them since we moved out of Miami. Thank goodness, they still had her records on file and was able to send me the document I needed within an hour of my request. Thank you again for your service, and I'm happy to have chosen VCA Brickell Animal Hospital during my time in Miami!

Joane Martinex

3 years ago

These people are the worst!!! I don't know how it's possible that they have a licence to practice. I witnessed a dog being struck by a car nearby on brickell and I carried him to this clinic. They not only refused to treat him they wouldn't even open the door! The dog was clearly in pain and bleeding. They said they were booked for the day!! Disgusting!!!

A Martinez

3 years ago

Do not take your dog here is there is an emergency. They don't care. They wouldn't even open the door because I don't have an appointment

Jay Smilowitz

3 years ago

These people are monsters! I took my dog who was in alot of pain from her surgery as an emergency since they're supposedly a hospital and they turned us away. Who does that?!!

Ingrid de la Fuente

3 years ago

Love them, dr wilbert and her staff has been so kind and good to my min schnauzer. Fair prices and very professional, been going there for many years

Jeannine Gutierrez

3 years ago

Terrible experience! I AM A DOCTOR. THIS “Doctor” is clearly overworked and lacks professional ability to care for large amounts of patients at one time. My cat was throwing up all night so I decided to take him in as an emergency to this hospital. The front desk person told me to take him in at 11 AM. I dropped him off, they told me they would call me but they left me waiting in the parking lot for over an hour. When I finally realized that they wanted me to go home and then I would pick them up later, I went home confused, thinking that they would have called me to ask for his history at least. Five hours later I get a phone call from the technician asking me what the history of my cat was. That means that my cat was there by himself for five hours before someone saw him! Then the doctor calls me two hours later to tell me that my cat needs over $1000 in treatment options or diagnostic testing. Then the doctor tells me that I need to make a decision whether or not I should sedate my cat for X rays since he was being uncooperative. I’m sure my cat was uncooperative because he was there for over 6 hours alone and scared! She only gave me 15 minutes to make this decision. When I tell her how upset I am with her treatment plan she tells me that this is an emergency and I can’t wait to make a decision about him taking x rays. If it was such an EMERGENCY WHY DID IT TAKE YOU 6 hours to decide to do anything!!! Very unprofessional! I myself, am a physician and do not condone this type of treatment of patients whether they are humans or animals. I could have just kept my cat at home to be comfortable and taken him to another vet. If you care for your fur babies. Take them somewhere else. Good ridden to this awful clinic.

Marcus Rocha

3 years ago

Great team...awesome service, the best Doc, Dr. BENEDINI!

Mariana Rego (That Girl Mariana)

3 years ago

Honestly, THE BEST Animal Hospital I've ever taken my dogs to. The VCA Brickell team is knowledgeable, caring and always ready to help. I trust them with my eyes closed. Obviously recommend!

Mauricio Garcia

3 years ago

I had a terrible experience with VCA. If you love your pet, I recommend staying away from this vet. In my opinion VCA is far from being a hospital and much less to attend emergency situations. My dog had a bad accident a few weeks ago which was hitting very badly by a car. After the accident I bring my dog to this place for emergency evaluation and treatment. After the initial evaluation, the doctor gave me a list with the treatment they said the dog needed at that time. Including fluids, oxygen, pain medication and x-rays. The total amount was about 850 dollars or so. Unfortunately, I only could cover a partial amount at that moment. I specially asked the doctor; “in your medical opinion, what treatment you consider as a priority treatment according to the circumstance? X-rays or fluids and oxygen camera? Please do the best priority treatment first while I get the rest of the money for the additional treatment if needed. The doctor recommended fluids and oxygen first instead x-rays. I particularly complained with the doctor; I told her: “my common sense indicate that the x-rays show a better situation than fluid and oxigen. Don’t you think so?” How come the doctor can determine a treatment without a visibility of the damage. The doctor insisted to do other treatment first (Pain medication, blood test to see if he was bleeding inside the body and oxygen) for 2 hours and see how the reaction will be. After a few hours they sent us home with the instruction to keep watching the dog and if we detect something abnormal, we should go to an emergency room and do the x-rays. Once I arrived home, I noticed my dog very bad and I made the decision to go to a 24 hours emergency room. At the emergency room the fist thing the doctor did was the x-rays. After that, the doctor told me that my poor dog had an internal damage very difficult to recover and any treatment will be unnecessary; the only possible thing to do should be a surgery but the possibility to survive was less than 1%. I had to make the difficult decision to authorize the euthanasia and let my dog die to avoid more suffering. If VCA l had recommended to do the x-rays first as a priority treatment, my dog would have had less hours of suffering. None compassion from VCA at all. I feel their main goal is charge money as much as possible with inaccurate treatment accordantly. Again, my dog was hitting by a car; it was really more important to do oxygen treatment for 2 hours and fluids instead of x-rays? Is too difficult for me to understand why they didn’t prioritize the x-rays first to determine what treatment or fluids the dog need if so. In my point of view, I see two issues here: 1- They prioritized a wrong treatment under the circumstances to charge something and finish the job asap. I’m not familiarized with the vet protocol under an emergency situation but this, was totally irrational decision. 2- They sent us home at 4:42pm. They close at 5pm. I’m felt they wanted to finish the treatment fast to go home. I am aware that doing x-rays as a priority treatment would not save the dog but, the doctor would have realized that the damage was more serious that they assumed at the beginning. I am so frustrated; now, my dog suffered for a long time and I am still suffering asking myself too many questions; why the VCA didn’t do x-rays as the priority treatment. So sad Answer to the VCA comments: You really expect me to believe in your response? Please do not insult my intelligence. You don’t have to be so smart to understand that you assumed an inappropriate treatment because you didn’t prioritize the x-rays. So, you insist that you did the right treatment? Is hard to believe.

merari estrada

3 years ago

I’m so happy I found a vet near me they are excellent the Vet is very professional I had all my questions answered the staff is great very friendly and helpful

Nayara Macedo

3 years ago

Stefane, I would like to thank you for all of the respect, care, and attention that you …


3 years ago

Quality is above average and good, but they are overpriced for the care they provide. However, my dog was attacked and needed treatment asap. They require a dog flu shot (given over 2 doses) and will not board pets unless this flu shot is given. This is despite the fact that a flu shot is not required at any other boarding facility. I will be boarding my dog elsewhere.

