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2 years ago

I first chose this vet for convenience since I live in the Shores. My dog was 10 and needed surgery but I was afraid he was too old. After 2 pre-op tests he was cleared for surgery. The doctor removed a 4.8 pound tumor. My dog recovered and the doctor saved his life. Its almost 1 year later and I still take him in for shots and other things. Its important to remember that during the pandemic it was tough with Covid restrictions but they continued to treat animals. God bless them. My dog Chester has seen many different doctors at this place and they all are very good and kind.

Deborah Velasquez

2 years ago

I have been coming here for many years and the service is always excellent. The staff and Dr.Cameau are so professional and caring. No matter what day it is, they always open the doors for us! They’re so considerate with prices, always thinking of the customer and the patient as well. They treat us like family. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars!

Jorge Rivera

2 years ago

Good vet. Decent suite of services, including pet motel, grooming and vet related services. Prices are usually quite reasonable.

Linda Sanchez

3 years ago

Dr. Cameau and the great staff at Miami Shores Animal Clinic have taken care of both my dogs for years. They have always been minimally invasive with treatment, always caring for the dogs with maximum gentleness and regard for their wellness and comfort, extremely communicative with me addressing my questions and concern with compassion and understanding and providing an overall experience of calm and support when situations arise that prove to be painful as a pet parent. They have cared for both my doggies when the time came after a very long and well lived life to help them cross the rainbow bridge. I will never forget their professionalism and care at our worst time. Hope to be back with a pup one day down the line. Until then I fully recommend them wholeheartedly!

Marines Ponce

3 years ago

I recently started taking my French bulldog to Miami shores animal clinic . The attention and the knowledge that this animal clinic has is beyond and other animal clinic I’ve been too. I appreciate the honesty and the passion that they demonstrated every time I take my dog. They are quick to get back to me on any matter , they are also really fast. I use to spend hours at my last animal clinic and here it’s almost always in and out . Thank you Miami shores animal clinic

E.Derek Lopez-Almodovar

3 years ago

They go above and beyond to provide the best service to my babies. Considering that we are in a pandemic,they provide with curbside services and that gives me peace of mind cause I don’t want to expose or be exposed to the virus. Communication is very efficient.Joss is always very friendly and he gets the job done. Claudy,Dr C and the rest of the team are amazing!Everytime I have a situation with my fur babies I am at peace knowing that they are in the best hands.

Mercy Arias

3 years ago

I’ve been taking my dog to Miami Shores Animal Clinic since I got him at 5 weeks, he’s now 1 years old. There’s no other clinic I will take him. The staff treats Brady amazing and he loves visiting. As if he owns the place. I’ve never had any issues during my visits and after, someone will call to follow-up on how he’s doing. Very friendly staff and knowledgeable.

Monica Pereira

3 years ago

They are not organized, make you wait outside which makes the process of registering very slow and stupid. If you don't want to be disappointed dont go there. I could not go in with my cat, because of safety to prevent covid spread and I see staff member not wearing a mask. They over charge too.i can even say that they gave my cat the things they charged me for


3 years ago

I honestly love this place. Their staff is amazing and everyone is very helpful and sweet.❤️

Karla Tavarez

3 years ago

My kitty was really sick and the vet went straight to treat him with exactly what he needed it, no run around. That make my cat heal almost immediately.also very affordable. I will recommend this place to everyone

Paola Zamudio

3 years ago

wonderful place, brought my Pomeranian for a teeth cleaning and she was treated like gold and had a great experience. Thank you! This place is very nice!

Isa Gonzalez

3 years ago

Every time I take my kitty baby to any other vet she becomes very stressed and get very alert but this is the 3 time I bring her here and she loves it. They treat her amazing and the clinic and doctor really care about my baby. I 100000% recommended coming to this clinic. I’m very happy. Come an support what amazing work they have here.

rachel Korycka

3 years ago

I recently adopted a dog from a rescue in Florida, they insisted prior to adoption that my dog-to-be receive all necessary care at this vet because of their “rescue prices” my dog was kept here for almost 2 weeks. She did not need to be here for 2 weeks, they just decided to “take things slow” (which i was billed for) only spayed and given her necessary shots, etc on her last day there. At this time, we were communicating via the rescue which made things even worse. They prescribed us multiple medications upon checking out. flash forward a few days when i can finally bring my dog home, i still have no vet records or results from all the tests that were ran and that we paid for. I had to call 3 times to get the records, the first time i called they told me her vet was on vacation and had not completed the records....VACATION WHERE? THERE IS A PANDEMIC! finally after my 3rd call i get an email, with no file i call a 4th time and thankfully a new woman answered and seemed more competent then the girl i had spoken to earlier who seemed so extremely bothered by me needing my dogs records. I finally am able to forward her records to my vet where i live who tells me that my dog has been put on strange and unnecessary doses of everything. In addition, she is heartworm positive, and has been living outside for 2 yrs prior to rescue. Miami Shores put her on “slow kill” meaning my dog, who already has mature heart worms, will have them for another year and possibly need to be treated a second time. My vet here set up a plan to treat her in 3 months. In conclusion, I suppose it makes sense that with rescue rates you “get what you pay for” but I am very disappointed in the care received and the amount of money I spent on my dog receiving treatment here.

Chris Mcclelland

3 years ago

Please beware of this clinic. We took regular healthy dog to sterilized. They did not mention they had any issue . 4days later dog had to have emergency surgery because careless bet at miami shores a final clinic left a ball of bloody …

Danielle Reyes

3 years ago

Miami shores animal clinic is great. They have reasonable prices and their customer service is outstanding. They all care for my dog, as if he is their own. They also ALWAYS make it a point to follow up with me after my dogs appointments, to make sure he is doing well. Definitely going above and beyond the care they provide to their animals.

