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Pamela Bosque

2 years ago

I can't tell you how amazing this place was ! They were so kind to us and our doggo. Customer care is excellent. They explain to you everything in detail and the veterinary Dr. Néstor Morales called us to te us everything. Thanks so much for everything! Also the fees are very reasonable, the place is really clean, parking is easy, overall amazing experience. Highly recommended.

Victor Guerrero

2 years ago

Good aptitude and nice for my dog.

Julie Walsh

2 years ago

I had an unfortunate emergency with my pet while I was out of town. We contacted Dr Levitz who provided advice and despite my cat needing emergency care, Dr Levitz showed exceptional dedication to his wellbeing. She was available, easy to communicate with and even called and spoke to the emergency veterinarian regarding my pets condition. I trust her expertise and appreciate her reassurance. Would absolutely recommend Dr Levitz to anyone looking for a compassionate, dedicated and well trained veterinarian.


2 years ago

“Is this an emergency or can I put you on a 3 hrs hold?

Michael Zamora

2 years ago

If I would’ve taken my dog to this hospital, probably she would be alive… They don’t really care about their health, they just only care about money, I paid 600 for some injections and medication, once I pick my dog up, she dead 20 mins after… I paid almost 2 years for the “Health Plan” they have, and I didn’t know it was gonna to be the end for my dog, Really bad service, Wrong procedures, and Jenny, The receptionist was the rudest once I arrived to the place with my dog… I’ve been 1 month trying to contact them about the issue, and now they contacting me back charging other 500 Dollars, Any other option, Can be better than this Hospital… ohhh Also they blocked me on INSTAGRAM.. They are really “Professional “

Enoch Wade

2 years ago

Great service and great people. And good prices as well

julio orga

2 years ago

Great services MD Morales ???? and all the team

Chris Vidal

2 years ago

Gloria macias is the best vet.

Maria Armada

2 years ago

Amazing experience for my cat.


2 years ago

Very professional staff and open on weekends.

John Stahlschmidt

2 years ago

If i could give a O star i would. I made an appointment for 10:30 and at 2:30 the vet still hand’t seen my dog. I took off work for this and after 4 hours I just picked up my dog so I could take him elsewhere. The women in front told me the vet was at lunch at 1 and then again at 2:15. Must be nice to take over an hour lunch when customers are waiting for their services. Don’t waste your time with this place. Go to a reputable vet elsewhere.


2 years ago

I have been coming to this veterinary office for about 2 years now. Dr. Morales is knowledgeable, compassionate and caring. He's great with our little lady!

Eudaldo Martínez

3 years ago

Good service. Kayros ???? loves go there

Leo Lopez

3 years ago

doctors always try to make you buy something

Valentina Huertas

3 years ago

Do not recommend this hospital. I have a senior lab that was diagnosed with Diabetes. No effort was made on Banfield's to properly communicate directions on how to administer injections, how to prepare the insulin, and they also forced me to buy the *wrong* syringes. The service was and continues to be extremely terrible. It almost seems like they do not properly train their employees, and the vets give completely incorrect information. My lab nearly had a diabetic shock and even then they had no clue what was going on. After they diagnosed her with diabetes they ALSO pushed me to purchase supplements for her joints. The majority of these supplements (including the ones they wanted me to buy) have high concentrations of glucose. Luckily we took our lab to another vet and they communicated all instructions to us clearly. They also told us how basically everything the vet at Banfield told us was incorrect. "Shake the insulin" the vet at Banfield said. I also had a senior chihuahua which they completely mistreated. Dropped her off due to COVID restrictions and they called me 6 hours later to pick her up. They didn't even draw her blood until i asked them about the results. I filled out the paperwork they require prior to my arrival, made sure i let the vet know what i needed checked out, and still, they managed to do it wrong. I genuinely do not know how they hire these 'professionals'. They also failed to give me her prescriptions, which you would think is important. In all honestly the plan seems like a great option because it allows for customers to pay monthly fees rather than one large bill, but do your research and take your pets to other vets. Get recommendations from family and friends. I would never recommend that anyone come here. These weren't my only bad experiences, just some of the most enraging ones.