Fernanda Torcida

3 years ago

Nothing but great experiences all around. Even though it seems it’s complicated to get to- it’s not. Super conviniently just off the highway and there’s parking in the back. They always treated me and my late cat super nicely and even when she passed they sent me a Bouquet of flowers, such a lovely detail. I just got a new pet and am going back!

Fabiola Ortega

3 years ago

feel secure and I trust them. The doctors know what they are talking about and they care about the pets! I love that they do everything in there and I don’t have to be taking my pets to another clinic for test or anything like that. And the staff is friendly, Camila Lopez she is amazing, caring and gives so much love to the animals . I recommend this Animal hospital!

Ebria Karega

3 years ago

I took my dog here for a walk in because he was having an ear infection and they were able to fit me in and quickly find out the issue. They explained what was wrong in a very easy to understand manner and explained how to remedy the ear infection and his outdoor allergies. Also, my dog is very shy but he reacted well to their staff! Obviously they know what they are doing to help him become comfortable. The pricing of treatment was very affordable, especially for all they did for my little guy. In addition, everyone was very nice. I will definitely be back and I would highly recommend this vet.

Randy Ferrufino

3 years ago

Great place with great vets and amazing vet techs that work around the clock and put your fur baby first

Sonali Desai

3 years ago

The last 3-4 years have been a steady deterioration of care. In October, my dog got pneumonia. I took her to the pet ER originally, they stabilized her, and then the following day started follow-up tests at Brickell since we did not know what the issue was yet. I took her many times over the following weeks for more tests and check ups and each time, it was the same thing—put on hold for 10-20 mins when I tried to call, told I could do drop offs and then waiting 3 hours because they’re always running behind and too busy to actually handle the drop offs they agreed to. Even with an appointment, I waited hours. Their communication and file system is so bad that I kept getting asked the same questions by three different people on the same appointment, and then I’d get home with the dog to find out that she was supposed to get a follow up on a vaccine but since no one communicates with each other or appears to pay attention, they only did the follow up re the pneumonia and not the booster. Yet another appointment and drive back, another long wait.This week, my dog started having very bloody and constant diarrhea at night. In the morning, I called and asked if they would be able to see her. They told me sure no problem—and the lady remembered me and Zoe so she recalled my complaints about the service last time. Now, honestly, I should have learned from my prior experience but I thought the fact that they KNEW they’d screwed up last time would mean they would be careful this time and not tell me to bring her if they couldn’t handle it. I was so anxious that I drove her over like a speed demon between work obligations, and felt so relieved too, thinking I did a good thing and got her there quickly so they could do something to relieve her symptoms. At 2:45, no one had called me after almost 4 hours so I called asking for a update. They still hadn’t looked at her. Had anyone even been checking on her?? Oh sure, she’s stable and no symptoms no diarrhea. By 5 pm, still no call. At this point, Zoe had been there 6 hours. I called again. Still not examined! Told vet getting to her soon, she was fine and no symptoms or diarrhea. At 5:24 I get a call, but still not the vet. No, they just called to ask me the same preliminary questions they did when I dropped her off at 11am. Now it’s 6.5 hours and counting, no one had examined my dog. They told me to come pick her up at 7:10 but I was like, how do you even know if I should be picking her up when no one has examined her, no one has determined if she needs tests, nothing?? But fine, at this point they’re closing at 7pm so what can I do. At 6:59 I call again as I’m on the way there because STILL NO CALL FROM VET. The vet gets on and says she’s looking at her now. 7pm, ten mins before they told me to pick her up, they finally get to her. 8 hours after I drop my baby off. I was very upset. And I think I had a right to be. Why tell me to bring her if they can’t look at her for a whole 8 hours? Clearly from other reviews, this is also the experience of other customers. They’re overbooking themselves and then still allowing drop offs that they cannot handle. I would rather have taken my dog to a different place or at least have had her in the comfort of her home than in a cage ignored for 8 hours. Finally, at 7:45 they bring her out with medications and food. I was told still no symptoms and no diarrhea all day. Guess what happens as soon as I get home and walk her? She didn’t even make it to the grass. Horrible blood and mucus-filled diarrhea over and over. Afterwards in apartment more of the same. Continued all night. My god, the smell of it. Not normal. Clearly the reason she didn’t have diarrhea during the 8 hours 45 mins at the vet is because they never walked her. They never tried to get a stool sample when the complaint was about bloody diarrhea. Diarrhea still happening now. I’m giving her the meds they provided and hoping for improvement but if she gets worse today or tomorrow then I’m either taking her to a dog ER or to a DIFFERENT vet.

Fernando Bertoncello

3 years ago

I had a terrible experience with them. They usually include a lot of extra things to profit on you. For instance, I ordered to flee oniment from them. However, when I changed the vet, they called me to force me to stay with their vet; …

Walt Anderson

3 years ago

Words cant express the gratitude I have for the beautiful, caring, humble and compassionate people I've had the pleasure of meeting this last week. Thank you, with all of my heart for saving him.

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