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2 years ago

Brought my bearded dragon in because he wasn’t eating. Turns out he was impacted the doctor cleared him out and gave him some medicine to treat his conditions. Great place I recommend it to everyone. All the staff is very friendly also


2 years ago

Dr. Armas is a globally recognized avian veterinarian as well as being an exotic and regular veterinarian. He is one of the most caring vet I have ever been to. I took my lovebird when a suitcase grazed him by accident. My lovebird was so injured with a mild concussion, and moderate trauma to his extremities but Dr. Armas and his staff was professional, caring and responsive. Dr. Armas gave my lovebird quality attentive care and saved his life. I will forever be grateful to him. My original vet is Dr. Talavera at South Miami Vet Hospital- she was the primary veterinarian at the biggest zoo in Madrid, Spain for 15 years dealing with avian and exotic animal care but when I called her she couldn’t take my bird due to the hospital being crowded with emergencies that day and she recommended Paws and Claws to see Dr. Armas. It was the best decision I ever made. I would call every couple of days because I was so worried and Dr. Armas took his time to talk to me personally. Dr. Armas not only saved his life but gave me the peace of mind I needed to take care of my lovebird- he is an extremely knowledgeable and veteran veterinarian. If you have a doubt- don’t because no matter what you’re getting top notch care for your animal family member.

Blutrins Hammer

2 years ago

Took wonderful care of my bunny. Had a small miscommunication but nothing that caused a greater issue. My little man is now home and happy as ever. Staff is very friendly. The Doctor was very knowledgeable about bunnies and would recommend if your little one has GI stasis or bloating issues.


2 years ago

Excellent doctor and staff! The office is very clean and everyone was super friendly. Mia had the best time! I highly recommend this office to all pet owners!

Miche L

2 years ago

I went to bring in my 4 year old shih tzu, Charlie, and I gotta say that I really like this place. The wait time is a little annoying because they make you wait very very long. I had an appointment at 10:30 am and I didn’t leave until about 2pm. However other than that, I recommend this place, the doctor is great and explained everything really really well in a way that was easy to understand. The doctor does not make you spend money if he thinks it is not necessary. 10/10 Very honest and reliable.

Lena Danilova

2 years ago

I want to thank all the employees of this place, mainly Dr. Ramon because the treatment and service was spectacular, the doctor takes his time to inform you and explain everything that no longer exists in other places, they answered all my questions and treated My bird with all the love of a professional. Thank you all. I recommend this place 100%. Lilo says that this is going to be her doctor forever.

Beatriz Dreke

2 years ago

Always a pleasure to bring my babies ☺️

Cristina Fernandez

2 years ago

I have been going to Paws and Claws for 5 years. I live in Cutler Bay and I drive over 30 minutes to go here even though I have many veterinary offices near me. Everyone in this office is kind and truly loves animals. I have never felt nervous of what they are doing to my cat or dog when I drop them off or if what they are telling me my pet has is accurate. I once came back and they had my kitten covered in a blanket because she was cold and getting nervous. It’s the little things that make us, the owners, trust and feel comfortable. The veterinarian is also VERY experienced and is also a wildlife (not sure if that is the proper term) veterinarian. He is very compassionate and loving towards all the animals. I have had 0 issues here!

Kimberly Faccio

2 years ago

Dr. Dearmas is the only vet I would trust with my boys. He is attentive and communicates with you before and during any procedures. His staff makes you feel welcomed. They answer all your questions and are very knowledgeable. I also like that they give you a quote before proceeding which leaves room for no surprises when it comes to your vet bill. The clinic is extremely clean and they help accommodate your pets to avoid stress. Thank you all as always I had a great visit with you.

Kimberly Vazquez

2 years ago

Went in for a follow up 3 time. I was not charged on prior visits. Last visit doctor did not see my pets due to he's was to busy he claims but yet charges for the visit because I didn't want to do the procedure to both of my pets. Because the condition was gone. Then I asked the front desk girl to have doc call me never did until I reversed the payment because he didn't see my pets. Then he called irate and was rude disrespectful. I will never recommend or go back to such a pig of an animal.

Martinez Custom Remodeling

2 years ago

Amazing doc, good knowledges and awsome bedside manners. I love how all them treat my little one dog. I recomended 110%

mitchelle carrasquilla

2 years ago

We had a great experience bringing our bunny in for his annual check up! We were very anxious to bring him in as he is extremely skittish and hates to be held. However, their team was SO accommodating and went the extra mile to make us and our bunny feel more comfortable. It took us a long time to find a vet in our area and we are so glad we brought him here. Thank you!!!