David Herrera

3 years ago

love the staff and everyone is so nice and they took great care of my pets. Will recommend to everyone who cares about there pets

gustavo gonzalez

3 years ago

After reading many bad reviews I was hesitant to give this place a chance, but I’m glad I did. Staff was friendly and made the procedure of spaying my dog smooth and easy. I was helped by a tech named Gaby, that made sure to update me on everything and make my experience a good one.


3 years ago

The vet should really look into getting new front desk staff, the ones he has now Are horrible. They’re extremely unprofessional and rude, the only reason I took my cats there was because they’re a rescue and the vet very kindly offered to help. However, he’s not in the practice everyday so if you have a problem and the techs can’t solve it, you’re screwed. If you have a question for the vet you’re also screwed. To add to the problem, the manager doesn’t seem to get into the office until noon (they open at 9, how could they not have a manager). I’ve also tried to get the cats records on several times and it’s ALWAYS a hassle because “they’ll do it later” and later never comes. I’ve been asking for my cats vaccines since Wednesday and today is Friday and nothing, apparently they need the managers approval to send ME MY cats records, but remember she doesn’t get in until noon ???? finally after about 20 minutes of arguing they send me the records but only sent 2/3 and told me they needed to get off the phone because they have other clients. So I call back and now “they’re dealing with an aggressive dog so I need to wait”. Unless you don’t want or need or care for medical and vaccine records for your pet don’t bring them here. These people are really rude and clearly don’t like their job so they take it out on the clients which is a shame because the vet is semi decent for the price.

Jaydee Menendez

3 years ago

I do not recommend taking your pet here. Taking my pet here was the biggest mistake and worst experience. i took my pet here to get nutured and when i picked him up from the clinic i asked the nurses & the front desk lady how the surgery …

Krystle Key

3 years ago

Took my cat for spay services. Arrived on time and saw a sign to call as they were only doing curb service. Followed instructions and waited patiently for 10 minutes for paperwork. While waiting, I saw in my mirror someone who obviously did not follow the instructions and knocked on the door until an employee came out and stood outside for what seemed to be an on-the-spot consultation. Gave them the benefit of the doubt for...8 minutes until I finally got out of my car to ask for someone to attend us. This took another 15 minutes. Finally completed the paperwork and the employee walked away, told me they would call me when my pet was ready, WITHOUT TAKING MY CAT! She was in the back seat the entire time. I can’t make this stuff up. No post op care instructions offered after surgery or rabies/vaccination paperwork. When I asked for paperwork, the attendant impatiently pointed to my receipt. If you are a pet owner who values a high level of service and care, please look elsewhere for better and more cost effective services.

Lamicky Carter

3 years ago

Always was available and made time to answer all questions both my dogs love the staff always was excited even when going for a check or bath.

Lisandra Hernandez

3 years ago

I love this clinic! They are very clean and treat my puppy with great care. When I went gaby was the one who helped me she explained everything to me and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend coming to this clinics they will take care of your pet to the max !!!!

Mary Goodenow

3 years ago

I have no words for the pain this place has brought me. I brought them my best friend for a tooth extraction and cleaning and he died under anesthesia, a healthy 7 year old dog. They gave me a partial refund and handled the costs of his cremation- but I will never hold him in my arms again. He would still be here if I hadn’t brought him in that morning- and that will haunt me for the rest of my life. I brought him in that Monday for a check up, I did the extra package to get him an X-ray and they said he looked entirely healthy. He needed a teeth cleaning and an extraction. I was so nervous for my baby to be away from me that I asked the vet tech if he would be okay and she laughed that of course he would. Came in two days later for the cleaning and extraction and he died on the table under their care. They said his heart just stopped. Just stopped out of nowhere? No signs of decline? Did his blood pressure plummet? Did you notice his pulse fade to nothing?No one noticed their patient was failing? Hearts do not just stop. Signs of decline exist and no one noticed my baby dying. That was April 25th of 2019 and my heart still aches. I see the exit for 103rd street off i95 and I hold back tears everyday. I miss James terribly and will regret everyday for the rest of my life brining him here. If you love your pet, just don’t take them here.

Chaira Cardona

4 years ago

All my pets from my exotics to domestic pets come for treatment at this facility always welcomed like family! Knowledgeable staff!

Crystal Cubria

4 years ago

I take all my cats and stray cats here. I love this place. They are always so good to me and the kitties.

cynthia michel duchantier

4 years ago

I relocated from NJ and one of my biggest fears was finding a competent, skilled and caring veterinary doctor to take care of my Baby aka Querida Valentina de Nueva York. Dr. Cameau has made my relocation seamless in terms of pet care and …

David Bley

4 years ago

Awesome clinic! We brought our whole family of cats, and the team took great care of them. Each of our kitties had different needs, and the technician and the Vet answered all our questions and explained everything clearly. Tons of thanks to the team here, and highly recommend. ????

Kelsey Otten

4 years ago

The doctors and staff at Miami Shores Animal Clinic are among the best I’ve found in Miami. Caring and attentive toward each case, I’ve been using this clinic for a number of stray cats that I’ve rescued, not to mention utilizing their TNR …

Saudah Mohamed

4 years ago

Absolutely terrible! If I could give ZERO STARS, I would. I called about TNR for several cats living around my street and property. They told me I could bring in any amount of cats, Monday through Friday. I caught two cats and headed over …


5 years ago

I have been in Miami for 40 years, and for the last 5 I have been going here. It is, by far, the best place I have ever used! Dr Cameau and Jennifer are professional, but are also just good caring people! They always make time to talk, which has to be hard as pet owners can go on and on..... And they have health programs that can’t be beat! I will be going here as long as they are here, and am very appreciative for all they have done for me and mine. I recommend them to everyone I know!

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