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Tailuma Rodriguez

2 years ago

Honestly a really good reptile store! Got my new leopard gecko today and he is real friendly! He has been sleeping on the heat pad for a while! Honestly adorable.

Rita Carvalho

2 years ago

Very unhappy. Ordered a animal on the 6th and sent a message to have it delivered on a weekday, did not get a reply till the 10th and was told I would receive it the 12th. Never received it, "awaiting fulfillment", and could not get a hold of anyone to know what was going on. Very disappointed, waste of time.

Joe Rodriguez

2 years ago

Bought a Yellow belly Ball Python here, excellent service and prices. Staff is very knowledgeable.

Theseus Pellerano

2 years ago

Bought my first pet snake today, the guys at the store were pretty helpful specially this guy in the photos, he explained everything and made all the set up easy. He also told me that this snake had a lil accident in its tail, but i took it anyway because to me its just beautiful. Overall the store experience was great. I don't get the bad reviews tbh

Jeanne McRae

2 years ago

I recently found Snakes at sunset and I was very hesitant about ordering a snake online because of all the obvious things that could go wrong but against my better judgment, I ordered my daughters snake which was her Christmas present and I couldn't be happier. The woman in charge of the online warehouse was obviously very busy but she very accommodating. I gave her my list of "interests" and she came thru...I will definitely be ordering from them again.

christopher brunk

2 years ago

Staff at location was knowledgeable and helpful, online staff was the opposite. I was looking for two snakes I was told online and via text was available. When attempting to purchase they could not be bothered. I then stated I would come in for them. When I got there nothing available. I am literally trying to give you 1000 dollars and they are to busy to take my money. Good to know. Would never recommend this placement. Hopefully the in store staff finds better.


2 years ago

This was my Christmas/Birthday present "I was born on Christmas day" and it shipped late so it didn't make my birthday. Then it comes unsecured and half frozen will a "cold" pack. Now it came late because it was "too cold" yet they send it with a cold pack. And the color/pattern quality of the hognose was very poor. The only good thing was the snake is decently healthy. This company just seems like a breeding factory, there no personal touch or care is given to their products. I would not recommend to any of my friends.

Isabel Lutz

2 years ago

I ordered a tri-color fantasy frog on Tuesday. I called that day to let them know. They never shipped it so they told me to contact the werehouse but they didn’t reply until a week later and told me they were out of the frog that was in stock. So I never got the frog I paid for. 0 stars

Grisel Castro

2 years ago

I have no choice but to give 1 star because you don’t deserve any. This weekend was the second time I left my beardie there for boarding and I must say I was extremely disappointed! First off, when I got there to pick her up they couldn’t even find her, it took 3 guys looking for her and as I was getting anxious 1 guy finally realized there was a tank with a beardie towards the bottom of the wall behind a bunch of boxes! My lizard came out of there skinnier than when I took her in and she look delirious and dehydrated! She was terrified and STARVING!! I know they completely forgot about her! The moment he took her out she was trying to bite and eat everything including my fingers! The employee swears they fed her crickets but he also noticed she was starving so I had to buy roaches and feed her on your counter! She’s been looking acting sick since I picked her up and I know it’s because your store went on for 4 days without knowing she was even boarding or that she was there at all!! Makes me so angry and sick. Why would you board lizards in the back of your store to forget about them? Very in humane! Unfortunately this is the only reptile store near me but honestly at this point I’d rathe travel farther not to give you business after what you did to my beardie.

Chris B

2 years ago

Couldn't be happier! Just got my MBK snake! They gave me a female as I requested. They responded to emails. They did amazing job even with black Friday and cyber Monday deal. Must have bean busy and stressful. Paperwork inside had information on packing and last meal. She is absolutely perfect. Jet black and she she'd inside the container she was shipped in perfect one piece shed. She was very responsive a d active looked very healthy. Highly recommend!

Christopher Mouriz

2 years ago

Super nice staff. Usually has what you need

Ender Wiggin

2 years ago

Just awful inventory monitoring and customer service. Spent lots of money on a hybrid snake, listed "one left in stock!". Because we had to prepare for it's arrival, I told my son about his xmas present early (he's wanted this specific hybrid forever, and it was a big deal for me to finally be able to afford it). In the middle of setting up the enclosure, I get an email casually stating "oh yea, by the way, we don't actually have that snake. What do you want instead?" No serious reptile owner on earth would pay hundreds of dollars just to say "yea sure, just send some other kind of Python". My son is heartbroken. Snakes At Sunset made Christmas at this home a little darker this year.

Steve Cox

2 years ago

I read the negative reviews after I purchased and quite frankly I was worried. FedEx dropped the ball and the delivery of my baby North American Spotted Turtle was delayed by almost two days. His container was equipped with a heat pack a moistened towelette and when I opened his container he was bright eyed and ready to get out! He ate his first mealworm and I couldn’t be happier! These people responded quickly to my messages and I could not be happier! Retail is a tough business and not an exact science. Things happen and not always in a good way. I think these people try hard and I would recommend them!

amanda izquierdo

2 years ago

Staff is always friendly and always answer any questions with the knowledge they have. I go to get fruitflies and they are the best I have bought.