Gabi Ronconi

2 years ago

EDIT AFTER RESPONSE: OWNER IS LYING IN THIS RESPONSE! DO NOT TRUST THIS PLACE!!! I shared my story below to warn others of my negative experience at this place, and I have no reason to lie to google reviews. the doctor on the other hand wants your money so of course he will claim I am lying... you can decide for yourself after reading my story below. i am SHOCKED at the level of unprofessionalism. I have had my ball python for about a year now and decided it was time for him to get checked up on. I signed up for an appointment online and received a text message full of instructions: click this link, select your appointment time and prepay here. I did exactly that, following the link to a screen with appointment times from 8am to 6pm. I thought it was wonderful that they were open later than my work so that I could make it on time. I booked an appointment for 4:45pm the next afternoon, paid $60 and received a confirmation email after booking. When the day arrived, I showed up to the appointment very excited for my baby's first vet appointment. However, the employee at the front desk announced that they were closed, rather rudely. Without apology, she explained that the form that I was sent was "just for prepay" and not for booking actual appointments. When I tried to speak I was cut off. It seemed instead of kindly informing me and apologizing about the miscommunication, she was on the defense, saying they had tried to call me before I showed up and tell me they would be closed. Regardless, it was too late because I had booked the appointment the night before and received a confirmation email; I had been working all day with no access to my phone so I showed up anyway. She did not listen to my questions or concerns about why there was such a huge miscommunication or why they would send new clients a specific link to sign up for appointments if the clinic/doctor was not actually available for appointments at those times. Just because of how unhelpful and unpleasant that interaction was, I would rate this place 1 star or less. Instead of answering any questions I was pressured into booking another appointment on the spot. After I left I immediately canceled that appointment because of how distasteful the experience was, and in my flustered state I didn't realize i would be out of town that day. I called to get my money back and they refused, as their contract states they can keep the money if you cancel the appointment you rescheduled. I should have never rescheduled but they knew what they were doing. $60 spent and not one helpful or pleasant interaction, let alone an actual visit for my Cinnamon. very displeased and disappointed as this was my first experience at any vet. If you are looking to come to a vet for the first time, this place is NOT it!! read the rest of the 1 star reviews if you need any more proof

Indira Hdez

2 years ago

The doctor and the girl at the front were amazing with our puppy. They took the time to explain everything in detail as this is our first. Extremely satisfied with the service even thou we didn’t have an appt they made time for us. Definitely recommend.

Joel Hernandez

2 years ago

Very friendly staff and doctor, seem to know what they are talking about.

Gabriel Fernandez

2 years ago

So far I’ve come in with a chameleon and a BRB and the staff not only worked quick making me feel like my reptiles were a priority but they were also very friendly, Dr.Ramon and his staff are good people; knowledgeable and professional I’ll be coming here again if I need :)

user 2

2 years ago

Paws and Claws Medical Center Dr. Ramon de Armas (Owner) and Senior Vet 3858 SW 137 Avenue, Miami, FL 33175 On late December 2020, one of the white pigeons living in my balcony had an accident where she receive a bad cut under the crop area. Realizing the severity of the wound I took the bird I immediately started searching for a avian veterinary. Most of the ones I found would not see the pigeon due to it being more of a fowl than an exotic bird. Pigeon are often referred to as pests. I called Paws and Claws clinic as an emergency situation and the receptionist inform me that they would see the bird. I drove for quite a distance and finally arrived at the clinic. The pigeon was was placed in an oxygen chamber because of difficulty breathing, while I filled the paper work. I completed my information and handed the paper to the lady attending to me which took them in to doctor Ramon de Armas. A while later I was presented with an estimate of nearly $700 in order to continue attending the bird. That was an unexpected amount and being a low income person I just dint have that amount with me at the time. I had taken all I had available at the time which was $200 and offered to leave a down payment and make a later payment to cover the cost. My main concern was to save the bird's life. I was flat out refused the offer and was told the amount needed to be paid in full at time of service. After pleading to the staff to allow me to work on payments and getting no where, I ask to speak to the doctor. Mr. Ramon de Armas came out and informed me he could not attend to the bird if I dint have the money and that they did not accept partial payments. I was hit by lightning since I knew the bird would die, obviously DR. Ramon's priority was the money and clearly not saving the animal's life. An unfortunate case of a businessman first and doctor later personality. I had no choice than to ask for the bird back, which was taken off the oxygen chamber and immediately started gasping for air again. I was actually told that they would do me a favor and not charge me for the time the bird used the oxygen chamber, WoW! When I got home I tried several other county animal agencies but all they offer was to euthanize the bird. By now the bird was in a heavy breathing state, gasping for air, not eating or drinking and I knew it was too late to save him. I tried again to see if there was anyway I could do something and thought about trying to saw the wound myself but I didn't have the knowledge nor the equipment to do so and in desperation I put him back in the cage. I then pray that the animal would die quickly and with the least of suffering. The bird lasted throughout the rest of that day and part of the night. It was 1:00 AM when I last looked at the clock, I had not been able to sleep due to the desperate, heavy, gasping sound of the bird. I finally just fell to sleep. The next day I found the white I found I found her dead, with her beak clamped tightly to one of the cages bars, as if a desperate attempt to breathe became her last attempt for life. I have been an animal , activist and have been involved in many animal and ecosystem events, have filled thousand of petitions and sent thousand of letters to different governments, corporations and institutions in behalf of animals welfare. This is not the first time where an animal in my possession have died, but this one was a very disturbing situation which I still think about in desperation. All I can think is how can someone has the power to save a creature's life and refuse to do so in behalf of the money. I understand doctors and veterinarians pay heavy utility bills but saving an animal life for the sake of compassion and respect to the profession every once in a while is good for the soul and pleasing to God. I would have paid the required money anyway and would have signed any legal document to assure my commitment to pay. "Rest in peace, unfortunate creature"