Andres Marrero

3 years ago

My dog died the day after I came in for a check up. The total charged was 600 dollars for the injections and medications. The next day she started throwing up blood. I spoke to the doctor for 2 minutes out of 3 hours I was there. All other times I was either alone or the nurse was explaining payment options. I feel like I sentenced my dog to death taking her here. Sorry I cant be rational about my experience, I'm sure they do well with minor pet problems, but I would never recommend taking your pet here if its bigger than minor. RIP Muffin.

Bruce Supanik

3 years ago

We recently called for our dog who had a bad cough. They were very responsive and told us to come by at two for the cough medicine. After waiting for about 45 minutes they apologized and told me they did not have a proper size container nor did they have a full doses of cough medicine, but to take a small mouth and return on Tuesday to complete the order. I returned and after waiting for about an hour they insisted they had given us the full doses. I told them not to worry I am happy to pay for another doses ($15) and they insisted they would not do that. It turned out they had not received the medicine yet at the clinic and the doctor was out sick for several days. Instead of apologizing for their mistake they insisting that I was wrong and they had given me the correct amount that would last about fifteen days, even though what they gave me lasted a day and a half. It is a shame to alienate a good customer of many years over a $15 medication

Dante Parreno

3 years ago

Drove over there after calling on the phone to see if they could see my dog, they said yes. After I get there they said they were already fully booked.


3 years ago

0 stars Do not take ur pet to this clinic Avoid at all cost. Horrible place im gonna do all I can to report them. Hopefully they get shut down!

Elmer Rodriguez

3 years ago

Totally Disappointing!! I took one of my kitties to this veterinarian because my kitty haven't ate anything since a day ago. What surprise me was that this veterinarian denied see my kitty because this veterinarian has not record of vaccines. The vet's assistant asking me for records from another veterinarian, but unfortunately the another veterinarian was closed and it will be re-open on April 20. So, I explain that if they need to re-take any test from other veterinarian, I will able to pay it, my kitty is sick, etc but this veterinarian didn't care. They didn't care for the cat feelings neither mine. They just want me to go to another place just because of records of vaccines. They have lack of sensibility and professionalism. Strongly I will not recommend to take your pet to this vet.

Esteban Pérez

3 years ago

Too much attitude and Very rude. I took my buddy to another vet that cares about Pancho.


3 years ago

Horrible service worse customer service. Do not take your pet here. They can refuse service. The last vet I saw refused to see my pet and slammed the door in my face. I called the corporate office and Banfield responded by trolling me on Instagram.

Jose Ruiz

3 years ago

The guy who answered the phone was rude, the same guy was in the register was also rude. As I was leaving, this guy was trash talking with a kitchen lady about a "crazy lady". The tacos were not prepared as ordered and the flavor was average. The parking was dirty. My first and last time at this place.

Megan Scallan Melvin

4 years ago

The vet and her staff were so caring and supportive yesterday when I brought my sweet little 18 y/o shih tzu in to be put down. It was dreading the entire process but they were kind and compassionate, making me not only feel like I was doing the humane thing for my girl but we felt love from complete strangers. They made a tragic and painful situation manageable and for that I cannot thank them enough!

Dario Diaz

4 years ago

Very friendly and great your pet extremely well

lorena siverio

4 years ago

568/5000 I am a client of this veterinary center for more than 12 years and my husband went to this center to help him place the insulin on the dog because he had just had an accident when he was on the way I left him there and did nothing about it the poor animal when he arrived at 2 in the afternoon had not yet put anything that lacked sensitivity of the representative, unbelievably a lot of attention and they do not care that my animal could occur any type of emergency is a lack of sensitivity, I am Very disappointed with this place.

Milagros Rivera

4 years ago

Very friendly and helpful staff

shusha xiomara

4 years ago

Great customer service everyone was friendly and sweet to my furry babies ????????

Teresita Prado

4 years ago

Good people really care about animals just a little on the expensive side

Theresa Morales

4 years ago

Friendly staff in reception area. I was only there to purchase food.

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