2 years ago

Terrible experience.... My daughter wanted a corn snake and we live near by so we decided to give it a go. She was too excited, on the front door says please wear a mask but does not state it is required. We walk in look around a bit and then an employee tells us we must have one on if not service will be refused... I told him that is not what the sign says outside and that they should change it.. He says that was just them being "nice" which is in fact a lie. I can walk into big box store without one but not at my local pet store?? Wild times we live in, needless to say we took our business elsewhere "Reptile Miami" much better experience and they believe in choice. Just fun fact all flu like viruses spread 97% of the time in an aerosolized state in which your face coverings offer ZERO protection. *edit continuation after response from owner: Surgeons wear them to prevent droplets from entering open wounds during said surgery not to prevent aerosolized particulants from entering their respiratory system. Don't take this personal but you are looking for justification and blame for a persons death in the form of mask wearing vs other factors. Fact is once again that cloth face covering offer ZERO protection from these viruses and how they spread, ignorance does not make you right. Best wishes amigo

Raycel Ferrales

2 years ago

They have the best turtles ninja

Michael Koch

2 years ago

Ordered a pinstripe ball python....recieved a completely different morph. Emailed and text pictures multiple times. Only to recieve the same automated response through emails...and no text back at all. Not looking to bash or be rude. Just upset I didnt get the right morph I paid for....

Madison Cook

2 years ago

I just ordered a baby hognose snake over the weekend and I could not be more impressed with this company. The snake arrived alive and warm from the heat pack they provided with him. This snake is about as cute as it gets! He looks so healthy and alert! Not to mention, I love that the company put information on his package he arrived in telling me when he last ate and what prey he’s eating along with other very helpful information on care for him. I will for sure be ordering again!

Jennifer Moran

2 years ago

This is how my frog’s eye looked when it arrived three days ago. The company has not responded to my emails. This is clearly an eye infection and now I have a vet bill right off the bat. Likely a wild caught frog and in bad shape. All four animals I ordered arrived VERY hungry and VERY skinny. Will absolutely not be buying future reptiles from them. I would advise you go elsewhere when buying pets.

Hailton Casanova

2 years ago

Definitely recommend, I don’t get my reptiles, or reptiles food from nowhere else.10/10

Dylan Snider

2 years ago

Everything was easy to find and the reptiles are decent priced. But me and two other people I know paid the 50 dollar over night shipping and handling and I paid Friday and it is now Tuesday I understand the weekend but even the website said it would ship Monday and arrive Tuesday if I’m gonna pay 50 dollars for overnight I would like to receive my money and then when you call they say they can’t help give you another number for a automated system that has all irrelevant commands. All I wanted was a discount or refund for my money since it was not overnighted like promised. Update. I received my python and it was a day late it was obviously not snakes at sunsets fault and I was angry at fedex my apologies. FedEx refunded me my money since they didn’t provide over night like promised and my python is gorgeous. They obviously take good care of their reptiles and im very satisfied. Thank you snakes at sunset and again my apologies.


2 years ago

This place is great. Best looking and healthiest sand boa I have ever seen. I ordered him online and he made it safely in their excellent package all the way to idaho!

Allison Kelly

2 years ago

Our super snow gecko arrived in perfect condition. I was slightly nervous because of reviews, but I could not be happier with our experience!! Constant communication throughout, especially when FedEx was delayed with delivery. Thank you all so much! We’ve had him about a month and he has shed and almost doubled in size!

Cassie Daby

2 years ago

We bought a hognose and he seems traumatized. He cannot be held at all. He is absolutely terrified of human contact and he played dead three times. It does not seem as if he had been handled much beforehand. The paying system was complicated as well, but that might just be our experience. Overall whoever is running this is doing it for money and should learn their place. (We own another male baby hognose from a local breeder and he seems to be just fine and you could tell that he was loved. The guy we got him from does this because he enjoyed it and he cares about the snakes) overall do not buy from this seller. Update (since I am unable to respond). The snake in fact- does not eat. Also, your responses to reviews that you don’t agree with are deplorable. A business is a business, sure. However, you are the exact kind of people that give breeders a bad reputation. Instead of focusing on just money, how about you try focusing on the reptiles themselves? There is a way to breed in that; you make money AND care for the reptiles. Mass producing in a warehouse and not caring for the reptiles is not the way, and I’m sorry that you think that. We honestly probably won’t ever be able to handle this snake the way he should be able to be handled, but I would never choose to send him back to the conditions that he came from. I hope you choose to raise the standards for how your company treats these living things.

Adonis Alvarez

2 years ago

Defff awesome experience as always havent been back in a couple of years so it was nice visting and seeing the new background and inside ???? ????

John Doe

2 years ago

I love my new Western Hognose from Snakes at Sunset. The ordering process was easy. This little snake is beautiful. The little Hognose came in perfect shape and with a great disposition. The lil Hoggy also ate with no trouble a week after the date of last feeding on the shipping container. I honestly have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Snakes at Sunset. Thanks

Mario Davila

2 years ago

Great place to buy reptiles from. I have bought great quality turtles from here.

Keary Quinn

2 years ago

Beautiful baby, healthy and loved

Joshua Tompkins

2 years ago

They have a brick and mortar store but if your ordering online the store references you only to their online presence that has a phone number which only gives you a message referring you to their website. The online side is pretty scammy.

Charee Brogden

2 years ago

Nice little place. Had just what we needed. Good prices too. It's a little distance from home but we will be coming here from now on when our snake needs food!

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