Yevsy Lopez

2 years ago

This is THE BEST PLACE to bring your exotic pet!!! 1000% recommended!! Beautiful clinic,Great Staff,Awesome Dr. ...the attention,the profesionalism and the love they give to your pet is priceless!!! Thank you so much for everything!! You guys are THE BEST!! Hammy and Gigi have THE BEST Dr. Thanks again for everything!!!

Lili Reyes

2 years ago

The doctor and his team were extremely helpful and friendly! They explained to me in detail what they would do to help save my little Pichu. I am so glad I came in time and that they did their best to help my little bird. It is 100 percent worth the cost in my opinion as it’s very difficult to find a good hospital for birds. Not even a week later and Pichu is much healthier and more active thanks to the doctor and his wonderful team who were so kind and helpful to me. I’m very happy they could help! Thank you all so much!

Nanyala Caridad

3 years ago

I have been bringing my parrot here for about a year now, and I can honestly say he is a lot healthier.


3 years ago

ThE BEST veterinarian in South Florida! I was lucky to get a late appointment yesterday for my dog that was sick! I was in urgent need of a facility for an ultrasound because another veterinarian wanted to plan a piometra surgery for my dog and I insisted saying that she may be pregnant, that we needed an ultrasound to make such a huge decision. They only had x rays in their facility that didn’t show any puppies, it was too early in time to be able see them. Well, the Paws and Claws Medical Center have their own ultrasound machine and the ultrasound proved she IS pregnant and has NO piometra. She is on antibiotics and probiotics treating the diarrhea and I’m very pleased we drove 60 km to meet this wonderful staff. God bless these professionals that REALLY care about our babies! ????????❤️


3 years ago

My dog needed surgery and Dr. de Armas explained everything in detail regarding what to expect and answered all the questions I had. He has an excellent and caring staff and followed up several times after I brought my pet home to make sure all was well. I highly recommend him and his staff for their professional and knowledgeable care of my dog.


3 years ago

This is a very bad vet, avoid at all costs. They charge outrageous prices and they use guilt tactics to try and bully you into paying for unnecessary services. They also prescribe drugs that are not approved by the FDA for the animal it's being prescribed to. When my partner started asking questions, the doctor literally walked out of the room without saying another word.

Jipc Girl

3 years ago

We've taken both our dog and cat here for years and loved it. This past year things changed there. They hiked up prices to unreasonable levels. To take a lethargic cat in for bloodwork to see what was wrong and it was $600. We never even got a call back from vet to explain results. (Cat got better on her own) We took our dog there for a regular, routine yearly exam, annual tag and 3 month supply of flea meds and it too was $600. In the past that same exam would cost us $350. max. We won't be going there again unfortunately.

yiryam mbuggeroff

3 years ago

The doctor and staff are super professional and caring. Yes, exotic pets are expensive, but you can be confident that they'll take care of your pets in the best way possible.

Lauren M

3 years ago

Charges $60 for an exam and doesn’t even tell you a diagnosis unless you pay for it how sad :(

Xiomara Llizo

3 years ago

Dr. Ramon de Armas and his team are amazing. Their professionalism and compassion for our pets are makes them a great choice when your pet need vet care.

Rafael Rodriguez

3 years ago

We took our Labrador to get an exam. He was given his remaining shots and medications. The veterinarian called to explain all the follow up care and answered all the relevant questions with empathy and professionalism. Glad we’ve found Paws and Claws and look forward to having them take care of our Cooper.


3 years ago

i have a question do y'all do hamster check-ups ? and what would te pricing be ?

snuggle dawson

3 years ago

I really enjoyed the service from the staff! They really cared for my hamster ????! Will I recommend to other's most definitely!

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